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Cleopatra, Queen of Denial, Testifies

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 28, 2011

Saturday morning and the Lightning lost last night – the jury is going to be pissed.

The state re-calls Anthony Lazzaro. Maybe the state will be able to get those instant messages into evidence!

Lazzaro identifies his Full Sail registration sheet, and testifies that on June 30th he left for his NY vacation, returning on July 5th. He kept in contact with Casey during the time he was away. When he came back home Casey picked him up at the airport in his car. He noticed no change in her demeanor – she was just happy to see him. That evening they went to Buffalo Hot Wings. After that night Casey stayed with him every night until the 15th. There was no change in her behavior or demeanor that Tony noticed.

Tony identifies the receipt from Blockbuster from 6/16 (he mistakenly identifies the date as the 18th at first). They rented Jumper and something else.

Mr. George then asks him about the evening of July 15th.. Tony and Nate were playing Xbox, Casey was also in the house. That night was the All Star game. While the guys were playing Xbox, there was a knock on the door. He yelled “Come in”. Casey’s friend Amy came in. They looked at each other and they walked out. He didn’t hear them speak at all. Casey walked out – the guys went back to playing their game. A little bit later, Casey came running back in, and her mother was standing at the door. Tony had never met Casey’s mother before. Casey and her mother were yelling at each other. Casey’s mother told her to get her stuff and Casey said “No, I’m coming back.” Tony sat there in shock. They were in the apartment less than a minute and they left. Tony thought “Someone’s in trouble!” And he didn’t try calling Casey right away, figuring it was something she and her mother had to work out.

After a while Tony called Casey’s phone, and realized the phone was still in the apartment, and he didn’t have her parent’s house number. So, he called Amy. He knew that Amy had been at the house with Casey’s mother.

Later that night a deputy came to the apartment. Tony gave the deputy Casey’s cell phone. The Sheriff was there less than a minute and he left. The same deputy returned not long after and Tony let him search the apartment. He didn’t leave with anything. He was there about a half hour and left. Then Lee Anthony came to the apartment – Tony asked him what was going on. Tony gave Lee a duffel bag of clothes and Casey’s laptop. Tony thought to himself “Wow” – it was a rough couple of hours.

On July 16th Casey sent him a text message. The state then goes over the text message conversation between Tony and Casey.

7/16/2008 6:40 am

Casey: I’m so sorry for not telling you what happened. We obviously need to talk. I need you and I love you more than you know.

Tony: Where is Caylee?

Casey: I honestly don’t know

Tony: I don’t know……. Are you serious?

Tony testifies that he was upset at this point. Very angry – and very worried.

Tony: I don’t know….are you serious? When did you find out?

Casey: I’ve been filing reports all night and driving around all night with multiple officers looking at old apartments I’ve taken her to. Everything. I am the worst fucking person in the entire world. I don’t know what I’ll do if something happens to her.

6:54 am

Casey: Too long. Let’s just leave it at that.

Tony: Why wouldn’t you tell me of all people? I was your boyfriend that cares about you and your daughter. Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you lie to me thinking she was fine with your nanny.

Casey: I lied to everyone What was I supposed to say? I trusted my daughter with some psycho? How does that look?

7:02 am

Tony: I don’t know what to say. I just hope your daughter is OK and I’m going to do whatever I can do to help your family and the cops.

Casey: I was put in handcuffs for almost 10 minutes. Sat in the back seat of a cop car. The best thing and the most important person in my life is missing and God only knows if I’m ever going to see her again. I’m the dumbest person and the worst mother. I honestly hate myself.

7:03 am.

Casey: The most important thing is getting Caylee back. I truly hope that you can forgive me. Even though I will never be able to forgive myself nor will my family.

7:04 am

Tony: Who is this Zanny nanny person?

Casey: Someone I had met through a mutual friend almost 4 years ago. She used to be my buddy Jeff’s nanny before she became mine.

7:09 am

Casey: I’m scared.

Tony: are you home?

