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AFCA Chat Log 2007

[1:49:48 AM] mark says: long enough for me
[12/1/2007 11:46:41 PM] mary.featherston joined this chat
[12/1/2007 11:54:35 PM] Bob Ward says: It says you’ve joined…
[12/2/2007 3:45:43 AM] Nick Spalding says: Anyone awake?
[12/2/2007 3:50:16 AM] Greg Goss says: Not me.
[12/2/2007 3:51:10 AM] Greg Goss says: The time shown on your comment is five minutes off from the time shown on mine.  Does that relate to our computers’ internal clock, or is Skype taking five minutes to pass these comments through?
[12/2/2007 3:51:49 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I seem to be here, although I’m not quite sure how
[12/2/2007 3:52:31 AM] Greg Goss says: We need to bring Opus in to tell you why you’re here.  Us Darwinists have trouble with the “why” question.
[12/2/2007 3:52:51 AM] Greg Goss says: Hmm. But you said “how”.  Dunno why I tried to answer why.
[12/2/2007 3:53:12 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: It’s Sunday morning – you’re probably feeling all deep nd meaningful
[12/2/2007 3:53:25 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: at least, it is for me
[12/2/2007 3:53:44 AM] Greg Goss says: There was a lot of setting this up for a new-year’s chat last year.  You probably joined then.  Nobody used this chat channel until a recent discussion about setting up a new new year’s chat.
[12/2/2007 3:54:00 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: yes, I joined last year
[12/2/2007 3:54:18 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: and when I woke up this morning I was logged in here
[12/2/2007 3:55:19 AM] Greg Goss says: Since then, I picked up a webcam and mike.  I should probably try to get the voice section of skype working.  But since I don’t wear the mike as a headset, it’s prbably useless.  I see it clipped to the webcam four feet away, but don’t remember if I ever used it.
[12/2/2007 3:55:49 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I use a cam and mic to talk to my family in Australia – it’s excellent for that
[12/2/2007 3:56:16 AM] Greg Goss says: Bob Ward is the organizer here.  The window popped up for me when he told Mary that she’d successfully joined the chat.
[12/2/2007 3:56:48 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: ah, I saw that, too!
[12/2/2007 3:57:06 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: but it was 2am my time, so I only saw it this morning
[12/2/2007 3:57:10 AM] Greg Goss says: Nick hasn’t responded to my question on why the time on his comment was five minutes older than the time on my reply.  Perhaps Skype did indeed take five minutes to propagate his comment to me and by then he’d already wandered off.
[12/2/2007 3:57:21 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: could be
[12/2/2007 3:57:33 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: there’s doesn’t seem to be too much lag between us, though
[12/2/2007 3:58:10 AM] Greg Goss says: Right.
[12/2/2007 3:58:21 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: you’re in the States?
[12/2/2007 3:58:32 AM] Greg Goss says: I wonder if the time shown on each comment comes from a clock on our computer or from a skype server?
[12/2/2007 3:58:43 AM] Nick Spalding says: It was the same for me as for Jennifer, the chat was active when I came in this morning.  I am sending this at 08:58
[12/2/2007 3:58:59 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: mine is definately from the time on my computer – I have the laptop set to Aus time
[12/2/2007 3:59:09 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: it’s 9am for me, not 7pm
[12/2/2007 3:59:10 AM] Greg Goss says: The clock on your postings matches correctly to my Mountain Standard Time zone.
[12/2/2007 3:59:59 AM] Nick Spalding says: The time I get from both of you matches mine.
[12/2/2007 4:00:01 AM] Greg Goss says: So skype is “correcting” the time of your post to my time zone.
[12/2/2007 4:00:08 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: interesting
[12/2/2007 4:00:26 AM] Greg Goss says: Nick, was there a five minute delay between your post and my reply?
[12/2/2007 4:00:47 AM] Greg Goss says: Cuz in my world, I geve you the “not me” within seconds of your question popping up./
[12/2/2007 4:00:54 AM] Nick Spalding says: No
[12/2/2007 4:02:12 AM] Nick Spalding says: I am not sure about you response to my original post but it certainly isn’t happening now.
[12/2/2007 4:02:41 AM] Greg Goss says: Odd.
[12/2/2007 4:03:25 AM] Greg Goss says: anyhow, I’m in an antisocial mood.  So long as there are two other people to carry the conversation, I’m going to shove this window to the background and continue reading AFCA in newsgroup mode.
[12/2/2007 4:03:39 AM] Nick Spalding says: Leroy
[12/2/2007 4:03:57 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I might go get some breakfast
[12/2/2007 4:04:20 AM] Greg Goss says: Aus, Ireland and Alberta.  Nice mix of time zones.
[12/2/2007 4:04:40 AM] Greg Goss says: I should probably be trying for sleep.  My internal clock always gets scrambled when the days get short.
[12/2/2007 4:04:53 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I hate these short days
[12/2/2007 4:06:06 AM] Greg Goss says: Your profile says Newcastle.  Where did I get the Australian impression.  Sigh.  I wish I could remember personal details, at least vaguely.
[12/2/2007 4:06:22 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: yes, I’m in Newcastle, but I’m an Aussie
[12/2/2007 4:06:29 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’m going home ina couple o f weeks
[12/2/2007 4:06:40 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: back to the heat!
[12/2/2007 4:08:41 AM] Greg Goss says: When I go back and “review” the chat log, there seem to be a bunch of comments that I didn’t notice at the time they happened.  I must be sleep deprived, or skype is acting weird.  Dunno which is more likely, drifting in and out of awareness ate 2;15 in the mroning or a computer program acting weird.
[12/2/2007 4:09:21 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’d give it odds of about 50/50
[12/2/2007 4:09:45 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: Skype is great, but all these messenger programs seem to have odd bugs
[12/2/2007 4:10:38 AM] Nick Spalding says: You can leave out ‘these messenger’
[12/2/2007 4:10:44 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: heh
[12/2/2007 4:11:04 AM] Greg Goss says: A friend of mine claims to have been one of the beta testers on the “Relay” project back in the seventies.  That grew into “Internet Relay Chat” which in turn is the code base for most of the modern chat programs.
[12/2/2007 4:11:22 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I used to use irc a lot
[12/2/2007 4:11:30 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: it was a brilliant breakthrough
[12/2/2007 4:11:42 AM] Greg Goss says: Maybe not “seventies” but “helluva long time ago in computer time” at least.
[12/2/2007 4:12:02 AM] Nick Spalding says: This is the only one I have ever used.
[12/2/2007 4:12:03 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: yes…I recall discovering it in about 1995
[12/2/2007 4:12:11 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: but it had been around for a while
[12/2/2007 4:12:21 AM] Greg Goss says: That’s his claim.  That it wasn’t a “breakthrough” since he was using it a decade earlier before they tacked the “internet” part of the name onto it.
[12/2/2007 4:13:08 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I remember using a crude form of chat on a unix system, lo these many years ago, but I don’t remember what it was called
[12/2/2007 4:13:45 AM] Nick Spalding says: I have used skype  for voice/video a lot with my son Ben in France and have also had chats with Hatpin and Eckhardt.
[12/2/2007 4:13:55 AM] Greg Goss says: In that era, he was mainly an IBM’er, but I cannot imagine an IBM program evolving into IRC.  He must have been involved in various environments at the time.
[12/2/2007 4:14:33 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: nearly everyone used unix at least occasionally back then – it was pretty hard to avoid
[12/2/2007 4:14:47 AM] Greg Goss says: My first webcam was bought when Wendy moved to Toronto three monts before I did.
[12/2/2007 4:14:54 AM] Greg Goss says: That seems so long ago now.
[12/2/2007 4:15:10 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: they’re great for talking to family – I use mine to talk to my kids
[12/2/2007 4:15:46 AM] Greg Goss says: My nephew occasionally shows up in my MSN.  I’m not big on chat.
[12/2/2007 4:16:05 AM] Greg Goss says: Anyhow, I’m off to try sleeping.  Back in twenty minutes if that fails.
[12/2/2007 4:16:13 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: good luck
[12/2/2007 4:16:21 AM] Jennifer Hallinan says: nice talking to you
[12/2/2007 4:17:10 AM] Nick Spalding says: I’m going to sign off now, this plays hell with my afca reading.
[12/2/2007 4:17:51 AM] Nick Spalding left this chat
[12/2/2007 8:57:08 AM] Jennifer Hallinan left this chat
[12/2/2007 11:21:15 AM] John Hopkin says: Just popping my head in here – hi, folks!  I’ve started using Skype again to chat with a friend in Belgium – we’re getting very good results with webcams and sound.  She uses a headset; I use a desk mic and speakers.  Both setups seem fine, but I prefer the convenience of a desktop setup.  Anyway, see you soon!
[12/2/2007 1:08:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Is anyone here?
[12/2/2007 1:11:43 PM] Greg Goss says: I’m here, but being antisocial.
[12/2/2007 1:31:36 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  OK.
[12/2/2007 1:32:15 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m here too, but in a private chat at the moment
[12/2/2007 1:32:30 PM] Mary Featherston says: Cool.  Just wondering.
[12/2/2007 1:38:56 PM] John Hopkin says: should be around in a bit
[12/2/2007 3:19:40 PM] John Hopkin says: It’s been a bit now.  I’m around for a bit.
[12/2/2007 3:20:18 PM] Greg Goss says: But just as I head off for lunch.  See you if you’re still around in an hour or so.
[12/2/2007 3:20:23 PM] Mary Featherston says: I’m in and out – I’m doing laundry and checking on the football game and reading.
[12/2/2007 3:20:28 PM] Mary Featherston says: What about you?
[12/2/2007 3:20:48 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m just hangin’, as the kids say.
[12/2/2007 3:21:15 PM] Mary Featherston says: It’s a weekend, eh?
[12/2/2007 3:21:38 PM] John Hopkin says: Yep – a rainy, dreary, horrible, dark, cold Sunday night
[12/2/2007 3:22:04 PM] John Hopkin says: But apart from that, everything’s fine!
[12/2/2007 3:22:08 PM] Mary Featherston says: Well, we have six inches of snow.  Though it’s sunny right now.  The snow all fell yesterday.
[12/2/2007 3:22:54 PM] John Hopkin says: Snow?  Snow?  I *dream* about snow!
[12/2/2007 3:23:19 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for it.  It’s time for snow.
[12/2/2007 3:25:32 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m trying to remember – whereabouts in the Universe are you located?
[12/2/2007 3:25:54 PM] Mary Featherston says: In Minnesota, about twenty miles southwest of Minneapolis.
[12/2/2007 3:26:16 PM] John Hopkin says: Ah, and I’m on the east coast of England
[12/2/2007 3:26:44 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yup.  You shouldn’t be surprised by rainy nights.  🙂
[12/2/2007 3:28:22 PM] John Hopkin says: It’s not just this country either – I’ve been chatting to a friend in Belgium, and it’s exactly the same there.  I think there’s a massive low over the North Sea
[12/2/2007 3:29:26 PM] Mary Featherston says: I’d imagine that’s possible.  Belgium’s not so far away from the east coast of England.  Though weather’s usually pretty local, so if true it would be quite a large system.
[12/2/2007 3:30:45 PM] John Hopkin says: It’s normally better here, since we’re in a significant rain shadow from the central Pennine mountains, but when the wind changes direction, all bets are off.
[12/2/2007 3:31:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: Too close to the sea?
[12/2/2007 3:32:02 PM] John Hopkin says: Partly that, but mainly if the wind changes direction from the prevailing westerly, there’s no protection against precipitation.  But if it’s coming over the North Sea, it’s coming from Siberia, so it’s damned cold anyway!
[12/2/2007 3:32:35 PM] Mary Featherston says: Do you not get snowy winters, though?  I thought the north of England got some snow.
[12/2/2007 4:03:54 PM] Greg Goss says: Catching up on a half hour of comments:  Rainy and cold?  Something does not compute.  Calgary’s been in the negative double-digits for two weeks now.  Three inches of snow fell and the temps immediately fell to -15C. (zero-ish for Mary).  I grew up in BC interior, where snow always led to warmer temperatures for at least a day.  If you shoveled the walk or the driveway, it would melt the rest of the way and dry off before the cold came back.  Calgary doesn’t do that.
[12/2/2007 4:05:35 PM] mary.featherston says: It works for us sometimes, and sometimes not.  My husband got out the snowblower and did the driveway this morning, but though the sun was out the driveway’s still got a skimming of snow on it.
[12/2/2007 4:05:40 PM] Greg Goss says: And rain shadow of hmountains?  Those aren’t mountains.  I’m in the rain shadow of real mountains.  These are big enough that if the wind is right, we get heat from the air recompressing as it comes down the hills.  We really only “notice” the warming (called a “chinook”) in the winter, though.  We’re due for a return of the Westerlies.
[12/2/2007 4:06:14 PM] Greg Goss says: If the water is liquid, then it’s not really all that cold.
[12/2/2007 4:06:56 PM] mary.featherston says: Well, logically that’s true, but if you lived in BC you know that damp and cold can feel really, really cold.  I’d rather it be twenty and dry than 35 and wet.
[12/2/2007 4:09:15 PM] Greg Goss says: “Damp” and cold.  BC doesn’t have real damp, unless it’s falling from the sky.  Hard to tell from my year and a half in Toronto.  Wind and subzero and humidity combined with emotional cold all piled together there.  BC’s coast is mostly in rain shadow of the Olympics, and the interior is shadowed by endless chains of mountains.  Vancouver brags of its rain, but doesn’t get that much, and the air is always pleasantly dry.
[12/2/2007 4:10:28 PM] Greg Goss says: (Toronto’s “subzero” was celsius.  I don’t remember if it gets sub0 in F)
[12/2/2007 4:10:48 PM] mary.featherston says: I don’t know, it seemed like it rained a lot in Vancouver to me.  But I was only there for a week in 1982 and about four days in – sheesh, I can’t remember.  Mid-nineties.  But I attended a rugby game played by an acquaintance who was attending the university there and they played in the rain, in a sea of mud.
[12/2/2007 4:11:24 PM] mary.featherston says: Toronto’s south of us, actually.  It doesn’t get bitterly cold that I know of.  I have a couple of friends who live there,
[12/2/2007 4:13:17 PM] Greg Goss says: TO feels colder because of wind humidity coming off of several big lakes, and the lack of upwind mountains.  Vancouver gets a fair amount of rain in fall and winter.  Spring and summer are pretty good.  But the air is dry — none of that dismal humidity that the American south and Toronto get.
[12/2/2007 4:14:21 PM] mary.featherston says: Or England, which is what John was talking about in the comment that started the discussion.
[12/2/2007 5:52:43 PM] Bob Ward says: Good morning, Nick!
[12/2/2007 5:53:36 PM] Bob Ward says: Hi, Mary – I see you figured it out!
[12/2/2007 6:41:12 PM] mary.featherston says: I did, Bob.  Is Nick here?
[12/2/2007 6:41:51 PM] Bob Ward says: No, I saw his name pop up when I logged on, and thought he was still here.
[12/2/2007 6:42:18 PM] Bob Ward says: What was the magic incantation to activate the chat window?
[12/2/2007 6:43:01 PM] mary.featherston says: I turned off the computer last night and when I turned it back on this morning, I was in the chat.
[12/2/2007 6:43:04 PM] mary.featherston says: Dunno why.
[12/2/2007 6:44:04 PM] Bob Ward says: Glad you liked the asparagus dip recipe -t was the first that popped up in google.  I mentioned Asparagus dip becauuse I thought it sounded offf the wall – not imagining that it might be common.
[12/2/2007 6:44:54 PM] Bob Ward says: I thought Dana might come up with one, since it would be low carb.
[12/2/2007 6:45:13 PM] mary.featherston says: Probably would.  I’m a dedicated carbohydrate eater, myself.
[12/2/2007 6:46:12 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m pretty much omniverous -but I firmly believe that lettuce is not food – lettuce is what food eats.
[12/2/2007 6:46:47 PM] mary.featherston says: Heh.  I like lettuce.  I like most things, to tell you the truth.
[12/2/2007 6:48:14 PM] Bob Ward says: THere isn’t much I don’t eat – I used to love avocodos, but once the texture of one triggered a gag reflex and I havn’t been able to bring myself to try again.
[12/2/2007 6:48:27 PM] mary.featherston says: Mmm, avocadoes.
[12/2/2007 6:49:03 PM] mary.featherston says: I have to get up and make some dinner shortly, but my husband is working on the cabinet next to the stove right now.  The perils of remodeling your kitchen and needing to use it simultaneously.
[12/2/2007 6:49:34 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve been trying to lose some weight, but I know that diets don’t do the trick.  The answer is to make it a live-it.
[12/2/2007 6:50:25 PM] mary.featherston says: Yes.  About three years ago I lost forty pounds, and it was from reducing the amount of fat that I ate (also eliminated the fats that are bad for you) and exercising regularly, which I still do.  Unfortunately I could stand to lose more, but havnen’t.
[12/2/2007 6:50:28 PM] mary.featherston says: haven’t.
[12/2/2007 6:50:54 PM] Bob Ward says: I think the chat room will work out nicely for the holidays – it’s easy enough to pop in and see if anyone is around while you recharge your batteries…
[12/2/2007 6:51:13 PM] mary.featherston says: Yes, it’s easy to install. I see that Blinky has signed up.  I guess he’s holding his nose.
[12/2/2007 6:53:20 PM] Bob Ward says: Same story here – I was ordering a side of blue cheese dressing with my fries – cut that out and lost 20 pounds in less than a month – Switched to ketchup, but now I’m cutting out the fries and substituting coleslaw instead.  Since I discovered putting Craisins in coleslaw, it’s my favorite salad.
[12/2/2007 6:54:15 PM] mary.featherston says: Fries are a killer.  I hardly ever eat them any more.  Even coleslaw has a fairly high fat content, though.  On the other hand, it’s better for you than fries!
[12/2/2007 6:55:34 PM] Bob Ward says: I added Blinky from last year’s list.  I really wasn’t trying to pick a fight with him, just pointed out that both parties woulkd be open – but he seems to take it as some sort of challenge.  Last year we had a lot of fun in Skype, and they talked a lot of tech – and trash – on IRC.
[12/2/2007 6:56:49 PM] mary.featherston says: let ’em.
[12/2/2007 6:59:00 PM] Bob Ward says: We tried a web-based chat room last year, and someone came in impersonating other users and generally disrupting the group, so we moved to Skype a couple of days into the new year, and things went smoothly – I think the party finally withered aways soimetime in April.
[12/2/2007 6:59:49 PM] mary.featherston says: I didn’t know about Skype but I was at the web-based one for a while.
[12/2/2007 7:00:14 PM] Bob Ward says: It was really lively NYE, though – I set it up at the last minute – early that afternoon, as a matter of fact – so with advance notice we should be able to fill the room.
[12/2/2007 7:00:46 PM] mary.featherston says: Yes, I’d think so.  It would be fun.  Will be fun.
[12/2/2007 7:00:54 PM] Bob Ward says: Kim had a bit too much eggnog, but she was just goofy, not snarky.
[12/2/2007 7:01:06 PM] mary.featherston says: She was hilarious.
[12/2/2007 7:01:45 PM] Bob Ward says: I sent her the log to post on her blog – it might still be there.
[12/2/2007 7:01:58 PM] mary.featherston says: Last I saw, it was.
[12/2/2007 7:02:55 PM] Bob Ward says: Skype is pretty impressive as a chat client – it’s available for Windopws, Mac and Linux, so I don’t know what Blinky’s problem was.
[12/2/2007 7:03:33 PM] mary.featherston says: He didn’t suggest it, and it’s not something that’s been available for ten years, and it’s easy to use so you don’t have to be some kind of guru.  He seems to want it to be hard.
[12/2/2007 7:04:44 PM] mary.featherston says: Sorry.  I lack patience.
[12/2/2007 7:06:57 PM] Bob Ward says: I guess.  I’ve tried to add value in AFCA – I started the AFCAlbum quite awhile ago, and Yahoo keeps improving the product there as well.  We started with 25 MB of photo storage, and we now have 100 MB available, and could link to FLIKR for unlimited space.  I’d like to see more people posting pictures, but some regulars won’t register with the Yahoo borg to see what’s there.
[12/2/2007 7:07:25 PM] mary.featherston says: I don’t get that either.  I mean, what’s the harm?  Lie if you have to.
[12/2/2007 7:07:34 PM] Bob Ward says: Lord grant me patience – but HURRY!
[12/2/2007 7:08:28 PM] mary.featherston says: Well, I gained some patience when I stopped reading Blinky’s posts.
[12/2/2007 7:09:35 PM] mary.featherston says: He hardly ever posts anything that isn’t snark.  You talk about adding value – and I think the Yahoo photo site is a cool thing.  But not everyone can do that.  What we can all do is discuss things in a halfway adult manner.
[12/2/2007 7:09:36 PM] Bob Ward says: He had apparently stopped KFing me – assuming he actually had – but he just announced that I was back in the bin.]
[12/2/2007 7:09:54 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, well.
[12/2/2007 7:10:05 PM] mary.featherston says: I’m in most of the time just because I post from GG at work.
[12/2/2007 7:10:24 PM] Bob Ward says: I cried until the commercials were over.
[12/2/2007 7:10:34 PM] mary.featherston says: Whoosh?
[12/2/2007 7:10:44 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, because of being binned.  Heh.
[12/2/2007 7:11:07 PM] Bob Ward says: My wife likes tear-jerker movies,, but bounces back quickly.
[12/2/2007 7:11:29 PM] mary.featherston says: That’s the way to do it.
[12/2/2007 7:12:39 PM] Bob Ward says: Actually, we watch very little TV – and no commercials.  We have Tivo set up for our favorite shows, and fast forward – an hour show in 45 minutes.
[12/2/2007 7:13:06 PM] mary.featherston says: We do that a lot too.  Though there aren’t that many favorite shows any more.
[12/2/2007 7:14:59 PM] Bob Ward says: In the early days, I was a BBS sysop – always had a system online – even themn, my favorite software was a BBS system called Citadel – it was a series of interconnected rooms where you could wander through and print graffiti on the walls.  Early Usenet, it seems, looking back.
[12/2/2007 7:15:51 PM] mary.featherston says: Years and years ago we had our computer set up as a BBS.  I don’t remember the software, though.  Only a few of our friends could get on, though.
[12/2/2007 7:17:11 PM] Bob Ward says: Our favorite shows, in no particular order, are: Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Las Vegas, Project Runway, The Closer, Saving Grace, CSI Las Vegas, and Top Chef
[12/2/2007 7:18:11 PM] Bob Ward says: BBS were limited by single user lines – very few had real-time chat, and some shared a phone line for family voice calls.
[12/2/2007 7:18:31 PM] mary.featherston says: Wow.  I don’t watch any of those.  I like Boston Legal, am still watching ER though it has jumped the shark, and Law & Order.  I did see CSI Las Vegas while I was working out on Friday.
[12/2/2007 7:18:43 PM] mary.featherston says: And I like Good Eats on the Food Network.
[12/2/2007 7:19:31 PM] mary.featherston says: Also Iron Chef America.  Which I admit to with some hesitation, but heck.  It’s fun.
[12/2/2007 7:19:37 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s fun to watch the reality Elimination competitions – see whjo’s going home at the end of the show.
[12/2/2007 7:20:11 PM] Bob Ward says: Oh, and Cold Case and Without a Trace.
[12/2/2007 7:20:18 PM] mary.featherston says: You mean like Survivor?  I only see those once in a while at the gym too.  And American Idol – I keep wanting to slap the judges.
[12/2/2007 7:21:23 PM] Bob Ward says: Never watched Survivor, but Project Runway and Top Chef are both that format.
[12/2/2007 7:22:03 PM] mary.featherston says: What channel is Top Chef on?  Is that Food Network?
[12/2/2007 7:23:19 PM] Bob Ward says: Bravo – same as Project Runway.  Alternating seasons, actually – each is on at 8:00 on Wednesdays foy 16 weeks or so to finish a season.
[12/2/2007 7:24:14 PM] mary.featherston says: Hm.  If that’s 8:00 Eastern/Pacific, no wonder I haven’t seen it.  In the middle we see things an hour later and I’m usually not home till 8:00.
[12/2/2007 7:25:16 PM] Bob Ward says: That’s not when wee watch it, but it’s when it airs.  We might catch it at 3:00 AM when we finally leave the office.
[12/2/2007 7:25:33 PM] mary.featherston says: Holy cow, you work till 3am?
[12/2/2007 7:26:17 PM] Bob Ward says: My wife sews – she sleeps til noon, sees clients til 8:00, then sews all night.
[12/2/2007 7:26:39 PM] mary.featherston says: That’s right, you’ve mentioned that.  I have an office job, so that’s out of the question for me.
[12/2/2007 7:26:45 PM] mary.featherston says: And after work I go work out.
[12/2/2007 7:27:22 PM] Bob Ward says: I spend the nights here at the office reading AFCA and sort-of keeping her company by staying out of the way.
[12/2/2007 7:27:47 PM] Bob Ward says: If round is a shape, then yeah, I’m in shape.
[12/2/2007 7:28:48 PM] Bob Ward says: Like I say, the best part of being self-employed is getting to be Employee of the month as often as twice a year.
[12/2/2007 7:29:48 PM] mary.featherston says: My husband is self-employed, so I know a bit about that.
[12/2/2007 7:29:56 PM] mary.featherston says: I like my job, though.
[12/2/2007 7:31:35 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m trying to diversify – the real estate market slowdown has put a damper on the Virtual Tour business, so now I’m trying to do sdome event photography, sell ad specialties, and have just opened an account to resell webhosting.
[12/2/2007 7:32:03 PM] Bob Ward says: If you love your job, you never feel like it
[12/2/2007 7:32:07 PM] mary.featherston says: Good luck.
[12/2/2007 7:32:17 PM] Bob Ward says: ‘s work,,in my opinion
[12/2/2007 7:33:03 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s all fun, the money is just a way to keep score – and pay the office rent.
[12/2/2007 7:33:06 PM] mary.featherston says: Well, I wouldn’t go that far.  The last two weeks have been rough, we had some major issues that we had to correct.  But the group of people that I work with are great, and I like the company a lot, and our products keep people healthy.
[12/2/2007 7:33:52 PM] Bob Ward says: I never get bored, that’s for sure.
[12/2/2007 7:34:02 PM] mary.featherston says: And I’m looking forward to going in tomorrow, which is a good sign.
[12/2/2007 7:34:58 PM] Bob Ward says: I thionk I’m about as far removed from someone like Millhaven as you can get, and be in the same universe.
[12/2/2007 7:35:46 PM] mary.featherston says: God, I’d hope so.
[12/2/2007 7:36:06 PM] mary.featherston says: I mean, honestly, I have to wonder how much of what he says is for effect, but even so – yikes.
[12/2/2007 7:37:28 PM] Bob Ward says: He’s got to be just someone’s hobby – no one could be that dysfunctional and not be institutionalized.  Occasionally he slips and sounds halfway intelligent, but gets back into character pretty quickly.
[12/2/2007 7:37:48 PM] mary.featherston says: Exactly – he said something really nice to Lesmond during the Paul’s in jail crisis.
[12/2/2007 7:38:25 PM] mary.featherston says: I guess I should say, Paul’s arrested, not in jail.
[12/2/2007 7:39:22 PM] Bob Ward says: I was surprised that it all just sank out of sight.  Paul seenms like a good guy – I hope ecerything is working out for him.  Hopefully he’ll activate his chaty invite and show up at the party soon.
[12/2/2007 7:39:52 PM] mary.featherston says: I think he’s a good guy, but he seems to have trouble dealing with certain things, and police are one of ’em.
[12/2/2007 7:40:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes, that could be true.  Have you ever tried to explain AFCA and all these people to anyone in the outside weorld?
[12/2/2007 7:41:24 PM] mary.featherston says: Well, I’ve told my husband some stories, but not all of them.  People either get online groups or they don’t.
[12/2/2007 7:41:58 PM] mary.featherston says: What I like about AFCA is the variety of people, and yet it’s a very civil group overall.
[12/2/2007 7:43:29 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s always just felt right to me – I used to read a few other groups, and have encountered a few AFCANs here and there, but there are people in here that I’m not likely toi ever meet face-to-face that I feel I know better than some of my relatives.
[12/2/2007 7:44:11 PM] mary.featherston says: Yes, it’s good that way.  I see Charles Bishop and arty on my other newsgroup, rec.arts.mystery – which is about mystery fiction, at least officially.  We don’t stay ontopic.
[12/2/2007 7:45:15 PM] Bob Ward says: I used to do AFU, but they seem to have netcopped it into a coma – much like Blinky seems to want for AFCA.
[12/2/2007 7:45:45 PM] mary.featherston says: Luckily most people in AFCA are ignoring him.
[12/2/2007 7:46:01 PM] Bob Ward says: I wonder what happened to SoCalMike – the guy that rode a scooter?
[12/2/2007 7:46:19 PM] mary.featherston says: Did he morph?  That’s not Mike Kruger, is it?
[12/2/2007 7:47:17 PM] Bob Ward says: I don’t think so – socalmike couldn’t find his shift key with either hand.
[12/2/2007 7:47:42 PM] mary.featherston says: Heh.  He’ll probably show up again.  People seem to come and go.  Bill Diamond still shows up once in a while.
[12/2/2007 7:50:18 PM] Bob Ward says: yeah – I like Bill – he’s always pretty straihghforward – in a gay guy sort of way.  Lars seems a bit more judgemental, somehow.
[12/2/2007 7:50:57 PM] mary.featherston says: Lars is just more – oh, I don’t know.  Flamboyant?
[12/2/2007 7:52:13 PM] Bob Ward says: Well, yeah – I understand he wrote a porn novel that was published a few years ago, and is even considered a bit of a celebrity in some circles.
[12/2/2007 7:52:33 PM] mary.featherston says: Is it porn?  I knew he’d written something but didn’t know what it was.
[12/2/2007 7:53:29 PM] Bob Ward says: The main common theme seems to be a similarly warped sense of humor that’s essential to understand the group.
[12/2/2007 7:53:52 PM] mary.featherston says: And a certain level of education.
[12/2/2007 7:54:12 PM] Bob Ward says: with a few noted exceptions.
[12/2/2007 7:54:31 PM] mary.featherston says: True.  But people are mostly interesting, anyway.  They do things, or know things.
[12/2/2007 7:55:45 PM] Bob Ward says: this is true.  One of the funniest exchanges I can remember when a bigmouthed crossposter triied to lecture Mary Shafer about airplanes…
[12/2/2007 7:56:04 PM] mary.featherston says: And Kim, who’s probably one of the less educated ones, is wonderful.  You couldn’t buy that kind of entertainment.
[12/2/2007 7:56:18 PM] mary.featherston says: I mean, where does she get these neighbors?
[12/2/2007 7:56:47 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, dear – tried to tell Mary about aviation?
[12/2/2007 7:57:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Actually, it’s not a lack of education – she taught in highschool ast one point – it’s her sheer lack of inhibition that makes her so much fun.
[12/2/2007 7:57:37 PM] mary.featherston says: Yeah, but her education is sort of spotty.  The whole geography thing cracks me up.
[12/2/2007 7:57:45 PM] mary.featherston says: But yes, the lack of inhibition is good.
[12/2/2007 7:58:31 PM] Bob Ward says: With my wife it’s spelling.  That, and a phobia that prevents her from driving across bridges.
[12/2/2007 7:58:50 PM] mary.featherston says: Hoo.  Good thing she wasn’t here last August.
[12/2/2007 7:59:14 PM] mary.featherston says: (Here being Minneapolis)
[12/2/2007 8:00:49 PM] Bob Ward says: Needless to say, I do most of the driving when we leave town.  She was in Santa Cruz visiting her brother whenm the bridge fell – they don’t watch any TV or take the paper – she knew nothing about it until she gothome later that month.
[12/2/2007 8:02:07 PM] mary.featherston says: Just as well.  I saw it on the news at the gym (I do an awful lot of my TV watching at that place) and it didn’t dawn on me till I got home to wonder about my brother, who lives north of the city and works downtown and could easily have been on it.  But he wasn’t.
[12/2/2007 8:03:36 PM] Bob Ward says: San Francisco was like that with the Loma Prieto earthquake.  That didn’t make Bunny’s situation any easier.
[12/2/2007 8:03:50 PM] mary.featherston says: How close are you to SF?
[12/2/2007 8:04:37 PM] Bob Ward says: about 500 mikles – San Bernardino is about 50 miles east of LA – but her brother lives near Santa Cruz.
[12/2/2007 8:05:12 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, San Bernardino.  I do know where that is.  I just didn’t realize that’s where you are.
[12/2/2007 8:06:00 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes – we’re having lots of fire sales in the mountain communities right nmow.
[12/2/2007 8:06:18 PM] mary.featherston says: Fire sales?  Sales due to the fires?
[12/2/2007 8:08:52 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes – I do virtual tours for Realtors.  The other day I shot a 9,000 square foot home in Lake Arrowhood that I had previously done a year or so ago.  THe new owners decided they didn’t want it after all – it was a weekend home, so they weren’t inconvenienced by the fires, but they want out as quickly as possible.
[12/2/2007 8:09:11 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh.  Are they selling it for less than it’s worth?
[12/2/2007 8:11:09 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes and no – they made a lot of improvementys, and are asking more than they paid, but are prepared to accept less if necessary.  They bought for 3.75 million, and are asking 4.75
[12/2/2007 8:11:27 PM] mary.featherston says: *cough*
[12/2/2007 8:11:49 PM] mary.featherston says: Home prices in SoCal are outrageous.
