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Archive for the ‘Vermont’ Category

Marketing, Custard and Books

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 23, 2008

 So what’s up?

Not much new here – I’ve been knitting, still working on the Rainbow Matinee Jacket from Shifio. I completed the body and am now adding the colored ruffles. I LOVE adding the colored ruffles! I love this pattern and I love the sweater. Val needs to hurry up and have a girl!

And I’m enjoying the fact that the Today show was in Vermont this week – at Sugarbush Ski resort.

And that leads to a great example of what I am bitching about when I talk about Malone.The Today show did wonderful vignettes on different aspects of working and living in Vermont, with a heavy emphasis on the ski resort they were based at.Now Malone is not Stowe – or Warren. Although when you get right down to it – why not? The only difference between the two places is the separation of a Lake. Malone has the same topographical layout as Stowe – the same seasons, the same Maple trees, and the same *potential*. And we have Titus Mountain – right up the road from me.Matt and the gang from the Today show pointed out that on any given day during the ski season, Sugarbush attracts up to 10,000 skiers – per DAY. 10K skiers at Titus mountain in a *SEASON* would be far beyond anything they’ve ever seen before.

And during the show this morning – after throwing out that little statistic, they went to a commercial break – where there was a local ad for none other than Titus Mountain.

The ad had a voice over – which said “Come to Titus – for an UNCROWDED skiing experience.”

Paul and I both looked at each other and about fell out laughing. Leave it to Malone to promote their ski area by saying “Come here – Nobody else does!”


Leslie the Chamber of Commerce lady needs to go to Titus Mountain and pitch them a marketing campaign.

But not until I’m ready to let her go from dragging my ass all over Malone – which she does on a regular basis. Nice of her, huh? And it’s not like she isn’t totally busy with three kids and a job. She’s too nice.

Tomorrow I might have some new pictures for you. I’m sending Paul over to Zombie lady’s house to see how it’s faring. Just to make sure that the ceilings haven’t caved in or something. I figure, hey, if *our* pipes froze twice this year and we have HEAT – her pipes have to be downright fucking shattered by now.

I do hope she comes back soon, though. I miss her silly ass.

And guess what I’ve been busy eating? Something I got in the mail. Something I’ve been craving.

Yup – I got custard in the mail. Custard in the fucking MAIL. Can you believe it???? I’ve eaten bowls and bowls of custard (with nutmeg – of course). I’ve made a custard pie (with graham cracker crust – mmmmmmmmm), and I made a banana custard pie (heavenly). I shall NEVER be tired of eating custard. Custard is food of the Gods.

But I can’t believe I got custard in the mail.

And now I am on a knitting kick again. I am buying up knitting books cheap at AbeBooks and Blogistics. I am *trying* to get all the Debbie Bliss knitting books and the Stitch n Bitch books. Oh – and Kafee Fassett’s books. A friend sent me a Fassett book last year for my birthday and I *LOVE* the patterns. Just gorgeous – so I’m buying some of the older titles.

But that means I now have more books – enough to justify a bookshelf – which means I need more space in the God Damned sewing room again. Because there is NO ROOM for another bookshelf.

So Paul is right now making me a long shelf to go across the top of the room. He had to empty one of the cabinets that holds my “cut this shit into quilting squares” fabric. This is what it looks like on the couch. And this is just the “scrap fabric”.

For the love of God and all that’s holy. When does this become an obsession?

Paul has decided to institute a “Ban on Joann’s”. He does that every time I ask him to go in the sewing room and he sees how much shit I have in there. But, again, he says that I can buy no more fabric until some of this is gone. Of course, he doesn’t understand how fabric works – or yarn, for that matter. I can’t get it through his head that you can never have enough fabric or enough yarn. But, then again, I can’t get it through MY head that there isn’t enough room in this house to hold all my fabric and yarn and have it ORGANIZED NICELY so that when I do go to make something or knit something I don’t go and buy more fabric or yarn because it’s easier than looking through the stash I have. That’s a real problem.

But – he’s making me a long shelf with two levels. I can use the bottom shelf for some of my new fabric I got in the mail last week – Which I STILL LOVE and marvel at every single day – and the top shelf can be for all my new knitting books and the knitting and sewing books I already have that were just mixed in with all my other books.

And, of course, the “Ban on Joann’s” will last about as long at it takes for them to have a sale and me to get there for it. I was there last week for their pattern sale and I bought like 50 new patterns –  and I bought a rotary cutter. I’ve wanted one for a long, long time and it was 50% off last week – so I got one for like $5.00. Now I want a self healing mat for it. I love the rotary cutter.

So, who is watching “Lost” – were you totally taken aback by the “reveal” at the end of the last episode or did you see it coming. And who was sitting there saying “yeah, right” through the totally unrealistic courtroom scenes?  In what world does a person get tried in California for a murder they committed in Iowa? And in what world does a character witness for the defense testify before the prosecution presents its case? I was bitching so much about those scenes that when they got to the final one I wasn’t really listening and I thought she said the kid’s name was “Eric” – so I lost the whole point of it.

Stupid courtroom scenes. Made me bitch the whole rest of the show.

And who is watching “American Idol?” Were you happy with the first eliminations – or were you disappointed that Chickeze and that rocker chick didn’t go home, like I was? I hate that rocker chick. Fucking hate her. Now watch her win – HA! But if I have to listen to her scream the rest of the season I’ll hunt her down and strangle her.

Stupid Janis Joplin wannabe. I hate screamers. I like that guy with the dreadlocks. He’s cute and I like his voice.

Now he’ll be the next to go.

I can’t win.





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