The Darwin Exception

because it's not always survival of the fittest – sometimes the idiots get through

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About Me

My husband and I recently moved from Florida to Vermont and then to the “beautiful” foothills of the Adirondack mountains – a land that truly is “forgotten by time”. This blog contains my own personal rantings about our new neighbors, the area, our ongoing remodeling project, our own particular quirks and peccadillos and the general attitude and ambience of the surroundings we find ourselves in.

 If you’d like to e-mail me – or send along “Stupidity in the News” articles, advertisements, etc. Or, if you’d like to make a comment but are too shy to leave one in the forum, but are brave enough to email one,  please feel free to do so. My e-mail address is

If you’d like to make a donation to “The Sink Fund” – you can do that, too. Just send money to me or to my paypal account.


30 Responses to “About Me”

  1. groo said



  2. Hank said


    I think I’ve found you a kindred spirit. Read this and see if it doesn’t sound like you.

  3. Hank said

    Let me try again. Read this:

  4. Hank said

    Screw it. I give up.

  5. No! Don’t give up I got there – and she really could be my sister, couldn’t she? No, wait, my sister is a dope that’s on Welfare.

    Well, she could be my sister from my real family – the one I was switched at birth from.


  6. Jamie said


    Love it!!!


  7. Bill said

    Nothing to say, except I love you and Paul.


  8. Frankie Bones said

    Awesome job on the Phil Spector trial testimony!

  9. DAMN! I have bookmarked your blog. That Spector testimony thumbnail was spot on and fabulous. You have gifts, girl, and I for one wish to enjoy your writings on any subject you choose to elucidate.



  10. noor b said

    You are a very gifted writter and I hope you will publish a book, if you do, I will read it, that’s for sure.

    Thanks Kim!

  11. Glenda said

    Ditto and Ditto–as a editor and writer, I am amazed by your word dexterity and ability to cut right to the heart of a myriad of subjects. Well done and I’m now a reader and a fan.

  12. Matt said

    I ran across your blog while searching the Spector trial. Your witty (and insightful)coverage is outstanding! Your Blog is now one of my favorites everyday! You have such an excellent style of writing!

  13. Kay said

    To the extremely gifted writer of “The Darwin Exception”:
    You have a great talent and I am enjoying reading your posts on the Spector trial. I find a few words that are a bit salty for this old lady……I am a great grandmother. Your writings certainly stand alone, and above other commentaries, and would do so without the salty words.

  14. Cher said

    Love your blog.. You’ve actually made me laugh out loud! This is rare. Rock on

  15. sadie said

    what a great blog!

  16. Mary C. said

    Love your writings—do a book, make a million.

  17. TourPro said

    Hey! You are Famous!!

    Phil Spector, uncovered and under the spotlight

  18. Hey! You are Famous!!

    I know! Isn’t it cool. I shall now start charging you to come here – you owe me a nickel.


  19. abarclay12 said

    Love the Phil Spector updates. I wonder what your next big trial coverage will be??

  20. Healer said

    What a gift you have – thanks for sharing it and thanks for making me laugh!
    I will visit regularly and BTW, love the salty language 🙂

  21. pamrajan said

    I love the heading/title… and had a hearty guffaw as i read thru… thanks …
    as for the idiots that got thru… far too many got thru and Darwin’s theory is beginning to stink. Or ??? … are idiots more fitter?? And that makes a light bulb glow for me… rather brightly too…
    Those perfect bods we see jogging around and grabbing so much attention,can barely get past the “Duh? Duh!” stage of a conversation more often than not. Quite idiotic … Idiot as in equal to a single-digit IQ.
    So… ‘cheers’ to the few exceptions (present company included) that prove the rule…

  22. A.D.A. said

    Pamrajan, as it says in Proverbs, “A beautiful woman without intelligence is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.” 🙂

  23. A.D.A. said

    And kudos to you, dear Kim, for keeping the swine in their pens, and allowing us to wield our pens together (or type, anyway)! When did the exercise of critical intelligence transmute into a hostile act?
    Please stay “Our Bitch Kim” forever, even through your inevitable fame. (Remember when Star Jones was an earnest fat black woman young attorney?)

  24. peej said

    kim – your blog has been so valuable esp regarding spector trial – it is so thorough and i wait for it daily so i can find out what really happened. too many things get misunderstood by posters on ctv and i refer back to your blog for info on past hearing dates. I lknow its alot of work but it is really appreciated

  25. Kim (Canada) said

    Thought I’d share in sending out my “pat on the back” to you…
    Awesome info – Fantastic writings!

    You a “Supa-star” in the WWW!

    Cheers and Chuckles,


  26. shotzie said

    Kim, I have been reading your blog thru out the spector trial and you are truly a awesome write like I talk…Geez I am a bartender and your words are my I tell my friends if you don’t like my talk move on..This is the way I am..
    Your writing is the only one I have found that keeps me doubled up. You are hilarious. Keep up your great writings.

    Kim on your illness have you ever looked into alternative medicine. It does work, in your case I am not sure but I would investigate. I will send my guardian angel “Gretchen” to watch over you she has strong powers she helped me thru my cancer.

    Let the supreme being watch over you who ever the hell that is, I beleive in spirits, but I am indian what can I say.
    Take care Kim c you at spectors next trial.

  27. Penny said

    Dear Kim,

    As huge fans – so happy to see you are no longer linking to a certain blog. Your wit, charm and talent is extraordinaire and clearly should not be muddied by association.


  28. Kay said

    Hope you are feeling okay. Concerns mount when you don’t blog for a few days. I look forward to your stories and comments. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. Prayers for you.
    Kay in California

  29. Christine said

    Hi Kim

    Please email me. I have been trying to get in touch with you for months.

  30. Stacey said

    Kim I have missed reading your blog. Where did you go and are you on twitter?

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