[12/2/2007 8:11:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Must be nice to afford a 4 million dollar weekend home.
[12/2/2007 8:12:08 PM] mary.featherston says: Yeah, I guess.  I have a 2600 sf weekend home, which we also live in during the week.
[12/2/2007 8:12:53 PM] Bob Ward says: Lake Arrowhead is definitely upscale.  I’ve photographed two of Brian (Beachboys) Wilson’s houses.
[12/2/2007 8:13:25 PM] mary.featherston says: Two houses?  I can see having two houses if they’re in different places, but why have two close together?
[12/2/2007 8:14:24 PM] Bob Ward says: If you’d like to check out what I do, you could go to and visit any of the virtual tours in Lake Arrowhead,
[12/2/2007 8:14:48 PM] mary.featherston says: Cool.  Thanks.
[12/2/2007 8:15:00 PM] Bob Ward says: Sequential.  His wife likes to redecorate them and sell at a profit.
[12/2/2007 8:15:31 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, I see.  Nice, I guess, if you can afford it.
[12/2/2007 8:17:35 PM] Bob Ward says: homedebut is our company’s consumer site.  I’m the only one working in Lake Arrowhead, so everything you would see there is my work.  That’s what I love about that job – I get to see houses that very few others see – and I get paid to poke around in their closets.
[12/2/2007 8:17:52 PM] mary.featherston says: Ha!  Looking for skeletons, eh?
[12/2/2007 8:21:13 PM] Bob Ward says: No skeletons, but I’ve been shown a few secret passages that aren’t listed on the virtual tours – and a few pretty impressive wine cellars.  Just about every estate has some feature that makes it unique.  Like the master bath in a corporate retreat in San Juan Capistrano.  The shower was behind a waterfall – you go in and it’s like a carwash, with rotating spray arms.  You rinse off by going out through the waterfall.
[12/2/2007 8:22:05 PM] mary.featherston says: Sheesh.  The things people think of.  Listen, Bob, it’s been fun talking, but I’m going to have to get off the computer for a little bit and get some stuff done.  Talk to you another time?
[12/2/2007 8:22:40 PM] Bob Ward says: Looking forward to it.  Have a good weekend – what’s left of it.
[12/2/2007 8:22:47 PM] mary.featherston says: You too!  See you later.
[12/2/2007 8:26:45 PM] John Hopkin says: Returned here, if anyone’s about
[12/2/2007 8:29:10 PM] Greg Goss says: Bink.  John says “hi” and suddenly a long conversation between Bob and Mary appears.  It wasn’t there till John appeared, but it supposedly took, place two hours ago.  Skype has its flakey monents
[12/2/2007 8:30:01 PM] John Hopkin says: yes, when I got back, there was nothing for hours, the I posted and suddenly got everything (?) since I was here before.  I don’t understand yet how this thing works.
[12/2/2007 8:30:41 PM] John Hopkin says: And Mary’s last comment is dated 3 minutes before I rejoined.
[12/2/2007 8:39:03 PM] Greg Goss says:   OK, I’m caught up and it’s time to go make supper.
[12/2/2007 8:39:20 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve not even tried to catch up!
[12/2/2007 8:39:57 PM] Greg Goss says: I’m an obsessive completist.  I am wracked with guilt every time I lop 2000 posts off the back end of AFCA unread.
[12/2/2007 8:40:33 PM] John Hopkin says: Oh, I couldn’t do that these days, but yes, I used to read every single post in AFCA.
[12/2/2007 8:41:12 PM] Greg Goss says: I’m in depressed hibernation, unemployed and hiding from the world.  Leaves lots of time for AFCA.  I’ve been caught up for two weeks.
[12/2/2007 8:42:46 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, I know what you mean.  When I first became unemployed, I read everything.  I still spend far, far too much time online, just not so much in AFCA.  Diversification, you could call it.
[12/2/2007 10:22:56 PM] Nick Spalding joined this chat
[12/2/2007 10:40:51 PM] Greg Goss says: Jus a prod post to see if there have been any more “secret” conversations that will only show up after something happens.
[12/2/2007 11:11:14 PM] John Hopkin says: And, half an hour later, another from a different continent.
[12/3/2007 3:49:35 AM] Nick Spalding left this chat
[12/3/2007 8:13:40 PM] Greg Goss says: ping
[12/3/2007 10:42:35 PM] Greg Goss says: Interesting.  Nick was here for five hours in the three and a half hours since I pinged.  Perhaps he arrived in my time zone and departed in his own?  I don’t remember Skype being this flakey a year ago.
[12/3/2007 11:07:52 PM] Bob Ward says: pong
[12/3/2007 11:13:18 PM] Greg Goss says: poing
[12/3/2007 11:13:35 PM] Bob Ward says: MARCO…
[12/3/2007 11:13:52 PM] Greg Goss says: Aurelius?
[12/3/2007 11:14:00 PM] Bob Ward says: POLO…
[12/3/2007 11:14:05 PM] Greg Goss says: Yup
[12/3/2007 11:14:13 PM] Bob Ward says: wassup?
[12/3/2007 11:14:20 PM] Greg Goss says: Not a game I ever played.
[12/3/2007 11:15:00 PM] Bob Ward says: It was a staple in the public swimming pool when I was a kid.
[12/3/2007 11:15:02 PM] Greg Goss says: Did you see my comment on Nick’s arrival and departure times?
[12/3/2007 11:16:06 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes, I saw him show up in the log, and saw him leave, but I wasn’t actually here at the time.  I think he tends to nap a bit in here.
[12/3/2007 11:16:15 PM] Greg Goss says: Or the “queues” conversation that both John H and I missed till John pinged?
[12/3/2007 11:16:58 PM] Greg Goss says: But the times were odd.  The arrival time makes sense if it’s showing in my time zone.  But the departure time would then be 4.5 hours still in my future.
[12/3/2007 11:17:18 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m learning stuff tonight – I just signed up to be a reseller of web hosting, so I need to learn the remote directory structures so I can create subdomains to sell.
[12/3/2007 11:17:38 PM] Greg Goss says: Arrive at 8:22, leave at 1:49, both between a 6:13 ping and a 8:42 one
[12/3/2007 11:18:22 PM] Bob Ward says: Beats me – I just ring the bell – the regular engineer is off tonight.
[12/3/2007 11:18:30 PM] Greg Goss says: 🙂
[12/3/2007 11:18:46 PM] Greg Goss says: I’m heading back to the newsgroup
[12/3/2007 11:19:08 PM] Bob Ward says: We do have all month to figure out the drift current so we know how to go with the flow Christmas eve.
[12/3/2007 11:19:19 PM] Bob Ward says: TTYL…
[12/4/2007 7:41:24 PM] Bob Ward says: pong
[12/4/2007 8:08:22 PM] John Hopkin says: Just throwing a ping in here – local time 0108GMT
[12/4/2007 9:31:14 PM] darkon says: first time I’ve fired this app up for months, I think… now you have another time-offset comment here 😉
[12/5/2007 12:00:17 AM] Greg Goss says: pong
[12/6/2007 4:05:26 AM] Nick Spalding joined this chat
[12/6/2007 4:07:31 AM] Nick Spalding left this chat
[12/6/2007 7:37:29 AM] Dover Beach joined this chat
[12/7/2007 12:22:14 PM] Nick Spalding joined this chat
[12/8/2007 4:13:38 PM] Bob Ward says: Hin Nick – just checking on the room…
[12/8/2007 4:13:53 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Bob
[12/8/2007 4:14:16 PM] Bob Ward says: Thanks for pointing out the dead link in my sig… I hadn’t been checking it out.
[12/8/2007 4:14:55 PM] Nick Spalding says: No problem.  I’ll get at it via your profile. in future.
[12/8/2007 4:15:26 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m hoping we have a nice turnout for Christmas Eve and beyond – the New Years party was a lot of fun last year.
[12/8/2007 4:16:22 PM] Bob Ward says: I wonder if there is any text to speech software out there that would work with Skype – that  could get interesting.
[12/8/2007 4:16:59 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’ll try to make it but the time difference is a bit of a problem.  It is 21:16 here at the moment, I suppose you are about 8 hours behind.
[12/8/2007 4:18:08 PM] Bob Ward says: Didn’t you say you were going with broadband soon?
[12/8/2007 4:18:33 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m showing 1:18 PM here…
[12/8/2007 4:19:05 PM] Nick Spalding says: I am on broadband for about six months now.  The skype phone works fine and I us it often with my son who lives in France.
[12/8/2007 4:19:58 PM] Bob Ward says: Last year I used Dragon Dictate to voice-type in the room, and it worked reasonably well.  MC Hamsterr was using it for awhile after his surgery.
[12/8/2007 4:20:30 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’ve never played with any of those things myself.
[12/8/2007 4:21:11 PM] Bob Ward says: It might be worthwhile exploring Second Life for Christmas too – I know John Hatpin is currently dabbling with it – I’ll ask his opinion.
[12/8/2007 4:22:08 PM] Bob Ward says: I imagine regional accents and dialects could be a problem, but they do have different recognition databases available.
[12/8/2007 4:23:09 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’ve just looked up Second Life and I am afraid you can count me out.  I have a horror of such things.
[12/8/2007 4:23:46 PM] Bob Ward says: combing speech to text, text to speech, and online translations should become feasible soon, if they aren’t already.
[12/8/2007 4:24:22 PM] Bob Ward says: We’ll just stick with Skypem, then – I don’t want to discourage anyone.
[12/8/2007 4:24:24 PM] Nick Spalding says: I think I have been hearing that for a good many years now!
[12/8/2007 4:25:23 PM] Bob Ward says: Wasn’t it Jim Ellwanger who used to do closed captioning?  He’d probably know.
[12/8/2007 4:25:59 PM] Nick Spalding says: Thats him.
[12/8/2007 4:26:38 PM] Bob Ward says: I think he’s with Google or Yahoo now…
[12/8/2007 4:27:22 PM] Nick Spalding says: I think you are right but I don’t recall which.
[12/8/2007 4:27:57 PM] Bob Ward says: Lump them together – call it Yahoogle after the merger.
[12/8/2007 4:28:25 PM] Nick Spalding says: Fair enough.#
[12/8/2007 4:30:18 PM] Bob Ward says: Southern California is finally getting a bit of rain – it’s sure welcome!
[12/8/2007 4:31:55 PM] Nick Spalding says: After a hideously wet summer the autumn here has been pretty dry, record breakingly so for October, though today started very wet.
[12/8/2007 4:33:16 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland – it sounds like a beautiful country.
[12/8/2007 4:35:12 PM] Bob Ward says:
[12/8/2007 4:35:44 PM] Nick Spalding says: It is indeed, and with a lot of different sorts of landscape crammed into a smallish island.  One of the things that I notice in the States is that you can drive for hours and see just the same scenery!
[12/8/2007 4:36:00 PM] Bob Ward says: Looks like it DOES exist!  I wonder if it can assign diofferent voices to the participasnts…
[12/8/2007 4:37:56 PM] Bob Ward says: Yeah – I had a Ford like that once – but it is true in parts iof Texas.  I understand New England in the fall is spectacular.
[12/8/2007 4:40:18 PM] Nick Spalding says: It is pretty good in upstate NY, we saw it in 1963 and 1964 when I was over there with IBM.
[12/8/2007 4:41:44 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve never made it east of go and that’s only been once – I flew there with a friend to pick up a car he bought, and we drove back on Route 66.
[12/8/2007 4:43:00 PM] Bob Ward says: Should have been Chicago – I’m installing the text to speech app and it ate my reply.
[12/8/2007 4:43:17 PM] Nick Spalding says: I was trying to guess what that was!
[12/8/2007 4:43:38 PM] Nick Spalding says: Time for me to go to bed now so I’ll sign off here.
[12/8/2007 4:44:00 PM] Bob Ward says: Dedicated Monopoly player would have been my first guess.
[12/8/2007 4:44:24 PM] Nick Spalding says: Bye now
[12/8/2007 4:44:29 PM] Nick Spalding left this chat
[12/8/2007 4:44:43 PM] Bob Ward has updated the moderation rules of this chat. Anyone can post messages
[12/8/2007 8:13:37 PM] John Hopkin says: Re Second Life, if anyone does want an introduction, I’ll be happy to provide that.
[12/8/2007 8:43:09 PM] Greg Goss says: ping.
[12/8/2007 10:36:32 PM] John Hopkin says: pong
[12/8/2007 10:37:10 PM] Greg Goss says: Hi.
[12/8/2007 10:37:17 PM] John Hopkin says: hi, Greg
[12/8/2007 10:37:37 PM] John Hopkin says: just poking my nose in before heading off to bed
[12/8/2007 10:37:56 PM] Greg Goss says: Saturday night in party season.  I should be out mingling.  Instead I’m curled up depressed that I’m not meeting people.
[12/8/2007 10:38:15 PM] Greg Goss says: OK, TTUL.
[12/8/2007 10:40:04 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve not been out either tonight, other than a trip to see my kids.
[12/8/2007 10:40:43 PM] John Hopkin says: And a marathon session on Second Life, talking to pixellated representations of real people there.
[12/8/2007 10:40:56 PM] Greg Goss says: I thought your “meet someone” project was going well.  I don’t remember whether you’re local to whatever “well” meant or if she was in Belgium.
[12/8/2007 10:41:38 PM] John Hopkin says: She’s in Belgium. 😦
[12/8/2007 10:42:26 PM] Greg Goss says: So “out” means a ferry ride?  And a four-pound tablet of valium to make the ferry ride work?
[12/8/2007 10:42:48 PM] John Hopkin says: Anyway, that’s a discussion for email rather than public chat, as I hope you understand.
[12/8/2007 10:43:11 PM] Greg Goss says: $#!+  Oops.  Sorry
[12/8/2007 10:43:32 PM] John Hopkin says: It’s OK, Greg – nothing given away.
[12/8/2007 10:44:17 PM] Greg Goss says: OK, TTUL.
[12/8/2007 10:44:26 PM] John Hopkin says: Besides, I don’t think there’s anyone in on this chat that I don’t mind knowing, at least so far.
[12/8/2007 10:44:46 PM] John Hopkin says: OK, Greg – take care, mate.  Talk another time.
[12/9/2007 3:29:02 AM] Nick Spalding joined this chat
[12/9/2007 7:57:14 PM] Dover Beach added Jennifer Hallinan to this chat
[12/9/2007 7:57:44 PM] Dover Beach says: Hey, y’all.  I’m trying to test my settings for chat.  I have a feeling that I’ve got them messed up somehow.
[12/9/2007 7:57:54 PM] mary.featherston says: I see you, Dover.
[12/9/2007 7:58:12 PM] Greg Goss says: you’re getting thru
[12/9/2007 7:58:20 PM] Dover Beach says: Oh, kewl!  I am seen. Therefore I must exist.
[12/9/2007 7:58:29 PM] mary.featherston says: You chat, therefore you are.
[12/9/2007 7:58:47 PM] Dover Beach says: Descartes just had no idea.
[12/9/2007 7:58:56 PM] mary.featherston says: Well, hell, he probably had a crappy ISP.
[12/9/2007 7:59:39 PM] Dover Beach says: Prolly.  Plus, he thought animals were automatons that didn’t feel anything.  I remember when I learned that, I figured that everything else he had to say was probably pointless.
[12/9/2007 8:00:18 PM] mary.featherston says: Did he really?  What a goober.
[12/9/2007 8:00:25 PM] Dover Beach says: Did I suddenly go from invisible to visible?
[12/9/2007 8:00:33 PM] mary.featherston says: No, you’re still here.
[12/9/2007 8:00:40 PM] Dover Beach says: Huh.
[12/9/2007 8:00:59 PM] mary.featherston says: Unless you WANT to be invisible.  I could change my mind.
[12/9/2007 8:01:21 PM] Dover Beach says: That’s just too subjective.
[12/9/2007 8:01:55 PM] mary.featherston says: True.  Not the sort of thing for a weekend.  I take it back.
[12/9/2007 8:04:16 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, I don’t entirely get the protocol of chat.  Like, on Usenet, you just post when you feel like it and the rest of the time you mill around the house doing chores.  Does that apply here, too, or are you supposed to be keeping up your end of the conversation?  Because, as you said earlier in another context, that sounds like work.
[12/9/2007 8:05:10 PM] mary.featherston says: I’ve only actually been here saying things to people twice (that is, this is the second).  But people seem to wander in and out more or less like the newsgroup, so the overall ambience seems pretty Usenettish.
[12/9/2007 8:06:09 PM] Dover Beach says: Okeydokey.  I’ll probably go work on the dishes then.  Mr. Right is upstairs folding laundry, which is one of my hated chores.  I
[12/9/2007 8:06:21 PM] Dover Beach says: Oops.  I’ll check back in awhile.
[12/9/2007 8:06:33 PM] mary.featherston says: I’m waiting for a path in the kitchen that will give me access to the stove to make dinner.
[12/18/2007 8:55:55 PM] Bob Ward says: ping
[12/19/2007 6:39:05 AM] Greg Goss says: pong
[12/19/2007 6:39:22 AM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Greg
[12/19/2007 6:41:07 AM] Greg Goss says: I wasn’t expecting the computer to pick up the router reconnect till I told it to release/renew
[12/19/2007 6:41:14 AM] Greg Goss says: Been fighting with a router
[12/19/2007 6:41:48 AM] Greg Goss says: GAve up five hours ago, finished a book, then tried something.  I’ve been away from the internet for a whole day — major withdrawal.
[12/19/2007 6:42:59 AM] Nick Spalding says: It’s painful isn’t it?  My router worked straight out of the box and has behaved faultlessly ever since.
[12/19/2007 6:44:30 AM] Greg Goss says: Ah, but I didn’t bring all the contents of the box with me the thousand Km to my sister-in-law’s place for Christmas.  The cheapo phone cable worked as a LAN cable the last time I was here but apparently not now.  “Connect” lights come on, but no connection.
[12/19/2007 6:45:20 AM] Greg Goss says: Since the cable was still sitting next to her cable modem, I didn’t bother using one of the REAL LAN cables I’d brought with me.
[12/19/2007 6:46:30 AM] Greg Goss says: I’ve been away from AFCA for 26 hours.  Only 418 posts to catch up on.
[12/19/2007 6:46:31 AM] Nick Spalding says: Having the right bits helps.
[12/19/2007 6:46:50 AM] Nick Spalding says: Ok I’ll leave you to it.  Bye now
[12/19/2007 6:46:57 AM] Nick Spalding left this chat
[12/19/2007 6:47:00 AM] Greg Goss says: It worked in October.  That’s why I left it here.
[12/19/2007 6:47:24 AM] Greg Goss says: Thanks for the comeback.
[12/19/2007 6:47:28 AM] Greg Goss says: TTUL
[12/22/2007 1:56:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yep.  Sometimes all it takes is that extra maturity.
[12/22/2007 1:56:36 PM] Greg Goss says: Going back to the same polytech in two weeks — starting from zero again in a new career.
[12/22/2007 1:56:55 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh?  What are you planning to study?
[12/22/2007 1:58:02 PM] Greg Goss says: I don’t do that well with lecture halls and organize your own projects.  The polytech had all the best features of high school (small calsses, a cohort that moves pretty much intact from class to class).  Different style than university as much as maturity.
[12/22/2007 1:58:16 PM] Greg Goss says: Finance – investment stuff.
[12/22/2007 1:58:40 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  That would drive me buggy, but I do know some people who love it.  Including, of course, my financial advisor.  😉
[12/22/2007 1:58:48 PM] Greg Goss says: I had to go back and either requalify myself in modern computer stuff or start anew.  Computers are a young man’s game — have to run to fast to keep current.
[12/22/2007 1:59:14 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, I prefer computers as tools, not as the main focus.
[12/22/2007 1:59:36 PM] Greg Goss says: You’ve seen me online.  My retirement savings are my #1 hobby.  Of course, taking two years off for college will make a huge dent in that hobby’s resources.
[12/22/2007 2:00:19 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yes, it will.  But I don’t think life is intended to be all about planning.  Sometimes you’ve got to live too.
[12/22/2007 2:00:37 PM] Greg Goss says: Though sometimes I wonder what “money” will look like by the time I get out.  I’m halfway expecting a “Weimar” style hyperinflation collapse about the time I get out.
[12/22/2007 2:01:01 PM] Mary Featherston says: Get out of what, school?  Or the workforce?
[12/22/2007 2:01:24 PM] Greg Goss says: School.  I graduate at new years inat the start of 2010.
[12/22/2007 2:02:32 PM] Mary Featherston says: Eh.  That’s a little soon for total collapse.  I think the economy’s more diverse than it was early last century and that should help it endure.
[12/22/2007 2:03:44 PM] Greg Goss says: I have $50K that I moved to a special account that will let me invest in a style of real estate thingy.  I have to decide whether Alberta’s oil boom will overpower the real estate collapse.  Teh money will be ready to “pull that trigger” by the time I get back to Calgary.  But investing INTO real estate in this market is gut-clenching.
[12/22/2007 2:04:18 PM] Mary Featherston says: Right now?  No kidding.
[12/22/2007 2:05:08 PM] Greg Goss says: The US economy depends on Chin a and Dubai showing up at the Treasury auction every month.  I thinkit’s MORE fragile than it was in 1929 (US) or 1920 (Germany)
[12/22/2007 2:06:02 PM] Mary Featherston says: Well, but can China afford to lose us?
[12/22/2007 2:07:43 PM] Greg Goss says: What happens if they decide to weild their superpower status?  They aren’t the US’s friends.  I dread the day that China’s ambassadro walks into the oval office and says “We’re going to pacify that rebellious island province.  If you say anything about it, we’ll crash your economy.  Got that?”  What would the US say?
[12/22/2007 2:08:01 PM] Mary Featherston says: Bye, Taiwan.
[12/22/2007 2:08:59 PM] Greg Goss says: At which point, the US loses all reputation of strength.  Bye Saudi Arabia, too?  SA could very easily pull a Khomeini style revolution.
[12/22/2007 2:09:27 PM] Greg Goss says: And without Saudi Arabia the economy collapses anyhow.
[12/22/2007 2:09:50 PM] Greg Goss says: I think that things are LESS stable than they were eighty years ago.
[12/22/2007 2:10:06 PM] Mary Featherston says: You’ve no idea how much I’d love to see us set Saudi Arabia loose.  The Bush family’s relationship with the House of Saud has meant that we haven’t dealt with 9-11 properly, among other things.
[12/22/2007 2:10:26 PM] Mary Featherston says: Why do you think the economy crashed without Saudi Arabia?
[12/22/2007 2:10:58 PM] Greg Goss says: Can’t set SA free unless you’re willing to build nuke reactors or space-based solar.  No will to do either.  France is nuclear — doesn’t NEED fossil fuel like the US.
[12/22/2007 2:11:27 PM] Mary Featherston says: We get more petroleum from Canada than from SA.
[12/22/2007 2:13:00 PM] Greg Goss says: But Canada’s price depends on the world market.  I think you get more from Chavez than from us.  Our tar sands need factory-style production.  Can’t pump faster without building more factories.  If a chunk of the world’s supply boycotts, we can’t pick up the slack.
[12/22/2007 2:13:26 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah.  It’s a mess altogether.
[12/22/2007 2:14:06 PM] Greg Goss says: I’ve got $60K in a tar sands investment.  I’d love to sell you the oil faster, but it won’t happen.  They ran 7000 man-months over budget on building the last upgrrader (factory).
[12/22/2007 2:14:38 PM] Mary Featherston says: Well, one way or another the next few decades should be interesting.
[12/22/2007 2:16:53 PM] Greg Goss says: Yup.  And I’m going to have to tell people how to cope.  And I haven’t a clue.  My personal choices are WAY out there.  Hubbart’s Peak and economic collapse mean invest heavily into gold and energy.  The past month, my savings have swung multiple percent some days.  I’m still down $30K from July, but up for the year.
[12/22/2007 2:21:05 PM] Greg Goss says: My mind just boggles at the scale of those upgraders.  7000 man months OVER on a project budget?  Since then I’ve also doubled my money on an industrial construction company.
[12/22/2007 2:23:07 PM] Greg Goss says: Anyhow, I’m going back to AFCA.  Somehow I’m 1400 messages behind again.
[12/22/2007 2:23:15 PM] Mary Featherston says: OK, see you later.
[12/24/2007 5:14:03 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Neal, how goes it?
[12/24/2007 5:15:39 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello John too.  All well with you?
[12/24/2007 5:19:09 PM] Nick Spalding says: Anyone reading me?
[12/24/2007 9:45:29 PM] mary.featherston says: Hm.  I wonder what the difference is.
[12/24/2007 9:47:44 PM] Greg Goss says: I don’t see anything in my profile about “allow people to see my online status”.
[12/24/2007 9:48:20 PM] Greg Goss says: And I can be seen generically.  I’ve had “spam” conversations, like the one from a kenyan 17 year old who wanted me to sponsor her tuition.
[12/24/2007 9:48:38 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, I’m sure you took her up on that.
[12/24/2007 9:49:49 PM] Greg Goss says: Heh.  Other than the “using the principal’s computer” (with her own name and profile in skype?) she was reasonably convincing.  But I declined.  Then turned around and pushed some funds through Kiva.
[12/24/2007 9:50:34 PM] mary.featherston says: Kiva’s loans, right?
[12/24/2007 9:51:09 PM] Greg Goss says: yes.  I’ve got four of ’em out there, starting about six weeks back.
[12/24/2007 9:51:25 PM] Greg Goss says: $25 per contributor per project.
[12/24/2007 9:51:54 PM] mary.featherston says: So did you figure out your biometric scanner on the laptop?
[12/24/2007 9:52:08 PM] Greg Goss says: I tried adding you as “a contact”.  If you approve, that might fix the status light.
[12/24/2007 9:52:20 PM] Greg Goss says: Nothing yet.  RTFM with no FM.
[12/24/2007 9:52:49 PM] mary.featherston says: How do I get the chance to approve?
[12/24/2007 9:52:57 PM] Greg Goss says: Web searches only come up with much older manuals, and those are only “how to open the case” manuals, not the “how to use it” book.
[12/24/2007 9:53:13 PM] Greg Goss says: I was hoping that something would pop up when I did that.  Let me try it again.
[12/24/2007 9:54:17 PM] Greg Goss says: I right clicked on your name, chose “request contact details” and agreed to let it send my contact info to you.
[12/24/2007 9:55:12 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh, that’s done it.  I sent you a contact thingy and you turned green.
[12/24/2007 9:55:35 PM] Greg Goss says: So did you
[12/24/2007 9:55:50 PM] mary.featherston says: Ah ha.  Now we know.
[12/24/2007 9:56:48 PM] Greg Goss says: Contacts can see your status.  Non-contacts see X or ?.  I’m not sure if ? means online and X means not online.
[12/24/2007 9:57:28 PM] Greg Goss says: I show six ? in my list and five X.  Boron is in both lists
[12/24/2007 9:57:34 PM] mary.featherston says: I don’t see any Xs.  According to the little drop-down menu in the lower left corner, Xs mean offline so the question mark means beats the hell outta me.
[12/24/2007 10:15:31 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Anybody left here?
[12/24/2007 10:16:44 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Damn! Always a day late and a dollar short.
[12/24/2007 10:17:02 PM] Greg Goss says: I’m in full scrooge mode.  you can get discussion of technical questions or surly commentary on the season.  Then I’ll randomly wander off in mid-discussion.
[12/24/2007 10:18:26 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: LOL, Ok What’s the effective Processor speed of an AMD Anthalon 3100+ processor running at a 400 mhz clock speed with PC 133 memory?
[12/24/2007 10:19:13 PM] Greg Goss says: I’ve switched careers and am studying bean counting now.  You want the P/E LTM for AMD?
[12/24/2007 10:19:33 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Maybe next week.
[12/24/2007 10:19:56 PM] Greg Goss says: I’ve never really learned the true meaning of “clock speed” when using a clock multiplier.
[12/24/2007 10:20:54 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: The multiplier is just how much faster ir runs than the real clock speed. I think it has something to do with FM.
[12/24/2007 10:21:11 PM] Greg Goss says: If the clock is 133 to the memory, or 400 to the front side bus, then how can the “clock speed” be 2400.  I understand how they rerate the 2400 as 3100 by making a more efficient processor.
[12/24/2007 10:21:51 PM] Greg Goss says: I don’t even know what the clock speed is on this Tecra A9 that the college gave me.
[12/24/2007 10:22:39 PM] Greg Goss says: 1.79 GHz
[12/24/2007 10:22:54 PM] mary.featherston says: Hi Neal.  Hi again, Greg.
[12/24/2007 10:22:59 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Well, all anybody cares about is how fast they can rip their music… so CD reading/writing speed is more important than clock speed. (makeup)
[12/24/2007 10:23:09 PM] Greg Goss says: dual core centrino
[12/24/2007 10:23:18 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: bad choice for emoticon. ;(
[12/24/2007 10:23:36 PM] mary.featherston says: Unless you were looking for lipstick.  Weird little thing, isn’t it?
[12/24/2007 10:23:37 PM] Greg Goss says: Hmmm.  What code gives the lipstick?
[12/24/2007 10:23:55 PM] mary.featherston says: So what’s all the to-do about dual-core chips?  I have it and don’t even know what it is.
[12/24/2007 10:23:56 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: click the emoticon button. it was somewhere in the middle.
[12/24/2007 10:24:46 PM] Greg Goss says: When it came time for the next quantum leap in chip speed the quantum physicists weren’t ready yet.  So they started stuffing more than one CPU into the chip case
[12/24/2007 10:24:47 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: It allows you to run two things at once, and only matters if the software knows how to utilize it.
[12/24/2007 10:25:12 PM] mary.featherston says: Ah.  So it’s one of those things that I paid for but will possibly never use.
[12/24/2007 10:25:19 PM] Greg Goss says: A multi-threaded OS can send some stuff to one of them and some other stuff to the other.
[12/24/2007 10:27:54 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: anybody have a webcam they want to try out?
[12/24/2007 10:28:14 PM] mary.featherston says: I haven’t got one, sorry.
[12/24/2007 10:29:06 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Thank you
[12/24/2007 10:29:08 PM] Greg Goss says: Didn’t bring it with me to Van.  This computer has a mike built-in, though.  The mike for my Dell is hanging from the camera back in Calgary.  Even when I use it, it’s a long way from my voice.
[12/24/2007 10:30:07 PM] mary.featherston says: I thought you were going to Kelowna for the holidays?
[12/24/2007 10:30:41 PM] Greg Goss says: Vancouver with the in-laws and the old social group for Christmas.  Then up to Kelowna on Sunday for New Years
[12/24/2007 10:30:59 PM] mary.featherston says: Ah, right.  You did say that.  My memory seems to be shot lately.
[12/24/2007 10:32:40 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I’ll be outa here soon. We’re going to a soup kitchen tomorrow morning to cook lunch for those less fortunate than us. It’s a good lesson for the kids.
[12/24/2007 10:32:58 PM] Greg Goss says: OK
[12/24/2007 10:33:11 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Anybody here ever hear of the MagicJack?
[12/24/2007 10:33:48 PM] mary.featherston says: That’s nice, Neal – the soup kitchen.
[12/24/2007 10:33:53 PM] mary.featherston says: Nope, what’s MagicJack?
[12/24/2007 10:34:21 PM] Greg Goss says: Is that playing Hearts with the diamond?
[12/24/2007 10:35:11 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Kinda like skype but with hardware. go to usb thingy that let’s you hook up a regular phone, and make calls from the real phone as well as a headset
[12/24/2007 10:35:33 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: It is VERY cool, and works pretty well.
[12/24/2007 10:35:40 PM] mary.featherston says: Oh.  That would be handy.
[12/24/2007 10:36:08 PM] Greg Goss says: I have a VOIP via Primus.  But my ISP’s service is too lousy for VOIP.  I have to pay $10 a month extra to the ISP as well as about 75% of normal phone line price to the VOIP company.  That still falls apart on busy times like the first rainy evening after a bunch of sunny days.
[12/24/2007 10:36:37 PM] mary.featherston says: We just have regular old phone lines here.
[12/24/2007 10:36:41 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: 40 bucks for the hardware and one year, and 20 bucks for the second year.
[12/24/2007 10:36:44 PM] Greg Goss says: My Primus Voip uses a box that looks (and acts) like an extra router
[12/24/2007 10:36:53 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: makes a nice cheap second line 🙂
[12/24/2007 10:37:08 PM] mary.featherston says: I’ll bet.
[12/24/2007 10:37:24 PM] mary.featherston says: We don’t use the landline phone much at all though.
[12/24/2007 10:37:25 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: But, your computer has to be on for it to work.
[12/24/2007 10:49:39 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: We just called NORAD to find out where Santa was.
[12/24/2007 10:50:04 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: They have real people manning the phones.
[12/24/2007 10:50:12 PM] mary.featherston says: So I’ve heard.  Where is he?
[12/24/2007 10:50:28 PM] Greg Goss says: there must be a  web page for that
[12/24/2007 10:50:34 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Ohio, believe it or not, expecteed in NY in 45 minutes.
[12/24/2007 10:50:49 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Yes
[12/24/2007 10:50:53 PM] Greg Goss says: He was iver Turkey when I got home from lunch out.
