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Hot Body, Cold Heart, Forked Tongue

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 25, 2011

Today is the first full day of testimony, and the prosecution is continuing with witnesses that fit along their time-line as outlined in their opening statement. The morning’s testimony was obtained from former roommates of Casey’s boyfriend at the time Caylee went missing, the people she was spending the infamous “Thirty One Days” with.

Tony Lazarro’s apartment, where Casey was staying, seems to have been a typical college flophouse – with roommates coming and going, sleeping on the floor or on the couch, having their girlfriends stay and Casey seems to have filled the role of dorm mother – cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and taking care of the lot of them.

Cameron Campana was the first up – he was a student at Full Sail in the summer of 2008, knew Casey Anthony both before and after the date of Caylee’s alleged death, never saw a change in her behavior from one period to the other, saw her as a typical party girl, and never saw her depressed or sad or upset. Casey never told him her daughter was missing, never asked him to help her find the child and that Casey just dressed up every morning and went to her job at Universal and just seemed normal.

Baez asked only one questions of Campana – was he there the day Caylee drowned in the pool? Campana said no, the State objected on the grounds of “fact not in evidence” and the judge overruled it – which was surprising.

Next up was another roommate – Nathan Leziniewicz. He, too, was a student at Full Sail. He was ina band during the summer of 2008 – his drummer was Danny Howard, the birthday boy whose party Casey met Tony Lazarro at. Nathan had seen Caylee a few times at Tony’s apartment, and like Cameron before him, he said that although Casey stayed overnight, Caylee never did. Nathan also testified about the “Hot Body” contest Casey participated in, and the State tried to introduce a picture of Casey and Nathan taken that night. The defense objected because the witness couldn’t remember the date of the event, and earlier rulings had said that pictures of “Party Girl Casey” could only be admitted if the dates coincided with the time that Caylee was missing. In a brilliant semantic move, the defense then argued that because they were asserting that Caylee wasn’t “missing” – she was dead – that the earlier ruling should preclude any of the pictures from coming in. The judge denied their objection, but did admit the picture provisionally, subject to foundation from later witnesses.

Baez asked this witness if he had ever seen Caylee malnourished, or dirty, or neglected and Nathan answered no to each of them. Nathan said that as far as he could tell, Casey was a good mother (this question and answer were stricken).

Next up was Clint “Roy” House – who is now a carpet cleaner despite his enrollment at Full Sail in the summer of 2008. He also testified to the “Hot Body” contest, the shot girl stint, and he called Casey a normal “party girl”. The defense also used him as a witness to testify that Casey was a good mother, and that this witness never saw Caylee hungry, dirty or neglected.

The above witnesses also testified to the night that Cindy Anthony came and pulled Casey out of the house. And testified to Lee’s later appearance to retrieve Casey’s things, and the Police coming shortly before Lee to retrieve Casey’s cell phone.

The next witness was Maria Kissh – the former girlfriend of Clint House. She testified that she was “acquaintances” with Casey, that she only saw Caylee one time at the apartment, and told the jury that the one time she saw Caylee – that Caylee was the one who answered the door when she knocked. Casey was in another room. She also said that when she was leaving, she was on the balcony with Caylee and was concerned about leaving the child there on her own. She also helped Caylee put her shoes on. This is the witness the state used to authenticate the earlier picture of Nathan and Casey – and the picture was admitted into evidence. Maria also testified that later, when she asked about Caylee’s absence the morning after the Hot Body contest (which she also testified about), Casey said that Caylee was with the nanny for the weekend at the beach. And that Casey paid the nanny $400 a week. Which seems like a lot, until you remember that it was an imaginary nanny, and you know, imaginary nanny’s are probably more expensive than real nanny’s.

The defense was able to elicit from Maria that the one time the four of them – Casey and Tony, Maria and her boyfriend Clint (Roy), were in Casey’s car going out that there was absolutely no odor emanating from the trunk of the car, and that no one commented “Man, this car stinks”. Baez didn’t ask her if Casey was a good mother – probably because Maria would have said “No – she left her on the balcony alone and didn’t put her shoes on her.”