Casey: Yeah, almost 12 hours of stuff. I’m finally getting a shower. I feel like hell.

Tony: Where did you drop off Caylee last time you saw her?

Casey: At her apartment at the bottom of the stairs.

Tony: Where?

Casey: SawGrass Apartments

7:19 am

Casey: Have told and showed the police the apartment. Told them and drove out there with two different officers. I just got back from the second drive. If they don’t find her guess who gets blamed and spends eternity in jail.

7:23 am

Tony: Yeah, no shit. This is serious. Why wouldn’t you say something sooner about this to anyone?

7:24 am

Tony: Oh – and why are you texting me and not calling?

Casey: I’ve talked to two people who are directly connected to Zanny. How can I sit there and be so blind and stupid. My fault.

7:25 am

Casey: I was scared to admit it. I was scared that something was going to happen to my baby.

After this exchange, Tony spoke to Casey on the phone. Tony called her. The first question he asked was “Where is Caylee?” She said “I don’t know.” Tony says he was angry because he felt lied to and betrayed. Tony asked her “How do you not know? How do you not know where your daughter is?” And she replied simply “I just don’t know.” Tony could see the conversation was going nowhere and he was irritated. Tony wasn’t getting any answers just “I don’t know”. So he hung up and went to class.

Baez then crosses the witness. He gets Tony to say that this was a bizarre conversation, that it was like a slap in the face to reality. He wants Tony to say that it’s just too weird to be from a normal person who is in touch with the real world. Baez asks if in the text messages Casey acts like Caylee is still alive. Tony says yeah. Baez also says that despite all this, Casey still shows concern for her family – that despite everything, she still is worried about them. Baez says that in these text messages, Tony can’t tell what’s real and what’s not – what happened at all. Tony says he has no idea.

Baez then asks about the garbage arrangements at Tony’s old apartment. The dumpster was located far from his apartment – you either had to walk a ways with the garbage or put it in your car. And that registration thing shown to Tony had been thrown away.

Next up – Cindy Anthony!
George and Cindy moved to Florida in 1989. Her parents had retired there, George’s parents had retired in Florida, and her brother lived there. Lee and Casey went to school in Florida – at Hidden Oaks, which is in their subdivision and a 5 minute walk from their house.

In 2005 Caylee Marie was born. Cindy found out on June 30th 2005 that Casey was pregnant. Casey went to Cindy’s job and told her. Before that, in early June the family went to Myrtle Beach for her brother’s wedding. Cindy had no suspicions up until that day that her daughter was pregnant – which makes her one of worst nurses ever, btw….how could she not have seen? She testifies that she and Casey always had issues with their periods, and they used to joke about having bellies during their periods that made them look pregnant. So score another one for the nurse – who must have just thought that her daughter was having a 6 month period. No biggie.

Cindy says that they were “absolutely not” trying to hide Casey’s pregnancy from people. When she found out for sure her daughter was pregnant Cindy started planning a baby shower and called the entire family. She and George told Casey that they would continue to care for her and for her new baby.
Cindy testifies that immediately after finding out Casey was pregnant she took her shopping for maternity clothes and they turned their computer room into Caylee’s nursery, with a Winnie the Pooh theme.

The state shows Cindy a picture of Caylee’s bed, and Cindy breaks down into tears. Yu can tell she is upset by seeing this.

The state then shows Cindy a layout of her house. She explains the bedrooms, and the entry ways to the backyard. There are sliding glass doors off of the living room, master bedroom and kitchen. The front entry way goes to the living room, but is rarely used.

Cindy is shown an aerial view of her home. She says that since 2008 they have been unable to grow grass int eh backyard, so they expanded their patio and there is no grass in the backyard. Apparently, the pool is still there. So now I do NOT believe the defense’s story about “Caylee drowned and George lifted her out of the pool” because there is no way he would look at that pool every day knowing his granddaughter died in it. That theory is dead to me.