[12/24/2007 10:50:57 PM] mary.featherston says: So we’ll be waiting a while.
[12/24/2007 10:51:20 PM] mary.featherston says: Here in Minneapolis anyway.
[12/24/2007 10:52:36 PM] Greg Goss says: says he’s in Mass.
[12/24/2007 10:54:11 PM] mary.featherston says: Are you kids quite young, Neal?
[12/24/2007 10:54:17 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: yea, they just updates it.
[12/24/2007 10:54:26 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: G’night all!
[12/24/2007 10:54:47 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: They are 8 and 12
[12/24/2007 10:54:51 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: they are 8 and 12
[12/24/2007 10:55:11 PM] mary.featherston says: So at least the older one has the Santa thing figured out.
[12/24/2007 10:55:36 PM] Greg Goss says: There’s even a google Earth overlay.  I wonder how that works.  Do you download a new KMZ every ten minutes or so?
[12/24/2007 10:56:06 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Yes, and no, she still wants to believe
[12/24/2007 10:56:12 PM] Greg Goss says: Over Rutland now.  I grew up in Rutland.  But a different Rutland.
[12/24/2007 10:56:23 PM] mary.featherston says: As long as she wants to, she’ll have fun.
[12/24/2007 10:56:43 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: See you guys! have fun
[12/24/2007 10:56:53 PM] mary.featherston says: Yep  Have  a good Christmas.
[12/24/2007 10:56:59 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: U2
[12/24/2007 11:09:26 PM] mary.featherston says: Greg, I’m getting offline for the night.  Have a good day tomorrow.
[12/25/2007 1:26:41 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: First one on today!! Merry Christmas
[12/25/2007 1:27:43 PM] Greg Goss says: MC!  (I assume some of the Brits were on “today” already.  Where is Mary these days?)
[12/25/2007 1:28:17 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Last I see of her was 11:08 last night.
[12/25/2007 1:28:56 PM] Nick Spalding says: I didn’t see any of them.  I have been out most of the day at my daughter’s.
[12/25/2007 1:29:31 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Yes… It’s pretty quiet.
[12/25/2007 1:29:58 PM] Greg Goss says: Right.  That was 9:09 here.  But where was she at the time.  Wasn’t she visiting Aussieland the last time I asked?  If she was the other side of the midnight line …
[12/25/2007 1:30:22 PM] Greg Goss says: Actually 8:09 here.  My computer is still set to the wrong time zone.
[12/25/2007 1:30:41 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I don’t know.
[12/25/2007 1:31:27 PM] Nick Spalding says: That was 04:09 here.
[12/25/2007 1:31:45 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Show off.
[12/25/2007 1:32:34 PM] Greg Goss says: That was how Panasonic could do that slogan in the seventies “Just slightly ahead of our time”.  They were building in Japan where it’s usually tomorrow.
[12/27/2007 5:00:27 PM] Nick Spalding joined this chat
[12/31/2007 2:04:48 PM] jeffinputnam joined this chat
[12/31/2007 2:44:15 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Jeff.  How goes it?
[12/31/2007 2:56:59 PM] Bob Ward says: Hi, Nick – you here?
[12/31/2007 2:57:29 PM] Nick Spalding says: Yes.  Standing by for the crowds.
[12/31/2007 2:57:32 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m half here – just doing some shit
[12/31/2007 2:58:29 PM] Bob Ward says: Looks like people haven’yt yet gotten round to the holiday chat – I’ll pop back from time to time to see how things are going.
[12/31/2007 2:59:11 PM] Nick Spalding says: There’s a thread running about it in afca.
[12/31/2007 2:59:29 PM] Bob Ward says: Good to see someone is inb the holiday spirit, at least.
[12/31/2007 3:02:46 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m bouncing back and forth on four different computers in my office, trying to catch up on updates and maintenance over the holiday.
[12/31/2007 3:03:35 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, I’m trying to get some things sorted out here too – but I’ll be around off and on.
[12/31/2007 3:03:43 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ll go check in over there – and open the chat from that computer as well, so I can keep up with both.
[12/31/2007 3:03:46 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’m digesting a nice dinner that my son Matthew came and cooked for me.
[12/31/2007 3:04:02 PM] John Hopkin says: Sounds good – what did he make?
[12/31/2007 3:04:41 PM] Bob Ward says: Did Blinky follow through with an IRC chat this year?  I haven’t looked at AFCA this morning.
[12/31/2007 3:05:07 PM] Nick Spalding says: Steak, chips, onions, mushrooms and mangetout peas.
[12/31/2007 3:05:25 PM] Nick Spalding says: Didn’t notice anything from Blinky about it.
[12/31/2007 3:06:07 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve not read AFCA for a few hours – don’t know what’s going on there.
[12/31/2007 3:06:35 PM] John Hopkin says: And steak sounds a wonderful idea – must think what to microwave for my own meal!
[12/31/2007 3:07:05 PM] Nick Spalding says: Is there some protocol about replying in a multi member chat?  Replyee’s initials or something?
[12/31/2007 3:07:50 PM] Nick Spalding says: JH mine would have been microwave too if Matt hadn’t rung about four o’clock.
[12/31/2007 3:08:01 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve not heard of that, Nick, no – and I’ve been in large chat-rooms
[12/31/2007 3:08:13 PM] John Hopkin says: Ah, it was a surprise, was it?
[12/31/2007 3:08:26 PM] Bob Ward says: Funny, last year he seemed ok during the chat, but got all huffy when some of us elected to stay with skype rather than move to skype.  It might have gone more smoothly if I’d started the process with skype, I suppose, but I thought at the time a web-based chat room would work; I hadn’t really looked at skype before starting.
[12/31/2007 3:10:00 PM] Nick Spalding says: Yes.  My usual feeder on high days and holidays, Sophie, has taken off to Scotland for hogmanay.
[12/31/2007 3:10:21 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve just spent hours trying to work out why MSN chat doesn’t work properly, trying to have a conversation with a very special friend in Spain.  MSN is a real mess, and doesn’t handle connection status at all properly.
[12/31/2007 3:10:26 PM] Bob Ward says: Your chat is set off by a divider on my screen – I’m prewtty sure you can just type away, and we will recognize the source.  You might want to tinker with the display settings if you are seeing something different at your end.
[12/31/2007 3:11:53 PM] Bob Ward says: I guess I was unclear above – Blinky wanted us to pack up and move to IRC, rather than skype, when the chatroom imploded.
[12/31/2007 3:12:09 PM] John Hopkin says: The problem can be when a lot of people are present, and it’s hard to see who’s replying to whom.  The protocol I’ve seen on IRC is just to mention the other person’s name if it’s necessary – a bit like what Nick said, but less formalised
[12/31/2007 3:12:48 PM] Bob Ward says: Nick, if you want to address someone directly, this is how I would do it, but there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules.
[12/31/2007 3:13:02 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, that’s right, Bob
[12/31/2007 3:13:25 PM] John Hopkin says: Bob: and you don’t have to do it with every post
[12/31/2007 3:13:29 PM] Nick Spalding says: Yes, that looks much better.
[12/31/2007 3:13:30 PM] John Hopkin says: Nick: like this
[12/31/2007 3:13:51 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid – “The first rule is – there are no ules!”
[12/31/2007 3:14:06 PM] John Hopkin says: If it works well, a chat tends to stay on a topic anyway, and drift with the flow of conversation
[12/31/2007 3:14:08 PM] Nick Spalding says: Just so long as we don’t get too many Bills and Charless
[12/31/2007 3:14:36 PM] John Hopkin says: Raven & Dean had better stay away too
[12/31/2007 3:15:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Really, it’s no different than AFCA, with immediate response.  We had a lot of fun last year, with Kim drinking a bit too much eggnog and all.
[12/31/2007 3:15:43 PM] John Hopkin says: Well, it’s differet from AFCA in that there’s no threading
[12/31/2007 3:17:44 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve set it up so the chat history is on, latecomers can browse the log to see what’s going on – for the past few weeks, as you know, people have dropped by for a chat whenever they were in the mood – I think it makes a nice companion to AFCA – if you need someone to talk to, you’ll often find a friend online.
[12/31/2007 3:18:10 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve still not worked out how the back history works
[12/31/2007 3:18:11 PM] Nick Spalding says: Do all newsreaders thread as well as Agent?
[12/31/2007 3:18:57 PM] John Hopkin says: Maybe not as sophisticated, Nick, but the basic idea’s been the same in the ones I’ve tried.  Leaving aside, that is, the ones designed for binaries.
[12/31/2007 3:20:16 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve only used Agent – I couldn’t say.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but it works well for me.  These days AFCA is the only group I follow,
[12/31/2007 3:20:53 PM] John Hopkin says: Agent, to me, is the yardstick.
[12/31/2007 3:21:17 PM] hpjeannie joined this chat
[12/31/2007 3:21:21 PM] Bob Ward says: Jeannie just signed up as a member – she should be here soon.  I hope she and Boron can find neutral corners.
[12/31/2007 3:21:43 PM] Bob Ward says: Speaking of Jeannie… Welcome!
[12/31/2007 3:21:44 PM] John Hopkin says: And speak of the Devil!
[12/31/2007 3:21:51 PM] hpjeannie says: Whooo, meeee?
[12/31/2007 3:21:54 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Jeannie!
[12/31/2007 3:22:13 PM] hpjeannie says: Hi, John!
[12/31/2007 3:22:20 PM] Nick Spalding says: I did use IE4 (I think it was) for what looking back seems like a few minutes then the man who ran the ISP (it was almost a one man band in those days) put me onto Free Agent whence I almost immediately upgraded to Agent which was then at .99c.
[12/31/2007 3:22:31 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 3:22:32 PM] Bob Ward says: Nick, I agree re: Agent… it’s really easy to use.
[12/31/2007 3:22:39 PM] hpjeannie says: Hi, Boron, Happy New Year.  I don’t want to fight.
[12/31/2007 3:23:30 PM] John Hopkin says: Jeannie: I’m John Hatpin, by the way
[12/31/2007 3:23:42 PM] John Hopkin says: the secrets we give away!
[12/31/2007 3:23:43 PM] hpjeannie says: Yup, I figured. 🙂
[12/31/2007 3:23:44 PM] Bob Ward says: Also, if things get a bit  hectic, you can always open a private chat with any others in your list, whether they are in the room or not.
[12/31/2007 3:23:58 PM] John Hopkin says: Very true
[12/31/2007 3:24:03 PM] Nick Spalding says: I don’t think Boron has checked in yet
[12/31/2007 3:24:23 PM] hpjeannie says: What do the moving pencils mean?
[12/31/2007 3:24:38 PM] John Hopkin says: That means someone is typing
[12/31/2007 3:24:43 PM] Bob Ward says: Boron had a message on my line saying she’ll be dropping in – I think she’s taking a nap right now.
[12/31/2007 3:25:16 PM] hpjeannie says: Hopefully I’ll be on then…I’m going to pop in and out most of the afternoon (it’s just past noon here).
[12/31/2007 3:25:16 PM] John Hopkin says: Who’s mr_elgar?  Is that Jeff?
[12/31/2007 3:25:39 PM] Nick Spalding says: What moving pencils?  None visible here.
[12/31/2007 3:25:55 PM] Bob Ward says: I wish Skype had spellcheck – I embarass myself sometimes – people might think I’m channeling Raven.
[12/31/2007 3:26:03 PM] John Hopkin says: To the right of the list of names, when people are typing, there’s an animation of a pencil drawing lines
[12/31/2007 3:26:26 PM] hpjeannie says: Everyone’s little clouds are grey and have question marks in them…is that OK?
[12/31/2007 3:26:28 PM] Nick Spalding says: Gotcha, never noticed that before.
[12/31/2007 3:26:38 PM] John Hopkin says: Nor had I until tonight!
[12/31/2007 3:26:47 PM] Bob Ward says: Nick, there are several optional view settings – I think you and I are using the IRC-style view, No pencils here either.
[12/31/2007 3:27:05 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ll bet that’s a new feature, and we’ve been upgraded somehow
[12/31/2007 3:27:39 PM] hpjeannie says: If it moves, I notice it…must be from growing up with sneaky big brothers. 😉
[12/31/2007 3:27:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Mine all have X’s for the people who aren;’t online at the moment.
[12/31/2007 3:28:01 PM] hpjeannie says: Oops, sorry, I’ll try to cool it with the emoticons…too used to doing it in text.
[12/31/2007 3:28:08 PM] Nick Spalding says: I think I did get an upgrade not too long ago.  And one for Google Earth yesterday.
[12/31/2007 3:28:38 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m having to hang back on emoticons here – I’m used to using them in text chat, but hate the graphic ones.
[12/31/2007 3:28:48 PM] hpjeannie says: Ooh, I’ll have to log into Google Earth and get my upgrade.  Love it!
[12/31/2007 3:29:05 PM] jeffinputnam says: Howdy all. Pleased to be here
[12/31/2007 3:29:19 PM] Nick Spalding says: Howdy Jeff.
[12/31/2007 3:29:23 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Jeff
[12/31/2007 3:29:28 PM] jeffinputnam says: 🙂
[12/31/2007 3:29:47 PM] Bob Ward says: John, I don’t mind the emoticons – can’t speak for anyone else, but use em if you like, AFAIC
[12/31/2007 3:30:03 PM] John Hopkin says: OK :/
[12/31/2007 3:30:11 PM] John Hopkin says: 8:))
[12/31/2007 3:30:33 PM] hpjeannie says: Hi Jeff, hi Nick!
[12/31/2007 3:30:48 PM] John Hopkin says: Seriously, all I use is the colon-bracket smile or frown, in text-only – I’ll not bother here
[12/31/2007 3:31:15 PM] Bob Ward says: I was an early adopter on Google Earth – back when they were Keyhole, before Google absorbed them.  I posted about it on AFCA and got a few people to take a look.  They owe all their success to me!
[12/31/2007 3:31:58 PM] hpjeannie says: Yup, I was there when it was Keyhole too.  I wish I could find the “take a tour” button again…either it was dropped when Keyhole became GE or it’s not clear.
[12/31/2007 3:32:13 PM] hpjeannie says: I’d love to show tooloud my commute. <grin>
[12/31/2007 3:32:44 PM] Bob Ward says: I admire Google – they make my life a lot easier, and I appear to be much smarter than I really am, as a result.  I’m a big Picasa user, for example.
[12/31/2007 3:33:02 PM] John Hopkin says: Remind me – which is Picasa?
[12/31/2007 3:33:28 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s still there – you can create a KML file and email it to them.
[12/31/2007 3:34:07 PM] John Hopkin says: Ah, I thought it was the 3D modelling tool, maybe
[12/31/2007 3:34:08 PM] Bob Ward says: PicASA IS ABOUT 90% OF WHAT pHOTOSHOP ELEWMENTS DOES – AND IT’S 100-% FREE.
[12/31/2007 3:34:18 PM] Nick Spalding says: Regarding the list of members all of mine but Bob and John are either grey X or grey ? even though Jeannie and Jeff are here.  Do you perhaps have to be in online status back in the regular skype screen?
[12/31/2007 3:34:32 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve noticed that too, Nick – I don’t know
[12/31/2007 3:34:41 PM] hpjeannie says: Hmm, will have to look into that; thanks, Bob.
[12/31/2007 3:35:08 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve switched to “away” status – does that make a difference?
[12/31/2007 3:35:23 PM] hpjeannie says: I am in online status but your cloud is grey, Nick, along with everyone but Bob.  Not that it really matters much.
[12/31/2007 3:35:41 PM] John Hopkin says: Nick’s cloud is green here, with a tick (check)
[12/31/2007 3:36:14 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m back to “online” now
[12/31/2007 3:37:20 PM] Bob Ward says: Jeannie – one of my clients has a Trackstick in their van – they download the file to Google Earth, and can track everywhere he’s been, time, date, speed, and direction.  It’s cool to watch the flyby in motion.
[12/31/2007 3:37:44 PM] hpjeannie says: Whoa!  Sweet.
[12/31/2007 3:37:44 PM] Nick Spalding says: Yup, that did it, you went to unavailable for a bit then back to online.  Why isn’t it working for Jeannie, in either direction.
[12/31/2007 3:37:55 PM] Bob Ward says: Ah – now I see the moving pencil – cool!
[12/31/2007 3:38:48 PM] hpjeannie says: Hmm, let’s see…it says Online at the bottom left of this screen, but let me check the main Skype screen.  I’m still new at this (but it helps to be familiar with Yahoo!Messenger) so if I drop out it’s nothing personal.
[12/31/2007 3:39:09 PM] Bob Ward says: The trackstick costs about $150 – and it would make a great logging tool for the IRS if you deduct car expenses.
[12/31/2007 3:39:11 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’ve just noticed another thing, when Bob’s pencil isn’t there he is Creator, bow down and worship everyone.
[12/31/2007 3:39:47 PM] John Hopkin says: That’s the old version, Nick – the latest version has him as the “Intelligent Designer”.
[12/31/2007 3:39:48 PM] hpjeannie says: Less wrong turns…heh.
[12/31/2007 3:40:55 PM] hpjeannie says: Oh, who is “madpaulmad”?  Is that Kim’s Paul?  And I think Mary F just showed up in the list…hi, Mary!
[12/31/2007 3:41:02 PM] Bob Ward says: Alse, about Trackstick and GPS – you can process the Trackstick file against your digital photos, and geocode all yourimages with the latitude and longitude where they were taken, and they can also be imported to Google Earth.
[12/31/2007 3:41:18 PM] Bob Ward says: Paul Mad…
[12/31/2007 3:41:42 PM] hpjeannie says: OK, that’s too much technology right there.  Eek!
[12/31/2007 3:42:01 PM] hpjeannie says: Oh, Paul Mad, got it.
[12/31/2007 3:42:20 PM] John Hopkin says: And Paul has his full name here!
[12/31/2007 3:42:40 PM] John Hopkin says: Oh, and there are two Borons
[12/31/2007 3:42:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Never too much technology.  Imagine a GPS that is sensitive enough to show your actual position on the track, lap after lap – to analyze your driving skill?
[12/31/2007 3:42:54 PM] hpjeannie says: Not here…that’s weird.  But there are two Borons here as well, along with mr_elgar.
[12/31/2007 3:43:34 PM] hpjeannie says: I’d be too self-conscious to drive well, then…I can’t disassociate myself well enough to forget it’s there WATCHING ME.  Hee!
[12/31/2007 3:43:41 PM] Nick Spalding says: He does now but I am sure when I looked in here a few days ago he was showing as madpaulmad, which is indeed is id.
[12/31/2007 3:43:46 PM] Bob Ward says: Those are leftovers from last year, when we were trying to figure out if a Mac could use voice chat,
[12/31/2007 3:44:30 PM] hpjeannie says: I need to process technology a little bit at a time.  Too much at once and I go <put hands over eyes lalalalala>
[12/31/2007 3:45:33 PM] Nick Spalding says: Jeannie, is your skype up to date?  Mine is at according to Help | About on the main skype window.
[12/31/2007 3:45:34 PM] hpjeannie says: I have a good friend to whom I have to actually say “What is that, and I only want to know what time it is, not how the watch is built.”
[12/31/2007 3:45:52 PM] hpjeannie says: here
[12/31/2007 3:46:01 PM] Bob Ward says: I thrive on tech.  I spend several hours each day, looking for new toys and tools.  I find Stumbleupon to be a great help with thatr.
[12/31/2007 3:46:07 PM] hpjeannie says: I just installed  it about an hour ago.
[12/31/2007 3:46:16 PM] John Hopkin says: .202 here
[12/31/2007 3:46:39 PM] hpjeannie says: I have other stuff to do so I don’t have that luxury.  I hope you get paid for at least some of that time!
[12/31/2007 3:47:00 PM] John Hopkin says: Stumbleupon is very, very useful and cool
[12/31/2007 3:47:41 PM] Nick Spalding says: I am going to switch off for a bit and update skype!
[12/31/2007 3:47:58 PM] Bob Ward says: One neat new toy is the “Eye-Fi” card – an SD memory card for a digital camera that sends the files to the computer via wifi without removing it from the camera.
[12/31/2007 3:48:18 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m going to log out for a while too, but I’ll be back
[12/31/2007 3:48:40 PM] Bob Ward says: As a consultant, it’s the best way to be sure that I have something worth paying me for.
[12/31/2007 3:48:45 PM] John Hopkin says: And that does sound neat, Bob – not heard of that concept before
[12/31/2007 3:48:56 PM] John Hopkin says: See you later, folks
[12/31/2007 3:49:35 PM] Bob Ward says: It’s about $100 for a 2 gig card, John – and there is a compact flash adAPTER FOR ABOUT $25 MORE.
[12/31/2007 3:49:49 PM] Bob Ward says: sEE YOU SOON, jOHN.
[12/31/2007 3:49:57 PM] Bob Ward says: Oops!
[12/31/2007 3:50:13 PM] hpjeannie says: Seeya, John.
[12/31/2007 3:51:21 PM] hpjeannie says: How does the card work?  Do you have to buy software for the card to recognize on the PC?  My laptop has a card reader that’s really handy; $100 seems more than I’d want to spend for the convenience of not removing the card from the camera….
[12/31/2007 3:51:34 PM] Bob Ward says: Another interesting discovery is that Windows Live will allow you to register a domain name and host a website for free.  I can sell my servces to my clients to configure and maintain their business on the web.
[12/31/2007 3:54:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Jeannie, it comes with an external reader you plug into your wifi enabled computer, then inturoduce it to your wifii network(s) – it can even learn about other locations – such as Starbucks, and it will log on and upload your pkotoas to FLIKR or another photo storage service of your choice, so when you get home, all your vacation photos are archived and waiting for you.
[12/31/2007 3:55:27 PM] Bob Ward says: Combine that with the GPS concept, and you’ll always know where those neat pictures were taken.
[12/31/2007 3:56:32 PM] hpjeannie says: Snazzy!
[12/31/2007 3:58:05 PM] Bob Ward says: I would use it for event photography.  I’ve shot a few reunions on digital, and with the Eyefi card I could be shooting the portraits while my assistant is printing them out on a wireless HP network printer, and be completely finished with the job at the end of the night.  Take it to the track, and… remember my thread on event photography?  The stakes just doubled!
[12/31/2007 4:00:45 PM] hpjeannie says: Hmm, good idea, but can you shoot while pictures are being downloaded?  I’ve done a couple of events like that but just switched between two small cards.  First card in the camera, then put that one into the printer and start printing while using second card in camera.
[12/31/2007 4:01:49 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes, any time the camera is turned on and can see the network, it will be downloading to the computer.
[12/31/2007 4:02:11 PM] hpjeannie says: On the group, is the “happy new year to you and everyone” meme new?  Is there a rule about the “especially”?
[12/31/2007 4:03:37 PM] Bob Ward says: I haven’t checked in yet today – but it just sounds like holiday greeting s to me.  No reference to tigers?
[12/31/2007 4:03:42 PM] hpjeannie says: (I was going to say “especially Boron” but don’t want to upset any applecarts as a still-relative-newbie)
[12/31/2007 4:03:45 PM] hpjeannie says: no, no reference to tigers!
[12/31/2007 4:03:56 PM] hpjeannie says: Opus began it
[12/31/2007 4:06:15 PM] Bob Ward says: You’ll soon learn that what happens in AFCA stays in AFCA – no lasdting hard feelings, but anyone who is continually contentious soon finds that it sticks – such as Shawn, Bonde, Blinky, and, I guess, myself as well.  I try not to be one-dimensional online, but some people only see or remember what they choose to.
[12/31/2007 4:07:26 PM] hpjeannie says: Yes, I figured…I am in another group that does that too…you can be having a terrible fight with someone on one topic while simultaneously having a great conversation in another thread.
[12/31/2007 4:07:27 PM] Bob Ward says: Opus is one of the mosrt enen-handed posters on the group.  He tries very hard not to take controversial stands.
[12/31/2007 4:07:56 PM] hpjeannie says: Very wise.
[12/31/2007 4:08:28 PM] hpjeannie says: But hard to really get to know someone like that.
[12/31/2007 4:08:49 PM] Bob Ward says: On the other hand, I’ll take a stand on any topic – and sometimes even straddle the lin, seeing points on both sides.
[12/31/2007 4:09:06 PM] hpjeannie says: Opus said “especially  Mary”, then Les A said “especially Charles”, then Kim said “especially Dover”, then Dover said “especially Jerry”
[12/31/2007 4:09:26 PM] hpjeannie says: I’m just trying to figure out if there is a pattern or if people are just naming people they like.
[12/31/2007 4:09:58 PM] hpjeannie says: I have a bad habit of rooting for the underdog; I’ll play devil’s advocate and forget to say that’s what I’m doing.
[12/31/2007 4:10:07 PM] hpjeannie says: That’s not what I’m doing in the tiger case, though….
[12/31/2007 4:10:54 PM] Bob Ward says: I remember I took a couple of shots at you when you first showed up, but it’s nothing personal, I’m sure.  It’s all for the sake of stimulating conversation, as far as I’m concerbed.
[12/31/2007 4:11:30 PM] hpjeannie says: I’ve completely forgotten about it, actually.  I usually have a bad memory; in fact, I like to say my ROM resets every night.  “I’ve slept since then” is a great excuse. 😀
[12/31/2007 4:12:07 PM] hpjeannie says: As is “THE GINGKO ISN”T WORKING!!!”
[12/31/2007 4:12:41 PM] Bob Ward says: On the tiger thing, my opinion is that there is still insufficient data for me to have an opinion – and I feel I have access to the same sources as everyone else.
[12/31/2007 4:13:49 PM] hpjeannie says: Yup, strictly speaking, that’s the truth…there is insufficient data.  However, voicing an opinion on Usenet isn’t the same as holding to journalistic standards, thank goodness!
[12/31/2007 4:14:15 PM] hpjeannie says: And look what a conversation-stimulator it was!
[12/31/2007 4:14:59 PM] Bob Ward says: As they say… in 100 years, what will it matter?
[12/31/2007 4:15:00 PM] hpjeannie says: I found a couple of allies I didn’t  expect, and one (Tim) that I never even heard of before.
[12/31/2007 4:16:20 PM] Bob Ward says: OK, so you’re supported by a couple of wingnuts and a nut job.  So? 😉
[12/31/2007 4:17:16 PM] hpjeannie says: Don’t need a wrench with wingnuts.
[12/31/2007 4:17:28 PM] hpjeannie says: I just made that up off the top of my head!  Go me!
[12/31/2007 4:17:28 PM] Bob Ward says: A favorite meme in AFCA is “The lurkers all support me in email!”
[12/31/2007 4:18:42 PM] Bob Ward says: But, on the other hand, a WENCH with wingnuts could be a different story.  Same with a WINCH, I suppose.
[12/31/2007 4:18:46 PM] hpjeannie says: I do have two supporters in email on the tiger thing.  I do, I do!!  And they have helped me realize where Boron’s coming from, too, and that it’s pretty much futile to expect any different.
[12/31/2007 4:20:12 PM] Bob Ward says: One of the things I like best about AFCA is that there are some VERY sharp people with a quick sense of humopr – no good pun goes unpunished!
[12/31/2007 4:20:24 PM] hpjeannie says: I’m a wench who wrenches, but I don’t think I’ve seen a wingnut on a car since my ’73 Datsun 710’s air filter box.
[12/31/2007 4:21:17 PM] hpjeannie says: Veronique pointed me to AFCA, saying it was intellectually several steps above the other groups I/we were familiar with…and she was right!  I can’t believe sometimes how quick people are.  Fun!
[12/31/2007 4:21:17 PM] Bob Ward says: How about a 1963 TR-3 with wire wheels and real knockoff spinners?  That’s what I learned to drive in.
[12/31/2007 4:22:00 PM] hpjeannie says: Drive?  Or wrench?  😉
[12/31/2007 4:22:10 PM] hpjeannie says: J/K…cool car!
[12/31/2007 4:22:37 PM] hpjeannie says: I learned in a 1968 Pontiac Catalina station wagon.  I can park the QEII!
[12/31/2007 4:23:11 PM] hpjeannie says: Nick’s back!
[12/31/2007 4:24:16 PM] Nick Spalding says: He isOnce in my misspent youth in a place called Sandakan on the east coast of Borineo I came across a book called the Calcutta Light Horse Song Book which was mostly dirty songs but also included what was alleged to be an accurate transcription of army instructions for the care and maintenance of barrage balloons with every occurrence of winch changed to wench.  … greease the wench thoroughly and check all apertures for wear…
[12/31/2007 4:24:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Drive.  I remember coming down the hill from Crestline here in SoCal once – another car pulled alongside and told me my brakelights were out – he followed me all the way down the hill and never saw them once – I pointed out that they only come on when you actually use the brakes.  He was driving something with an automatic, and had pretty well smoked his brakes trying to keep up.
[12/31/2007 4:25:49 PM] Bob Ward says: That sounds like good advice, Nick!
[12/31/2007 4:26:12 PM] hpjeannie says: LOL Nick
[12/31/2007 4:26:55 PM] hpjeannie says: My Datsun had drum brakes and I learned a lot about driving by trying not to use them.
[12/31/2007 4:28:06 PM] Bob Ward says: I finally gave up on English cars – I had a hard time recognzing my Spitfire unless I mentally compensated for the angle I was most accustomed to seeing it – dangling from the back of a towtruck.
[12/31/2007 4:29:46 PM] hpjeannie says: ROFL
[12/31/2007 4:30:35 PM] Bob Ward says: The spitfire was a nice hobby, though – it kept me off the streets and out of trouble!
[12/31/2007 4:30:39 PM] hpjeannie says: I sniffled most of the way home from Laguna Seca once, following my Miata which was on a flatbed.  Her little round taillights looked so sad and confused!
[12/31/2007 4:31:10 PM] hpjeannie says: …but I did get to drive my friend’s M3 coupe, even though I couldn’t fully enjoy it.
[12/31/2007 4:32:15 PM] Bob Ward says: I think the Miata is a pretty good example of the spirit of the TR-3, but without the unreliability that was so carefully engineered into it.
[12/31/2007 4:32:25 PM] hpjeannie says: The problem turned out to be easy…the power steering pump feeder pipe flange gave out.
[12/31/2007 4:33:14 PM] hpjeannie says: Yes, the Miata was modeled mostly after the Lotus Elise (not the new version, of course) but a lot of MBG, Fiat and Alfa folks say the spirit is there.
[12/31/2007 4:33:21 PM] hpjeannie says: MGB
[12/31/2007 4:33:55 PM] Bob Ward says: Reminds me of why I told Kim (for Paul) that Harley was ready to enter the computer market – they finally figured out how to get one top puke oil in the driveway.
[12/31/2007 4:35:34 PM] hpjeannie says: Hee hee!
[12/31/2007 4:36:12 PM] hpjeannie says: It’s so pretty outside…going for a walk…back later!
[12/31/2007 4:36:46 PM] Bob Ward says: I think I need to take a break and try to catch up with AFCA – see you later today.
[12/31/2007 4:37:05 PM] hpjeannie says: Great minds run in the same ruts….
[12/31/2007 4:38:43 PM] Nick Spalding says: Ah well I can talk to myself just as well without skype, see you later.
[12/31/2007 4:42:52 PM] Boron Elgar says: AHA!
[12/31/2007 4:43:14 PM] Nick Spalding says: Hello Boron, how’s life?
[12/31/2007 4:43:42 PM] Boron Elgar says: Very fine, Nick! ANd how’s by you? Not midnight there yet, is it?
[12/31/2007 4:44:08 PM] Nick Spalding says: No, just after a quarter to ten.
[12/31/2007 4:44:31 PM] Boron Elgar says: Plenty of time left to celebrate, then.
[12/31/2007 4:45:04 PM] Nick Spalding says: Have you got your brood with you or are the all out on the razzle?
[12/31/2007 4:45:25 PM] Boron Elgar says: I will be in and out for the next few hours. I need to get dinner started for the family gathering & will pop in at time, buit leave the connection open.
[12/31/2007 4:53:26 PM] Nick Spalding says: My son Matthew came by and cooked me a nice steak dinner but the two adult grandchildren who live here are out, James at work and Elina at a party over the other side of town.
[12/31/2007 5:46:47 PM] hpjeannie says: Boron, are you there?  Wanted to wish you a happy new year.  I don’t want to fight.
[12/31/2007 5:54:46 PM] Boron Elgar says: I’m back for a BIT. That sounds like a nice birthday dinner from Matthew.
[12/31/2007 5:55:05 PM] Boron Elgar says: Niether do I, Jeaniie. Happy New Year.
[12/31/2007 5:56:10 PM] hpjeannie says: Good.  What are you cooking?  I’ll be right over. <wink>
[12/31/2007 5:57:35 PM] Boron Elgar says: It is all hors d’oeuvres tonight. It is a NYE tradition with the kids. Usually they have friends over, but tonight it is only 4 of us. It’ll be very quiet.
[12/31/2007 5:57:54 PM] Boron Elgar says: We have to go blow up the balloons in a bit.
[12/31/2007 5:58:22 PM] John Hopkin says: Aren’t they a bit chewy?
[12/31/2007 6:00:19 PM] John Hopkin says: (and hi, Boron)
[12/31/2007 6:00:54 PM] hpjeannie says: We don’t have any food-related NYE traditions…hubby usually has to work, either through NY or early the next morning.  Daughter usually has a friend over, but not tonight.  I’m making chicken-and-rice bake and we are writing thank-you cards, sewing, and watching the New Year show on a Japanese cable channel (KTSF)…daughter is really into anime and manga and is having a wonderful time recognizing the singers and some of the songs, and the commercials are fun to watch too.
