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Having a Grand Old Time

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 25, 2011

This afternoon’s testimony was a parade of the shot girls. And Anthony Lazzaro.

But first we have the “shovel guy”, Brian Burner. The defense renewed their earlier motion to preclude any and all testimony about the “borrowed shovel”. They argued that this evidence is not relevant, since the state is using it to contradict Casey’s statements to the police that she was conducting her own search for the missing Caylee. The defense argues that since they are essentially conceding that Casey wasn’t conducting a search for Caylee, since she wasn’t missing, that the state has no need to bring in such evidence. The judge denies their motion and says that just because the defense is stipulating to something, this doesn’t bar the state from introducing their own evidence to impeach earlier statements.

I don’t know. I think the shovel testimony didn’t add anything to the state’s case, anyway, unless there is some hidden reason for introducing it that we haven’t seen yet. I mean, it’s not like Caylee was found buried in the backyard, which might make the shovel relevant. And if the shovel was used by Casey to break into the shed, well, the defense is pretty much saying that she did that, too, so, the shovel still isn’t some huge smoking gun. And if it’s to shore up the whole “She googled ‘Shovel’ and then she borrowed one!” thing, well, you know, that’s just fucking goofy to start with. I mean, who the fuck googles “shovel?” That’s just stupid. Did she not know what a shovel looked like? Did she not know how to use one? Did she just want to make sure that when she borrowed one it was actually a genuine shovel? I mean, really, who the fuck googles “shovel?” What Earthly reason would you have for doing that? That’s like googling “fork”.

So, anyway this guy let her borrow a shovel. And he saw her back her car all the way into the garage. Twice.

And he says he’s not a nosy neighbor. Which I call bullshit on. I mean, my neighbors could drive their car into their fucking living room and I wouldn’t notice. That’s not a nosy neighbor. Noticing when your neighbor backs their car all the way into the garage? Twice? Dude. You’re a nosy neighbor. Own it.

Next up are the twin shot girls, Jamie Realander and Erica Gonzalez. They both were shot girls, they both saw the hot body contest, neither one noticed Casey sad, mad, angry, depressed, worried, anxious, upset or blue. On cross, Baez elicited from both of them that Casey was nice to the girls, treated them with respect and kindness, and that neither one knew anything at all about the case or how Caylee died.

My one thought about both of the shot girls was this – they are both 22 now. How the fuck were they selling and serving alcohol in a bar when they were 18 or 19? Is there some loophole for “shot girls”?

After the break there is a note from the jury. They have no objection to working on Memorial Day – in fact, they would prefer to. The judge says he will take this under advisement. (You do know this means no, right? The jury may want to work, but I doubt the bailiffs, court officers, lawyers and judge want to work…and that’s a lot of overtime/holiday pay for the State. But who knows, maybe they’ll do it – this trial is already costing millions. What’s another couple thousand?)

Next on the stand is Tony Lazzaro. Who now lives back in Long Island. He recounts how he met Casey – on Facebook. He friended her in response to one of those automatic “You might know this person” auto-suggestion things. (So be careful of Facebook friend suggestions). He invited her to a party through a Facebook “Event” planner. She accepted the Event invitation and they met, hit it off and began dating. He says she was a typical party girl. He knew she had a daughter, and he eventually met her, as well. He, Casey and Caylee went swimming, they went to the mall, they went to the Cheesecake Factory. And after the day they went to the Cheesecake Factory, he never saw Caylee again, (Although I don’t think that had anything to do with the Cheesecake Factory.) That was on June 13th. A Friday.

Casey had told Tony about her fake job and her fake nanny – although she never actually used the word “fake”.

After the 13th, Casey and Tony started spending more time together until she eventually never left. On June 16th she went to his house in the evening and they went to Blockbuster to rent a movie. Tony says that she was normal, happy to see him and “Having A Grand Old Time”, which is unfortunate, because that’s the day that her daughter died.

The State enters into evidence the surveillance video of the two of them at Blockbuster after the judge reads a stipulation to the jury that this tape is an accurate representation of the “Bidness” (ssic) records of Blockbuster.

Tony then tells the story of Casey running out of gas and how they went to her parent’s home and broke into the shed with his tire iron to get the gas cans out. He says he was kind of hesitant about doing this, but Casey didn’t seem to be at all. She told him to go ahead and do it – it was her shit.

