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Archive for the ‘jokes’ Category

Stupidity in the News Again

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 23, 2009


It’s been a while since we’ve had an installment of “Stupidity in the News”, hasn’t it? And I have about a gig in hard drive space devoted to all the clippings people have sent me.

But you only get to look at this page if you leave a comment telling me what kind of digital camera you have, how many mega pixels it is and if it takes halfway decent pictures in low light. That’s the admission price for the day. If you can LINK to a picture you’ve taken in low light – hey you get to read this page TWICE!!!

I’m really sick of looking at camera specs, searching for “the best deal” and comparing shopping costs. I need real life recommendations.

So…..leave a comment and read away…..


OK – so what happened to bunnies and chick for Easter? Do people not do that anymore? Is it tarantulas now?

Hmmmmm……I wonder why that is? Maybe I should ask in AFCA – the people there are really smart and could probably figure this puzzler out.



Now you would have thought the sunblock and bikini would have been a clue!


I don’t think that’s what they call it on “Top Chef”.


You know, this has GOT to be targeted at newlyweds, because there’s no way anyone who has been married for ANY length of time would even consider buying this.


How bad *IS* the economy??


Well, you know…..


I wonder if the blonde’s name is Button?




I’ll have to bring this up in AFCA, too….


This doesn’t say a lot for home schooling


Is this the best name ever for an escort service or worse name ever?


… if you see this guy


….and my favorite, just because I would SOOOOO love to go to this church.


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