[12/31/2007 6:06:34 PM] John Hopkin says: Tonight is the first time in my 47+ years that I’ve ever spent NYE alone.  It hit me hard earlier on, but I’m over that now.
[12/31/2007 6:06:51 PM] hpjeannie says: We’re here.
[12/31/2007 6:06:53 PM] John Hopkin says: Last minute change of plan by my ex and our kids
[12/31/2007 6:07:31 PM] John Hopkin says: I know, and I’ve company elsewhere online, but I’m going to miss my kids
[12/31/2007 6:08:06 PM] hpjeannie says: [HUG]
[12/31/2007 6:08:43 PM] John Hopkin says: Also, due to technical problems, I’ve not been able to chat with my sweetheart abroad
[12/31/2007 6:09:22 PM] John Hopkin says: Don’t worry, I feel OK now – had a bit of a crisis about all this earlier on, but I’m fine.
[12/31/2007 6:14:38 PM] hpjeannie says: Tough.  Accept the hug anyway.
[12/31/2007 6:14:50 PM] John Hopkin says: Thanks, I will! 🙂
[12/31/2007 6:15:00 PM] hpjeannie says: That’s better.  😀
[12/31/2007 6:16:53 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m just going to disappear into Second Life for a while, but I’ll be back in a bit.
[12/31/2007 6:17:21 PM] hpjeannie says: Tell Watervox hi…if that’s the name she uses there.
[12/31/2007 6:17:34 PM] John Hopkin says: whom???
[12/31/2007 6:17:41 PM] hpjeannie says: A lady I know who is really into SL
[12/31/2007 6:17:51 PM] hpjeannie says: Is there a  name search on it?
[12/31/2007 6:18:17 PM] John Hopkin says: yes, but no Watervox registered
[12/31/2007 6:19:10 PM] hpjeannie says: hmm, ok
[12/31/2007 6:19:42 PM] hpjeannie says: I’m afraid to ask her who she is because last time we talked about SL she tried really really hard to get me to join, and I spend too much time online already!
[12/31/2007 6:19:52 PM] hpjeannie says: Have fun!
[12/31/2007 6:20:03 PM] John Hopkin says: yes, it’s a very, very addictive thing
[12/31/2007 6:20:48 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m just visiting a community I know, where someone’s been ill (real life), and I want to check that they’re OK as well as say “hi” to a few others
[12/31/2007 6:20:53 PM] John Hopkin says: be back in a bit
[12/31/2007 6:24:22 PM] Dover Beach says: testing
[12/31/2007 6:29:19 PM] Dover Beach says: Hellloooo (helloooo hellloooo)
[12/31/2007 6:29:29 PM] Dover Beach says: Echo (echo echo echo)
[12/31/2007 6:31:37 PM] hpjeannie says: Hi, Dover!
[12/31/2007 6:31:40 PM] hpjeannie says: Happy New Year!
[12/31/2007 6:31:49 PM] Dover Beach says: Hi, Jeannie!
[12/31/2007 6:32:16 PM] Dover Beach says: I saw your question earlier in the transcript about the Happy New Everyone Especially <whoever>
[12/31/2007 6:32:33 PM] hpjeannie says:  Is that a meme, or a pass-along?
[12/31/2007 6:32:41 PM] Dover Beach says: I have no idea where that came from, except that Opus started it and then Kim tagged me, and I wondered for a second
[12/31/2007 6:32:49 PM] Dover Beach says: if there was a pattern, but I decided to just roll the ball.
[12/31/2007 6:32:57 PM] hpjeannie says: It seems to be going fine
[12/31/2007 6:33:11 PM] Dover Beach says: So it’s meme-creation in real-time.  Call the sociologists!
[12/31/2007 6:33:41 PM] hpjeannie says: Cool!
[12/31/2007 6:33:48 PM] hpjeannie says: Any plans for the evening?
[12/31/2007 6:33:50 PM] Dover Beach says: What do you do at HP?  Do you mind saying?
[12/31/2007 6:33:54 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m going to sit around.
[12/31/2007 6:34:04 PM] Dover Beach says: I enjoy sitting around.
[12/31/2007 6:34:11 PM] hpjeannie says: I’m an executive assistant for one of the sales bigwigs.
[12/31/2007 6:34:18 PM] hpjeannie says: Sitting around is good.
[12/31/2007 6:34:34 PM] Dover Beach says: Soon my husband will come home and sit around with me.
[12/31/2007 6:34:35 PM] hpjeannie says: I job-share…work 30 hours a week.
[12/31/2007 6:34:43 PM] hpjeannie says: Mine too.
[12/31/2007 6:34:57 PM] Dover Beach says: Oh, job-sharing, that’s interesting.  Do you ever have conflicts with your share-er?
[12/31/2007 6:35:09 PM] hpjeannie says: Not that she knows about. 😉
[12/31/2007 6:35:22 PM] hpjeannie says: She has a couple of habits that bug me every so often, but I’m sure the opposite is true as well.
[12/31/2007 6:35:37 PM] Dover Beach says: Ha.  Our receptionist(s) used to job share and they’d always bitch about how the other one had done everything wrong.
[12/31/2007 6:36:11 PM] hpjeannie says: Oh, no, we’ve been doing it 16 years so we’ve worked through all that long ago.
[12/31/2007 6:36:32 PM] hpjeannie says: There’s too much other stuff to do to bitch about how it gets done…as long as it gets done.
[12/31/2007 6:36:37 PM] Dover Beach says: Yikes!  16 years!  You don’t happen to know John Artim, do you?
[12/31/2007 6:37:25 PM] hpjeannie says: No, where does he work (what site)?
[12/31/2007 6:38:52 PM] Dover Beach says: I don’t know.  Now that I think about it, I probably haven’t talked to him since 1989.  Oy.  But he was the least likely person to job-hop.  If I say “he was doing something computer-y” that’s, like, totally moronic within the context of HP, I’m betting.
[12/31/2007 6:39:57 PM] hpjeannie says: You’d win that bet. Hee!
[12/31/2007 6:41:15 PM] Dover Beach says: He was a sweet guy.  We were undergrads together at UCSC.  I think he was working over towards San Jose, but I lose track of the Bay Area between Palo Alto, where I grew up, and Santa Cruz, where I went to college.  Once I get past Mountain View it’s all a blur til the UCSC exit.
[12/31/2007 6:43:08 PM] Boron Elgar says:  Ok…here for a few minutes… The puff pastry thingee sare in the oven, the shrimp, cheeses, savories, crackers, olives, caviar (American paddlefish, these kids will not get their hands on my osetra) are all on the table. We ran out of helium for the balloons…we alwyas get a new tank and thought we had enough..ah well…15 balloons is better than nothing
[12/31/2007 6:44:50 PM] Jeannie says: I think you’re doing splendidly.  I’m terrified of entertaining more than two people at a time!
[12/31/2007 6:45:19 PM] Jeannie says: Of course, kids and kids’ friends are different. 🙂
[12/31/2007 6:45:33 PM] Dover Beach says: How many folks are you having over, Boron?
[12/31/2007 6:45:53 PM] Boron Elgar says: I really do not “entertain” any more. I used to do it quite a bit…fancy dinners with wines and exotic goodies…No more. I never know when the arthritis is going to flare (which it has this week)
[12/31/2007 6:46:37 PM] John Hopkin says: Back on Skype
[12/31/2007 6:46:46 PM] Dover Beach says: Hi John!
[12/31/2007 6:46:47 PM] Jeannie says: Arthritis is no picnic, but I’d be glad of the excuse!  Wow, fancy dinners…for me that’s when I get out the linen napkins.
[12/31/2007 6:47:05 PM] Jeannie says: …but we still have chicken.
[12/31/2007 6:47:12 PM] Boron Elgar says: Yes, entertaining the kids is nit the same. And this is the first NYE that The Princess is not here with us. She is off celebrating at a hotel with her SO in south Jersey. I was brokenhearted, but absolutley kept my mouth shut, as she is a full-fledged adult.
[12/31/2007 6:47:30 PM] Dover Beach says: I don’t have enough people that I like near me to have big parties.  If I could draw from all over the country I’d do it.
[12/31/2007 6:47:42 PM] Boron Elgar says: I have all the silver, the china, the crystal…it only gets pulled out for family, now.And that is fine with me.
[12/31/2007 6:48:24 PM] Dover Beach says: Around about the time Mom turned 70 she decided she might as well use the sterling silver, because it wasn’t doing any good sitting in the trunk.  So we ate with the good silver every night.
[12/31/2007 6:48:57 PM] Jeannie says: My mom gets out the good silver for birthdays, but I like your mom’s idea.
[12/31/2007 6:49:26 PM] Boron Elgar says: If my kids could remember how to load the dishwasher so that I didn’tneed new flatware and everyday dishes once a year, I’d use the good stuff more often.
[12/31/2007 6:49:44 PM] Dover Beach says: I think it helps to be retired, because you do have to polish it regularly.  Also, Mom didn’t have a dishwasher, so that makes a difference, b/c sterling doesn’t like the dishwasher.
[12/31/2007 6:50:16 PM] Boron Elgar says: Actually, silver does like the dishwaser…but it has to be done with no stainless near by.
[12/31/2007 6:50:31 PM] Jeannie says: NYE fancy parties at hotels are thrilling…your Princess is spreading her wings!
[12/31/2007 6:50:44 PM] Dover Beach says: Oh, really?  I thought the detergent was too harsh or something.
[12/31/2007 6:51:12 PM] Boron Elgar says: I leaned that from an office manager of mine 25 years ago, who had museum quality silver. A full tea service from the 1700s and heavy-weight silverware. An antique guy told her to put it in the dishwaser once a week
[12/31/2007 6:51:40 PM] Boron Elgar says: YOU may be right. I put mine in the dishwasher, though and it looks great. Then I vac-pack it and put it away
[12/31/2007 6:52:11 PM] Kim says: I think I’m here – am I here?
[12/31/2007 6:52:23 PM] Boron Elgar says: By fucking god,you are
[12/31/2007 6:52:24 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Kim!
[12/31/2007 6:52:36 PM] Dover Beach says: Huh.  Maybe I should start using the silver.  I dunno, though.  Another of those “after I retire” things.  My sister envies me having a dog and says she’ll get one when she retires.
[12/31/2007 6:52:48 PM] Dover Beach says: Hi Kim!  I’m glad Zombie Lady came back!
[12/31/2007 6:52:49 PM] Boron Elgar says: John..what’s your computer problem that you cannot see your darling on SL?
[12/31/2007 6:52:59 PM] Kim says: OK – I about had a heart attack for a second – I saw Jeannie said something about the princess, hotels and spreading, and I got a little case of the vapors
[12/31/2007 6:53:19 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, Kim!
[12/31/2007 6:53:23 PM] Boron Elgar says: Tell you sister to get two dogs. Even one will likley keep her from her 12/25 adventures in insanity
[12/31/2007 6:53:49 PM] Boron Elgar says: Not to worry kim
[12/31/2007 6:54:01 PM] John Hopkin says: MSN problem, Boron – we appear offline to each other even when we’re not.  Plus, she’s staying with her family in Spain, and having to rely on nearby wifi points which aren’t reliable.
[12/31/2007 6:54:16 PM] Dover Beach says: Her boyfriend doesn’t want a dog that sheds, or chews things.  Good luck with that!  She wants a labradoodle, and she’s totally in charge of that relationship, so I’m guessing she’ll get a labradoodle.
[12/31/2007 6:55:06 PM] Dover Beach says: Can you text chat, John?  My husband can text his ex-girlfriend in Cadiz, Spain.
[12/31/2007 6:55:28 PM] Kim says: Oh – and yes, Dover, ZL is back – did you see the video?
[12/31/2007 6:55:40 PM] John Hopkin says: She’s in Leon, in the northern mountains – she can get connections sometimes, but it’s not reliable.
[12/31/2007 6:55:59 PM] Dover Beach says: I did. Well, I saw the one with her opening the paint set and part of the other one, but I was at work and I had to go do something partway through.
[12/31/2007 6:56:11 PM] Dover Beach says: I want to go to Spain.
[12/31/2007 6:56:21 PM] John Hopkin says: So go I!!!!
[12/31/2007 6:56:23 PM] Boron Elgar says: Oh, John…I am so sorry, especially when you are not with the kids tonight….how did Marianne manage that?
[12/31/2007 6:56:26 PM] Kim says: I want to be in Leon – or have Leon in me
[12/31/2007 6:56:28 PM] John Hopkin says: do I, sorry
[12/31/2007 6:56:57 PM] Boron Elgar says: Laon, John?
[12/31/2007 6:57:06 PM] Boron Elgar says: with a little carat over the a?
[12/31/2007 6:57:20 PM] Boron Elgar says: no wait..that’s in france, not spain
[12/31/2007 6:57:21 PM] John Hopkin says: Marianne cancelled the party at her place because a family that was supposed to be coming called it off, and she forgot that this would leave me along.
[12/31/2007 6:57:25 PM] Kim says: Lauon?
[12/31/2007 6:57:36 PM] Nick Spalding says:     Hello all
[12/31/2007 6:57:47 PM] Boron Elgar says: No…my mistake…I was thinking  France.
[12/31/2007 6:57:48 PM] John Hopkin says: Leon, with an acute over the O – it’s in the north-west of Spain, next to Castille
[12/31/2007 6:57:49 PM] Kim says: Hi Nick
[12/31/2007 6:57:53 PM] Jeannie says: Hi again, Nick!
[12/31/2007 6:57:57 PM] Jeannie says: France is Lyon
[12/31/2007 6:57:58 PM] Boron Elgar says: I haven’t been to Spain since 1974.
[12/31/2007 6:58:06 PM] Nick Spalding says: Just coming up to midnight here.
[12/31/2007 6:58:18 PM] Dover Beach says: My husband’s ex-girlfriend, Maribel, has invited us numerous times.  She lives in a 700 year old flat that’s been in her family for generations.  I just can’t imagine.  My parents’ house was built in 1953.
[12/31/2007 6:58:22 PM] Boron Elgar says: There is also a Laon in Frnace. I got food poisoning there, which is why it is so memorable
[12/31/2007 6:58:26 PM] Dover Beach says: hi Nick.
[12/31/2007 6:58:27 PM] Kim says: Well I’ve never been to Spain
[12/31/2007 6:58:33 PM] Kim says: But I’ve been to Oklahoma
[12/31/2007 6:58:37 PM] Jeannie says: Me too, Kim
[12/31/2007 6:58:46 PM] Jeannie says: Not Spain, but yes Oklahoma
[12/31/2007 6:59:22 PM] Dover Beach says: Do you kinda like the music?
[12/31/2007 6:59:37 PM] Kim says: they say the ladies are insane there
[12/31/2007 6:59:50 PM] John Hopkin says: Thank God for SMS – I’ve just had a “happy new year” text
[12/31/2007 6:59:51 PM] Jeannie says: If I knew someone in Spain inviting me to come over, I’d be saving my pennies!  Hope you are, Dover.
[12/31/2007 7:00:00 PM] Jeannie says: Yay!
[12/31/2007 7:00:13 PM] Dover Beach says: It’s not the pennies.  It’s the time off.  For both me and my husband.  Grr.
[12/31/2007 7:00:30 PM] Nick Spalding says: I think I was last in Spain in about 1987, just passing through on the way to and from Portugal.
[12/31/2007 7:00:48 PM] Jeannie says: Where did you goa in Portugal?
[12/31/2007 7:00:52 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve been to Spain a few times, but only the Mediterranean parts – the northern side sounds much more interesting
[12/31/2007 7:00:57 PM] Dover Beach says: Another thing to do when retired.  Sigh.
[12/31/2007 7:01:14 PM] Dover Beach says: I’ve been but not since 1978.
[12/31/2007 7:01:18 PM] Jeannie says: I’ll dog-sit for you.
[12/31/2007 7:02:03 PM] Dover Beach says: And I didn’t go to Cadiz.   Her brother’s in Ibiza so she goes there all the time.  I’d love to do that, I’d feel like Ava Gardner or someone, one of those mid-Century celebs who went to Ibiza all the time.
[12/31/2007 7:02:35 PM] Dover Beach says: My dog would love you.  You do horse things, right?  I’m sure my dog would try to herd your horses.
[12/31/2007 7:02:47 PM] John Hopkin says: Ibiza these days is just bars and discos
[12/31/2007 7:02:59 PM] Dover Beach says: Ah well, isn’t that always the way?
[12/31/2007 7:03:06 PM] Nick Spalding says: Started up near Porto and camped in several places on our way south to a place called Sesimbra about three hours drive south of Lisbon.  I had been to Portugal before in 1952 when I worked near Lisbon for a few months.
[12/31/2007 7:03:28 PM] Nick Spalding says: The firworks are going off all around, it must be midnight.
[12/31/2007 7:04:00 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, there are fireworks here too – pretty spectacular
[12/31/2007 7:04:04 PM] Kim says: No – it’s only 7 pm
[12/31/2007 7:04:09 PM] Nick Spalding says: Happy New Year everyone.
[12/31/2007 7:04:19 PM] John Hopkin says: And to everyone from here
[12/31/2007 7:04:24 PM] Jeannie says: Happy New Year, you two!
[12/31/2007 7:04:30 PM] Boron Elgar says: Happy New Year to you all
[12/31/2007 7:04:59 PM] Boron Elgar says: I just grapped some somrt of puff pastry thing that was VERY spicy. Whew!
[12/31/2007 7:05:06 PM] Kim says: my stalker sent me tomoatos today
[12/31/2007 7:05:07 PM] Boron Elgar says: sorry, can’t type with my mouth full
[12/31/2007 7:05:10 PM] Jeannie says: My horse doesn’t like dogs; I had an Aussie but wouldn’t let her herd the horses for fear of vet bills.
[12/31/2007 7:05:39 PM] Boron Elgar says: tomatoes? . I wish I had a fresh veggie stalker.
[12/31/2007 7:05:47 PM] John Hopkin says: One of the benefits of living in a run-down, crime-ridden area is that the locals get hold of massive, illegal fireworks and are too drug-addled not to do things like set them off … the ambulances must be waiting at the end of the street.
[12/31/2007 7:05:48 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, Kim, what’s the deal with your stalker?
[12/31/2007 7:05:49 PM] Jeannie says: Kim, you have a stalker TOO?  Zombie ladies and stalkers and Leon…oh my!
[12/31/2007 7:06:09 PM] Kim says: you’d love this one,t hen = she sent me a fruitcake, two HUGE tins of cookies, a case of avocados adn a case of tomatoes
[12/31/2007 7:06:11 PM] Dover Beach says: Bummer about your horse. I’m sure my dog would enjoy barking at her.
[12/31/2007 7:06:22 PM] Jeannie says: She’d bark right back.
[12/31/2007 7:06:24 PM] Kim says: and a cooler full of tamales
[12/31/2007 7:06:40 PM] Boron Elgar says: And no idea of who is sendin it, Kim?
[12/31/2007 7:06:44 PM] Boron Elgar says:  that can get a bit creepy
[12/31/2007 7:06:46 PM] Jeannie says: Oh, the stalker is who sent you the tamales?
[12/31/2007 7:06:55 PM] Kim says: yes, the stalker sent the tamales
[12/31/2007 7:07:11 PM] Boron Elgar says: avocados and tomatoes…a california stalker
[12/31/2007 7:07:15 PM] Boron Elgar says: a florida stalker?
[12/31/2007 7:07:25 PM] Kim says: Actually a texas stalker – and you know the stalkers are bigger there
[12/31/2007 7:07:38 PM] Jeannie says: Everything’s bigger in Texas!  Even Leon!
[12/31/2007 7:07:44 PM] Dover Beach says: Have you seen a picture of my dog?
[12/31/2007 7:07:46 PM] Dover Beach says:
[12/31/2007 7:07:53 PM] Dover Beach says: Truly ginormous pictures.
[12/31/2007 7:08:11 PM] Dover Beach says: She’s my little stubby baby.
[12/31/2007 7:08:14 PM] Jeannie says: Ohhhhh…she’s ADORABLE!!!
[12/31/2007 7:08:28 PM] Kim says: I’ve never even had an avocado before I don’t know what the fuck I am going to do with a case of them
[12/31/2007 7:08:38 PM] Dover Beach says: She’s sweet.  She thinks she’s big.  She barked at a wolfhound today.  Dork.
[12/31/2007 7:08:51 PM] Dover Beach says: Avocados are yum!
[12/31/2007 7:08:56 PM] Kim says: want some
[12/31/2007 7:08:59 PM] Dover Beach says: Make guacomole
[12/31/2007 7:09:00 PM] Jeannie says: And that “lazy sit” is too cute.
[12/31/2007 7:09:18 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, sure, but shipping avocadoes across the country is probably not cost-effective.
[12/31/2007 7:09:28 PM] Kim says: they were shipped to me!!!
[12/31/2007 7:09:31 PM] Jeannie says: Give ’em to the neighbors and/or make guacamole!
[12/31/2007 7:09:43 PM] Kim says: my neighbor is the zl
[12/31/2007 7:09:50 PM] Dover Beach says: That’s her “why are we sitting down instead of walking?” sit.
[12/31/2007 7:10:16 PM] Jeannie says: Avocados are supposed to be good for the brain…maybe it would help the zl
[12/31/2007 7:10:34 PM] Jeannie says: Is this the dog we decided was part corgi?
[12/31/2007 7:10:39 PM] Boron Elgar says: we have a guac kit from Trader Joe and the damned ‘cados are too hard to make it tonight. I was craving guac
[12/31/2007 7:11:01 PM] Kim says: Come get some of these G – or send the princess by
[12/31/2007 7:11:05 PM] Dover Beach says: You know, Kim, on your blog you were speculating about why she was in the hospital for two weeks.  If she consented to be there, which it sounds like she did,she can stay there a long time.
[12/31/2007 7:11:15 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, Jeannie, corgi and lab.
[12/31/2007 7:11:36 PM] Kim says: Well, looks like she’s going back adn is going to stay until spring
[12/31/2007 7:11:46 PM] Dover Beach says: Til SPRING?  I missed that.
[12/31/2007 7:11:46 PM] Kim says: I thinkI’ll miss her
[12/31/2007 7:12:09 PM] Kim says: yeah, in the beginning of the 2nd video I ask when she is coming back adn she says – spring – March
[12/31/2007 7:12:21 PM] Dover Beach says: And her son — don’t be too hard on him.  You don’t know what he may have been through with her.  And he can’t hold her prisoner.
[12/31/2007 7:12:35 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, I’m sure she needs the medical help.
[12/31/2007 7:12:52 PM] John Hopkin says: I can’t figure out the son
[12/31/2007 7:13:02 PM] Kim says: I can’t figure out the mother
[12/31/2007 7:13:07 PM] John Hopkin says: Heh!
[12/31/2007 7:13:16 PM] Dover Beach says: Listen, as the child of a crazy person, all I can say is, try to have some compassion.
[12/31/2007 7:13:36 PM] Dover Beach says: It’s hard to take care of your parent, and it’s vastly harder when the parent is an uncooperative nut.
[12/31/2007 7:14:08 PM] Kim says: I am also the child of a crazy person – but if my mom was all alone, I would at least make an effort to go and see what was up and how she was living
[12/31/2007 7:14:26 PM] Kim says: this kid just seems to send the cops every 6 weeks or so to see if she’s alive
[12/31/2007 7:14:38 PM] Dover Beach says: Yes, but what if she decided that every interaction with you was a power game and she was by-god going to win?
[12/31/2007 7:14:46 PM] Dover Beach says: That’s how she seems to think about the son.
[12/31/2007 7:14:48 PM] Kim says: Hey!! SIS!!???
[12/31/2007 7:14:50 PM] Jeannie says: Maybe he asks her and she says “fine” and he assumes that means “fine”?
[12/31/2007 7:15:18 PM] Dover Beach says: Did you fly in for an hour and a half on Xmas? I missed it!
[12/31/2007 7:15:44 PM] Kim says: but he shouldn’t assume – especially since HE is the one that told APS the FIRST time that she had no power – so he KNOWS that
[12/31/2007 7:15:45 PM] Dover Beach says: Or even if he knows she’s not fine, there not much he can do if she doesn’t want to cooperate.
[12/31/2007 7:15:51 PM] Dover Beach says: I mean, what would you have him do?
[12/31/2007 7:16:04 PM] Nick Spalding says: Whatever they did to her in NYC she seems a lot more lucid now.
[12/31/2007 7:16:18 PM] Kim says: yes, Dover, you are right about that – she is not a cooperator
[12/31/2007 7:16:33 PM] Kim says: yes, Nick – and she’s CLEANER too
[12/31/2007 7:16:34 PM] Jeannie says: Let’s hope she stays better…for her and Kim’s sakes!
[12/31/2007 7:17:09 PM] Kim says: I’m just going to encourage her to stay on whatever meds they seem to have her on
[12/31/2007 7:17:18 PM] John Hopkin says: Yep, good idea
[12/31/2007 7:17:24 PM] Dover Beach says: Plus, who knows what the social norms are in Russia.
[12/31/2007 7:17:33 PM] Dover Beach says: Yes, stay on the meds!
[12/31/2007 7:17:35 PM] Kim says: at least until we get a backhoe in her place to clean it out
[12/31/2007 7:17:59 PM] Dover Beach says: Kim, be careful, DON’T throw anything out without her permission.  She will turn against you.
[12/31/2007 7:18:04 PM] John Hopkin says: She seems to have a grip on reality in that 2nd video
[12/31/2007 7:18:06 PM] Kim says: Well, dover the social normas can’t include cat food eating and garbage hoarding
[12/31/2007 7:18:17 PM] Kim says: Oh no – I’m not going to clean it out unless she’s with me
[12/31/2007 7:18:26 PM] Kim says: and agrees to everything
[12/31/2007 7:18:27 PM] Dover Beach says: Hoarders are crazy and get VERY paranoid about their stuff.
[12/31/2007 7:18:36 PM] Kim says: yes they do – I know – I’m a hoarder
[12/31/2007 7:18:47 PM] Dover Beach says: But then you have your aunt’s hoarding behavior, so I guess you know.
[12/31/2007 7:18:48 PM] Kim says: start throwing out my yarn – see what happens
[12/31/2007 7:19:08 PM] Kim says: yeah, my aunt – of the skids of paper towel and soap
[12/31/2007 7:19:15 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, you would think that not bathing and eating cat food are unlikely to be Russian traditions.
[12/31/2007 7:19:31 PM] Kim says: well, i guess you never know……..
[12/31/2007 7:19:35 PM] John Hopkin says: Well, how do you bathe cat food anyway?
[12/31/2007 7:19:42 PM] Dover Beach says: Plus, cat food is expensive.
[12/31/2007 7:19:52 PM] Dover Beach says: Seriously.  Lots of human food is cheaper.
[12/31/2007 7:20:00 PM] Kim says: you know, that’s what I thought!!!!!!!! Cat Food is more than Ramen noodels!!!!
[12/31/2007 7:20:30 PM] Dover Beach says: Exactly.  I have my cats on various special diets and it costs a damn fortune.  Even the normal stuff is pricey.
[12/31/2007 7:20:41 PM] Dover Beach says: But ground beef and rice at Costco is cheap.
[12/31/2007 7:20:52 PM] Kim says: yes – it’s cheaper here too at aldi’s
[12/31/2007 7:21:12 PM] Kim says: shit, I can get tuna 4/1.00 a tthe dollar store and cat food is 2/1.00
[12/31/2007 7:21:31 PM] John Hopkin says: But tuna *is* cat food!
[12/31/2007 7:21:41 PM] Dover Beach says: And a 10 lb sack of potatoes is $1.50 on sale.
[12/31/2007 7:21:46 PM] Kim says: yup
[12/31/2007 7:21:56 PM] Dover Beach says: No, cat food is gross by-products of food.
[12/31/2007 7:22:08 PM] Dover Beach says: Mmm. Tuna.
[12/31/2007 7:22:17 PM] Kim says: mmmm gross by products
[12/31/2007 7:22:37 PM] John Hopkin says: Interconnective tissue in a can!  Yum!
[12/31/2007 7:23:28 PM] Kim says: Paul is sleeping
[12/31/2007 7:23:31 PM] Kim says: fool
[12/31/2007 7:24:12 PM] Nick Spalding says: I think I shall be soon, this is way past my bettime!
[12/31/2007 7:24:34 PM] Kim says: but it’s past midnight there – you are excused. It’s only 7:24 pm here
[12/31/2007 7:25:06 PM] Dover Beach says: What’s up with Paul’s thyroid? Any improvement?
[12/31/2007 7:25:10 PM] Nick Spalding says: I do wish this damn thing had a good spell checker like Agent has
[12/31/2007 7:25:20 PM] Kim says: he’s just mad because I told him to stay the fuck away from the cookies
[12/31/2007 7:26:14 PM] Jeannie says: It’s “let Stand Covered” here
[12/31/2007 7:26:21 PM] Kim says: improvements? No – he’s on a different medicine, though, they switched him from synthroid
[12/31/2007 7:26:21 PM] John Hopkin says: Agent’s spell-checker’s fine, except for some of the double-L formations in English, which seem to be American
[12/31/2007 7:26:36 PM] Jeannie says: Oh, whoops, just finished thawing the chicken in the microwave.  Now it’s 4:26.
[12/31/2007 7:27:01 PM] Dover Beach says: Is he on Armour Thyroid?
[12/31/2007 7:27:23 PM] Kim says: No – it’s something else
[12/31/2007 7:27:27 PM] Kim says: I forget now
[12/31/2007 7:27:30 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’ve corrected those as and when I found them.
[12/31/2007 7:27:51 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, Nick – that’s what I’m doing – it’s not much of a pain, really
[12/31/2007 7:28:08 PM] John Hopkin says: Just sometimes I think “was that wrong???”
[12/31/2007 7:30:36 PM] Kim says: how come jeannie is questionable in my list if she’s here
[12/31/2007 7:31:17 PM] John Hopkin says: BTW, I had a phone call from Marianne at about 5 past, had chance to talk to the kids – with that and the text from my Spanish amor, I’m happy!
[12/31/2007 7:32:08 PM] Dover Beach says: I don’t really get the Skype symbols either. You’re green with a checkmark, but most others are grey with questions marks or x’s.
[12/31/2007 7:32:27 PM] Kim says: I got a picture of the baby grandson in the mail today – so I’m happy
[12/31/2007 7:32:37 PM] Kim says: He is SOOOOOOOO cute
[12/31/2007 7:32:52 PM] John Hopkin says: Those symbols don’t seem to make much sense – Bob, Kim and Nick are the only green ones
[12/31/2007 7:32:57 PM] Dover Beach says: Will he come to visit soon?
[12/31/2007 7:33:11 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m not green? I’m very sorry.  I feel green.
[12/31/2007 7:33:17 PM] Kim says: I hope so dover – they are PLANNING to come in March over spring break
[12/31/2007 7:33:32 PM] Dover Beach says: Do either of your sons ever make it up to Malone?
[12/31/2007 7:33:33 PM] John Hopkin says: No, Dover, you’re grey with a tick (gray with a checkmark)
[12/31/2007 7:33:40 PM] Dover Beach says: Bummer.
[12/31/2007 7:33:42 PM] Kim says: but the girl just started college this fall, and she works full time, too, so you never know
[12/31/2007 7:33:56 PM] Kim says: my one son came in October
[12/31/2007 7:34:06 PM] Nick Spalding says: Here it’s Bob, and John only.  When John switched to not available and back earlier in the eventing that showed up here.
[12/31/2007 7:34:19 PM] Dover Beach says: My stepson was out for a week over Christmas.  That was nice.  My husband had someone to play computer games with.
[12/31/2007 7:34:42 PM] Kim says: he’s starting at a manhattan law firm in January – so I’m hoping he can come more – since he’ll be in the same state – but he says he will be working 100 hours a week – which is probably true
[12/31/2007 7:34:44 PM] John Hopkin says: Nick/Dover, I wonder if it’s a combination of online status in the chat and in the general Skype settings
[12/31/2007 7:35:06 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m set as “online”, I think
[12/31/2007 7:35:22 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m online in both
[12/31/2007 7:35:34 PM] Kim says: I’m set as online
[12/31/2007 7:35:37 PM] Nick Spalding says: That’s what I thought but didn’t Jeannie check that earlier?
[12/31/2007 7:35:38 PM] Dover Beach says: Manhattan law firm!  Gah!  Which one?  Yes, it will be 100 hours a week.  They have paralegals that work in 24 hour shifts.
[12/31/2007 7:35:49 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ll go offline in the main settings, but stay online here
[12/31/2007 7:35:50 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’m online in both.
[12/31/2007 7:35:56 PM] Dover Beach says: “both” what?
[12/31/2007 7:36:07 PM] John Hopkin says: done
[12/31/2007 7:36:27 PM] John Hopkin says: that took me offline altogether
[12/31/2007 7:36:35 PM] Nick Spalding says: Yes you are now offline here.
[12/31/2007 7:36:40 PM] John Hopkin says: both the status in the chat window and the status in the main window
[12/31/2007 7:36:41 PM] Nick Spalding says: and back on again
[12/31/2007 7:36:58 PM] Kim says: he’s starting with McDermott Will & Emery in January – you can see the announcement here:
[12/31/2007 7:37:12 PM] Kim says:
[12/31/2007 7:38:06 PM] Dover Beach says: Is he Michael, Andrew, or Jordan?