The state continues showing Cindy photos of her yard, the pool, the side yard, the sheds, the walkways – and Caylee’s little playhouse, sandbox, picnic table and mailbox. This kid was hooked up, let me tell ya. There was a patio stone floor for the playhouse, landscaping, everything you could want. I’m betting that play house was furnished, too. Cindy breaks down again with the photos of Caylee’s little area.

In June of 2005, Caylee was 34 months old, and mobile. The Anthony’s purchased door locks, outlet covers, and rearranged dangerous things in the house that one would normally keep out of a toddler’s reach. Caylee slept almost all the time in Casey’s room. Caylee was verbal – she could talk in paragraphs, and tell you a story. Cindy says she could usually understand what she was saying.

Cindy says that before June of 2005, she didn’t go 24 hours without seeing Caylee. In the beginning of June, 2005, it was Cindy’s birthday, which she normally took off for her birthday. She spent much of that week with Caylee. Father’s Day of 2008, she took Caylee to see her dad, who was in a nursing home. George worked his normal 3 -11 shift, and Casey was working her normal imaginary hours at her imaginary job.

Cindy visited her dad, then went to see her mom and had lunch with her. Cindy then took Caylee back home. Caylee wanted to go swimming, but Cindy told her that she needed something to eat first, because she hadn’t eaten much at Cindy’s mom. They then got their swim suits on and got in the pool.

There is a ladder that goes into the pool that is removable. Before Caylee was a toddler they left the ladder on the pool, once Caylee was older, they started removing the ladder after each time they used it. The ladder is heavy enough that a small child couldn’t lift it, but an adult wouldn’t have any problem with it.

Cindy and Caylee were in the pool for at least an hour. Caylee had her bathing suit and life jacket on. While they were in the pool, Casey came home from her imaginary job. Casey came outside with a towel and got Caylee out of the pool.

Cindy took the ladder off the pool, gathered Caylee’s suit and life jacket and went in the house.

That evening was a special and emotional evening – Cindy says that one of the reasons she wanted to take Caylee to see her dad was because hospice had been called in the week before, and she wanted to document the time between her dad and Caylee. So after Caylee’s bath she told Casey about the videos and pictures she had taken, and the three of them sat in Lee’s old room at the computer and watched the videos. Cindy says it was a special moment that the three of them shared.

After that day she never saw her granddaughter again.

As of this date, Cindy believed that Casey had a real job. She thought that Casey was an event planner for Universal Studios. Cindy thought that Casey’s hours would vary. Cindy believed this because that’s what Casey told her. Cindy had seen her lanyard, text messages from her work, and her ID badge. And every once in a while she would see her name tag on the lanyard, as well. Or someone else’s nametag – it was common for them to switch names, Casey said. (And Cindy believed this…) Before Caylee was born Cindy had been to Casey’s job and seen her there. Cindy says that Casey did go back to work in Human Resources at Universal Studios three months after Caylee was born. Cindy says that she also talked to Casey’s boss and despite the fact that Casey had three reprimands and was subject to being fired, her boss didn’t want to let her go. Cindy says that there was a period where Casey was let go – but that Casey said after a few months she returned to work there.

Caylee was generally left with Cindy or George while Casey went to her job – or her imaginary job. If George and Cindy were both working, Casey would make arrangements with someone else to watch Caylee. Cindy believed, in June of 2008, that Zanny was a friend of Casey’s who acted as Caylee’s nanny. She was one of the primary people that Casey would leave Caylee with. Casey had first mentioned Zanny in the Spring of 2006, as the (imaginary) girlfriend of one of the (imaginary) IT people who worked with her at her (imaginary) job. This IT worker was Jeff Hopkins. We have yet to see if he is imaginary.

Casey also had a friend named Lauren Gibbs who would also babysit, someone who Cindy actually knew, and could describe and see. Unlike Zanny who Cindy had never met, could not describe and had never met. Cindy says that Zanny lived in several different places – like in Student Housing, with Jeff Hopkins. Casey said she moved around. But Cindy never picked Caylee up or dropped Caylee off at Zanny’s.