Tony also testifies about Casey’s plans to eventually get an apartment with Amy, the girl she was ripping off. He says he didn’t know much about Casey’s relationship with her parents. When Casey would talk to her mom on the phone she would always go outside. He didn’t really know much about her home life in this time period – that it wasn’t until after he came back from vacation in NY that they really talked about her home life.

He then tells the jury about the car breaking down at Amscott. Tony says he never got out of his car when he went to pick Casey up – she had bags and groceries outside the car when he got there. He asked what she was going to do about the car, and she said she didn’t need Tony’s help with anything – that her father would take care of it.

The state and Defense then agree to another stipulation – that the JC Penny video is true and accurate.

The state publishes the video to the jury, over the objections of the defense.

Tony then testifies about when he left for NY – and says that Casey didn’t really have permission to use his Jeep – that her father was supposed to have her car fixed. His understanding was that she was supposed to drop the Jeep off back at his apartment.

Jose Baez then crosses Tony – and it’s really rather odd. He asks Tony if Casey bought duct tape at Blockbuster – or chloroform or did she talk about killing Caylee. This line of questioning is really silly and arrogant and is bound to not play well with the jury.

He then asks if Tony liked Caylee (he did.) And Tony agrees that he never saw Caylee hungry or dirty or neglected or bused. He does mention that Casey yelled at her once a the pool – but that was when Caylee was getting too close to the edge.

Tony says he only spoke to Law Enforcement – he never sold his story or any pictures or anything to the media.

Baez asks if he ever smelled a stench in her car – Tony says he didn’t. When he was putting gas in the car the first time she broke down, she didn’t tell him to stay away from the car or not get near the trunk.

Baez wants to publish some pictures to the jury – versus having Lazzaro come all the way back from NY. And then he said he has 30 more minutes of Cross. So tony will be back in the morning.

The judge tells the jury that he has to check with the county about working Memorial Day – due to budget concerns (I knew it.) The judge tells the jurors they won’t be bored – they have activities planned. I’m thinking maybe they can all make a field trip to Casey’s office at Universal. Or maybe she can get them Red Carpet tickets to Batman. Or something. I hear Event Planning is right up her alley.


7 Responses to “Having a Grand Old Time”

  1. V. said

    I googled “fork” the other day. Just sayin’.

  2. Kelly Green said

    I hear Florida’s death row is in need of an event planner. Casey should have no trouble scoring the gig.

  3. Kim Rock said

    “After the 13th, Casey and Tony started spending more time together until she eventually never left. On June 16th she went to his house in the evening and they went to Blockbuster to rent a movie. Tony says that she was normal, happy to see him and “Having A Grand Old Time”, which is unfortunate, because that’s the day that her daughter died.”

    Kim – Didn’t Tony also say that he played hooky from work the next day because he didn’t want to leave his bed? I wonder why The State didn’t ask him if Casey also played hooky from her fake job. They also didn’t ask if he and Casey spent that day (the 16th, the day that Caylee died) making love or screwing, or however they may have asked it. It may have been implied but I really thing The State should have made it clear.

    • Kim Rock said

      I meant the 17th.

      • Simply Unbelievable said

        Good point about Casey’s relationship with Tony. This shows that Caylee had become a terrible “inconvenience” to Casey — remember the testimony that Caylee did not like to go to bed without Casey!

        It also looks like Casey was planting the seeds in Tony’s head about “abuse,” to gain his sympathy and possibly set him up to either take the blame for killing the entire family which she was planning, or “convince” him to do the unspeakable act himself. There have been similar murder cases in the past.

  4. michellefrommadison said

    Caylee drowned in the pool. While it takes a higher-education to fully understand, that is the position of the defense. And, a drowning by accident is not murder, not even a crime at all. 🙂

  5. Cammie said

    In my state the law regarding alcohol is 21 to consume and pour (patron, bartender) and 19 to serve (waitress, shot girl, etc.) So in other words you only have to be 19 to waitress (which shot girl is covered under.) As long as the person who is actually pouring the liquor and mixing the drinks is 21, no laws were broken.

    Why didn’t Casey get a job booking and promoting? It seems as if she enjoyed that type of work. She spent more time and energy pretending to have a job, than she would have actually working…especially if she were working in a field and enviornment that she enjoyed. Instead she promoted and worked for Fusian for free, when she was “off” from her “real” job. She even told everybody she was an events co-ordinator, why oh why didn’t she find a job doing that for real? Blows my mind to say the least.

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