[12/31/2007 7:38:08 PM] Kim says: my son is this one Jordan Kirby-University of North Carolina School of Law-Trial
[12/31/2007 7:38:14 PM] Dover Beach says: Gotcha.
[12/31/2007 7:38:24 PM] Kim says: the son named after a country
[12/31/2007 7:38:41 PM] Dover Beach says: Trial.  that’s intense.  That’s a lot of round-the-clock stuff.
[12/31/2007 7:38:47 PM] Kim says: yup
[12/31/2007 7:39:07 PM] Kim says: that’s why he said “don’t plan on it” when I said “YOU CAN COME HERE MORE”
[12/31/2007 7:39:32 PM] Dover Beach says: My husband has actually enjoyed the trials he’s done, BUT, he doesn’t do that many.  In his area, they settle a lot.  If he had to do trials all the time I think he’d collapse.
[12/31/2007 7:40:20 PM] Kim says: have you ever heard of this firm?? Is it a good one?
[12/31/2007 7:40:29 PM] Dover Beach says: But that’s a great position for Jordan.  Congratulations to him and you.
[12/31/2007 7:41:09 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, *I* haven’t, but then I can’t remember any of their names.  When Bill comes home I’ll ask him.
[12/31/2007 7:41:23 PM] Dover Beach says: It’s all Dewey Cheatem and Howe to me.
[12/31/2007 7:41:23 PM] Kim says: Oh do!! and let me know if he’s heard of them
[12/31/2007 7:42:21 PM] Dover Beach says: Where will Jordan live?  If I were young again, I’d like to live in Manhattan.  For a short time.
[12/31/2007 7:42:42 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, went to argue with dinner but back now…gotta catch up!
[12/31/2007 7:43:37 PM] Kim says: his girlfriend (also a lawyer) did her apprenticeship there this past year – she has an apartment in the city- they are going to live in sin for a while, I guess. Jordan calls the apartment “a shoebox” – but both of them ar emaking over 6 figures a year, so I told him to suck it the fuck up
[12/31/2007 7:44:10 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, but Manhattan is mondo expensivo.  They need those salaries.
[12/31/2007 7:44:51 PM] Kim says: the apartment is $1800.00 a month – rent control inheritance hand me down from some relative of hers
[12/31/2007 7:45:14 PM] Dover Beach says: oh, nice!  Very Monica in “Friends”.
[12/31/2007 7:45:33 PM] Kim says: HA!! OMG – I hadn’t thought of that – but TRUE
[12/31/2007 7:45:34 PM] Boron Elgar says: 900 a month for an appt share with a girlfriend is might cheap for what they are making. they can still have a blast and sock away a bundle
[12/31/2007 7:45:41 PM] Jeannie says: OMG, $1800/month for an apartment is good??!!1!
[12/31/2007 7:45:45 PM] Kim says: That’s why I told him to suck it up
[12/31/2007 7:45:47 PM] Boron Elgar says: dirt cheap
[12/31/2007 7:45:58 PM] Jeannie says: yikes
[12/31/2007 7:46:11 PM] Dover Beach says: We paid $1200 for a (nice) apartment in Chicago in 1996.
[12/31/2007 7:46:18 PM] Kim says: Jordan whines about it “1800 MOM – and it’s like a freaking SHOEBOX”
[12/31/2007 7:46:47 PM] Kim says: And he’s such a GIRL – “I have like NO CLOSET SPACE”
[12/31/2007 7:46:57 PM] Boron Elgar says: My last NYC rental was at least $800 and that was in 1982. The place went co-op after that
[12/31/2007 7:47:08 PM] Jeannie says: Housing costs are high here but I guess I’m spoilt by having bought in 1986…even tho we’ve refinanced a couple of times…
[12/31/2007 7:47:09 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, but he’ll have lots of disposable income.
[12/31/2007 7:47:18 PM] Kim says: ya think????
[12/31/2007 7:47:28 PM] Jeannie says: He needs closet space for all those suits he’ll be wearing!
[12/31/2007 7:47:39 PM] Kim says: I better get a REALLY NICE retirement home
[12/31/2007 7:47:48 PM] Jeannie says: Tell him to save, save, save!
[12/31/2007 7:48:07 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, he WILL need a lot of suits.
[12/31/2007 7:48:08 PM] Jeannie says: Unless he wants to spend it on you, of course.
[12/31/2007 7:48:10 PM] Boron Elgar says: Paul is trying to join chat and doen’t know how to do it. Can someone go to afca and talk him through?
[12/31/2007 7:48:30 PM] John Hopkin says: Sure – I’ll deal with that
[12/31/2007 7:49:30 PM] Dover Beach says: My husband gets his expensivo suits at a consignment shop.  The guy who runs it always throws in ties because Bill gets paralyzed trying to pick out ties.  Men are weird.
[12/31/2007 7:49:33 PM] Nick Spalding says: Get him to be online in plain skype first and see if that makes a difference when he signs up here.
[12/31/2007 7:49:57 PM] Kim says: I haven’t seen Paul in a suit since our wedding day
[12/31/2007 7:50:07 PM] Kim says: and even that was a vintage 20’s suit
[12/31/2007 7:50:19 PM] Dover Beach says: I just love that video with Paul with no shirt and the hat that Natasha gave him.
[12/31/2007 7:50:35 PM] Kim says: LOL – he looks so fucking goofy in that hat
[12/31/2007 7:50:54 PM] Dover Beach says: My mamma always said, if a man doesn’t look good in a navy blue suit, he won’t look good in anything.
[12/31/2007 7:50:58 PM] Dover Beach says: Well, she did.
[12/31/2007 7:51:24 PM] Dover Beach says: Dad wore a navy blue suit to his wedding even though he should’ve worn a tux.
[12/31/2007 7:51:46 PM] Boron Elgar says: I don;t thinkJeff has a navy blue suit…navy blue blazer, black suits, a fabulous summer blue & white seersucker suit, but no plain navy suit. Of course, he never wears a suit anyway
[12/31/2007 7:52:28 PM] Kim says: G – I have to email you the new picture of Fletcher I got today – He’s so cute – I’ll scan it tomorrow and send it to you
[12/31/2007 7:52:32 PM] Boron Elgar says: I made bagels and bialys this weekend. They even came out like real ones.
[12/31/2007 7:52:50 PM] Dover Beach says: God, Bill wears suits every damn day.  He gets nervous if he’s wearing slacks and a blazer.  “Does this look okay for the office?”  YES.  It’s Saturday.  Geez.
[12/31/2007 7:53:01 PM] Kim says: Damn!! I’ll have to tell my stalker to send me homemade bagels
[12/31/2007 7:53:14 PM] Boron Elgar says: I will post a link to photos soe everyone can ooh and ah
[12/31/2007 7:53:31 PM] Dover Beach says: Yes!
[12/31/2007 7:53:32 PM] Kim says: Paul’s idea of dressing up is a clean Harley t shirt
[12/31/2007 7:53:37 PM] Boron Elgar says:
[12/31/2007 7:53:52 PM] Boron Elgar says:
[12/31/2007 7:54:02 PM] Dover Beach says: Ooh!  Aah!
[12/31/2007 7:54:16 PM] Boron Elgar says: Jeff wears jeans, , turlenecks and steel-toed boots to work every day
[12/31/2007 7:54:37 PM] Boron Elgar says: 😉
[12/31/2007 7:54:42 PM] Kim says: Oh man!!! Those bagels look DELICIOUS
[12/31/2007 7:54:47 PM] Kim says: I loe the seeded ones
[12/31/2007 7:54:54 PM] Dover Beach says: They look just delish.
[12/31/2007 7:55:17 PM] Boron Elgar says: I have to admit, they are, even though I have only had part of one. The kids are happy. Tomorrow AM we have lox & creamcheese with bagels for NYD brunch
[12/31/2007 7:55:54 PM] Dover Beach says: Did you exercise first??  🙂
[12/31/2007 7:55:55 PM] Kim says: when the princess comes to pick up the avocado – have her drop me off one of those ones with the seeds
[12/31/2007 7:56:04 PM] Boron Elgar says: Moslty I have ben baking all week and giving it away…3 sour cream coffee cakes, breads, candy, etc. I still like to make it, I just cannot eat it
[12/31/2007 7:56:14 PM] Kim says: I CAN
[12/31/2007 7:56:48 PM] John Hopkin says: BTW, talking of photos annd delicious:
[12/31/2007 7:56:49 PM] John Hopkin says:
[12/31/2007 7:56:50 PM] Boron Elgar says: Kim, if I tell her you have that many avocados, she will leave Jarret and teh HD tv at the hotel and make a beeline north. She is the guac queen around here
[12/31/2007 7:57:23 PM] Boron Elgar says: She is so much prettier than bagels. She is a hot tamale/
[12/31/2007 7:57:23 PM] Kim says: OOOOhhhhh – Cool – I have a way to get her here!!
[12/31/2007 7:57:35 PM] Kim says: I have those, too
[12/31/2007 7:57:35 PM] Boron Elgar says: Is that her daughter?
[12/31/2007 7:57:50 PM] Dover Beach says: How old is she, John?
[12/31/2007 7:57:52 PM] Boron Elgar says: what kind of sauce came with the tamales?
[12/31/2007 7:57:54 PM] John Hopkin says: No, she’s no kids.  It’s her niece
[12/31/2007 7:57:58 PM] Boron Elgar says: ah
[12/31/2007 7:58:04 PM] Dover Beach says: She is just lovely.
[12/31/2007 7:58:05 PM] John Hopkin says: She’s 34
[12/31/2007 7:58:07 PM] Boron Elgar says: pretty little girl, too
[12/31/2007 7:58:14 PM] Dover Beach says: Have you talked to Marianne about her?
[12/31/2007 7:58:18 PM] John Hopkin says: It runs in the family!
[12/31/2007 7:58:23 PM] Boron Elgar says: 34 was good.I’d like to be 34 again.
[12/31/2007 7:58:25 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, Marianne knows all about it
[12/31/2007 7:58:32 PM] Kim says: No sauce came with the tamales – I bought a couple of cans of refried beans and served them with those – that’s the way Paul wanted them
[12/31/2007 7:58:47 PM] Dover Beach says: That’s good.  Just because it makes things easier.
[12/31/2007 7:59:11 PM] Dover Beach says: 34…I don’t want to go back to Chicago.
[12/31/2007 7:59:11 PM] Jeannie says: Scrumptious!
[12/31/2007 7:59:47 PM] John Hopkin says: And the beauty ain’t just skin-deep, either
[12/31/2007 8:00:11 PM] Boron Elgar says: John’s in love… John’s in love…
[12/31/2007 8:00:17 PM] John Hopkin says: *sighs*  If life had turned out differently …
[12/31/2007 8:00:28 PM] Boron Elgar says: How old are you now, John?
[12/31/2007 8:00:37 PM] John Hopkin says: Yep, madly, crazily in love – both of us are
[12/31/2007 8:00:44 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m 47
[12/31/2007 8:01:03 PM] Kim says: hahahhaha you’re older than me!
[12/31/2007 8:01:13 PM] John Hopkin says: Yep, and grey too
[12/31/2007 8:01:16 PM] Boron Elgar says: I totally turned my mife upside down at the age of 39-42. You are not too much differnt in age than that. I say go for it with everythign you’ve got
[12/31/2007 8:01:20 PM] Kim says: oh – i’m gray
[12/31/2007 8:01:30 PM] Boron Elgar says: life…i do not have a mife…never did
[12/31/2007 8:01:48 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m not!  I just spent $165 to not be grey!
[12/31/2007 8:01:52 PM] Jeannie says: Me too…47 in August but still FEEL 34!  Go for it, John!  Nothing is ever too late!
[12/31/2007 8:01:57 PM] Boron Elgar says: LO, Kim…I looked at that and thought you said “I’m gay.”
[12/31/2007 8:02:00 PM] Kim says: HA Dover
[12/31/2007 8:02:06 PM] John Hopkin says: Um, there is a problem – she’s married
[12/31/2007 8:02:16 PM] Kim says: Well, I’m gay too – in a happy kind of way
[12/31/2007 8:02:25 PM] Jeannie says: Uh oh
[12/31/2007 8:02:38 PM] Boron Elgar says: JOhn, that is a problem she is goin gto have to make the decision on.
[12/31/2007 8:02:44 PM] Jeannie says: Not gray yet though…good hair genes I guess
[12/31/2007 8:03:02 PM] John Hopkin says: We’ve made the decision – she stays with her husband
[12/31/2007 8:03:03 PM] Kim says: I only got really gray in the last couple of years
[12/31/2007 8:03:11 PM] Kim says: I blame it on Paul
[12/31/2007 8:03:29 PM] Jeannie says: That’s too bad, John…sounds like that situation is more prevalent in Europe than here.
[12/31/2007 8:03:55 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, it is, Jeannie
[12/31/2007 8:04:06 PM] John Hopkin says: Less so in the UK
[12/31/2007 8:04:21 PM] Nick Spalding says: I’m going to have a few hours kip.  Back before 0500 GMT. 0000 EST
[12/31/2007 8:04:35 PM] John Hopkin says: An early start, Nick!
[12/31/2007 8:04:48 PM] Kim says: what’s a kip?
[12/31/2007 8:04:53 PM] John Hopkin says: small sleep
[12/31/2007 8:05:02 PM] Kim says: that’s a nap
[12/31/2007 8:05:09 PM] John Hopkin says: a nap is a kip is a nap
[12/31/2007 8:05:24 PM] Kim says: a horse is a horse of course
[12/31/2007 8:07:35 PM] John Hopkin says: Doesn’t seem like Paul’s responding at the moment
[12/31/2007 8:07:57 PM] Jeannie says: I thought kip was bed, like “in the kip”
[12/31/2007 8:08:06 PM] Jeannie says: ‘night, Nick!
[12/31/2007 8:08:12 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ve not heard it used that way
[12/31/2007 8:08:32 PM] Jeannie says: I must have heard it wrong
[12/31/2007 8:08:36 PM] Kim says: I have to wake MY paul up – the ass – we are supposed to be going to a party
[12/31/2007 8:08:37 PM] Boron Elgar says: night, Nick.
[12/31/2007 8:08:53 PM] Kim says: I have video to shoot
[12/31/2007 8:09:01 PM] John Hopkin says: What party’s that?
[12/31/2007 8:09:02 PM] Jeannie says: Of the party?  Or of Paul sleeping?
[12/31/2007 8:09:11 PM] Boron Elgar says: And I have to go play party-mom.bbl
[12/31/2007 8:09:12 PM] Kim says: same as last year – around the corner at Paul’s buddies house
[12/31/2007 8:09:27 PM] John Hopkin says: Ah, right
[12/31/2007 8:09:40 PM] Jeannie says: And I have to help daughter iron the material for her next costume…bbl as well
[12/31/2007 8:09:45 PM] Kim says: one of the useless twins is supposed to be there
[12/31/2007 8:11:34 PM] John Hopkin says: Incidentally, for reference, here’s my own elderly, grey appearance:
[12/31/2007 8:11:43 PM] Dover Beach says: Kim: bill says “McDermott — that’s a good firm.  Good reputation.  Aren’t they Chicago-based?”
[12/31/2007 8:18:14 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, John!  <waving>
[12/31/2007 8:18:18 PM] Jeannie says: hey…you’re not waving back….
[12/31/2007 8:18:30 PM] Jeannie says: you’re just sitting there looking like you wish your picture weren’t being taken
[12/31/2007 8:18:31 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi!
[12/31/2007 8:18:39 PM] Jeannie says: like I look when someone points a camera at me!
[12/31/2007 8:18:46 PM] dhubghall joined this chat
[12/31/2007 8:19:09 PM] Bob Ward says: Hi, all – just back from dinner – planning on being here for awhile…
[12/31/2007 8:19:11 PM] John Hopkin says: It was an odd photo – my son took it, and wanted me to squat in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk)
[12/31/2007 8:19:30 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Bob, Douglas
[12/31/2007 8:19:39 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: Howdy
[12/31/2007 8:21:24 PM] Bob Ward says: Glad to see so many have found the room – welcome, all (but I’m not really the host, just the instigator of this little “rebellion”.
[12/31/2007 8:21:57 PM] John Hopkin says: Paul M was asking in AFCA about how to join the chat, and I said I’d help him, but no response yet
[12/31/2007 8:22:00 PM] Kim says: Oh Dover!!! Thanks so MUCH! Yes, they are Chicago based with offices all over the world
[12/31/2007 8:22:12 PM] Kim says: Your hubby’s endorsement makes me rest much easier
[12/31/2007 8:23:45 PM] Bob Ward says: I was going to scroll back and try to catch up, nbut it looks like the party has been rocking for quite a while!
[12/31/2007 8:23:53 PM] Kim says: I didn’t WANT to be one of those parents on 60 minutes that goes with their kid to their first job interview after college and ask questions and “hovers” – but I easily could have been
[12/31/2007 8:24:50 PM] Kim says: yes bob – we already poopered out a couple of partyer’s – (nick)
[12/31/2007 8:25:26 PM] Bob Ward says: Apparently Mad Paul isn’t omnline.  Perhaps Dover could call the cops and have them show him how to get here? |-(
[12/31/2007 8:25:43 PM] Kim says: Where’s Lesmond?
[12/31/2007 8:25:54 PM] Bob Ward says: Kim, you staying off the eggnog this year?
[12/31/2007 8:26:32 PM] Kim says: I hope not
[12/31/2007 8:26:52 PM] Kim says: depends on if I can wake Paul up or not
[12/31/2007 8:27:01 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: Bob, you say that as if it’s abad thing.
[12/31/2007 8:27:17 PM] Bob Ward says: Did we ever tell you what a good time you had at last year’s pARTY, kIM?
[12/31/2007 8:27:27 PM] Bob Ward says: oops!
[12/31/2007 8:27:35 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: at least it’s not something wierd like Zuchinin Nog
[12/31/2007 8:27:52 PM] Kim says: Ummmm….half of that wasn’t me, you know. I had the person pretending to be me and posting using my name
[12/31/2007 8:28:01 PM] Dover Beach says: I felt like going to some of my husband’s interviews with him.  Har.
[12/31/2007 8:28:05 PM] Bob Ward says: What’s the Zuchinan thing?
[12/31/2007 8:28:17 PM] Kim says: I left and was talking to Blinky in email and someone was still posting using my name
[12/31/2007 8:28:36 PM] Kim says: Then I was talking to Bill Turlock on the phone and someone was STILL posting using my name
[12/31/2007 8:28:57 PM] Dover Beach says: Whaddya mean?  I didn’t call the cops, although I think it was a good idea.
[12/31/2007 8:29:15 PM] Jeannie says: Zucchini nog?  Avocado nog!
[12/31/2007 8:29:28 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: sorry,  “zucchini nog” apparently I’ve already been in it based on my typing
[12/31/2007 8:29:29 PM] Kim says: HEY!!! There’s way to use my avocado’s
[12/31/2007 8:30:09 PM] Bob Ward says: That’s the primary reason I was pushing for Skype this year – people have to be reasonably well authenticated to post here – unlike IRC where you can post as anyone you like.
[12/31/2007 8:30:10 PM] Jeannie says: Mmm, pureed avocados
[12/31/2007 8:30:33 PM] Kim says: Yeah, I’m sure the worls isn’t ready for 2 of me
[12/31/2007 8:31:08 PM] Kim says: And right now I’ve had MORE eggnong and rum than I had last year adn I think I’m reasonably sober
[12/31/2007 8:31:17 PM] Kim says: of course I still can’t type
[12/31/2007 8:31:19 PM] Bob Ward says: Weren’t you the one who heard the fight and try to call 911?  Sorry, I guess I had my wires crossed.
[12/31/2007 8:31:23 PM] Dover Beach says: But it was Skype where Kim was impersonated, wasn’t it?
[12/31/2007 8:31:30 PM] Dover Beach says: Nah, that was Lesmond.
[12/31/2007 8:31:32 PM] Kim says: no – itwas that other place
[12/31/2007 8:31:33 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: Jeannie, if your ever in Austin, TX.  try Curra’s.  They have a fabulous avocado margarita
[12/31/2007 8:31:42 PM] Dover Beach says: Ah.
[12/31/2007 8:31:51 PM] Jeannie says: We only have a little eggnog left and I am waiting for hubby to get home to see if he wants it
[12/31/2007 8:32:02 PM] Kim says: Oh – see – I would drink it all
[12/31/2007 8:32:17 PM] Kim says: you snooze you lose when it comes to eggnog around here
[12/31/2007 8:32:34 PM] Jeannie says: I doubt I’ll ever be in Austin, and I don’t like avocados anyway…but if you’re ever in Davenport (south of San Francisco), Duarte’s has a fabulous artichoke soup!
[12/31/2007 8:33:02 PM] Dover Beach says: Davenport?  Where?
[12/31/2007 8:33:14 PM] Kim says: Duarte’s??? Are they related to Evita?
[12/31/2007 8:33:15 PM] Dover Beach says: Never hoid of Davenport
[12/31/2007 8:33:15 PM] Jeannie says: On the coast about 35-40 miles south of SF
[12/31/2007 8:33:25 PM] Dover Beach says: Huh.
[12/31/2007 8:33:38 PM] Jeannie says: Between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay
[12/31/2007 8:33:44 PM] Dover Beach says: Huh.
[12/31/2007 8:33:49 PM] Jeannie says: Great whale-watching spot
[12/31/2007 8:34:04 PM] Dover Beach says: My phone number exchange used to be Davenport.  Davenport 3-2676.
[12/31/2007 8:34:04 PM] Bob Ward says: It was a web-based chatroom I threw together at the last minute.  This year people had to be on Skype and look up the invite by getting access to my userID for confirmation.  I’m not really screening on that – I’m confirming anyone  who asks, but it does keep out most of the mundane weird people.
[12/31/2007 8:34:16 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: Ya know I think I’ve actually eaten in davenport about a decade ago.  I remember that artichokes were in everything, it was Heaven.
[12/31/2007 8:34:36 PM] Jeannie says: That was probably Duarte’s, then.
[12/31/2007 8:34:43 PM] Kim says: OK – Now Paul is awake and saying to ME “My GOd – aren’t you dressed yet?”
[12/31/2007 8:35:00 PM] Kim says: This fromt eh guy who has been sleeping for 5 hours
[12/31/2007 8:35:09 PM] Kim says: NOW he’s in a hurry
[12/31/2007 8:35:22 PM] Bob Ward says: On AFCA, no one KNOWS that you are nekkid – but we can always hope…
[12/31/2007 8:35:26 PM] John Hopkin says: Yes, but he just needs to put his new hat on
[12/31/2007 8:35:30 PM] Jeannie says: It takes him 5 min to dress.  4 min to find a clean Harley t-shirt and 1 min to put it on
[12/31/2007 8:35:48 PM] Kim says: that’s about right
[12/31/2007 8:35:48 PM] Dover Beach says: John, did you have any luck getting through to Paul M.?
[12/31/2007 8:35:53 PM] Douglas Reynolds says: Bob, you didn’t say which way afca was hoping!
[12/31/2007 8:36:00 PM] John Hopkin says: Nope, Dover – no reply
[12/31/2007 8:36:12 PM] Kim says: and I’m not going if he is insisting on wearing that goofy fucking hat
[12/31/2007 8:36:13 PM] Jeannie says: I have one like that too, Kim
[12/31/2007 8:36:38 PM] Jeannie says: Aw, it’s New Year’s…what other time to wear goofy hats?
[12/31/2007 8:36:50 PM] Kim says: This settles it – in my next life I’m going to be a lesbian. Women are easier to deal with
[12/31/2007 8:36:59 PM] Bob Ward says: Mine usually falls off by the time it comes to that – it’s just a goofy foreplay hat, I guess.
[12/31/2007 8:37:11 PM] Jeannie says: Mom gave me a red sequined ball cap this year that I swear looks like has “ho” written all over it…when I put it on sideways it looks that way too
[12/31/2007 8:37:51 PM] Bob Ward says: Baseball caps cost you 20 IQ points for every 10 degrees off-center
[12/31/2007 8:37:51 PM] Kim says: OK – so I am going to go get dressed and leave – I’ll check in here when we get back and see if there are any stragglers
[12/31/2007 8:38:10 PM] Jeannie says: I know…I just wear it to bug the fam
[12/31/2007 8:38:20 PM] John Hopkin says: Have a good time, Kim – I’ll be gone by then
[12/31/2007 8:38:39 PM] Dover Beach says: Bye, Kim.  I’m likely to conk out early too.
[12/31/2007 8:39:38 PM] Bob Ward says: Juerry just signed the guest book… everyone hide!
[12/31/2007 8:40:34 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m sure someone will be here, Kim…
[12/31/2007 8:43:28 PM] Bob Ward says: did everyone leave suddenly?
[12/31/2007 8:43:53 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m fixing dinner
[12/31/2007 8:44:04 PM] Dover Beach says: besides, you said to hide
[12/31/2007 8:44:34 PM] John Hopkin says: I’ll say hi to Jerry, but I’ll be off to bed soon
[12/31/2007 8:45:14 PM] Bob Ward says: He can’t find the link by my name for some reason.
[12/31/2007 8:45:48 PM] Bob Ward added Jerry Bauer to this chat
[12/31/2007 8:46:01 PM] Bob Ward says: There you go, Jerry…
[12/31/2007 8:46:56 PM] Bob Ward added Lisa Ann Stalnaker to this chat
[12/31/2007 8:47:29 PM] Bob Ward says: I’ve added Lisa Ann too – I thought she had already found her way in.
[12/31/2007 8:47:32 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Jerry, Lisa Ann
[12/31/2007 8:47:59 PM] Bob Ward added Jennifer Hallinan to this chat
[12/31/2007 8:48:07 PM] Dover Beach says: Speak, my pretties!
[1:50:12 AM] mark left this chat
[12/31/2007 8:48:27 PM] John Hopkin says: I thought Jen was already in the chat list?
[12/31/2007 8:48:36 PM] Bob Ward says: Jennifer is offline, but when she comes on she’ll be in the chat if she wants to talk.
[12/31/2007 8:50:33 PM] Bob Ward says: As far as I can tell, everyone on my contact list for AFCA should be in now – if any of you have others on your list, you can invite them at the top left corner of this screen.
[12/31/2007 8:54:02 PM] Bob Ward says: Apparently Macs don’t see Skype the way that Windows does – Jerry is having problems – we are working on it, though.
[12/31/2007 8:55:02 PM] Bob Ward says: Jerry is going to check for updates.
[12/31/2007 8:58:00 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, I’m hopping in and out due to dinner, call from Mom, husband just came home, etc.
[12/31/2007 8:59:23 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m going to see if I can catch uop on AFCA – back in a few.
[12/31/2007 9:07:35 PM] Dover Beach says: Bob, I have Paul in email.  He says he’s got Skype running but he needs to know how to join chat.  Do you have brief instructions?
[12/31/2007 9:08:38 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes – yell him to go to the box by my name and click on AFCA Holidays.  It should work unless, like Jerry, he’s on a Mac.
[12/31/2007 9:09:40 PM] Bob Ward says: If he’s on a Mac, tell him to check for Skype updates.
[12/31/2007 9:13:40 PM] John Hopkin says: Apologies to all – Jerry and Paul both emailed me for directions, but I was monitoring the wrong email account
[12/31/2007 9:16:58 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m still working with Jerry…
[12/31/2007 9:17:42 PM] John Hopkin says: OK
[12/31/2007 9:22:39 PM] Bob Ward says: Send this link to Paul…
[12/31/2007 9:22:43 PM] Bob Ward says:
[12/31/2007 9:24:18 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Woo-hoo!  I’m in!  Thanks, Bob!
[12/31/2007 9:24:46 PM] Dover Beach says: jerry’s here!  W00t!
[12/31/2007 9:24:52 PM] Bob Ward says: Glasd to help, Jerry!  Looks like the link I sent you worked!
[12/31/2007 9:25:01 PM] John Hopkin says: Hi, Jerry!
[12/31/2007 9:25:32 PM] Bob Ward says: John, you might want to shorten that with TinyURL…
[12/31/2007 9:25:38 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Hi, John and everybody and all the ships at sea!
[12/31/2007 9:26:31 PM] John Hopkin says: Me, Bob?
[12/31/2007 9:27:03 PM] Jerry Bauer says: No, you John.  Bob Bob.  Me Jerry.
[12/31/2007 9:27:23 PM] Bob Ward says: You were working with Paul, weren’t you?  Use to get him in the door.
[12/31/2007 9:27:42 PM] Jerry Bauer says:
[12/31/2007 9:28:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Yup… Dover, goot that?
[12/31/2007 9:28:16 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Oh, Bob already tinied it.
[12/31/2007 9:29:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Jerry, be sure to bookmark the chat using Skype to hget in in case anything happens to your connection.
[12/31/2007 9:29:17 PM] John Hopkin says: neat that the tinyurl works out the same
[12/31/2007 9:29:22 PM] Jerry Bauer says: I’m going to break for dinner.  Not Chinese this year — Mexican.
[12/31/2007 9:29:28 PM] Bob Ward says: It better…
[12/31/2007 9:29:50 PM] Dover Beach says: got it!  Paul hasn’t emailed me back, so maybe he’s working with John.
[12/31/2007 9:30:11 PM] Bob Ward says: Not much chance of a random vandal (band name!) typing that by chance, is there?
[12/31/2007 9:30:30 PM] Dover Beach says: Uh, I don’t think so.
[12/31/2007 9:30:47 PM] John Hopkin says: I emailed Paul saying basically “sorry, I fucked up on email – I’ve heard Bob’s on your case now”
[12/31/2007 9:31:08 PM] John Hopkin says: no reply so far
[12/31/2007 9:31:15 PM] Bob Ward says: What’s his email address?  Let’s carpetbomb him!
[12/31/2007 9:31:16 PM] Dover Beach says: huh
[12/31/2007 9:32:14 PM] John Hopkin says:
[12/31/2007 9:34:06 PM] Bob Ward says: got it!
[12/31/2007 9:37:26 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m watching the chat on one screen and trying to catch up with AFCA in another.  Honk if anyone needs me…
[12/31/2007 9:38:00 PM] darkon says: what if I just want you to get out of my way?
[12/31/2007 9:38:20 PM] John Hopkin says: I’m half here and half in Second Life – just turned up to a place where I know some people, but a guy’s turned up with a guitar, and he’s absolute shite
[12/31/2007 9:38:24 PM] Bob Ward says: That will work…
[12/31/2007 9:38:30 PM] John Hopkin says: hey, Darkon!
[12/31/2007 9:38:37 PM] darkon says: hi!
[12/31/2007 9:39:55 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m trying to attach a video/  Let ,me knoow if it works!
[12/31/2007 9:40:17 PM] Bob Ward says:
[12/31/2007 9:40:30 PM] Bob Ward says: Looks like it did…
[12/31/2007 9:41:27 PM] Dover Beach says: hi darkon
[12/31/2007 9:41:38 PM] darkon says: hi dover
[12/31/2007 9:42:04 PM] Bob Ward says: Hi, Darkon – anything happening on IRC vis a viis AFCA?
[12/31/2007 9:42:21 PM] darkon says: I dunno, haven’t been to that channel for months
[12/31/2007 9:42:46 PM] darkon says: I’m connected to that network, though, so I’ll look
[12/31/2007 9:43:01 PM] darkon says: nope, nada
[12/31/2007 9:43:30 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m glad you dropped by – it’s been fairly quiet up to now – maybe we can crank it up.  No neighbors to calkl the cops!
[12/31/2007 9:43:44 PM] darkon says: I’ll keep it open so I can redirect people here, but I doubt anyone will show up there
[12/31/2007 9:44:55 PM] Bob Ward says: I thought Blinky might put on a silly hat and have a few visotors.  Glad we have some participation going.
[12/31/2007 9:45:32 PM] Jerry Bauer says: I’m back.  I have a plate of nachos — anybody hungry?
[12/31/2007 9:45:44 PM] Dover Beach says: always
[12/31/2007 9:45:56 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Virtual nachos for everybody!
[12/31/2007 9:46:02 PM] darkon says: yeah, DCC me some nachos
[12/31/2007 9:46:08 PM] John Hopkin says: sorry to be a party-pooper, but I needs me some sleep
[12/31/2007 9:46:13 PM] John Hopkin says: bye all!
[12/31/2007 9:46:18 PM] darkon says: see ya John
[12/31/2007 9:46:37 PM] Dover Beach says: as long as they have virtual calories.
[12/31/2007 9:46:41 PM] Bob Ward says: We’ll talk top you later, John./..
[12/31/2007 9:46:51 PM] Dover Beach says: night, John.
[12/31/2007 9:47:10 PM] John Hopkin says: *waves and goes*
[12/31/2007 9:51:16 PM] darkon says: I’m off to slay a few bots, but I’ll be bck later
[12/31/2007 9:51:35 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, Darkon…catching up
[12/31/2007 9:51:51 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, Jerry!
[12/31/2007 9:52:06 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Hi, Jeannie!
[12/31/2007 9:52:29 PM] Jeannie says: Goodnight, John.
[12/31/2007 9:53:06 PM] Jeannie says: or is that John-Boy?
