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Three Things…or maybe more

Posted by thedarwinexception on September 2, 2008


OK – sorry I haven’t written, but the comment in the previous section was right on – I do post a lot in AFCA, but that’s a lot easier than posting here, since I have to type it all in FrontPage, format it all and then actually upload it – it’s easier to just shoot off a one liner in the newsgroup than compose a whole entry in here. Well, mostly because I’m lazy.

But, everyone is fine, Paul is fine, he’s back to work and being normal, although he does occasionally complain about “owww, my back hurts”, or “owwww, my legs hurt”, but I just ignore him because generally that means he wants me to wait on him. And that ain’t happening.

I haven’t heard a *thing* about the drunk teenage thief. Which kind of pisses me off. I checked in the paper for some kind of “Police Beat” entry about the whole incident, but I never did see one. I suppose that might be because the teenager is a minor and maybe they don’t print stuff about minors, but the least they could have done was say “Police responded to an incident of a home intrusion, a minor was apprehended and taken into custody…” You know, something like that. But nothing. I don’t know if he has to go to court, or if there is going to be some kind of punishment or fine or whatever. I don’t know. I wish there would be a trial and I could prosecute him – damn, that would be FUN.

Mostly I just want to know why the hell he picked my house. If I knew that, I could just let it go.

So, since we last talked I’ve had a couple of visitors here to the wonderful boondocks that is Malone. My friend Dana Carpender (famous cookbook author) had a family wedding in Vermont and on her way home she stopped by with her husband. Always nice to see Dana. She hadn’t seen the house before, last time I saw her we were both in Vermont, so it was nice to finally show her around a little bit.

Then I got a chance to meet Hank from the AFCA group for the first time, and we had a party crasher in Jill, also from the group. I’d met Jill before, but neither she nor I had met Hank, so that was really nice. We went out front of my house so that everyone could see the zombie lady’s house, and I mentioned to Jill that I really did need to go in and check on the place, since I promised Zombie Lady I would, but that I was kind of afraid to, since it had been so long and I didn’t know what I was going to find.

So Jill being Jill, she said “Oh shut up! Let’s go in and check on it!” And she did.

Someone has been in there. I feel bad, because I’m supposed to be “watching the place”, and I must not be doing a good job. Because someone has been in there. First off, the front door was locked. And it isn’t supposed to be. It wasn’t locked when Val and I went in, and I know we didn’t lock it on the way out. The back door was still unlocked, and that’s the door Jill and I went into, but the front door was locked. Sure sign that someone had been in there.

Then, when we go in, there’s new art on the walls. There’s a picture of Audrey Hepburn (?), there’s a picture of John Lennon and one of Bob Marley. Now, these sound like Zombie lady pictures, but I don’t remember them being on the walls before. I have to ask Val if she remembers them. Because I don’t – at all.

Also, there’s a new black chair (well, not NEW, but new to the house, it’s an old chair), in the living room. I don’t remember a black chair being in there. Again, I have to ask Val what she remembers – and maybe go back and look at some of the pictures and see if there’s a black chair in the living room. Maybe I just don’t remember the black chair.

There’s still garbage on the stairs so you can’t get up them, and the place reeks – badly. It smells musty and damp and old and wet. But there wasn’t any mold growing on the walls, as I expected. I’m really surprised about that. There’s some mold in the kitchen and some mold in the bathroom, but not a lot anywhere else. The stick closet is still there, and the sticks are undisturbed, and who knows if anything is missing, because I’m quite sure you couldn’t tell if anything was. But there is a container of oatmeal on the kitchen shelf (along with some assorted bottles – none of which were empty and which all had a strange film on the top of the liquid left in them), and I thought the oatmeal was strange because I don’t remember that being there, either.

And the little apple/fruit decoration that was hanging from the ceiling fan in the kitchen when Val and I went in the place was no longer hanging from the ceiling fan, it was in a box on the other side of the kitchen. Hmmmmmm……how did that happen?

Someone has been in there. I know it wasn’t zombie lady, I know it wasn’t me or Paul, so I’m really curious now, as to who it was. Is someone squatting in there occasionally? I have to be a better watcher, that’s for sure. I’m going to feel so guilty if something comes up missing or something happens to the house and she asked me to watch the place for her. You know, the least I can do is keep a good eye on the place. I feel really bad.

Ok – so in other news, I have three things that are pissing me off at the moment. I’ll bet you’ve heard all about them, too. So I need all your thoughts and comments and your opinions – is this shit pissing you off too?

NUMBER ONE: Ok – so the Casey Anthony chick got bail – then was re-arrested “on unrelated charges”. And guess who was on the Today show AGAIN this morning running her fucking mouth? Yup – Casey’s mother. I love this bitch, I truly do. If anyone is going to be the downfall of Casey Anthony, it’s this fucking moron. She tells Matt Lauer “Oh, Equisearch wondered why no one was showing up to help search the woods for Caylee, and I told them ‘They aren’t coming to search because they all believe that Caylee is still alive!” Ummm… no, fool, that’s not it. They probably don’t want to get involved in your fucking dysfunctional train wreck family, and if there’s anyone out there who thinks that your granddaughter is alive – give them my phone number, because I want to ask them what the hell they are smoking.