All in all, the testimony from the morning seemed to be an even split – the State was able to prove that Casey was partying within days of her daughters death/drowning/kidnapping/disappearance and that Casey was in a Hot Body contest and was acting as a shot girl – and that she didn’t seem to be actively looking for her daughter. But the defense scored some points, too, eliciting from a bunch of 20 year old boy’s that Casey was a good mother, and that this same group didn’t smell anything from the trunk the one time they were in the car.

As far as the partying and lack of search, the defense doesn’t seemed too concerned about that testimony. They are pretty much conceding that Casey didn’t look for her daughter – because Casey knew that the child was dead, thereby defusing all of the testimony about the seemingly lackadaisical attempts to locate the child, and not telling anyone that her daughter was missing. And the partying also seems to prove the same thing that the defense is saying – the State has asked every witness so far “Did Casey seem worried, upset, nervous, concerned, anxious, depressed, sad…” and every witness has said “No”. The defense will also embrace this testimony, and show that it proves their own theory, that Casey’s lack of affect is due to her earlier incest and molestation, that it is the way she copes with trauma. She has learned to internalize traumatic events and act like “nothing is wrong”, to go about her daily routine suppressing all horrific events.

Of course, If I was a juror, I’d be asking myself what traumatic event happened that made Casey lie about having a job – or what horrific event preceded the lies about hiring a nanny for $400 a week. I think it would be a lot easier for the defense to sell the “Casey lies because of trauma” theory, if Casey didn’t lie about EVERYTHING. Because at some point, you begin to wonder – what came first, the lying or the trauma?

But that’s just me.

Next up: A guy that owns a shovel. (Riveting stuff, people.)


5 Responses to “Hot Body, Cold Heart, Forked Tongue”

  1. offthecuff said

    The defense could easily stipulate that Casey lies to keep up appearances and meet expectations or impress others, such as having a job and how much the nanny makes. This could be tied to her up-bringing in “trained to lie,” look “normal” at all costs, and look normal and lie especially when she is upset, like her daughter has drowned and she’s not allowed to say anything or show any emotion about it. All that the state is exposing through these friends could support the defense’s theory.

    What I think will blow the defense is their conspiracy theories that everyone else has been duped about Caylee’s safety (friends), or they’re lying (George, Cindy, and Kronk), or they’ve done a poor job investigating (LE), while Casey is the only one (finally) who is right and truthful(in this ONLY instance)about what really happened. That is an uphill battle.

  2. Katprint said

    During various parts of the opening statements and witness testimony, Casey cried, shook her head, looked upset and otherwise engaged in emotional displays. On Websleuths, Florida attorney Richard Hornsby suggested that the reason *why* the prosecution hasn’t objected to these emotional displays or asked the judge to admonish Casey, is because the jury will see that Casey CANNOT and/or DOES NOT keep a pleasant demeanor when she is upset. Not for 1 day much less for 31 days.

  3. Poppy said

    I think Caylee’s body in the trunk was bagged up pretty quickly, and laid there for quite a few days. If it was still tightly bagged when Maria rode in the car, there wouldn’t have been any smell. I think when Casey took the body out to dump it in the woods, the bag ripped and fluid — and stuff– leaked out. That’s when the smell began. It wasn’t until the 25th when Casey told her friend Amy the car smelled bad and she blamed it on a dead squirrel.

  4. Valerie said

    I love reading your blogs at the end of the day kim! It helps me fill in the gap between what I got to hear and what I missed from having to do my darn job…why can’t that go away for 6 to 8 weeks? lol

  5. anygirl said

    In a very hot August a big melon was left in the trunk, accidentally of course, of my car. Covered up by another person with bags and other stuff. Needless to say it was really awful when it began to decompose. No matter how much cleaning, scraping or charcoal was used…it smelled for years. It smelled for years, ONLY when the trunk was opened. Numerous people sat in the back seat of this small car and never mentioned the odor. I think it could be that way with a bag that was transported in similar conditions that might have contained a far more precious item..that of a beautiful child. Just a possibility.

    I like Poppy’s ideas too!

    It is hard to be logical when the whole defense is built on fabrication and manipulation!

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