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Crash Bang Boom – Kim is Blogging???

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 14, 2010


OH MY GOD!!! Kim is blogging!!

Yes, I know it’s been FOR-E-VER, but so much has been happening, you’ll understand why. 

So, first off, let me thank poor Sprocket. She has been my unofficial secretary in my absence, taking messages from people and assuring them that yes, I’m fine. I’m sure I’ll drop dead when I get the bill for her services, though. 

So, let’s start back at the beginning….

On the last day of September, Paul got in a motorcycle wreck. Some IDIOT was parked in front of the school, dropping off his kids, and Paul, minding his own business, was tooling down the road on his bike. He slowed down because it was a school zone, but the guy who was parked, unaware of his surroundings, I guess, pulled right out form his parking space, and Paul t-boned his car. The front tire of the bike got impaled in the space between the front fender of the guy’s car and the front quarter panel. The bike never hit the ground. But Paul, from the impact, went saillllllling over the guy’s car. 

Paul was taken by the ambulance to the ER, where they found he had shattered his leg, broken his kneecap, had broken ribs and a torn rotator cuff. 


So – we called our insurance company and the *other* guy’s insurance company. Luckily the IDIOT had good insurance. They totaled the bike and gave us the value of it in a check, and we bought the bike back because even though it was considered totaled by the insurance company, Paul got it fixed for like $600. One of the tabs that holds the highway bars was bent, which, to the insurance company meant “bent frame”. Even though it’s not *really* a bent frame. 

So all is good on the property damage side of the claim. The physical claim, yeah, not so much. 

Paul went to the orthopedic surgeon and he has to save surgery on his knee. But, they can’t do surgery until he gets cleared from his primary physician. And I don’t know what the fuck THEIR game is, but they haven’t cleared him YET. First it was “Oh, we can’t clear you – you have a bad thyroid!” Yeah, we know that. But, Paul has to be on upped meds and downed meds and sideways meds and he’s been having bloodwork every two weeks to see if his “levels” are good enough to have surgery. Which they haven’t been, yet. Then the doctor said “Oh! You can’t have surgery – there’s a flutter in your heart!” So then Paul had to have an echocardiogram. Which showed there was nothing wrong with his heart. 

It seems like the only person who’s been nice and helpful in all this is the OTHER guy’s insurance lady. No, we didn’t get a lawyer because the insurance company is admitting liability and recognizing Paul has severe injuries and they are offering us the maximum of the guy’s liability insurance. I haven’t formally accepted the offer as of yet, mostly because I want to see how the surgery goes, but they are offering it. I figure a lawyer can’t get me more than what they are on the hook for as far as liability limits – so why bother to pay a lawyer.

So – that’s where we are at. Paul is laid up with a leg injury, he can’t drive too far without pain, so we don’t go far. He can’t work, so he’s here aggravating me all day (and don’t think I didn’t put in my OWN claim for “Pain and suffering” on THOSE grounds, and he’s hopped up on pain pills most of the time. Just waiting to be cleared for surgery. And THAT seems to be a never ending wait.

And I’m OK – I have my own normal issues, but those are all normal issues. I’ve been trying to knit, but that’s not easy when Paul is in the living room hogging the TV all day. I can’t knit in the office because my chair SUCKS, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch Speed Vision and “Let’s watch Suzy paint her kitchen” all day – so I’ve been spending a lot of time arguing with doctors, insurance people and surgeons.

So – that’s what’s been happening. I’ll write again tomorrow and talk about Christmas. You’ll LOVE this story.


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