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Free Knitting Patterns

Diamond Baby Blanket                   Winter Cap           Fuzzy Hat and Mittens


Three Piece Bobble Layette              Circus Sweater and Cap


4 Responses to “Free Knitting Patterns”

  1. njgill said

    where are the patterns?

  2. where are the patterns?

    Crap – I screwed it up – I had them as slaves to the other page. Can you see them now? And thanks for letting me know.


  3. njgill said

    OK – I finally remembered to come back and get them. I particularly like the baby blanlet, although I think I would rather knit three of them than make 118 pom-poms. Do you have one of those p-p maker do-dads they sell at Joanns, or are you just incredibly patient?

  4. Francie from New Zealand said

    I am sure I am fuddy duddy but I take offence at one of the endorsements on your page.

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