Casey did not contribute financially to the home – but she did have to do laundry, clean and cook – and take care of her and Caylee’s room and bathrooms. Casey also helped George with yard work.
Linda Drane Burdick then asks Cindy is she ever found Zanny. Cindy says no, she didn’t. Burdick then asks how long she looked for her – until when, and Cindy says she never looked for Zanny before the 15th of July 2008, but from that date until about 6 weeks ago, she was looking for Zanny. It’s sad, folks. Really, really sad. This woman wants to believe, or is in some deep denial, or something. It’s tragic. And Casey should be made to explain to her mother what the fuck happened to her granddaughter. Even if you, or I, never get an explanation, this woman needs one. She needs the truth.

So, Cindy left for work on the 16th of June, 2008. She worked a normal Monday shift. She talked to Casey throughout the day, including a brief discussion of Casey’s plans. Casey was planning to spend the night at Zanny’s. Casey knew she couldn’t drop Caylee off early at her mothers work, and Casey had to go in to work early. Typically, Caylee could go in to work with Cindy for the last half hour, but not on Mondays, because Cindy had a staff meeting every Monday afternoon. So Casey said that she would take Caylee to Zanny’s, and crash there after work, because Casey had an early meeting on Tuesday. Cindy expected that Casey and Caylee would return on Tuesday. But they didn’t.

When Cindy contacted Casey on Tuesday to find out where they were, Casey said that they were in lot of negotiations at work, and she didn’t know when these lengthy negotiations would end, so she was just leaving Caylee with Zanny. Cindy says she was satisfied with that explanation.

On Wednesday Casey said that the negotiations with Hard Rock were moving to Tampa, and that it would be fun for Caylee to go to Tampa and go to Busch Gardens. Zanny the Nanny was willing to take Caylee there and go to Tampa with them, and one of Casey’s co-workers (Juliet Lewis – isn’t that an actress? And didn’t she star in that movie “Too Young to Die” with Brad Pitt about a girl getting the electric chair? Good Lord) had a daughter, Annabelle, who she was bringing along to be a playmate for Caylee. Casey said they would wrap up their meetings on Friday, spend the day in Tampa on Saturday and be home Saturday evening.

Cindy talked to Casey every day in the meantime – although she never got to talk to Caylee. She was always not with Casey, or Casey was with Annabelle, or Caylee was in bed – there was always a reason why Cindy missed her.

On Saturday Casey said that they didn’t wrap up the negotiations on Friday as she had anticipated, so Casey and Caylee, Juliet and Annabelle, and Zanny and one of her friends who had met them over there, as well, were all going to have a day at the park on Sunday, and return home Sunday night or Monday morning.

Cindy waited all day at work on Monday for Casey’s call telling her that she and Caylee had returned home safely. By 4:00 or so, Cindy was getting concerned that she hadn’t heard from Casey. Concerned enough that she talked to a co-worker about it. In the early evening Cindy finally talked to Casey, who said “Don’t panic – but there was a car accident”. Zanny and her friend Raquel were in a wreck. A serious one. Casey had been at the hospital all day, and this was her first opportunity to call. Cindy couldn’t talk to Caylee because Caylee and Annabelle couldn’t be in the emergency room so Juliet or Raquel had the girls somewhere else.