[12/31/2007 9:53:58 PM] Jerry Bauer says: So, what’s happening?  Are we all just sitting at our computers, or is anyone doing anything?  Right now, I’m sitting in my comfy chair, next to the Christmas tree, alternately typing and eating.
[12/31/2007 9:54:23 PM] Dover Beach says: I’m watching Fred Astaire movies with my hub.
[12/31/2007 9:54:40 PM] Bob Ward says:  I’m reading AFCA on the left monitor, and the chatroom on the right.
[12/31/2007 9:55:17 PM] bob.ellingson joined this chat
[12/31/2007 9:55:30 PM] Bob Ward says: How many movies did he and Fred make together?
[12/31/2007 9:55:34 PM] Paul L. Madarasz joined this chat
[12/31/2007 9:55:50 PM] Dover Beach says: har.
[12/31/2007 9:55:52 PM] Jeannie says: PAUL!!!  Hi!
[12/31/2007 9:55:54 PM] Bob Ward says: Welcome, Paul… glad you got the message!
[12/31/2007 9:56:02 PM] Dover Beach says: hi bob! hi paul!
[12/31/2007 9:56:09 PM] Jeannie says: And Hi,  Bob E.!
[12/31/2007 9:56:14 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yeah, I got the message.  Hi, all!
[12/31/2007 9:56:44 PM] Bob Ward says: We were threatening to carpet bomb you with emails with the link.
[12/31/2007 9:57:01 PM] Jeannie says: I’m reading and eating and typing.
[12/31/2007 9:57:08 PM] Jeannie says: Not drinking yet, but soon…sooon….
[12/31/2007 9:57:23 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: You don’t have to tell me something twice!
[12/31/2007 9:57:32 PM] Jeannie says: Hi!!!!
[12/31/2007 9:57:44 PM] Jeannie says: something something
[12/31/2007 9:58:01 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Me?  Hi!
[12/31/2007 9:58:05 PM] Bob Ward says: You don’t wanmt to rile up AFCA, Paul – you know what that can lead to…
[12/31/2007 9:58:13 PM] Bob Ellingson says: 21.5 bleeping megabytes downloaded for this…I took a nap…
[12/31/2007 9:58:34 PM] Bob Ward says: We’re worth it, Bob.
[12/31/2007 9:58:43 PM] Jeannie says: I ❤ Comcast
[12/31/2007 9:58:58 PM] Bob Ellingson says: OK, start the show…
[12/31/2007 9:59:28 PM] Jeannie says: Here’s the can can…da da da da la la *crash* oops *crash crash* ow!!!
[12/31/2007 9:59:31 PM] Bob Ward says: Actually, I find Skype to be handy communicating with my less-tech friends and relatives.  I like it better than AIM. for sure!
[12/31/2007 9:59:50 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Nice steps, Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 9:59:55 PM] Jeannie says: How about Yahoo Messenger?  It’s so simple….
[12/31/2007 10:00:06 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Took me a few minutes to find the text-entry window!  All is cool now, though.
[12/31/2007 10:00:12 PM] Bob Ward says: How are they on voice chat?
[12/31/2007 10:00:21 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: This is the first time I’ve used Skype.  Used to use Yahoo, haven’t used it in years
[12/31/2007 10:00:40 PM] Bob Ward says: Skype has the best sound quality on voice of anything I’ve tried.
[12/31/2007 10:01:15 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I agree, Bob.  I used it a few months ago, when I had a working mike.
[12/31/2007 10:01:27 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I’ll take your word for it…I couldn’t find a set of headphones around here…and I sell the dumb things.
[12/31/2007 10:01:29 PM] Bob Ward says: I used MSN messenger with a friend – we used to play double solitare online.
[12/31/2007 10:01:52 PM] Jeannie says: neat…my mom and brothers and I have a four-way Scrabble game going on the pixie pit most of the time
[12/31/2007 10:01:56 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The cobbler’s kids go barefoot.
[12/31/2007 10:02:09 PM] Bob Ward says: Paul – you can get a mic at the 99 cent store, you know…
[12/31/2007 10:02:41 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: <ed mcmahon> I didn’t know that! </ed mcmahon>
[12/31/2007 10:02:51 PM] Bob Ward says: Bob – they have headsets too…
[12/31/2007 10:02:57 PM] Jeannie says: Hooray! there’s just enough eggnog left for two.
[12/31/2007 10:03:09 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: No eggnog here, sob.
[12/31/2007 10:03:37 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’m drinking limeade.
[12/31/2007 10:03:39 PM] Bob Ward says: Or, for LOTS of neat stuff, my favorite etailer of them all…
[12/31/2007 10:04:07 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Bob E.  You can turn off the bleeping in preferences.  It’s still 21.5 megabytes, though.
[12/31/2007 10:04:30 PM] Boron Elgar says:
[12/31/2007 10:04:43 PM] Boron Elgar says: damn dog
[12/31/2007 10:04:47 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Thanks Jer…you bleeped at me.
[12/31/2007 10:05:31 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I see a mr_elgar as well as boronelgar…do we have a plurality or is boron just jumping around on different computers?
[12/31/2007 10:05:50 PM] Jeannie says: mmm, i love limeade
[12/31/2007 10:05:56 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Boron: That a lot of plaid.
[12/31/2007 10:06:02 PM] Jeannie says: is it that Simply Lime
[12/31/2007 10:06:14 PM] Bob Ward says: Boron – was that a clip from “Deliverance”?   😀
[12/31/2007 10:06:19 PM] Boron Elgar says: Jeff is not online. He is fussing with our annual NYE photo, for which the dog will not cooperate, all the males insisted on plaid & I look 125.
[12/31/2007 10:06:28 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Lime juice, sweetener and water.
[12/31/2007 10:06:46 PM] Boron Elgar says: Yeah…lots of plaid. Those with penises though that was real funny.
[12/31/2007 10:07:43 PM] Jeannie says: oh, from scratch!  how much lime juice?  for lemonade I use 1 part lemon juice, 4 parts water and 3/4 parts sugar
[12/31/2007 10:07:47 PM] Dover Beach says: You look great!  The family is cute too.  So thin you are!
[12/31/2007 10:08:04 PM] Jeannie says: too sweet for some but I love it…our  neighbor calls it “one step away from hummingbird food” though
[12/31/2007 10:08:54 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I use a 1/4 cup lime juice to 12 oz of water, and I dump in a spoonful of sweetner.  I likes it tart.
[12/31/2007 10:09:13 PM] Bob Ward says: Dover – you coming back to California next summer?  Maybe we can try again for a get-together thatr I can attend – last time I tried I was sidelined with an infected blister on my foot.
[12/31/2007 10:09:28 PM] Boron Elgar says: to get back to what I consider my “skinny” days, I’d have a long way to go.
[12/31/2007 10:09:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: I was trying to catch up, but screw that, it’s taking too long.
[12/31/2007 10:09:49 PM] Mary Featherston says: I mean, hi everyone.
[12/31/2007 10:09:55 PM] Dover Beach says: I hope so.  Guess who I’m meeting next week?  Rick B. and S. Checker!  I’m going to Philly and we’re all going to meet for breakfast.  I’m excited.
[12/31/2007 10:10:00 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi there, Mary.
[12/31/2007 10:10:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hey Paul.  Oh, cool, Dover.
[12/31/2007 10:10:18 PM] Boron Elgar says: Hi, Mary
[12/31/2007 10:10:20 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Lucky Dover!
[12/31/2007 10:10:27 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, Mary F!
[12/31/2007 10:10:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hi Boron.  I’m trying to figure out who all is still here.  Hi Jeannie
[12/31/2007 10:10:35 PM] Bob Ward says: This chat will be available in paperback soon.  I can archive it and email it if anyone wants… or capture it to disk your own self.
[12/31/2007 10:10:52 PM] Boron Elgar says: I think you’ll need microfiche to store the whole dialogue
[12/31/2007 10:10:53 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: History in the making?
[12/31/2007 10:11:05 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hey, did Boulding show up?
[12/31/2007 10:11:17 PM] Jeannie says: Not yet
[12/31/2007 10:11:25 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Mary’s gonna drop a ton on PB…
[12/31/2007 10:11:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: I need to find out why he’s mad at me.
[12/31/2007 10:11:43 PM] Mary Featherston says: Why, Bob?  I need to know what I’m fighting about.
[12/31/2007 10:11:51 PM] Bob Ellingson says: He said in AFCA it was for the lollipop ear-worm
[12/31/2007 10:11:54 PM] Jeannie says: he answered you…it was the lolli lolli lolli earworm
[12/31/2007 10:12:01 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  Heh.  I guess I deserved that.
[12/31/2007 10:12:53 PM] Jeannie says: he only said until tomorrow
[12/31/2007 10:13:10 PM] Mary Featherston says: Probably the earworm will have been replaced by then.
[12/31/2007 10:13:33 PM] Jeannie says: Guess what!  Boron and I made up earlier (here on Skype, anyway 😉 )
[12/31/2007 10:13:48 PM] Mary Featherston says: What, I don’t get to witness WWIII?
[12/31/2007 10:13:57 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: And harmony once again reigns supreme
[12/31/2007 10:14:09 PM] Mary Featherston says: Harmony Who?
[12/31/2007 10:14:09 PM] Bob Ellingson says: My “brainworm”  has been an AFCA subject-line:  Chuck Norris sues, says tears no cure for cancer.
[12/31/2007 10:14:15 PM] Jeannie says: Until the next news release, anyway.  Hee!
[12/31/2007 10:14:18 PM] Dover Beach says: Oh, I’m sure WWIII will turn up again in some other form.
[12/31/2007 10:14:36 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Queen Harmony VI
[12/31/2007 10:14:40 PM] Boron Elgar says: I think I have seen 4000 old episodes of Twilight Zone today
[12/31/2007 10:14:50 PM] Dover Beach says: My AFCA subject line brainworm has been “Who is Jesus? What is he, that all his swains commend him?”
[12/31/2007 10:15:11 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Around here, they used to do the all-day (and night) TZ marathon on Thanksgiving.
[12/31/2007 10:15:23 PM] Mary Featherston says: Boron, are they having a marathon?  I only got home a little over an hour ago.
[12/31/2007 10:15:23 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I don’t remember seeing the swain part…
[12/31/2007 10:15:29 PM] Dover Beach says: I miss the MST3K Turkey Day marathon.
[12/31/2007 10:15:38 PM] Dover Beach says: My brain added the swain part.
[12/31/2007 10:15:50 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Brains are like that.
[12/31/2007 10:16:11 PM] Boron Elgar says: I have not watched any of the old TZs for ages. It was deliberate, as I had seen them so often. Even so, I found myself reciting the dialog with the actors. The boys couldn’t figure out how I was doing it
[12/31/2007 10:16:17 PM] Jeannie says: Here, they play Alice’s Restaurant at noon on Thanksgiving on the radio.
[12/31/2007 10:16:53 PM] Bob Ward says: I got the book for Christmas  “BAT BOY LIVES” from Weekly World News.  My favorite headline was “PSYCHIC’S HEAD EXPLODES!”
[12/31/2007 10:16:56 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, I’d like to hear that once, Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 10:17:08 PM] Mary Featherston says: You figure they should have seen it coming, Bob?
[12/31/2007 10:17:21 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I do miss the WWNews.
[12/31/2007 10:18:08 PM] Mary Featherston says: Has Kim left?
[12/31/2007 10:18:18 PM] Boron Elgar says: Kim had a party to go to tonight
[12/31/2007 10:18:19 PM] Jeannie says: My m-i-l was laid up one vacation with a  bum knee and wanted newspapers, so my husband and daughter got her WWN and the Globe and all the other junk papers.  There was an article in one about sabertoothed babies, so from then on we have had to watch for Saber Babies when on the road.
[12/31/2007 10:18:23 PM] Dover Beach says: Yeah, Kim went to Ray’s party
[12/31/2007 10:18:39 PM] Bob Ward says: She’ll be back…
[12/31/2007 10:18:40 PM] Jeannie says: She’ll stop by here afterward to check on stragglers, though.
[12/31/2007 10:18:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: Dang.  I wanted to catch her.  Have you been following her blog?  The adventures of Zombie Lady?
[12/31/2007 10:19:00 PM] Jeannie says: And I’ll be here because it won’t be midnight yet here by then, unless she has a Really Good Time.
[12/31/2007 10:19:15 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Truly weird stuff, Mary.
[12/31/2007 10:19:19 PM] Jeannie says: I was unable to see the ZL video but I read the blog.
[12/31/2007 10:19:41 PM] Mary Featherston says: Malone really seems to attract interesting characters.  Or Kim does, or something.
[12/31/2007 10:20:04 PM] Dover Beach says: I think it’s Kim.
[12/31/2007 10:20:08 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m at the office tonight – quieter here than at home – I want to stay until at least 1:00 AM for safety.
[12/31/2007 10:20:21 PM] Mary Featherston says: Safety?  What are you afraid of?
[12/31/2007 10:20:39 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Driving while the bars are emptying?
[12/31/2007 10:20:40 PM] Jeannie says: DUIs
[12/31/2007 10:20:48 PM] Bob Ward says: Gunfire at midnight… California tradition.
[12/31/2007 10:20:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: Ah.  What my dad calls Amateur Night.
[12/31/2007 10:21:22 PM] Bob Ward says: What goes up comes down.
[12/31/2007 10:21:35 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yep.  I’ve never liked going out on New Year’s Eve.
[12/31/2007 10:21:37 PM] Bob Ellingson says: The neighbor across the street from my office is “Shot Spotter”.  They make gunshot detection equip. that’s been getting press today.
[12/31/2007 10:21:40 PM] Bob Ward says: Except gas prices, apparently.
[12/31/2007 10:22:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: Gunshot detection?  Like the noise and the bleeding don’t make it easy to tell a shot’s been fired?
[12/31/2007 10:22:32 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Microphones pick up the sound, computers triangulate, and cops show up.
[12/31/2007 10:22:36 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  I see.
[12/31/2007 10:22:40 PM] Bob Ward says: The cops mainly park underr freeway overpasses around midnight around here.
[12/31/2007 10:22:53 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Darwin at work.
[12/31/2007 10:23:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: My town doesn’t even have cops, we just borrow sheriff’s deputies.
[12/31/2007 10:23:11 PM] Jeannie says: If the bullet comes down the same place it went up…that’s pretty rare.
[12/31/2007 10:23:18 PM] Jeannie says: Same here, Mary
[12/31/2007 10:23:38 PM] Mary Featherston says: Where are you, Jeannie?  CA, I believe?
[12/31/2007 10:23:43 PM] Dover Beach says: We have cops.  And gunshots.  Don’t know from spotters, though.
[12/31/2007 10:24:01 PM] Jeannie says: Yes, Santa Cruz Mountains…I was just going to ask Bob W where he is
[12/31/2007 10:24:18 PM] Mary Featherston says: Close to V., then.
[12/31/2007 10:24:20 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Everyone should muffle the sound of their champagne corks tonight, just to be sure…
[12/31/2007 10:24:42 PM] Jeannie says: Yes, about 12 miles away and 800 feet higher than V
[12/31/2007 10:24:43 PM] Mary Featherston says: No champagne here.  I have some 18-year old Scotch, though.
[12/31/2007 10:24:56 PM] Bob Ward says: San Bernartdino, but my BIL lives in Freedom, around the corner from the Watrsonville airport.
[12/31/2007 10:24:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: That’s not far, though.
[12/31/2007 10:25:10 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’ve just got my limeade.
[12/31/2007 10:25:14 PM] Jeannie says: Ah, so if Dover came to the Bay Area this summer could you come up and meet us?
[12/31/2007 10:25:22 PM] Mary Featherston says: Is it hot there, Paul?
[12/31/2007 10:26:07 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m counting on it.  Year before last, I was sidelined with a nasty foot infection the day I was supposed to fly up.
[12/31/2007 10:26:11 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: No, we’re around 50 degrees now, went up to 67 or so today.  Going down to 42 or so.
[12/31/2007 10:26:29 PM] Jeannie says: He’s preventing scurvy, Mary.  Arrr!
[12/31/2007 10:26:30 PM] Mary Featherston says: That’s not hot, but it’s not cold either.  We’re about 12 degrees right now.
[12/31/2007 10:26:34 PM] Bob Ward says: About the same here, Paul…
[12/31/2007 10:26:57 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Sure beats 12 degrees, I guess!
[12/31/2007 10:26:58 PM] Dover Beach says: It’s about 12 here, too.  Brr.
[12/31/2007 10:27:19 PM] darkon added mark to this chat
[12/31/2007 10:27:20 PM] mark can’t be added to this chat due to his/her privacy settings
[12/31/2007 10:27:22 PM] Jeannie says: I don’t know why, but to me Madarasz sounds like a pirate name.
[12/31/2007 10:27:36 PM] Mary Featherston says: I don’t mind it, Dover.  I like having four actual seasons.  Though my  husband tells me that we’re supposed to get a thaw next week, which I don’t like – it will just mean a buttload of slush.
[12/31/2007 10:27:36 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hungarian pirates?
[12/31/2007 10:27:37 PM] Jeannie says: And mgdinzo could plan his road trip to come out this summer too!  Hi Miata dude!
[12/31/2007 10:27:50 PM] Jeannie says: Arr, darling!
[12/31/2007 10:28:17 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: It means “bird hunter.”  Pretty impressive, no?
[12/31/2007 10:28:21 PM] Jeannie says: Oh, pooh, his privacy settings are still on.
[12/31/2007 10:28:25 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, cool, Paul.
[12/31/2007 10:28:42 PM] Jeannie says: Pirates are bird hunters, too, for certain values of “bird.”  😉
[12/31/2007 10:29:14 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Pictures:  Mr. and Mrs Claus:  and the boy in plaid:
[12/31/2007 10:29:23 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I own neither an eyepatch nor a parrot.  Much less a ship.
[12/31/2007 10:29:25 PM] Jeannie says: 40.8 here…I’m about to go out and put the blanket on the horse
[12/31/2007 10:29:36 PM] Jeannie says: and no, that’s NOT a euphemism for anything!
[12/31/2007 10:29:41 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
[12/31/2007 10:29:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: Jerry, what boy is that?  Your son?
[12/31/2007 10:30:12 PM] Jeannie says: yay, more plaid!
[12/31/2007 10:30:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Nothing like  a guy in a kilt to brighten up a chat, eh?
[12/31/2007 10:30:35 PM] Jerry Bauer says: That’s my younger son.  I don’t have a good recent one of the older boy.
[12/31/2007 10:30:51 PM] Mary Featherston says: So that’s the Bauer tartan, eh?  🙂
[12/31/2007 10:31:00 PM] Jeannie says: you don’t need an eyepatch or parrot to be a pirate…and being Hungarian is a good start!
[12/31/2007 10:31:12 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: When you introduce a man in a kilt in the first act, bagpipes must be played in the second.  Soimebody said that.
[12/31/2007 10:31:16 PM] Mary Featherston says: What if I’m a mutt, Jeannie?
[12/31/2007 10:31:35 PM] Mary Featherston says: No Hungarian in the mix, unfortunately.
[12/31/2007 10:31:36 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: All four of my grandparents got off the boat.
[12/31/2007 10:31:36 PM] Jeannie says: mmm, ketchup!
[12/31/2007 10:31:37 PM] Jerry Bauer says: It’s Black Watch, which is as close as he could come to Sutherland without spending a lot of money.
[12/31/2007 10:31:50 PM] Mary Featherston says: Why Sutherland?
[12/31/2007 10:32:09 PM] Bob Ward says: Paul,I might end up driving up to Santa Cruz this summer – if so, you want to ride along?  My wife flies up to spend the month of August with her brother – I usually fly up for a weekend, but I was thinking of driving for a change.
[12/31/2007 10:32:20 PM] Jerry Bauer says: “Bauer” is Austrian.
[12/31/2007 10:32:34 PM] Mary Featherston says: I figured it would be something Germanic.
[12/31/2007 10:32:34 PM] Jeannie says: Bell here for tartan, but mostly House of David (Wales)
[12/31/2007 10:32:36 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’d be really interested, Bob.
[12/31/2007 10:33:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: You know, I NEVER get to go to the right part of California.
[12/31/2007 10:33:36 PM] Dover Beach says: What, you go to Chowchilla or something?
[12/31/2007 10:33:47 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Where’s V.?  I wanna ask here if she saw the gorgeous sunset tonight…
[12/31/2007 10:33:48 PM] Jerry Bauer says: He had a choice, from both his mom’s side and his dad’s, of Sutherland, Gray, McCarthy, and a couple of others.  He liked Sutherland colors.
[12/31/2007 10:33:49 PM] Mary Featherston says: Well, no.  San Diego.  But no one from AFCA is there.
[12/31/2007 10:34:22 PM] Jeannie says: Rats, I missed the sunset
[12/31/2007 10:34:44 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: There’s one every day, Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 10:34:46 PM] Bob Ward says: We’ll keep that inmind as plans develop, then.  I’d be happy to scoot over to Phoenix to pick you up and return you, if we can put the plans together.  I hate making a long drive solo, but I really want to put my Magellan GPS to a road test.
[12/31/2007 10:34:50 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.
[12/31/2007 10:35:28 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’m in Tucson, actually.  Sh*wn W*ls*n lives in Phoenix.
[12/31/2007 10:35:47 PM] Mary Featherston says: Ha, Paul – is he a swear word now?
[12/31/2007 10:35:55 PM] Bob Ward says: RE ethnicity… I loke to tell people I’m one third Polish.
[12/31/2007 10:36:03 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hasn’t he always been?
[12/31/2007 10:36:20 PM] Dover Beach says: Someone else lives in Tucson — Cary Kittrell?
[12/31/2007 10:36:29 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yeah, Cary lives here.
[12/31/2007 10:36:48 PM] Bob Ward says: I tell people My Mom’s side was Englisgh, My Dad’s was German, but the mailmanm was Polish!
[12/31/2007 10:37:28 PM] Jeannie says: I don’t like missing any gorgeous sunsets…you never know!
[12/31/2007 10:37:33 PM] Bob Ward says: You thinking of Shawn Wilson?  He’s Phoenix, I think…
[12/31/2007 10:37:56 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yeah, he lives up in the Blob.
[12/31/2007 10:38:08 PM] Bob Ward says: Sorry, didn’t read fas enough!
[12/31/2007 10:38:12 PM] Jeannie says: LOL Bob
[12/31/2007 10:38:35 PM] Jeannie says: on the 1/3 Polish explanation
[12/31/2007 10:39:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, except to those of us who ARE Polish.
[12/31/2007 10:40:20 PM] Jeannie says: But you aren’t the mailman so you’re OK
[12/31/2007 10:40:30 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, not even close.
[12/31/2007 10:40:34 PM] Mary Featherston says: And I don’t know Bob’s mom either.
[12/31/2007 10:40:41 PM] Bob Ward says: One NYE I was telling all my Polish jokes when a guy came up and said “You know, you’ve been telling Polish jokes all night, and I wanted you to know that I’m Polish.  I said “That’s OK – lets go out on the porch – I’ll tyell themn again, but I’ll tell them slower!”
[12/31/2007 10:40:42 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Hey, I’m 1/32 Silesian, and I don’t mind.
[12/31/2007 10:40:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: Goober.
[12/31/2007 10:41:04 PM] JeffinPutnam says: Greetings from the Hudson Valley, all
[12/31/2007 10:41:09 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hi Jeff
[12/31/2007 10:41:09 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, Jeff
[12/31/2007 10:41:09 PM] Jeannie says: oy
[12/31/2007 10:41:16 PM] Jeannie says: Hi, Jeff!
[12/31/2007 10:41:26 PM] Dover Beach says: Hi Jeff
[12/31/2007 10:41:33 PM] JeffinPutnam says: after all these years and finally in (virtual) person
[12/31/2007 10:42:02 PM] Dover Beach says: Hey, Jeff, what happened to that kid you were taking care of who hiked the whatsis trail?
[12/31/2007 10:42:14 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Kinda awe-inspiriing, Jeff?
[12/31/2007 10:42:47 PM] Bob Ward says: I really look forward to NYE since last year’s party – this one is just as good.  Glad everyone could join us!
[12/31/2007 10:43:13 PM] Jeannie says: Off to blanket the horsie…back in half an hour or so
[12/31/2007 10:43:20 PM] Bob Ward says: Dover – they made him bring it back!
[12/31/2007 10:43:23 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: This is a real hoot, Bob.
[12/31/2007 10:44:51 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Oh, neat; you can put dorky little emoticons in your messages.
[12/31/2007 10:45:10 PM] Bob Ward says: (u)
[12/31/2007 10:45:12 PM] JeffinPutnam says: Dover, he’s sitting right here next to me
[12/31/2007 10:45:14 PM] Dover Beach says: Yes, you can. (sun)
[12/31/2007 10:45:16 PM] darkon says: yeah, and it changes smilies to cartoons
[12/31/2007 10:45:20 PM] darkon says: like this:  🙂
[12/31/2007 10:45:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Whether you want it to or not.
[12/31/2007 10:45:38 PM] Bob Ward says: (music)
[12/31/2007 10:45:42 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Ain’t technology grand?
[12/31/2007 10:45:47 PM] Dover Beach says: How did the hike go?  Did he finish the whole trail?
[12/31/2007 10:45:50 PM] Mary Featherston says: (beer)
[12/31/2007 10:45:55 PM] darkon says: (beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)         (puke)
[12/31/2007 10:46:01 PM] Dover Beach says: (cash)
[12/31/2007 10:46:05 PM] Mary Featherston says: Always have to outdo me, eh darkon?
[12/31/2007 10:46:11 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Talking my language, darkon.
[12/31/2007 10:46:22 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: You too, Mary, but not so much.
[12/31/2007 10:46:32 PM] Mary Featherston says: (party)
[12/31/2007 10:46:32 PM] darkon says: I was busy making that, didn’t even notice what you did, Mary
[12/31/2007 10:46:37 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hee
[12/31/2007 10:46:51 PM] Mary Featherston says: The little barfing guy is a lovely touch.
[12/31/2007 10:46:55 PM] Bob Ward says: (dance)
[12/31/2007 10:47:09 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: (puke)
[12/31/2007 10:47:30 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: When words just aren’t quite enough.
[12/31/2007 10:47:34 PM] Mary Featherston says: (punch)
[12/31/2007 10:48:06 PM] darkon says: (hug)makes me (puke)
[12/31/2007 10:48:21 PM] Mary Featherston says: Bears make you puke?
[12/31/2007 10:48:26 PM] darkon says: it’s “hugs”
[12/31/2007 10:48:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  Heh.
[12/31/2007 10:48:39 PM] darkon says: terminal cuteness
[12/31/2007 10:48:59 PM] Mary Featherston says: I’m with you on that.  Cute is okay for little kids, but not so much for me.
[12/31/2007 10:49:10 PM] Bob Ward says: OOF!  I just picked up today’s messages on AFCA – 445 new ones!
[12/31/2007 10:49:28 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: That’s about what it runs every day, no?
[12/31/2007 10:50:02 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Count me as a member of the Anti-Cute League.
[12/31/2007 10:50:07 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Actually, gg..g Bauer emigrated from Tepla, which is in the Czech Republic now.  I don’t know where it was when he left.  The borders and names have changed a lot.
[12/31/2007 10:50:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yay, now darkon’s green.
[12/31/2007 10:50:47 PM] darkon says: I added you to my contacts, that’s why
[12/31/2007 10:50:55 PM] Bob Ellingson says: It’s not easy being darkon.
[12/31/2007 10:51:22 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yup, darkon.
[12/31/2007 10:51:24 PM] Bob Ward says: Yes, but I usually make about four runs at it.  I got tied up douing end-of-year system maintenance on my office network – full backups, then reinstalling Win XP on six machines to keep things running smoothly.  Thank goodness for a 4 port KVM switch!
[12/31/2007 10:52:10 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: It’s quite the shock to be confronted with all the posts at once.
[12/31/2007 10:52:24 PM] Mary Featherston says: I’m always glad that our fiscal year ends on March 31.  It means that most of the year-end hassle doesn’t happen around the holidays.
[12/31/2007 10:53:15 PM] Bob Ward says: I’m gonna sit and look at the list for awhile – it’s more fun interacting here for now – everyone will still be there in a few hours.
[12/31/2007 10:53:24 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I got my first counterfeit bill in thirty years in business today.  What does that mean for the new year?
[12/31/2007 10:53:44 PM] Dover Beach says: Did you spot it as counterfeit at the time?
[12/31/2007 10:53:49 PM] Mary Featherston says: Nothing, Bob – you got it in the old year.
[12/31/2007 10:54:18 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Nope, since I didn’t handle it…I just carried it to the bank.  It was a fiver, if you can believe it…
[12/31/2007 10:54:33 PM] Mary Featherston says: FIVE?  Why bother?
[12/31/2007 10:54:39 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Who counterfeits fives?
[12/31/2007 10:54:41 PM] Mary Featherston says: Unless, I guess, they made a million of ’em.
[12/31/2007 10:54:44 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: A not very ambitious counterfeiter
[12/31/2007 10:54:49 PM] Bob Ward says: Mary, I enjoy tinkering with the systems – I was like a kid in a candy store.  This year I am going to try to keep a Ghost image backup of the clean system to refresh from time to time.
[12/31/2007 10:55:23 PM] Bob Ellingson says: The teller said he’s seen phony singles.  Mostly kids and inkjets, I’d guess.
[12/31/2007 10:55:50 PM] Mary Featherston says: Can you make currency with an inkjet that actually looks like money?  The paper’s so different.
[12/31/2007 10:56:10 PM] Bob Ward says: Someone asked me whhat my new years resolution is – I said 1440×900, just like the rest of the year.
[12/31/2007 10:56:31 PM] Jerry Bauer says: If I were doing it, I counterfeit a million-dollar bill.  Why piddle around with the small stuff?
[12/31/2007 10:56:44 PM] Mary Featherston says: And where would you spend that?
[12/31/2007 10:56:47 PM] Bob Ellingson says: This one felt like waxed paper, almost. The appearance was pretty good, though.
[12/31/2007 10:57:01 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: At the million dollar store, of course
[12/31/2007 10:57:38 PM] darkon says: didn’t mark Twain write a sotry about a guy who was given a million-dollar-bill?
[12/31/2007 10:57:38 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hard to get change, maybe.
[12/31/2007 10:57:47 PM] darkon says: or perhaps a story
[12/31/2007 10:58:01 PM] Jerry Bauer says: I could put a down payment on a house in Cupertino.
[12/31/2007 10:58:13 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Everything’s a million dollars at the million dollar stoire.
[12/31/2007 10:58:37 PM] Bob Ward says: Price Check on Aisle 6
[12/31/2007 10:59:19 PM] Jerry Bauer says: The boy worked at a dollar store for a while.  People would ask.  He’d say, “A dollar.”.
[12/31/2007 10:59:27 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The Twain thing doesn’t ring a bell, but there’s so much of him I’ve not read.
[12/31/2007 10:59:32 PM] Dover Beach says: I gotta go walk the pooch. And no, sadly, that’s not what the kids are calling it nowdays.
[12/31/2007 10:59:44 PM] Mary Featherston says: Woof.
[12/31/2007 10:59:48 PM] Dover Beach says: Happy New Year to all!
[12/31/2007 11:00:06 PM] Bob Ward says: Dover – put him on a treadmill – see if he can fly.
[12/31/2007 11:00:09 PM] Mary Featherston says: Happy New Year, Dover.  Are you coming back?
[12/31/2007 11:00:24 PM] Dover Beach says: Depends how sleepy I get.
[12/31/2007 11:00:27 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Who wrote American humor and sounds kind of like a bell?  Twain!
[12/31/2007 11:01:03 PM] Bob Ward says: Sounds like a crossbow to me…
[12/31/2007 11:01:13 PM] Mary Featherston says: That would be thwack.
[12/31/2007 11:01:23 PM] darkon says: I could look it up, but I’m feeling lazy
[12/31/2007 11:01:31 PM] darkon says: biab
[12/31/2007 11:01:51 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Choo-choo!  The mansion in “Murder By Death” was owned by Lionel Twain.
[12/31/2007 11:02:15 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, dear.
[12/31/2007 11:02:20 PM] Mary Featherston says: I had a cat named Lionel once.
[12/31/2007 11:02:20 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Lionel makes satellites for the military now.
[12/31/2007 11:02:24 PM] Bob Ward says: He was railroaded at the trial.
[12/31/2007 11:02:41 PM] Bob Ellingson says: “Lionel? That sounds like a train…I’m gonna do a non-stop on you, choo-choo”.
[12/31/2007 11:02:45 PM] Bob Ellingson says: What movie?
[12/31/2007 11:03:07 PM] Bob Ward says: Gimme your purse or I’ll choochoo.
[12/31/2007 11:03:40 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Pardon me, boy, is that the cat who chewed you new shoes?
[12/31/2007 11:03:50 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: your, dammit!
[12/31/2007 11:04:09 PM] Bob Ellingson says: No do-overs, Paul…
[12/31/2007 11:04:15 PM] Bob Ward says: I heard it as Dale Evans, talking to her husband.
[12/31/2007 11:04:41 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I believe you’re right, and I misremembered.
[12/31/2007 11:04:53 PM] Bob Ward says: missed it by —>  <—THIS much!
[12/31/2007 11:05:32 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Pardon me, boy. Is this the Transylvania station?
[12/31/2007 11:05:36 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: They say memory’s the second thing to go.  I forget the first.
[1:50:20 AM] Bob Ward says: This party was a lot more civil than last year’s – but still a lot of fun!
