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Archive for the ‘Phil Spector’ Category

Parenting Skills, Knitting and Val the Do-Gooder

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 16, 2009

So?? What has everyone been up to? Me? Yeah, I’ve been knitting, mostly. And I’ve gotten quite a few things done, too. More on that later. I’ve also been sick (of course), spent a small amount of time in the hospital (of course), and I got sick of Twitter. (I wish everyone else would, too.)

My main complaint at the moment is that with the nice weather has come troubles with the DishTV . We’ve had this thing for three years and never had a problem in the summer besides a few trimming of freshly blooming trees. Yeah, that didn’t work so well this year. The fucking thing doesn’t work at all if you want to watch any channel besides local channels. Which is a pain in the goddamned ass. I hate it. 

I called DishTV and the guy came out to see what the problem was and he says “Yeah, you need to move the dish. Here, de-limb this huge pine tree here, and we can mount the dish up in the tree somewhere.” OK – so I don’t think this is going to work, because even though I don’t know what the problem is, I’m quite sure it’s not that. The Dish guy says that the dish was never installed correctly to begin with – since it’s only on like a 4 foot pole that the guy stuck in the ground without securing it. But, whatever. The minute he said “De-limb this tree…..” My immediate question was “How much of this do *we* have to do before you can do what *you* have to do?” And when he said “You need to de-limb the tree yourselves.” I knew that it was bye-bye upper channels, because if I have to rely on Paul to get this done, it ain’t getting done. 

And I was right. It ain’t done, despite Paul saying “Yeah, I’ll do that this weekend…and Kim can call you guys back on Monday to come and move the dish.” I knew I wouldn’t be making that call on Monday. And I didn’t. And there’s no evidence it’s getting done any time soon. 

I hate summer. Makes my TV not work. 

But, on Sunday, Paul was out back wiggling the pole that the dish is mounted on (incorrectly), and I was yelling out the window telling him “No, that’s not helping…” When all of a sudden we heard this huge “boom” – like a tree had fallen in the back 40 – that’s what it sounded like. Then we heard a woman’s voice yelling “OH MY GOD.” And Paul ran into the backyard to see what the hell was going on. It wasn’t anything, really, just another example of what you get when you combine the stellar parenting skills of Malonians with a 4 year old kid, a car, and a backyard that includes a drop off.


Nice, eh? The kid wasn’t hurt, which is a good thing. But it took them a while to get the car up over the ditch. It went down a lot easier than it came up. 

Did you all like the picture of Phil Spector sans hair? Mostly, I loved Rachelle’s comment “They took his liberty, they took his dignity – now they’ve taken his HAIR.” I think that’s her best sound bite, yet. Of course, remember, this is the same Rachelle that INSISTED during the first trial that Spector’s hair was real – that she should know, because SHE was the one who styled it for him. Lying bitch. Kind of makes you wonder – if they’d lie about this, maybe they’re lying about Phil shooting that woman, right? 

I’m so glad he’s in jail. So – Val, in all her do-goodiness, asked me to make a sweater or something for he jamboree she was helping with for one of her friends who has a little boy who is very sick. So I made this sweater for her. 

Came out cute. I wasn’t sure about the pattern, so I made the sweater in a really cheap acrylic from my stash. Now that I know how cute the sweater turns out, I think I’ll make it again in a nice wool or superwash and give it to Val’s little girl this winter. 

Then, I decided that I had too much sock yarn for someone who doesn’t knit socks at all. So I took some self striping sock yarn and made a little sweater that I shall enter in the fair in the category “Baby Sweater”. I *love* this sweater. 


Paul likes this sweater, too. He said “Make one in MY size! I’d wear that!” I told him “Yeah. fuck you – go de-limb the tree.”

There’s a couple of other things I’ve made, too. Including a really cute hat. And I finished another square for the afghan. And at the moment I’m making mittens. I haven’t made mittens in 20 years.

More on that later this week. Sitting here typing all this out gets me exhausted. I think I need a better chair. Maybe that would help?



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