Since this time frame would take them to the 24th of June or so, Linda Drane Burdick asks Cindy if she remembers an incident on the 24th with their shed. Cindy says she remembers. She knew that George had contacted the police about a break in. George called her right about the same time as he called the police. She says she told Casey about the break in with the shed when she called Casey to see how Zanny was doing.
Cindy says she then learned that George saw Casey at the house on the 24th. Casey didn’t tell her this – but George did. After Cindy learned that Casey was at the house, she called Casey to say “Hey! I thought you were at the hospital in Tampa! What were you doing at the house?’ Casey said that the hospital was going to admit Zaany, but Zanny didn’t have her insurance information – so, being the good friend that Casey is, she volunteered to drive to Zanny’s mother’s or brother’s or some family members to get that needed information. Casey said she stopped home to get some things because she didn’t know when she would be back. Cindy asked why she didn’t bring Caylee back, because Cindy would have taken off work to watch her so Casey wouldn’t have to worry about her. Casey said she wasn’t even thinking, that she was at the hospital and Caylee wasn’t with her and she just knew they needed this information and she just volunteered to come and get it. Casey told Cindy that she had seen her father and returned the gas cans. Casey said that she had taken them with her when she had left for Tampa, just in case, because there was something wrong with her gas gauge and sometimes it wouldn’t read out correctly. Since Casey supposedly hadn’t been at the house since the 16th of June, Cindy didn’t even think to ask Casey when exactly it was that she had come to the house to get the gas cans. She just accepted the story Casey gave her at face value.

Cindy did say that she asked Casey why she was staying in Tampa to take care of Zanny, and that it wasn’t her responsibility. Maybe one of Zanny’s family members should be doing that, and Casey told Cindy that Zanny’s mother was very ill, and Zanny’s brother and sister were already taking care of her and couldn’t leave to take care of Zanny. And Raquel’s mother was coming from Jacksonville to take Raquel home – so Casey was really the only one that Zanny had. And Casey really wanted Caylee close to her.

Cindy says she was really missing Caylee at this point, and she started sleeping with Caylee’s favorite teddy bear. A few days later Cindy discovered that this teddy bear was missing. She had told Casey that she was sleeping with the teddy bear.

Although Cindy was expecting to see Casey and Caylee sometime that week – on the 25th, 26th or 27th, she didn’t. Casey had told Cindy that Zanny was to be released, she had suffered a concussion, and was to be kept for observation, she was to be released that Thursday. Of course, they released her late in the day, and Casey brought her back to the hotel rather than drive all the way to Orlando. So Casey was to come home on Friday, June 27th. Cindy was hoping that Casey would surprise her at work, but she didn’t.

Cindy said that sometime in the early afternoon she was called in to work, although she was hoping to have the afternoon off. Casey said they would be home that evening. But they weren’t. That evening Casey called and said that her friend Jeff, who had moved out of state, was in town and staying in Orlando. He had heard about Zanny and had called to see how she was. Jeff had a son a year older than Caylee, and Cindy thought that Casey had dated Jeff for a while and still really liked him. Casey said that Caylee and Zachary were friends and it might be fun for them to see each other. Cindy has never met Jeff – or Zachary. (One wonders if he lives in the same world as Zanny.)

Since Jeff was in town – and staying at a hotel near Universal – Casey and Caylee stayed there with him and had dinner. They were to return the following day. They didn’t. Jeff was independently wealthy, had a trust fund, and didn’t have to work if he didn’t want to. He had a suite at whatever hotel he was staying at, and he invited Casey, Caylee and Zanny to stay with him. They were going to take the kids to Universal. To Cindy, Jeff seemed like a very stable person, and she knew that Casey really liked him, so what could she say? Cindy explained that Casey was grown, and Cindy didn’t really have control over her comings and goings. She loved to spend time with Casey and Caylee, but she never ordered her to come home or had any control over what Casey did.

This day was the day that Cindy was to start her vacation. Cindy had 5-6 weeks a year of vacation that she had to “use or lose” and she was off the entire week of June 30th through the 4th of July.

Cindy expected that at least once during that week Casey would be home to get clothes, but she didn’t come. George and Cindy had plans during that week themselves – they went to the beach, went to see her parents – they weren’t just sitting at home waiting for Casey. Cindy was still in communication with Casey – and thought she knew where she was.

At some point during this week that she was on vacation, Cindy thought that Casey was back to work on Monday, and that Zanny was to have Caylee. Although Cindy was expecting to watch Caylee while she was on vacation. She can’t recall what the excuse was for why she didn’t have Caylee, but thinks that it was due to the fact that Casey was working on an event for kids, and it would be fun for Caylee to be there. Cindy asked if she could go – and Casey told her no, it was reservation only.

