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Granpda George, A Scarf and the First Square

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 23, 2009


Okay – so what’s up with the Casey Anthony family? Did you hear? Grandpa George was “missing” Thursday afternoon and never showed up for a scheduled family meeting with their lawyer and Grandma Cindy called the cops. Which, in and of itself, is rather odd, because when the 2 year old is missing, they don’t call the cops for a month, but when Grandpa misses an appointment they call to report him missing within a couple of hours. But, anyway, the cops tracked Grandpa George through his cell phone calls and found him in some seedy hotel in Daytona. Apparently, he wanted to “end his life” because of the “stress and pressure”. 

To which I can only ask: Why now? Why now, all of a sudden is the pressure and stress getting to him? I mean, Cheerleader Cindy and Grandpa George haven’t been making the circuit of talk shows and news reports the way they had been, Casey is in jail, and they *know* where Caylee is – so why NOW is the “pressure” just all too much? You’d think if someone was so adverse to stress and pressure that they would have wanted to kill themselves back when they had no details regarding their granddaughter and didn’t know where she was and when they were back doing the press circuit and Casey was being squeezed by the cops. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, the pressure has kind of abated here recently, hasn’t it? 

But, they Baker Acted Grandpa George, which means he’s been involuntarily committed to a psych ward for a 24 hour evaluation. 

But I *really* want to know “Why now?” Did he hear something? Did he know something? Is he sick of his Cheerleader wife being in denial?  What happened to throw him over the edge? 


In other news: Did everyone watch the inauguration? It was wonderful, wasn’t it? I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the scene of the helicopter taking George Bush far, far away. Fly Away, George! Fly Away! 

I watched the parade so I could see the High School Band from Brattleboro, Vermont. They were great. The entire day was great. I sat in front of the TV knitting the entire day, watching every luncheon and prayer service, every arrival, every move the new President made from one ballroom to the next. It was awesome.

And I’ve been knitting away because the NEW YARN CAME!! WooHoo!! I’m so excited. I scanned it and took a picture of it, because the colors seem darker when photographed than what the yarn really is.

It’s not as gray as it looks – it’s much creamier. The best representation of it is still the KnitPicks site. But now, of course, I have another box of yarn to keep track of – the sewing room is overflowing with yarn, and Paul was none to happy to see another box of yarn delivered. I tried explaining to him that this is for the fair, and that I *WILL* be using it up right away, but I’m quite sure he wasn’t convinced. Which really is just more incentive to me to knit these squares rather quickly and get rid of the yarn. 

Which is what I’m trying to do, really – get rid of yarn. That’s how the scarf started out – I’ve had this lace yarn hanging around forever, and I know I’ll never make *anything* with lace yarn – so I decided to try my hand at a scarf, which, while most people who are beginning to knit always start out by knitting scarves, I’ve never made a scarf before. And I love the feather and fan design of this pattern, and the KnitPicks shadow yarn lends itself quite well to it. So, I decided to try a scarf – and it helps that that is actually a category in the fair entries – ladies accessories – scarves. So this scarf shall go in the fair, along with the afghan and anything else I can think of  in my quest to “ENTER EVERYTHING I CAN.” I took a picture with the scarf hanging over the back of my chair – so you can kind of see the “feather and fan” pattern – and the effect effect when knit with lace yarn. It looks delicate and very intricate – and although it is delicate – it’s really not that intricate. The feather and fan pattern is 4 basic and easy rows with only one row of yarn overs and decreases – so it’s a really easy knit.

Which helps when you are sitting on the couch trying to watch TV while knitting. Like I was most of this week – between the inauguration and the THREE HOUR (YEAH) Lost premiere. Did everyone watch Lost? What do you think of the “new direction” of time tripping? I’m not sure yet – but I do know I’m getting out my Season 3 DVD’s and re-watching “Flashes Before Your Eyes” – I’m thinking that will be helpful, since that was where all this shit was introduced. Remember that? When Desmond was time tripping back and forth between his apartment with Penny and he saw Charlie busking on the streets and the man with the red shoe and the crazy lady (who we saw again in the premiere Wednesday night) who told Desmond he couldn’t marry Penny – he had to be on the island and save the world? I have got to see that episode again. 

So, anyway, as soon as I am through with the scarf, I’ll star on the first square of the afghan. I’m thinking I shall start with the “Julie Levy Square” – and let me explain about the squares. This afghan was originally a contest in “Knitters Magazine”. They asked readers to come up with an original square featuring “Aran Knitting” – which is basically intricate cables and seed stitch patterns. Knitters magazine then judged all the entries and announced winners – 24 squares overall with one “Grand Prize” winner. 

So, all of the squares are named after their creators. There is the “Susan Rainey Square” (she was the Grand Prize winner – it’s the square with the sweater attached to it.), The “Hanna Burns Square”, the “Janet Martin Square”…on and on….

I think I am going to start with the “Julie Levy Square”. It’s deemed on e of the easier ones, which will get me back into cables gently. But it’s still challenging enough and detailed enough to keep my interest.

Here is a picture of the “Julie Levy Square”.

What do you think? Good place to start?


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