[12/31/2007 11:05:57 PM] Bob Ward says: That’s the punchline to the story about the would-by OB-GYN who decided on Proctology.
[12/31/2007 11:06:28 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, Bob.
[12/31/2007 11:06:32 PM] Jerry Bauer says: How does somenone decide to become a proctologist?
[12/31/2007 11:06:50 PM] Bob Ward says: Oral Roberts has an evil twin – Anal.  He’s a faith proctologist!
[12/31/2007 11:06:52 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Someone, darn it!
[12/31/2007 11:07:15 PM] Mary Featherston says: I don’t know, Jerry.  Tell us.
[12/31/2007 11:07:59 PM] Bob Ward says: He likes sticking his nose into other people’s business.
[12/31/2007 11:08:24 PM] Jerry Bauer says: He has a thermometer behind his ear.
[12/31/2007 11:08:48 PM] Bob Ward says: Some asshole stole his pen…
[12/31/2007 11:10:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hey, is Neal here?  He just turned green.
[12/31/2007 11:10:22 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Hi guys
[12/31/2007 11:10:32 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, Neal
[12/31/2007 11:10:45 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: WOW! Lots of people here.
[12/31/2007 11:10:46 PM] Bob Ward says: It must have been the guacamole on the nachos.
[12/31/2007 11:10:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hi Neal
[12/31/2007 11:11:15 PM] Bob Ward says: Darn it – NOW who can we talk about?
[12/31/2007 11:11:23 PM] Mary Featherston says: Opus.
[12/31/2007 11:11:25 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: LOL, I can leave.
[12/31/2007 11:12:12 PM] Bob Ward says: I was hoping Opus would put in an appearance.
[12/31/2007 11:12:25 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, that would be fun.
[12/31/2007 11:12:36 PM] Mary Featherston says: My cat Freeway just joined me.
[12/31/2007 11:12:44 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: We could slap him with herring
[12/31/2007 11:12:54 PM] Mary Featherston says: We could.  He’d probably ask for it.
[12/31/2007 11:13:06 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: 11:10 here and another year we’ll probably fall asleep before the ball drops
[12/31/2007 11:13:32 PM] darkon says: hey Bob, can you add mdzingo to the chat?
[12/31/2007 11:13:40 PM] Bob Ward says: By the way, Ned sends his best – he’s hopping around on three legs for now, but he goes in for a checkup on Thursday.
[12/31/2007 11:13:44 PM] Mary Featherston says: You’re in Eastern time zone, Neal?
[12/31/2007 11:13:52 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Yep
[12/31/2007 11:13:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: Good for Ned.  Freeway’s the one with three legs, Bob.
[12/31/2007 11:13:59 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: My mom always went to bed around 11, saying the new year would get there if she were awake or asleep.
[12/31/2007 11:14:11 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: We just got done watching Bourne Ultimatum
[12/31/2007 11:14:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: No TV for me.  My husband’s into bowl games.
[12/31/2007 11:14:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: I have a hard time taking ’em seriously when they’re called things like the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.
[12/31/2007 11:17:09 PM] Bob Ward says: Darkon – email him this link:
[12/31/2007 11:17:57 PM] mark joined this chat
[12/31/2007 11:18:03 PM] mark says: hi guys
[12/31/2007 11:18:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hi mdginzo.
[12/31/2007 11:18:20 PM] Bob Ward says: I thought so, Mary – Looks like Ned will get to keep all four.  He hasn’t slowed down much.
[12/31/2007 11:18:22 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, mdginzo
[12/31/2007 11:18:25 PM] mark says: I am calling from Miami FL USA
[12/31/2007 11:18:31 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Hi mdginzo!
[12/31/2007 11:18:31 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Hey there
[12/31/2007 11:18:38 PM] Bob Ward says: Welcome, Mark.
[12/31/2007 11:18:48 PM] mark says: anyone have their New Year’s yet?
[12/31/2007 11:18:51 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I’ll be in Miami in 3 weeks
[12/31/2007 11:18:59 PM] Mary Featherston says: Nope, it’s only 10:18 here.
[12/31/2007 11:19:08 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: 11:18 here
[12/31/2007 11:19:11 PM] mark says: i was wondering who here is in Europe
[12/31/2007 11:19:18 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: 9:18 here
[12/31/2007 11:19:18 PM] darkon says: yup, I’m in EST, too
[12/31/2007 11:19:21 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hatpin was here earlier.
[12/31/2007 11:19:43 PM] Bob Ward says: Neal, I think the best final line in any movie ever was in the Bourne Identity.
[12/31/2007 11:19:46 PM] mark says: is anyoen on voice as well as text?
[12/31/2007 11:19:52 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: yep
[12/31/2007 11:19:56 PM] Bob Ward says: So was Nick.
[12/31/2007 11:19:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: Paul, is Tucson in mountain time?  I didn’t know that.
[12/31/2007 11:20:00 PM] mark says: i might get my headset later
[12/31/2007 11:20:08 PM] mark says: I have to pop in and out as I have company
[12/31/2007 11:20:10 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yes, we’re MST.
[12/31/2007 11:20:16 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: all year round
[12/31/2007 11:20:26 PM] Mary Featherston says: How far is it from El Paso?
[12/31/2007 11:20:51 PM] mark says: Down in the west Texas town of El paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl…
[12/31/2007 11:20:56 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: It’s around a 4 or 5 hour drive, if I remember right.
[12/31/2007 11:21:06 PM] Mary Featherston says: Ah.  Okay.  I’ll be in El Paso later in January.
[12/31/2007 11:21:19 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yeah, it’s a ways.
[12/31/2007 11:21:26 PM] mark says: bbl
[12/31/2007 11:21:28 PM] Jerry Bauer says: It’s half of AZ plus half of NM.
[12/31/2007 11:21:31 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: c’ya
[12/31/2007 11:21:31 PM] mark says: afk
[12/31/2007 11:21:37 PM] Bob Ward says: Out In the east LA Town of El Monte I fell in love with a Mexicasl sleaze…
[12/31/2007 11:22:11 PM] Bob Ward says: fat fingers heard from again!
[12/31/2007 11:22:14 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I have Boron in my contact list twice.
[12/31/2007 11:22:17 PM] Jeannie says: <scroll scroll scroll> Wow, you’ve been garrulous!
[12/31/2007 11:22:34 PM] Mary Featherston says: There’s not much in El Paso.  There’s a good barbecue place, though.  WB, Jeannie
[12/31/2007 11:22:36 PM] Jerry Bauer says: <kelso> It’s Spanish for *THE* Paso! </kelso>
[12/31/2007 11:23:13 PM] Bob Ward says: El Segundo?
[12/31/2007 11:23:23 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I’ve been there.
[12/31/2007 11:23:29 PM] Bob Ellingson says: El Sobrante?
[12/31/2007 11:23:44 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: El Falfa?
[12/31/2007 11:24:12 PM] Bob Ward says: Buddy, have a DRINK!  (beer)
[12/31/2007 11:24:24 PM] darkon says: I think I will have another Big Orange
[12/31/2007 11:24:55 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The liquor cabinet is, alas, bare.  Limeade is the quaff here.
[12/31/2007 11:25:21 PM] Mary Featherston says: I just had some iced tea but may have an actual drink yet.  One should, on New Year’s Eve.
[12/31/2007 11:25:31 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I could definately handle a hair of the dog
[12/31/2007 11:25:46 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I had one earlier, at a friend’s.
[12/31/2007 11:25:46 PM] Mary Featherston says: Jen, I have some good Scotch.
[12/31/2007 11:26:01 PM] Bob Ward says: hI, jENNIFER – WHEN DID YOU SNEAK IN?
[12/31/2007 11:26:06 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: that would just about counter lst night’s champagne
[12/31/2007 11:26:06 PM] Bob Ward says: oops!
[12/31/2007 11:26:08 PM] Mary Featherston says: Better than dog hair.
[12/31/2007 11:26:17 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: hi Bob – just arrived
[12/31/2007 11:26:28 PM] darkon says: Is Labrot and Graham “Woodford Reserve” a good whiskey?  Someone at the airport gave darkette a bottle because they couldn’t take iton the place for some reason
[12/31/2007 11:26:32 PM] Mary Featherston says: What time is it where you are?  Some ungodly hour in the morning?
[12/31/2007 11:26:42 PM] Mary Featherston says: Never heard of it, darkon.
[12/31/2007 11:26:45 PM] Bob Ward says: I added you in while you were offline, just to be sure.
[12/31/2007 11:26:55 PM] Mary Featherston says: Try it and see.
[12/31/2007 11:26:55 PM] darkon says: me neither… ‘s why I asked
[12/31/2007 11:26:57 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’m in Aus for the holidays – it’s 2:30pm here
[12/31/2007 11:26:58 PM] Jerry Bauer says: I’ve been sipping on a Diet-Rite Zero Cola.  No caffeine, no sugar.  It’s pretty useless.
[12/31/2007 11:27:05 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, that makes sense.
[12/31/2007 11:27:05 PM] darkon says: I’m not a whiskey drinker
[12/31/2007 11:27:10 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I shouldn’t still be hungover 😦
[12/31/2007 11:27:19 PM] darkon says: it all tastes like yuck to me
[12/31/2007 11:27:25 PM] Mary Featherston says: OK, Macallan is calling.  Be back in a minute.
[12/31/2007 11:27:38 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I’m off to the kitchen to open some champagne and rustle up some dinner…can I get anything for anybody while I’m up?
[12/31/2007 11:27:45 PM] darkon says: I’d like to go to Oz someday
[12/31/2007 11:27:46 PM] Bob Ward says: So, who won the Rose Bowl game, Jennifer?
[12/31/2007 11:28:03 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: um…Boston
[12/31/2007 11:28:14 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Bourbon.
[12/31/2007 11:28:43 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’ve been waiting to come back to oz for months, and it’s rained ever since I got here
[12/31/2007 11:29:09 PM] Bob Ward says: The angels wept tears of joy at your return.
[12/31/2007 11:29:30 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: So it’s just a tad damper than you would like?
[12/31/2007 11:29:42 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I get plenty of damp in England
[12/31/2007 11:29:43 PM] Mary Featherston says: OK.  Back.
[12/31/2007 11:29:46 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I want to go to the beach
[12/31/2007 11:29:59 PM] Mary Featherston says: Our damp is frozen and about 18 inches deep.
[12/31/2007 11:30:15 PM] Bob Ward says: What – and get wet?
[12/31/2007 11:30:21 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: The snow is about gone here.
[12/31/2007 11:30:25 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: To do what, Jen?  Get wet?
[12/31/2007 11:30:39 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: hot and wet!
[12/31/2007 11:30:44 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: the way christmas should be
[12/31/2007 11:30:50 PM] Mary Featherston says: ooh, sounds dirty.
[12/31/2007 11:30:57 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’m blushing.
[12/31/2007 11:31:03 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: well, some of those surfers…
[12/31/2007 11:31:08 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: the way christmas should be
[12/31/2007 11:31:16 PM] Mary Featherston says: Works for me.
[12/31/2007 11:31:35 PM] Mary Featherston says: Mmm.  darkon, too bad you can’t try this Scotch.  I bet it would change your mind.
[12/31/2007 11:31:53 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: What kind of scotch?
[12/31/2007 11:32:04 PM] Mary Featherston says: Macallan 18 year.
[12/31/2007 11:32:22 PM] darkon says: I had scotch once.  I liked it too much, IIRC.
[12/31/2007 11:32:23 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: My wife will be right over.
[12/31/2007 11:32:34 PM] darkon says: I don’t recall very clearly  🙂
[12/31/2007 11:32:45 PM] Mary Featherston says: It’s good stuff, Neal.
[12/31/2007 11:32:45 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Does she take a left or a right at the end of the road?
[12/31/2007 11:32:51 PM] Mary Featherston says: Right.
[12/31/2007 11:33:06 PM] Mary Featherston says: The house with green Christmas lights in the mountain ash out front.
[12/31/2007 11:33:19 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: OK, I’ll tell her.
[12/31/2007 11:33:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Deal.  I’ll get another glass out.
[12/31/2007 11:33:42 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: my boss went camping on Isla for his buck’s night, and they did a distilleries tour
[12/31/2007 11:33:52 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I gather that was quite an event
[12/31/2007 11:34:03 PM] Mary Featherston says: I’ll bet.  Some of those Islay malts are tasty.
[12/31/2007 11:35:24 PM] darkon says: Ah, I found info about Labrot and Graham:  “While one of only nine Bourbon distilleries now in production in Kentucky, it is the oldest, smallest and slowest working of the nine in the commonwealth, dating back to 1812.”
[12/31/2007 11:35:50 PM] darkon says: not that anyone cares, but it was a loose end
[12/31/2007 11:35:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: Kentucky?  I thought they were bourbon people in Kentucky.
[12/31/2007 11:35:59 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Slowest working?
[12/31/2007 11:36:12 PM] Mary Featherston says: Well, why put yourself out, eh?
[12/31/2007 11:36:23 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: they’ve only produced a couple of bottles in the last 96 years
[12/31/2007 11:36:26 PM] darkon says: they claim to only release a barrel when the master distiller says it’s ready
[12/31/2007 11:36:50 PM] Mary Featherston says: I wonder how much tasting he does.
[12/31/2007 11:36:59 PM] Bob Ward says: That’s the Keebler Elves, shtupid…
[12/31/2007 11:37:44 PM] Bob Ward says: Here comes Mary Shafer!
[12/31/2007 11:37:49 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Now there’s a job I could enjoy.  I mean, how much does it take to become a soi-disant “master distiller,” anyway.  A love for your product would go a long way.
[12/31/2007 11:37:53 PM] Mary Featherston says: Cool beans.
[12/31/2007 11:38:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: You’d probably have to at least know how to make whiskey, though, Paul.
[12/31/2007 11:38:35 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’m not a detail guy.  Delegate! is my watchword.
[12/31/2007 11:38:42 PM] Mary Featherston says: Though I came –>  <— this close to quitting my job and opening a winery a couple of years ago, until I realized that I had no idea how to make wine.
[12/31/2007 11:38:49 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I think it’s Birmingham university whch has the oldest degree in beer brewing…I’m tempted
[12/31/2007 11:38:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: I can, however, drink it just fine.
[12/31/2007 11:39:09 PM] Mary Featherston says: Beer I know how to make.  We’ve done that.
[12/31/2007 11:39:18 PM] darkon says: I’ve been to the Maker’s Mark distillery… the giant fermentation vats smell wonderful
[12/31/2007 11:39:19 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Potable beer?
[12/31/2007 11:39:27 PM] Jeannie says: mmm, Maker’s Mark
[12/31/2007 11:39:29 PM] darkon says: oops, I’m called way..   brb
[12/31/2007 11:39:33 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’ve never tried, but I’ve watched a friend – that’s a start
[12/31/2007 11:39:35 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Ditto, Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 11:39:37 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, pretty good stuff, actually.  My husband used to make a nice brown ale.
[12/31/2007 11:39:47 PM] Jeannie says: We used to make kahlua for gifts
[12/31/2007 11:40:00 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: A friend used to make it in his spare bathtub.
[12/31/2007 11:40:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: I have a bottle of bourbon but it’s too sweet for me.  I just have it because I make sweet potatoes with bourbon.
[12/31/2007 11:40:12 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: beer that is
[12/31/2007 11:40:46 PM] Bob Ward added reunite.gond.mary.shafer to this chat
[12/31/2007 11:41:02 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Hi Mary
[12/31/2007 11:41:06 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, Mary!
[12/31/2007 11:41:08 PM] Jeannie says: when is it midnight in gondwanaland?  🙂
[12/31/2007 11:41:11 PM] Mary Featherston says: Mary?  Are you here?
[12/31/2007 11:41:28 PM] Bob Ward says: Did you lose your hat on the way through the wormhole, Maryt?
[12/31/2007 11:41:52 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Reunite — How nice!
[12/31/2007 11:41:54 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Hi, everyone.  I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing, but I’m here doing it.  It’s 8:41 here in SoCal
[12/31/2007 11:42:06 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Mary S. is not gonna get many messages later if we have to type all that “reunite…” stuff.  I’ve started on champagne.
[12/31/2007 11:42:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: You’re chatting.
[12/31/2007 11:42:18 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Wow that’s the same time it is in NoCal!
[12/31/2007 11:42:23 PM] Mary Featherston says: Imagine.
[12/31/2007 11:42:46 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Imagine that!  Maybe I should go back and pick a shorter name
[12/31/2007 11:42:56 PM] Mary Featherston says: Nah, you’re here.
[12/31/2007 11:43:35 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: It looks like I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do on Tuesday when I get back to work (on AFCA).
[12/31/2007 11:43:37 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I have recovered from the loss of my lace pattern by starting another lace shawl in an entirely different pattern.  It beats washing dishes by hand
[12/31/2007 11:43:47 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Just kidding , Gond…cut & paste was made for times like these.
[12/31/2007 11:44:10 PM] Mary Featherston says: How is the lace related to the dishwashing?
[12/31/2007 11:44:24 PM] Jerry Bauer says: To get to the other side.
[12/31/2007 11:44:30 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I can use knitting to ward of dishwashing.
[12/31/2007 11:44:47 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Hell, I can use anything to ward off dishwashing
[12/31/2007 11:44:47 PM] Mary Featherston says: Oh.  That works, does it?
[12/31/2007 11:44:48 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: or wadded up knitting to wash dishes
[12/31/2007 11:45:07 PM] darkon is back
[12/31/2007 11:45:22 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: How’s darkette?
[12/31/2007 11:45:26 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Don’t laugh, there are a bunch of knitters who are dedicated (addicted) to knitting dishcloths.
[12/31/2007 11:45:57 PM] darkon says: fine… she says she’s tired…. we have the grandson tonight.  He’s a handful.
[12/31/2007 11:45:58 PM] Jeannie says: Knitted dishcloths??  Do they work?
[12/31/2007 11:45:59 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I like knitting with dishcloth cotton,  but I’ve never done a dishcloth
[12/31/2007 11:46:39 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: They work OK, but I’d rather knit shawls.  Most people would rather get shawls than dishcloths, too
[12/31/2007 11:46:55 PM] Jerry Bauer says: Our dishwasher broke in November 2006 or so (I don’t remember) and we didn’t get it fixed until spring 2007.  Washing dishes was not particularly onerous, and we used the dishwasher as a drying rack.  The reason we didn’t get it repaired for so long was just that there was no good time to do so.
[12/31/2007 11:46:58 PM] Mary Featherston says: They work fine.
[12/31/2007 11:47:13 PM] Mary Featherston says: Jerry, I never had one until about a month ago.
[12/31/2007 11:47:47 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I’ve gotten good at fixing ours… or replacing it when I couldn’t fix it.
[12/31/2007 11:47:54 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I’m the only dishwasher here and I prefer to let the machine do it.
[12/31/2007 11:48:13 PM] Mary Featherston says: We never had space for it.  In order to get one now we had to rip out the whole kitchen and put in new cabinets.
[12/31/2007 11:48:19 PM] Mary Featherston says: Which we were doing anyway.
[12/31/2007 11:48:29 PM] Jerry Bauer says: You just take the dishes down to the stream and beat them against the rocks.
[12/31/2007 11:48:30 PM] Jeannie says: I refused to give up cabinet space for a dishwasher so we got a rolling one
[12/31/2007 11:48:41 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I’m watching Robbie and his mad jump and you can see an incredible number of blue porta-potties
[12/31/2007 11:49:25 PM] Mary Featherston says: Jeannie, we’re ending up with more storage than before so it works out okay.  Though some stuff is in different places, which I’m still getting used to.
[12/31/2007 11:49:37 PM] Jeannie says: New cabinets…I’m jealous 🙂
[12/31/2007 11:49:37 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Who is this Robbie, and why is he jumping over porta-potties?
[12/31/2007 11:49:43 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Somebody is snoring here.  I must check.
[12/31/2007 11:49:45 PM] Jerry Bauer says: We didn’t have a dishwasher until I rebuild the kitchen, about eight years ago.
[12/31/2007 11:49:55 PM] Mary Featherston says: New everything, Jeannie.  Been a long time coming.
[12/31/2007 11:49:57 PM] Jerry Bauer says: rebuilt, gosh darn it!
[12/31/2007 11:50:07 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: It’s my wife.
[12/31/2007 11:50:10 PM] Jeannie says: We got a quote of something like $18K to redo our kitchen, and it’s about the size of a postage stamp.  Yeesh.
[12/31/2007 11:50:22 PM] Jeannie says: We only got the estimate to get Kitchen Connection to quit calling once a month
[12/31/2007 11:50:46 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Robbie Madison?  In Las Vegas.  He’s jumping the length of a football field.  One of the sponsors in Trojan and they just had the pigs in the bar ad.
[12/31/2007 11:50:47 PM] Mary Featherston says: Ours is fairly good sized, and between the cabinets, the appliances and the floor tiles we’ve spent more than that – no labor, just the stuff.
[12/31/2007 11:51:16 PM] Jeannie says: Neal, I thought you were sending your wife over to Mary’s for some whisky.  Did she make a U-turn?
[12/31/2007 11:51:33 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I think sleep won out.
[12/31/2007 11:51:41 PM] Jeannie says: Or was that Bob E.?
[12/31/2007 11:51:45 PM] Mary Featherston says: She should have come on over, it’s earlier here.
[12/31/2007 11:51:52 PM] Mary Featherston says: No, it was Neal.
[12/31/2007 11:51:52 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I take it he’s using something other than his legs to jump
[12/31/2007 11:52:07 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: I told her, but the drive was going to offset that
[12/31/2007 11:52:20 PM] Bob Ward says: I always thought the USC mascot was curious – who would pay to see a six foot Trojan on a horse
[12/31/2007 11:52:31 PM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, about the least it could be if you’re in Eastern time zone is what – twelve hours?
[12/31/2007 11:52:37 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Motorcycle, which has to “act light a fighter jet”
[12/31/2007 11:53:09 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Ahh!  Move over, ghost of Evel Kneivel.
[12/31/2007 11:53:44 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: It’s 40 years after Evel’s Caesar’s Palace jump or something.
[12/31/2007 11:53:48 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Motorcycle? That’s so last century.  He should use a Segway.
[12/31/2007 11:53:48 PM] mark says: i alwaysd thougth there shoulda bene a horror movie about a maniacal motorcycle guy named EVIL Kenevel
[12/31/2007 11:53:59 PM] Jeannie says: Are there any AFCAns in Hawaii, or will V (if she gets here) be the westernmost one?
[12/31/2007 11:54:17 PM] Mary Featherston says: Jen’s in Australia, Jeannie.
[12/31/2007 11:54:29 PM] Mary Featherston says: It’s midafternoon there.
[12/31/2007 11:54:34 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Yeah, but it’s already the morning after in Aus.
[12/31/2007 11:54:36 PM] Jeannie says: It’s already tomorrow afternoon there, though
[12/31/2007 11:54:47 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: yes, been there, done that
[12/31/2007 11:54:48 PM] Mary Featherston says: ::::waves hand:::::   Details.
[12/31/2007 11:54:51 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Great minds, and all…
[12/31/2007 11:55:25 PM] Mary Featherston says: So where is Veronique, anyway?
[12/31/2007 11:55:30 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Everyone in NoCal is west of me–Lancaster is east of Reno (south, too, obviously)
[12/31/2007 11:55:38 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Out horsing around, no?
[12/31/2007 11:55:45 PM] Jeannie says: back in a few…Happy New Year, EST denizens!!!
[12/31/2007 11:55:47 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I hope to be in Australia in Feb.  Leave a few VB’s in the esky, will you Jen?
[12/31/2007 11:55:53 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: She got her pony for christmas?
[12/31/2007 11:56:02 PM] Jeannie says: i pinged V on email but haven’t heard back…hope she’s OK; she shouldn’t be out partying as sick as she has been
[12/31/2007 11:56:08 PM] Nick Spalding says: Good evening all
[12/31/2007 11:56:08 PM] Mary Featherston says: Right.
[12/31/2007 11:56:09 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’d go for Coopers is I was you, Bob
[12/31/2007 11:56:15 PM] Mary Featherston says: Hi Nick!
[12/31/2007 11:56:19 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hello, Nick!
[12/31/2007 11:56:19 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Hi Nick
[12/31/2007 11:56:24 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: hi Nick
[12/31/2007 11:56:30 PM] Mary Featherston says: Why on earth are you up so early?
[12/31/2007 11:56:34 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Coopers, that’s the one with yeast in the bottom of the bottle, innit?
[12/31/2007 11:57:11 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I like VB very much.
[12/31/2007 11:57:28 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Well, I think it’s time to get my son th turn off the Spongebob movie that he has watched 3 times today so we can waych the ball.
[12/31/2007 11:57:29 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: yes, Coopers is a cloudy beer from south aus
[12/31/2007 11:57:58 PM] Nick Spalding says: I was on earlier at our midnight and thought I would come back for the east-coasters’ one.
[12/31/2007 11:58:05 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: C’mon, Neal, I’m sure he’s got a couple more screenings left in him.
[12/31/2007 11:58:07 PM] Mary Featherston says: Wow.  Such devotion.
[12/31/2007 11:58:11 PM] Bob Ellingson says: I do too, Gondwana, much to my girlfriend’s chagrin…she’s a Queenslander and can’t quite understand why I don’t like XXXX.
[12/31/2007 11:58:28 PM] Mary Featherston says: What are you all talking about?  VB?  XXXX?
[12/31/2007 11:58:31 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: I’m a Queenslander, and I can’t stand XXXX
[12/31/2007 11:58:33 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: Sure he does, and when it’s not on TV, we have the DVD.
[12/31/2007 11:58:41 PM] Bob Ellingson says: VB = Victoria Bitter
[12/31/2007 11:58:45 PM] Bob Ellingson says: XXXX = XXXX
[12/31/2007 11:58:58 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Wall-to-walll Spongebob!
[12/31/2007 11:58:59 PM] Mary Featherston says: Ah.  Thanks.  There’s a beer called XXXX?
[12/31/2007 11:59:05 PM] Jennifer Hallinan says: we call it XXXX because Queenslanders can’t spell “beer”
[12/31/2007 11:59:05 PM] Mary Featherston says: Double Dos Equis?
[12/31/2007 11:59:09 PM] Bob Ellingson says: Four-X is Brisbane beer.
[12/31/2007 11:59:18 PM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Here in the US 4-X is the brand name of lambgut prophylactics
[12/31/2007 11:59:24 PM] Paul L. Madarasz says: There’s a Tres Equis, too, down south.
[12/31/2007 11:59:36 PM] Mary Featherston says: We won’t ask you why you know that, Mary.
[12/31/2007 11:59:41 PM] Neal Eckhardt says: the ball is dropping.
[12:00:01 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Happy New Year, ESTs
[12:00:03 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Oh Neal, unfortunate timing after Mary’s post…
[12:00:08 AM] Mary Featherston says: Happy New Year, Neal.
[12:00:27 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Now
[12:00:35 AM] Mary Featherston says: Anyone else here on the east coast?
[12:00:45 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Yippee!  Another glass of champers.
[12:00:57 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Happy New Year Easterners
[12:01:04 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: TY. I had the cable box programmed to turn off at midnight…. and we missed it.
[12:01:37 AM] Nick Spalding says: Happy New Year!
[12:01:41 AM] Mary Featherston says: Is it time to get obnoxious and sing yet?
[12:02:06 AM] Mary Featherston says: SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT
[12:02:10 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: Should auld acquaintance be forgot
[12:02:17 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: It’s always time to get obnoxious and sing
[12:02:23 AM] Mary Featherston says: And never brought to miiiiiiiiiiind
[12:02:33 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: Sing it sister!
[12:02:38 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Lampshade, anyone?
[12:02:38 AM] Mary Featherston says: I’ll wave my Scotch around a bit
[12:02:49 AM] Mary Featherston says: Should auld acquaintance be forgot
[12:02:50 AM] Mary Featherston says: and auld lang syne
[12:02:52 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: My son is pissed
[12:03:03 AM] Mary Featherston says: Why, because he’s missing SpongeBob?
[12:03:20 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: because he missed the ball when the cable box turned off
[12:03:21 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: He’s not the only one, Neal.
[12:03:42 AM] Mary Featherston says: For differing meanings of the word “pissed”.
[12:03:53 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The pigs are back, singing about flying and buying rubbers from the restroom vending machine
[12:03:59 AM] Mary Featherston says: tell him it will happen again next year, Neal.
[12:04:18 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: yea, like an 8 yo will buy that.
[12:04:22 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Piggies?  Selling condoms?
[12:04:24 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I hpe they have that commerciat for the rose parade
[12:04:36 AM] Mary Featherston says: What are the odds, Mary?
[12:05:01 AM] Mary Featherston says: It’s amazing, Neal – a year used to seem like an eternity when I was a kid.  Now, it seems like if you close your eyes you miss it.
[12:05:24 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: You have to see and hear these hogs to believe it.  It took me several showings to figure out it was a condom ad.
[12:05:36 AM] Mary Featherston says: I wonder if they’re captioned.
[12:05:38 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: That’s true Mary.
[12:05:47 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, quickly fly the years.
[12:05:51 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Maybe if those trojans have a float in the parade
[12:06:08 AM] Mary Featherston says: You got it, Jerry.
[12:06:20 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: Well, time to hit the hay. See you all later. HNY to you all.
[12:06:26 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: When a year is a 1/10 of a life, it’s a pretty substantial chunk of your life; when it’s 1/50 of your life, it seems less (proportionally).
[12:06:31 AM] Mary Featherston says: Night, Neal.  Happy New Year.
[12:06:36 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.
[12:06:42 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: TY
[12:06:43 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Goodnight, Neal
[12:06:45 AM] Nick Spalding says: Goodnight Neal
[12:06:50 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: Ty
[12:06:51 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: Ty
[12:06:53 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Goodnight, neal.  Sleep well.
[12:06:59 AM] Neal Eckhardt says: TYVM
[12:07:10 AM] Mary Featherston says: Yes, Paul, but the years just fly lately.
[12:07:13 AM] Mary Featherston says: Good night, Elvis.
[12:07:18 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Don’t I know it.
[12:07:24 AM] Nick Spalding says: Tell me about it
[12:07:33 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Sorry, Mary; Elvis has left the building.
[12:07:47 AM] Mary Featherston says: He’s always just left, Paul.
[12:08:00 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: And I always just miss him, darn it.
[12:08:18 AM] Bob Ward says: Youtube – Pigs Condom ad…
[12:08:32 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Checking it out…
[12:08:37 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: You know, this hasn’t been the best year ever for some of us.  Mine started with my mom dying.  Three months later my dog died.  Having my dishwasher die isn’t such a terrible ending.
[12:09:24 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Thanks for the Youtube Pig Condom link, Bob.  I wouldn’t have thought to look there.
[12:09:48 AM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, wow – he turned from a pig to a boy by buying the condom.
[12:09:59 AM] Bob Ward says: It’s not nearly on the same scale, but UI was able to get my cat, Ned made whole – it’s good from that standpoint.
[12:10:01 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The pig got wings.
[12:10:25 AM] Mary Featherston says: Mary – same here.  My dad was telling me the other night that 2008 can only be an improvement, that 2007 was the worst year of his life.
[12:10:26 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: “Buy Trojans, Get Lucky.”
[12:10:59 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’ve had better years than this one.
[12:10:59 AM] Bob Ward says: It’samaing how fast things hit youtube.
[12:11:02 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I was just thinking that my year had actually improved, now that I considered it.
[12:11:37 AM] Mary Featherston says: Well, Dad’s going through the first holiday season without Mom.  And her birthday was December 21st.  She would only have been 70.
[12:12:26 AM] Bob Ward says:
[12:13:08 AM] Bob Ward says: Sorry – not following too well.
[12:13:15 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The first christmas without my dad, in 2002, was hard for my mom and Ken and me.
[12:13:29 AM] Mary Featherston says: Bob, that one was great.
[12:13:42 AM] Mary Featherston says: Yes, Mary, that’s what we’ve had going on.
[12:14:04 AM] Bob Ward says: You can spend hours following the thread through youtube.
[12:17:12 AM] Mary Featherston says: Mary, is that motorcycle guy still doing his thing?  I just peeked into the other room and there was a guy putting on a helmet.
[12:17:27 AM] mark says: Happy New Year AFCA!
[12:18:42 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I have no idea what he’s doing now.  Ken’s watching a bowl game (Air Force Academy vs someone) and the channel with the jumper is doing something about Tiger Woods.  Maybe the motorcyclist is holding out for midnight NV time.  Or, even worse, CA time.
[12:18:43 AM] darkon says: (d)
[12:19:13 AM] Mary Featherston says: What’s Tiger up to?
[12:19:20 AM] Mary Featherston says: Mmm, martini, darkon.
[12:19:24 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: So, how’s the future looking, md?
[12:19:30 AM] mark says: mauling more san franciscoans?
[12:19:38 AM] darkon says: I was looking for a champagne glass… that was the closest I could find
[12:19:39 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Putting.  We’ve had the fourth pig ad now.
[12:19:50 AM] mark says: i hope 2008 is better for me than 2007, jeesh
[12:19:50 AM] darkon says: although I toasted in beer, and darkette had wine
[12:19:59 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Ken says there
[12:20:16 AM] mark says: i toasted in brandy
[12:20:24 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Amen!