On July 3rd, Cindy drove out to Universal Studios to discuss with Casey some issues she was having . (This was issues related to money and Casey – maybe the stolen money from her parents?) She also really wanted to see Caylee. She called Casey earlier in the day and Casey said she was at work. Cindy decided that she might as well drive to Casey’s job to see her, without telling Casey she was coming. Cindy parked and went to guest services. She didn’t buy a ticket – she was just hoping Casey could meet her right at guest services. She called Casey and asked if Casey could come to guest services and meet her, and Casey said she was not there. She said that she was in Jacksonville. Casey said that she took Caylee and went back to Jeff’s condo in Jacksonville, and she was going to try to re-kindle their relationship. Cindy says she was upset. Cindy realized that Casey had lied to her for the last couple of days – telling her that she was at work, when really she was in Jacksonville.

Cindy had asked her son Lee, and one of Casey’s best friends Ryan, if Casey really was in Jacksonville. Ryan lived in Jacksonville and Cindy knew that if Casey was really there, she would probably get in touch with Ryan. Cindy called Ryan before she even left Universal and he sort of confirmed that Casey did have plans to go to Jacksonville, so Cindy thought Casey must be telling the truth.

On July 3rd Cindy also created a MySpace account. When she talked to Lee he had said that he didn’t think Casey was in Jacksonville because of the chatter on Facebook and MySpace. One of Casey and Lee’s mutual friends was told by Casey that she might be downtown over the July 4th weekend. This led Lee to believe that she was still in Orlando. Lee said that he would poke around and try to find out.

Cindy said that with this news, she was upset and angry and that she felt betrayed. Cindy said she created the account just to vent. Lee had said he had seen new photos of Casey on her MySpace page, so she went there to create an account. Cindy didn’t understand how MySpace worked, and didn’t realize it was public. She just wanted to friend Casey, and have her know how Cindy felt. When Cindy didn’t get a response to the letter she wrote to Casey, Cindy asked Casey why she hadn’t replied. Casey explained to her that she thought Cindy was being hard on her, and that Casey didn’t want to air this stuff in public. Cindy says that she didn’t realize “MySpace” was “Everybody’s Space”, and that she didn’t know everyone could read what she wrote until Casey explained that to her.

With that, we are recessed until Tuesday morning. Two days for my fingers to recuperate.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone. Let’s all look forward to the Cross examination of Cindy.


13 Responses to “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial, Testifies”

  1. Elizabeth said

    I think, today, Cindy was just telling what she had been told by Casey during those 31 days….and Casey is quite the imaginative liar with being there for Zeneida when she had the accident when Zeneida’s own family could not help her. Cindy knows that this is all a lie but it what was told to her by Casey She fully realizes the truth is going to come out when the police detectives testify. One thing I wondered about was why she stopped looking for Zanny six weeks ago. I wonder what happened to make her stop the search. Also, I am interested in whatever motion the Anthony lawyer will be presenting at 8:30 Tuesday morning. I thought I heard the prosecution say they did not object but I think I heard Judge Perry say to Baez I guess you do object. Couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Oh, I take that back….Casey could.

    • One thing I wondered about was why she stopped looking for Zanny six weeks ago. I wonder >what happened to make her stop the search.

      Paul wondered the same thing. I had him watch Cindy’s testimony, and when she said he had only recently stopped searching, Paul said “Well that’s weird – I wonder why she gave up?”

      I just thought she was sad and tragic. You couldn’t help but feel for the woman, even though I wanted to shake her at times – especially when she seemed to be arguing with Drane-Burdick about Casey returning to work. It was heartbreaking to see her *still* sticking up for Casey “OH!! She DID go back to work!!! I KNOW she did!!…” I just wanted to grab her and shake her until the stardust fell out of her eyes.