The DNA results came back on Casey’s car – yup, as we knew, the DNA results showed that there was a dead body in that trunk, and that it was the body of Caylee Anthony. How the fuck can the grandmother ignore this evidence and just la-la-la along saying shit like “I get phone calls EVERY SINGLE DAY from people saying they’ve seen Caylee.” You know, police stations get phone calls every single day from people saying they’ve seen fucking Elvis at the 7-11, too. Doesn’t make it so, you idiot! What is the grandmother’s explanation for Caylee’s hairs being found in the trunk? Did Casey regularly ride around with her daughter in the trunk of the car?

I don’t understand a of of this case – it’s hard to, when you sift through the hundreds of pages of recently released police documents – Casey contradicts herself from one page to the next, outright lies most of the time, and doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with authorities at all, about even the most innocuous points or questions. It’s fucking bizarre. But what’s even more bizarre is the grandmother, Cleopatra, Queen of Denial. First off she wouldn’t allow Casey to give the kid up for adoption after she was born, which is what Casey wanted to do. Well, that was mistake number one, now wasn’t it? And now I just don’t understand her motivation. At all. I mean, is she just that deep into denial that she can’t see the evidence around her? Does she just not want to believe the kid is dead out of some deep rooted guilt – perhaps because she *wouldn’t* let Casey give the kid away? But why won’t she encourage Casey to cooperate – even Cleopatra has to realize that Casey KNOWS where the kid is – dead or alive, she KNOWS. And why won’t the Grandma Cleopatra SHIT THE FUCK UP??? She has to know she’s digging her daughter a huge fucking hole that the police are going to be only to happy to bury her in.

I just hope the police get enough evidence to finally charge Casey. The DNA is a big step – but it isn’t enough on it’s own to charge her, I’m sure. They need to find the body, or find someone who saw Casey and Caylee together the day or night Casey said she disappeared. They need to nail down the timeline and find out when this kid *Really* went missing and where Casey was with her. And they need to disprove this whole “The babysitter ate my baby!” story once and for all.

I’m sick of this chick – and I’m totally sick of her stupid fucking mother. Throw all their asses in jail, that’s what I say. The daughter for murdering her baby – and the grandmother for allowing the whole situation to begin with. That’s what comes when you have a teenage pregnant daughter and make decisions FOR her about her pregnancy…..and doesn’t that bring us nicely to

NUMBER TWO: Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Which should put to rest all those nasty rumors about her being the real mother of Sarah Palin’s last kid – whose name is “Trig”, by the way. Let’s put that one on the list of “Stupid fucking names”. Because the baby was born with Down’s Syndrome, I never thought that the kid actually was borne of the daughter, Bristol (another name for that list). While it isn’t proof positive that his mother was a teenager, it sure made it seem to me like his mother was over 40. I’m old, and I still remember when Down’s kids were called “change of life” babies. So I associate Down’s with an older woman having a child.

But it was very odd, to me, anyway, that Palin admitted that her water broke in Texas, and she THEN, *Got on a plane* and flew to Alaska to have the kid, passing up some of the best hospitals in the country. She says that she knew Trig would “face special challenges”, and she obviously knew she was delivering early, so why she would skip some of the major metropolitan area Texas hospitals, the ones that could be of great service when you are giving birth to a premature baby with Down’s, to instead fly to a remote small town hospital in the middle of fucking Alaska is just beyond me. And makes me question her judgment. Seems odd to me for some reason.

And now, of course, the kid can’t be Bristol’s, because Bristol was already pregnant with her current bun when mom was giving birth to the last one. And Palin’s camp has issued a statement saying “We are proud of Bristol for deciding to have her baby….she and the young man she will marry…will face great difficulties….blah blah blah….”

Yeah, because you know that the daughter of a governor who has firm policies on “family values”, “abstinence only sec education” and “anti abortion” views certainly gave her daughter a choice in what to do with an unwanted pregnancy. There was no choice here. There was an edict, set down by Governor Mom. I feel for the girl, I really do. Yeah, she’s going to see, as mom said “How hard it is to raise a child.” But punishing her with such a sentence really isn’t fair. Teenage girls make mistakes, but if that fruit loop fucking mother of Casey Anthony ever gets her head out of her ass, maybe she could give Sarah Palin a call and tell her how tragic it can be when you don’t give your daughter REAL choices in how to handle unplanned pregnancies.

NUMBER THREE: Ok, the third thing that pisses me off is David Duchovny. Now, someone needs to explain to me right away – what the hell is “Sex addiction”? How does this terrible affliction manifest itself? Do you just want sex all the time? How often? When does “I’m horny” turn into “Hey – I’m a sex addict?” How do you know these things? Is it manifested because he cheats on Tea Leoni? So is it “not his fault” that he cheats, and it’s not that he’s just a run of the mill cad and asshole who cheats on his wife because he has this terrible affliction and can’t help himself? Who diagnoses sex addiction? Can’t someone lie and say “I’m a sex addict?” And then kind of get a pass on having to have sex three times a day or however the hell many times a day you need to have sex to declare yourself a full fledged addict. I don’t get some of these new fangled addictions. You know, 20 years ago you weren’t a “Sex addict” you were just a plain old pervert or “horny old man.” Or, you were pretty much normal. I mean, isn’t it kind of known that men only think about sex? Does that mean they were all sex addicts with terrible mental health issues that were left untreated? I don’t understand this shit. I need one of you guys to explain to me what it means to be a sex addict, and how that makes you any different from Paul.


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