[12:20:41 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Ken says there’s a video on the web of a woman who can put a condom on a guy with her mouth
[12:20:41 AM] Bob Ward says: Mary, I think they are all on Youtube already – probably a plant from the ad agency.
[12:21:01 AM] mark says: i knew a girl like that in Thaliand
[12:21:20 AM] mark says: i won’t tell you want she did with kiwi fruit
[12:21:22 AM] Bob Ward says: She said therte wasn’t any tape in the camera!
[12:21:29 AM] Mary Featherston says: Whoopie.  That’s probably easier than tying a knot in a cherry stem with your mouth.
[12:23:22 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The ball game is the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth.  AFA Falcons vs UC Berkeley Bears. Tape replay.
[12:23:36 AM] Mary Featherston says: AFA?
[12:23:39 AM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, never mind.
[12:24:12 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Roll on you Bears!
[12:24:37 AM] Mary Featherston says: I have to say, I’d have mixed emotions if someone told me I could be in a bowl game but it was in Fort Worth.
[12:25:11 AM] Jeannie says: This one was offered after yours, Bob
[12:25:12 AM] Jeannie says:
[12:25:13 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Hey, they played a bowl game in Boise Idaho today.  You can recognize it by the blue turf.
[12:25:29 AM] Mary Featherston says: Boise I’ve never been to but it can’t beat Fort Worth by much.
[12:25:44 AM] Jeannie says: Mary S, it seems the death of the dishwasher WAS the third bad luck…you’re in the clear now
[12:26:06 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I just wasn’t taking a long enough view, I guess.
[12:27:06 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Pigs again.  The fifth time in half an hour.
[12:27:40 AM] Mary Featherston says: That’s quite a bit of spending on commercial time for the pigs.
[12:27:43 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The obviously want people to talk about the pigs tomorrow.
[12:27:48 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: They
[12:28:11 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The pigs have been sponsoring football and basketball for a while
[12:28:28 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: This is the first I’ve heard of them.
[12:28:45 AM] Mary Featherston says: I’ve never seen them either.
[12:30:55 AM] Jeannie says: Those are the ugliest pigs I’ve seen in a long time
[12:31:09 AM] Mary Featherston says: Yeah, Babe they ain’t.
[12:31:21 AM] Bob Ward says: They all get prettier at closing time…
[12:31:30 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The jump is about to start.  There’s some official talking to him and now he’s doing wheelies
[12:31:32 AM] Jeannie says: I’ll take your word for that
[12:31:37 AM] Mary Featherston says: If you’re desperate enough.
[12:31:54 AM] Mary Featherston says: Tell us if anything exciting happens, Mary, and I’ll go watch the replay.
[12:32:19 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: There he goes
[12:32:45 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Aborted the first pass
[12:32:53 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Wuss.
[12:33:29 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: The run-in starts in a parking lot.  Here he goes again.
[12:34:28 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: He made it.  Good landing, no crash.
[12:34:43 AM] Mary Featherston says: How far did he jump?
[12:35:16 AM] darkon says: apropos of nothing, 2008 is BOOZ upside down
[12:35:48 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: They’re measuring it right now.  Showgirls dressed like football sideline marker guys, only in short short.
[12:36:01 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: 322′ 7.5″
[12:36:06 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Presentation is all.
[12:36:28 AM] Mary Featherston says: Have another drink, eh, darkon?
[12:36:33 AM] darkon says: /s
[12:36:37 AM] darkon says: oops
[12:36:40 AM] darkon says: 🙂
[12:36:50 AM] darkon says: /s is one of my IRC shortcuts
[12:36:53 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Hoe’s going to do it again.  Maybe he’s going to keep doing it until he breaks something.  I think it needs school buses
[12:37:09 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: On fire!  School buses on fire!
[12:37:37 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Dodging Winnebagos driven by old men in hats on the run-in!
[12:37:56 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: That’s some solid entertainment, there.
[12:38:03 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Pigs again.  Those are really ugly pigs
[12:38:20 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Mightn’t they be overdoing the pig thing?
[12:38:32 AM] Mary Featherston says: I think that horse left the barn, Paul.
[12:38:46 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I hear you.
[12:39:02 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Was he wearing a blanket?
[12:39:18 AM] Mary Featherston says: No, Jeannie didn’t get there in time.
[12:39:37 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: It seems to be thr only sponsor except for the network. Maybe they’re trying to suggest that retroactive use would have been a good idea.
[12:40:11 AM] Mary Featherston says: Or that what he’s doing IS a retroactive abortion if he keeps pushing the odds.
[12:40:23 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Leroy
[12:40:42 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: What cable corp. is this?
[12:40:46 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Here he goes again
[12:41:13 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Same thing.  Definitely needs burning buses.
[12:41:15 AM] Jeannie says: <drum roll>
[12:41:36 AM] Mary Featherston says: It’s the “we have nothing to do on New Year’s Eve but to televise some idiot jumping his motorcycle over a bunch of shit” channel.
[12:41:40 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Espn
[12:41:49 AM] Mary Featherston says: This has to have to do with the writers strike.
[12:41:58 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: That makes sense.
[12:41:59 AM] Jeannie says: “Tombstone” was on earlier
[12:43:17 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Time for more limeade.
[12:43:42 AM] Mary Featherston says: Eighteen minutes to go till NY.
[12:43:52 AM] Jeannie says: Paul, you’re making me thirsty for limeade but it will just make me cold.
[12:43:58 AM] Jeannie says: Besides, I have no limes.
[12:44:00 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: More pigs.  Apropos of nothing,  the motorcycle jumper is an Australian
[12:44:06 AM] Jeannie says: Bananas I have, limes no.
[12:44:27 AM] Jeannie says: Flaming stingrays in school buses!
[12:44:29 AM] Mary Featherston says: You know what I have?  A pomegranate.  I’d forgotten about it.  I’m told they make good juice.
[12:44:45 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Better jelly
[12:44:51 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Bananaade?
[12:44:57 AM] Mary Featherston says: Can you make jelly from one?
[12:45:08 AM] Jeannie says: Lots of anio…antioxie…antioxidea…things good for you in them thar poms
[12:45:31 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: No, you need to stretch it a bit with a bottle of POM.  Kim’s Zombie Lady will oblige, I think.
[12:45:44 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I think they’re hip now. Poms, that is.
[12:45:46 AM] Mary Featherston says: I get my antioxiwossnames from 70% cocoa chocolate.
[12:45:49 AM] Jeannie says: I think I have most of a bottle of POM
[12:45:56 AM] Mary Featherston says: Is it good, Jeannie?
[12:46:11 AM] Mary Featherston says: As Mary said, that’s what Kim’s ZL was wanting her to drink.
[12:46:35 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Grenadine is from pomegranates, I believe.  Good with lime juice.
[12:46:44 AM] Jeannie says: Actually, it’s Xango, and it’s only good on hot days after doing a bunch of housecleaning for a friend who pays you with a box of it
[12:46:56 AM] Jeannie says: Otherwise it’s not sweet enough for my taste
[12:46:59 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Look on my blog for a recipe for pomegranate jelly.  I’ve had a pomegranate bush in my front yard for 35 years.
[12:47:03 AM] mark says: grenedienis pomegranade juice syrup
[12:47:16 AM] Jeannie says: For some reason I also have a bottle of Archer Farms Blueberry Pomegranate Italian Soda.  But alas, we’re out of Ketel One.
[12:47:20 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Grenadine syrup has lots of sugar in it.
[12:47:21 AM] Mary Featherston says: That makes sense.  The Spanish for pomegranate is “grenada”.
[12:47:37 AM] mark says: also where the word “grenade” comes from
[12:47:37 AM] Mary Featherston says: Mary, what’s your blog’s addy?
[12:47:43 AM] Mary Featherston says: Yup.
[12:47:54 AM] mark says: grenada is grenade in spanish
[12:48:10 AM] Jeannie says: Limeade with a shot-glass of grenadine dropped in…a Christmas depth charge!
[12:48:19 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Like the island?  The invasion of which led to the military special olympics (everyone who even mentioned the name got a medal)
[12:48:20 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Yum!
[12:48:31 AM] Mary Featherston says: Well, if you look inside the pomegranate you’ll know why.  It’s just like shrapnel
[12:48:35 AM] mark says: yes liek teh island
[12:48:40 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Just not so sharp
[12:48:49 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Address is
[12:48:55 AM] Mary Featherston says: Thanks!
[12:49:17 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: They even grow down here.
[12:49:36 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I’m trying to convince people to make the jelly because it was a family tradition.  My mom had been making it since the ’50s
[12:50:25 AM] Jeannie says: No pom trees (hee!) here, but lots of persimmons.
[12:50:45 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: My mom made great persimmon cookies.
[12:51:08 AM] Mary Featherston says: Mary, all I see is knitting.
[12:51:20 AM] Jeannie says: A lady at work makes good ones, too.  I might make some if I remember to check the tree next door before the squirrels and raccoons make off with the fruit.
[12:51:41 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Search for pomegranate or jelly, I think.  It was last summer
[12:52:41 AM] Mary Featherston says: Nope.  No workie.
[12:53:32 AM] Jeannie says: workie for me…April 23, 2007
[12:53:35 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Here:
[12:53:38 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says:
[12:54:27 AM] Mary Featherston says: Yum.  Thanks.
[12:54:37 AM] Jeannie says: how do you juice a pomegranate?
[12:54:47 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Very carefully
[12:55:00 AM] Mary Featherston says: Can’t you just put it in a juicer?
[12:55:11 AM] Jeannie says: Do you use a citrus juicer, or just squeeze like crazy?
[12:55:17 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: They don’t work that way.
[12:55:25 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I use the food mill attachment on my KA mixer, after carefully cutting it apart and shelling out the individual seeds
[12:55:36 AM] Jeannie says: They’ve got ribs and seeds and all sorts of things IIRC
[12:56:03 AM] Mary Featherston says: But juice machines just mash the bejesus out of the whole fruit.
[12:56:15 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Do we have any Central Timers here?
[12:56:19 AM] Mary Featherston says: Me.
[12:56:20 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: No, don’t use a juicer.  Parts of it are kind of bitter.
[12:56:25 AM] Mary Featherston says: Oh, I see.
[12:56:41 AM] Jeannie says: So is it the fruit or the seeds that you run through the food mill?
[12:56:42 AM] Mary Featherston says: I’m about 25 miles southwest of Minneapolis.
[12:57:03 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Cheat and buy the juice like my mom and I do.  Run the seeds through the mill, not the whole fruit.
[12:57:06 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Ah, yes.  Cold, I imagine.  Perhaps even snowy.
[12:57:15 AM] Mary Featherston says: Quite snowy, this year.
[12:57:22 AM] Mary Featherston says: We’ve had about 20 inches.
[12:57:28 AM] Jeannie says: Buy, got it.  Any particular brand?
[12:57:34 AM] Mary Featherston says: POM!
[12:57:47 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I saw the snow on top of the mountains north of here.  That was close enough.
[12:57:58 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: POM is one, but there are at least three.  Just be sure it’s only pomegranate juice.
[12:57:58 AM] mark says: i got the same exact text message twice in a row with two diff numbers, one in Miami and one outside of Atlanta.
[12:58:23 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I see the snow on the mountains south of here.  That’s close enough, too.
[12:58:28 AM] Jeannie says: OK, and when you  bring it to a boil, is that over high heat or medium?
[12:58:29 AM] Mary Featherston says: It’s about 10 degrees F here, Paul.
[12:58:41 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: My… God!
[12:58:44 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Fairly high.
[12:58:48 AM] Mary Featherston says: Well, I’m inside, you know.
[12:58:50 AM] Jeannie says: OK, thanks!
[12:58:53 AM] Jeannie says: 10F…yikes
[12:59:21 AM] Mary Featherston says: Central heat does wonders.  Plus in a very short amount of time I intend to be under my down comforter.
[12:59:23 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: You can’t stay inside forever.
[12:59:26 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I have family in northeast Iowa, just south of Rochester.  We don’t visit them in the winter.
[12:59:33 AM] Mary Featherston says: I’ve only been here for four hours!
[12:59:36 AM] Bill Turlock says: Jeannie– Here’s yer S.S. photos for tonite:
[12:59:45 AM] Mary Featherston says: Bill, when did you arrive?
[12:59:50 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, Bill
[1:00:22 AM] Mary Featherston says: Should auld acquaintance be forgot……..Happy New Year, Central Time.
[1:00:33 AM] Bill Turlock says: I think I been lurking since around 9:00 PT, but I been processing the San Lorenzo sunset photos
[1:00:40 AM] Jeannie says: ooooh, nice!  Thanks (and hi) Bill!  I like #39 best
[1:00:49 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Pretty, Bill.  Did I ever tell you I lived in a small town west of Turlock, CA, for seven years when I was a kid?
[1:00:50 AM] Jeannie says: Happy New Year, Mary F!
[1:01:03 AM] Jeannie says: Ripon?
[1:01:06 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Happy New Year, Mary.
[1:01:11 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Patterson.
[1:01:17 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: HNY, Mary.
[1:01:18 AM] Mary Featherston says: Very nice, Bill.
[1:01:40 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Good shots, Bill.
[1:02:10 AM] Nick Spalding says: Off for some more sleep
[1:02:17 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Night, Nick.
[1:02:26 AM] Mary Featherston says: Well, now that it’s 2008 I think I need to buzz off.  I had a longish day at work, then I worked out, then I ate dinner and came here.  Now i need to sleep.
[1:02:30 AM] Mary Featherston says: Night, Nick.
[1:02:32 AM] Jeannie says: Ah, hubby has a co-worker who lives there.  We got lost trying to find her house because the sign had been removed.  “Oh, that happens a lot” she said, not apologizing for having forgotten to tell us that there was no sign at a crucial turn.  I would have turned and left then and there except she let me ride her horse along the canal (or was it RR tracks?) out back.
[1:02:41 AM] Jeannie says: Good night again, Nick!
[1:02:43 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Night, Mary.
[1:02:53 AM] Mary Featherston says: Happy New Year, all of you.
[1:02:55 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Good night, Mary.  Sleep well.
[1:02:56 AM] Bill Turlock says: Thank you all. I really hate for there to be anything man-made in my shots, but I knew there wasn’t time to drive somewhere else, and it was a truly spectacular sunset!
[1:03:11 AM] Mary Featherston says: Sometimes man-made is okay, Bill.
[1:03:13 AM] Mary Featherston says: See you all later.
[1:03:35 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Ahh, good.  Someone else noticed that sunset!
[1:03:41 AM] Bill Turlock says: Nytall
[1:03:41 AM] Jeannie says: G’night, Mary.
[1:04:07 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Night, Bill.
[1:04:09 AM] Jeannie says: Not going to hang with the rest of us West Coaters until midnight, Bill??
[1:04:20 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Good night, Bill.  Sleep well.
[1:04:38 AM] Bill Turlock says: Sure I am. just sayin nite to Mary
[1:04:43 AM] Jeannie says: Oh, kay.
[1:04:47 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Oh.
[1:04:52 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Sorry, my misunderstanding
[1:06:52 AM] Bill Turlock says: Mary S–did you know that there’s no human being on the face of the planet named Turlock?
[1:07:43 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  I think we looked it up in “California Place Names”
[1:08:15 AM] Jerry Bauer says: O’Carolan
[1:08:39 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Bill, I was marveling at those clouds tonight as I was driving home.  Did you notice the two sort of “holes” in the solid cover, with a miniature vortex underneath each one?  You can sort of see it in pic #335.
[1:08:41 AM] Jeannie says: Bailey’s
[1:08:44 AM] Jerry Bauer says: He spelled it differently, though.
[1:08:59 AM] Bill Turlock says: Bob–Yep!
[1:09:02 AM] Kim says: OK – is anyone still here?
[1:09:10 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Not me!
[1:09:14 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Nor I
[1:09:21 AM] Bill Turlock says: Shhhh
[1:09:22 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Hi Kim!
[1:09:31 AM] Kim says: I am back from the party
[1:09:36 AM] Jerry Bauer says: You can’t prove anything.  I was nowhere near the place.
[1:09:41 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: How was it?
[1:09:44 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Did you have a marvelous time?
[1:09:57 AM] Kim says: where we had an actual fall to the floor pass out cold by the host
[1:10:08 AM] Kim says: I thought it time to go home at that point
[1:10:18 AM] Bill Turlock says: PAR-TAY!!!
[1:10:22 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Malone never fails to impress!
[1:10:33 AM] Kim says: ain’t that the fucking truth
[1:10:40 AM] Kim says: good god
[1:10:46 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: You folks in Malone really know how to have a good time.
[1:10:52 AM] Kim says: best part????>???? I got it on the new DVD camcorder
[1:11:01 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Oh YESSS!
[1:11:09 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Does that camcorder ever leave your hands?
[1:11:26 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I knew you had great plans for that camcorder.
[1:11:26 AM] Kim says: but not before a really impressive showing by the same host trying to figure out the date
[1:11:57 AM] Kim says: it was SOOOO funny – “Ray?? What is the date?” “ummmmmm…1908.”
[1:12:15 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Hey, he was close!
[1:12:16 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Solid entertainment!
[1:12:29 AM] Kim says: “OK Ray – what day is it?” “Ummmm… I don’t know – how do I know the fucking date?”
[1:12:45 AM] Kim says: And I have this all on video
[1:13:01 AM] Bob Ellingson says: I used to get my centuries mixed up too.  Then I got an encyclopedia.
[1:13:14 AM] Jeannie says: I’d say you have blackmail material but that sounds like SOP in Malone…hee hee!
[1:13:16 AM] Kim says: Then he fell to the floor passed out cold – right in the middle of a sentence. I have *NEVER* seen anyone do that before – sheltered life I guess
[1:13:35 AM] Kim says: And I thought *I* was drunk.
[1:13:52 AM] darkon says: If I ever am in Malone, I am NOT getting drunk around you — unless that video camera is missing or broken
[1:14:10 AM] Kim says: Oh – it’s small though – you’ll never know I have it
[1:14:13 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: What happens in Malone, stays in Malone
[1:14:27 AM] Bob Ellingson says: …until it’s blogged.
[1:14:28 AM] Kim says: until I put it on the blog
[1:14:31 AM] Kim says: GMTA
[1:14:35 AM] Jerry Bauer says: That camcorder is a gift to the world.  You’ve got blog fodder galore now.  Who needs Phil Specter when Kim has a camcorder?
[1:15:10 AM] Kim says: I tried to take video of Paul all night – every time I found him he was scarfing down more food at the buffet table
[1:15:23 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: And aren’t we about ready for another juicy trial?  I mean, it’s been months.
[1:15:36 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: You got some really nice video of Natasha opening her gifts.
[1:15:48 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Yabbut Court TV has sold out.
[1:15:54 AM] Kim says: I know – I keep hoping Britney or Lindsey or Paris kills someone
[1:16:10 AM] Bob Ellingson says: It’s all Starr, all the time.
[1:17:09 AM] Jerry Bauer says: A thousand channels and nothing to watch.  Television is a half-vast wasteland.
[1:17:10 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I feel kind of bad about that.  I never got around to watching it when it was good.
[1:17:15 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I heard about their changing their name, but I didn’t know there was some serious revamping going on.
[1:17:23 AM] mark says: well guys, next New Year’s you are all invited to my place when my family re-claims our ranch in Cuba!
[1:18:23 AM] Kim says: I just blogged aobut the change from Court TV to Tru TV today
[1:18:31 AM] Jeannie says: ::crickets::
[1:18:36 AM] Jeannie says: (for mark)
[1:18:47 AM] Kim says: Sorry – I’m downloading some pics from the camera
[1:18:48 AM] Jeannie says: Cuba??  Uh, don’t spend too much on the catering!
[1:18:57 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Oh, that’s going to go so well….  I put it right up there with Native Americans trying to get their land back.
[1:19:01 AM] QueBarbara says: Happy New Year, y’all!
[1:19:03 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Cuba, sí!
[1:19:19 AM] mark says: well, my grandma’s hoping…
[1:19:24 AM] Jeannie says: Happy New Year, Barbara!
[1:19:32 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Hey, Que, whaddaya say?
[1:19:47 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Hi, QB!
[1:19:48 AM] QueBarbara says: Hi Jeannie, Kim, Mary, et al
[1:20:02 AM] Kim says: et al to you too
[1:20:09 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Ooh, Sarah Jane is out of the pokey…
[1:20:12 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Don’t tell her what I said.  I don’t like being cruel to grandmothers.
[1:20:25 AM] QueBarbara says: I did et alot.
[1:20:43 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Hi, QueBie.  How are you doing?
[1:21:26 AM] QueBarbara says: Just sneaking away from the party to say hey.
[1:22:37 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I keep thinking there should be some way to get everyone to Palm Desert, where it’s warm this time of year, but I don’t think it’s very practical
[1:22:59 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Do I need a passport?
[1:23:22 AM] Kim says: Here is a pic of Paul and the host – before the host passed out in the middle of a sentence                  
[1:23:30 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Gray hair, mostly.
[1:24:15 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Guess I won’t be stopped at your border, then.
[1:24:51 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Feeling no pain.
[1:25:22 AM] Jeannie says: sorry but which is paul?
[1:25:34 AM] Kim says: The one with the beard
[1:25:51 AM] Jeannie says: typing with left hand…cat in crook of right arm
[1:25:53 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: They both look a little unsteady, with eyelids at half-mast.
[1:26:02 AM] Kim says: here’s paul – eating – since that’s his native environment
[1:26:09 AM] Bob Ward says: Mary – You could count on me…
[1:26:13 AM] Jeannie says: looks happy
[1:27:51 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Bob, you’re not trying to escape real winter weather.  You’re welcome any time, though.
[1:28:42 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Kim, how does Paul stay so thin?  From what you say, he eats like a horse, but it sure doesn’t show.  Hard work?  Fast metabolism?
[1:28:56 AM] Bob Ward says: Have you mentioned the insurance inventory propoosal to your HOA yet?  I’m still hoping to get that working soon.
[1:28:57 AM] Kim says: Thyroid imbalance
[1:29:10 AM] Jeannie says: need more big airports nearby…come to san jose!
[1:29:17 AM] Kim says: he’s dropped at least 100 pounds since his thyroid problem was diagnosed
[1:29:53 AM] Kim says: they just changed his medicine to try to stem the weight loss issues
[1:29:57 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I haven’t made it down there yet.  We finally got the new van back (it was gone for over three weeks) and we’re probably going to leave in a week or so.
[1:30:06 AM] Bob Ward says: I
[1:30:07 AM] Kim says: the synthroid was doing nothing
[1:30:29 AM] Bob Ward says: I’ll email you some info, Mary…
[1:30:49 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Our  airport in Palm Springs isn’t that small.  We get direct flights from places like Philly in winter.
[1:31:11 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Thanks, Bob.  I was going to contact you once we got down there.
[1:31:30 AM] Bob Ward says: And a berry, berry nice museum alongside, to boot!
[1:31:41 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Kim, is it the opposite of what synthroid is supposed to do?  Does he have too much naturally?
[1:32:19 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: They got an F-14 last year, which is when I really believed the USN was retiring them.  Iran hasn’t, though
[1:33:34 AM] Bob Ward says: Still haven’t made a proper trip out there, but I drive by from time to time.
[1:34:10 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Mary S., Opus is calling for you in afca.
[1:34:23 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t been there either.
[1:34:31 AM] Kim says: no, Mary – his problem is no thyroid at all – it’s like it shut down and stopped working all of a sudden
[1:35:08 AM] Kim says: the tests they ran showed no thyroid activity at all – and his blood pressure was dengerously low
[1:37:31 AM] Bob Ward says: Paul – can you forward Opus the link?
[1:38:30 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The URL from the screen that says “success?”
[1:38:31 AM] Jeannie says: Yikes, that’s scary, Kim!  Hope they’ve got him on something that works now.
[1:38:53 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: I’d have thought that wouldn’t make him skinny.  How odd and scary.
[1:38:58 AM] Bob Ward says: The link i sent you in email…
[1:39:10 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Ah, yes!  Will do.
[1:39:47 AM] Bob Ward says: Better yet, post it in AFCA…
[1:40:37 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Just did.
[1:40:41 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Isn’t that how we got Ed C*nr*d last year?
[1:40:55 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Jeez, *he* showed up?
[1:40:56 AM] Bob Ward says: I have no thyroid, and my doctor swars I’m semi-bulemic – now I lneed to practice the “purge” cycle
[1:41:24 AM] darkon says: someone claiming to be him, anyway
[1:41:43 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Mighta been some joker, but same effect.
[1:41:53 AM] darkon says: yeah. still a troll.
[1:41:57 AM] Bob Ward says: Bob – I wouldn’t let Mr “Old as coal” past the gate.  We have some standards, after all!
[1:42:02 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: The jokers are pretty interchangeable.
[1:42:12 AM] Jerry Bauer says: We have standards?
[1:42:30 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: And if you don’t like them, we’ll lower them for you.
[1:43:11 AM] Bob Ward says: sure – rakes, my aunt’s monkey,Shawn’s economics degree…
[1:43:16 AM] darkon says: dunno about you, but *I* have standards.  “minimally entertaining”.  Usenet is for fun.
[1:44:16 AM] darkon says: and YRDLSH, but that comes under entertainment
[1:44:24 AM] Kim says: I hate watching Dick Clark’s rockin new years eve – makes me feel so old. There hasn’t been a singer yet I recognized – I guess the “rocking” part is taking on a whole new meaning for me
[1:44:49 AM] darkon says: I didn’t watch it….  I already know I’m headed toward old fartitude
[1:45:10 AM] Bob Ward says: I think that registering for Skype is a pretty effective way to limit the riff-raff.  And we CAN ban anyone – if it comes to it.
[1:45:36 AM] Kim says: and I hate that song “unwritten” – “only you can let it in , the rest is still unwritten” – haven’t they fuicking written it yet? I’ve been hearing that song for a damned year now
[1:45:39 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: We can or you can?
[1:45:42 AM] Bob Ellingson says: I just looked at Kim’s blog to see if the chat from last year was still archived there, but didn’t see it.  But someone was posting as Ed with the usual links.  No chat, just links.
[1:46:19 AM] Kim says: I have the chat – do you want me to unhide it? It’s still there – I just hid it cuz I had no more room for tabs
[1:46:19 AM] Bob Ward says: I know I can –  think you probably can…
[1:46:32 AM] Bill Turlock says: I have it… somewhere…
[1:46:40 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Nah, just idle curiosity.
[1:47:02 AM] darkon says: heh… I know this isn’t him, but it looks like Paul Krugman wearing a Harley hat:
[1:47:28 AM] mark says: well guys I guess I am going to go to bed for the first time in 2008.
[1:47:44 AM] darkon says: g’nite mdzingo
[1:47:50 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Good Night, md.
[1:47:51 AM] Jeannie says: ‘Night!
[1:47:56 AM] mark says: thats MdGinzo to you! 🙂
[1:48:10 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says:  Good night.  Sleep well and thanks for the help.
[1:48:22 AM] Bob Ward says: I just took a look at this year’s log – over 192K an hour or so ago.  Kim, you want to post it?  You can use CTRL-A – CTRL-V to save it, after opening it to the beginning up at the top.
[1:48:28 AM] mark says: maybe 2008 is the year I get ridf of the “d” in Mdginzo. it stood for my ex wife
[1:48:46 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Oog.
[1:48:55 AM] mark says: nite all
[1:49:00 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: How long has she been “ex”?  You don’t want to rush into these things.
[1:49:10 AM] Kim says: yeah I can publish it witht he one from last year – I just unhid it – it’s on the blog again now
[1:49:16 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Good night, Mark.
[1:49:21 AM] mark says: been ex since august officially
[1:49:38 AM] darkon says: oops
[1:49:40 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: That’s not very long, then.
[1:50:37 AM] Bob Ellingson says: I don’t remember any particular rowdiness from last time…
[1:51:06 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Maybe I better look at that archive!  Was it something I said?
[1:51:08 AM] Bob Ward says: Other than someone forging Kim’s posts for half the night…
[1:51:29 AM] Kim says: yeah, that was fun
[1:51:33 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Ooh, I guess that blew right by me…
[1:51:58 AM] Bob Ward says: and morphing to different names at will.  Can’t happen in Skype.
[1:52:05 AM] Kim says: I wasn’t even there and I was still posting – it was like tiwlight zone
[1:52:33 AM] Kim says: OK – and I tried to use the Ctrl a Ctrl v thing to copy this chat and that doesn’t work – any other way?
[1:52:45 AM] darkon says: hmm
[1:52:54 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Works here.
[1:53:20 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: You have to have the cursor on the text.
[1:53:30 AM] Kim says:  yeah – i got it now i think
[1:53:52 AM] Opus the Penguin (fake) says: I am not a penguin.
[1:53:54 AM] Bob Ward says: That’s how we came to Skype – the aftermath had us looking for a way to keep the peace – and the chat lasted well into the new year.  I’ll keep this one upp for as long as anyone comes looking for an ear to listen.
[1:54:25 AM] Bob Ward says: Welcome, Opus – wsere your ears burning?
[1:54:35 AM] Opus the Penguin (fake) says: That was me
[1:54:45 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: You are René Magritte and I claim my 5 bowler hats.
[1:54:49 AM] darkon says: /s
[1:54:52 AM] darkon says: 🙂
[1:55:05 AM] Jeannie says: I still don’t get that
[1:55:12 AM] darkon says: get  what?
[1:55:22 AM] Bob Ward ejected and banned darkon from this chat
[1:55:33 AM] Jeannie says: Paul’s “you are ___ and I claim my 5 ___”
[1:56:01 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’d explain it, but I’m getting ready to hide under my bed from the new year.
[1:56:09 AM] Bill Turlock says: One of the spooky things about it was that that chat client shows the last quad of your addy, and it matched mine! What’re the chances of that? (I know, one in 256)
[1:56:15 AM] Jeannie says: I’ll have to figure out how to look it up somewhere
[1:56:37 AM] Bob Ward added darkon to this chat
[1:56:44 AM] Jeannie says: whoa, Bob, what’d darkon do??
[1:56:59 AM] Bob Ward says: He was spoofing opus…
[1:57:20 AM] Jeannie says: By saying he was not a penguin?
[1:57:24 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: He *did* say (fake)
[1:57:35 AM] darkon says: You’ll notice that I added (fake) onto the end of it, too.
[1:58:05 AM] Jeannie says: Ah, that was what the hmm was for…you were trying to figure out how to spoof in Skype?
[1:58:14 AM] Jeannie says: I did not see the (fake)
[1:58:16 AM] darkon says: All I was doing was demonstrating that it’s easy to spoof names
[1:58:58 AM] Bob Ellingson says: I never saw anything that said Opus…is it different for different browsers?  You were darkon all along…
[1:59:05 AM] Jeannie says: Same here
[1:59:09 AM] Jeannie says: The Shadow knows….
[1:57:45 AM] Bob Ward says: He’s back now.  If I’d had that button last year, it would not have gotten out of hand.,
[1:58:11 AM] Bob Ward says: By using Opus’ name to post.
[2:00:14 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Oh, jeez… here comes yet another year.
[2:00:30 AM] Bob Ward says: I’ve fired my warning shot…
[2:01:09 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: 2008: So far, so good.
[2:01:09 AM] Jerry Bauer says: Is that what the kids are…
[2:01:34 AM] Jeannie says: Happy New Year, Paul!
[2:01:38 AM] Bob Ward says: THe boinking pigs are so last year…
[2:01:47 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Thanks, Jeannie
[2:02:00 AM] Jeannie says: EVERYTHING is (almost) so last year!!
[2:02:50 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: Happy New Year, Paul!
[2:02:56 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Thanks, Mary.
[2:03:14 AM] Bob Ward says: Another hour to go for PS.
[2:03:21 AM] Bob Ward says: PST
[2:03:36 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: Looks to be a pretty quiet year, if the first three minutes are anything like the rest.
[2:04:19 AM] Bob Ellingson says: Izzat good or bad?
[2:04:28 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I like it quiet.
[2:04:43 AM] reunite.gond.mary.shafer says: It took me a few years to figure out why “May you live in interesting times” is a curse.
[2:08:03 AM] Bob Ward says: Looks like things are quieting down…
[2:08:43 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: “It’s quiet out there… TOO quiet!”
[2:08:45 AM] bynnad-harlem joined this chat
[2:09:13 AM] Jeannie says: Everyone but us’ns have gone to bed…we are still waiting for midnight
[2:09:34 AM] Bob Ward says: WE really don’t want to play that game, do we?
[2:09:35 AM] Jeannie says: Whozzat??
[2:09:36 AM] bynnad-harlem says: dannyb here. what about our west coast folk? They’ve still
[2:09:51 AM] bynnad-harlem says: got an hour before witching hour… and then htere’s anyone in Hawaii …
[2:09:57 AM] QueBarbara says: What game?
[2:10:03 AM] Paul L. Madarasz says: I’m left over from 10 minutes ago.
[2:10:16 AM] Bob Ward says: Sorry – I may have over-reacted.


2 Responses to “AFCA Chat Log 2007”

  1. jason_ajacied said


  2. […] AFCA Chat Log 2007 « The Darwin Exception[12/2/2007 7:06:57 PM] Bob Ward says: I guess.  I’ve tried to add value in AFCA – I started the AFCAlbum quite awhile ago, and Yahoo keeps improving the product there as well.  We started with 25 MB of photo storage, and we now have 100 MB available, and could link to FLIKR for unlimited space.  I’d like to… […]

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