      • LIZ said

        When I heard that, I also researched this date—-exactly to the date of six and a half weeks I found some very sad news…….Six and a half weeks from when Cindy testified that she stopped looking for Zani was exactly when the “48 Hours TV Special” on “Only Casey Knows” was aired. On this show one of Casey’s former attorneys (Linda Baden) shockingly said matter of factly, “Yeah…well, I think it’s clear to everyone that there NEVER WAS a Zani! She lied about that!” It was the first ever confirmation that Zani was a lie (eventhough we all figured it was—this was first proof from her attorney)…
        George and Cindy and Lee JUST FOUND OUT and are in the beginning stages of grief all over again! The defense NEVER told them in 3 whole years that Casey (really) lied so they had absolutely NO VERIFICATION and just (in denial) kept looking and hoping and searching—-this is why they testified truthfully—they now know FOR SURE what their daughter did! …HORRIBLE to have let them suffer for so long!

  2. FRG said

    Thank you for the summary! I watched almost all the Saturday proceedings but I was very emotional when Cindy testified and missed all the details. I have read C&G’s depositions, KC’s friends depositions but it was good to listen to all the “detailed lies” KC made up to everyone! She is a professional liar, so many convincing details! KC betrayed every single one, her parents, her family, her friends! If KC doesn’t have any personality disorder, who has?

    This Tuesday was a “wake up call” for the Anthonys and a horrible one! They might have realized how evil KC can be to get what she wants, she has no remorse. All that matters is her… It’s always “me, me, me”!

    KC’s friends testified she was a good mother, but they are not parents themselves! And by the way, KC did whatever she wanted to people believe she was in front of them. What do we know when Caylee and KC were alone? KC didn’t like the attention Caylee detracted from her, she used Caylee and Caylee started to talk and KC could not have the life style she dreamed of, she got rid of her! Simple as that! IMO

    There is no way I believe George molested her! The Anthonys can not be the perfect family but they loved Caylee and KC, maybe they spoiled that brat KC, but oh well this is not a reason for a person to lie and kill!

    Elizabeth, I believe Cindy reffered to the 6 weeks ago, she believed Zanny existed, because the prosecutor Mr. Ashton started a deposition of one of KC’s mental experts to be used in the guilt phase and this deposition came to a halt, then the prosecutors may have heard the PTSD theory to be used and prosecutors had the right to have their own mental experts to evaluate KC, then the defense team dropped their mental health experts from the guilt phase. So the Anthonys lawyer got an idea of the defense’s strategy, the Anthonys would be thrown under the bus at that time. Maybe somebody else could explain this better than me. It was then maybe the Anthonys learned there was no zanny, the nanny and Cindy stopped searching for the zanny.

    I am also looking forward to watch Tuesday! I hope they play the 911 phone calls!

    • KC’s friends testified she was a good mother, but they are not parents themselves!

      I don’t put a lot of stock in people’s perceptions – especially when it comes to Casey. Casey was quite good at projecting whatever image she wanted people to see. Besides, no one ever said Andrea Yates was a bad mother, either. Or Susan Smith. And most serial killers, acording to their neighbors, are quiet, gentle people who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

      There is no way I believe George molested her! The Anthonys can not be the perfect family but they loved Caylee and KC, maybe they spoiled that brat KC, but oh well this is not a reason for a person to lie and kill!

      And molestation isn’t a free pass for murder. Even if she WAS molested – every single day since she was 8 years old – I still don’t see why that should be an excuse for the defense. I think it’s interesting that during jury selection, no one asked the potential jurors if they were ever molested, or had anyone in their family or a close friend who was ever molested. This could bite the defense in the ass. If there are jurors who have been molested they may be thinking “Well, I was molested [or my sister, or my good friend] and WE don’t walk around lying and in some altered reality!” Sexual assault and molestation are widespread enough that it would be really unusual to have a group of 12 people that doesn’t have *some* kind of familiarity with the aftereffects. I would have asked the potential jurors, had I been seating that jury. The defense listed it as a mitigating factor for the penalty phase, so it’s not as if they wuld have been tipping their hand to the State.

  3. FRG said

    Thank you for replying! You are good! Ritanita told me about you!
    See you in court Tuesday!
    Have a great Memorial day!

  4. Simply Unbelievable said

    Casey was acting much like a flea, impossible to pin down for anyone to get straight, not to mention truthful, answers from her. What’s really disturbing is the obvious ease at which she can deflect questions, mislead and manipulate those around her in such callous, cold and calculating ways. She evidently takes great pride and pleasure in her conduct and way of life, patting herself on the back with her own remark, “I’m a good liar.” But now that she has been cornered, with no way out and forced to face her evil deeds in a court of law that’s searching for the truth, her own actions/reactions speak volumes: She’s basically hanging herself in plain sight with her own body language…which screams guilty! Yes, the chickens have come home to roost!

    This case serves as a good lesson to anyone who finds it impossible to get straight answers from people around them, as this type of behavior speaks directly to a person’s character — someone who lives to deceive others for their own personal gain, financially and otherwise. Be wary of and protect yourself from such evil characters — ONCE a con, ALWAYS a con!

  5. Kim Rock said

    When Cindy said that she had stopped looking for Zanny 6 weeks ago, I got a knot in my stomach. That is so incredibly sad. I never understood why it took Cindy a month to realize that something was really wrong based on the fact that Casey & Caylee lived with her and she saw them every day. I get it now…I really do. She painted a pretty clear picture. I’m sorry to say that I actually thought Cindy must be a total idiot before I saw her on Saturday. I don’t think that now. I think the truth was just too horrific for her to face and we’re all getting to see her finally face reality…Casey is a monster.

    The fact that Caylee was so verbal and that she could tell you a story really makes me think. Didn’t Cindy, George, Tony, ANYONE, ever ask little Caylee if she had fun at Zanny’s house? What did you and Zanny do today? I mean, they all talked to her! How many things can you talk about with a 2 year old?!?

    • Sean said

      In my experience, your basic 2-3 year old will chat about people that they know, especially if they like them, or if they dislike them. I would be surprised if a kid that age didn’t mention her nanny, especially if she spent a lot of time with her.

  6. Kathy said

    When I was nine months pregnant, an acquaintance came up to me and asked me when I had my baby. I was very small and had only gained 18lbs and unless you looked real close you could not tell. I know Cindy was her mom. Cindy and George did not know until six weeks ago when Mr. Ashton told their attorney Mr. L just what the defense had planned. Never did they think it was going to go this far. The defense wanted to have their Dr.s who had examined KC testify. Jeff A. said no way Jose, not without us getting a deposition and having are expert Dr. examine her first. Something happened during the depo that Judge P was called and the depo suddenly stopped. Jose decided not to have their Dr.s testify. That is when it was discovered George was going under the bus a very long bus. George and Cindy have had six weeks to process this information and decided enough was enough KC needs to held accountable for her actions. KC was not molested by George. She may have grown up in an emotional/physical abusive house but that does not justify killing a little baby. There have been a few signs from KC that lead me to believe that George did not sexual abuse her with fellatio.

  7. valeri said

    Good job- you didn’t miss a thing! That was a lot of work and very appreciated:)

  8. Ligita said

    The reason Cindy stopped ‘looking’ for Zanny 6 weeks ago, is their (Anthonys’) lawyer told them what the defense was going to do – about accusing George of molesting Casey… THAT’S why the Anthonys are now on the State side!!! If the Defense had just stopped at ‘Caylee drowned, George helped’ – well, the Anthonys would still be supporting Casey; but Baez decided to throw George AND Lee under that on coming bus….

    • LIZ said

      Also, I think the 48 Hours Tv Show “Casey Knows” where the one atorney said there was no Zani must have SHOCKED them out of denial and into grief all over again! 3 years of never being told, how horrible!

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