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Five Questions

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 25, 2011

So I re-watched the opening statements from both the Prosecution and the defense. It helps to re-visist the Prosecution’s opening statement with knowledge of the defense’s alternate scenario. You get a better appreciation for the complexity of Casey’s lies to not only her friends, but her family.

While re-watching, I realized I had five questions I *really* need answers to. Of course, my questions aren’t *limited* to these five things, but I’m willing to *start* with these five.

1. If Casey was abused by her father (from age 8), why would she leave her daughter alone with her abuser. Jose Baez alluded to this when he asked George Anthony “didn’t you leave the house – and was that because Casey didn’t want you there…” But that was when Caylee was an infant. Seems to me once the kid was walking and talking, Casey would be more insistent that she never leave Caylee alone with him, or even more adamant that he leave the house. Or hell, why didn’t *she* leave the house. I can’t imagine that an abuse victim would be comfortable leaving her child, especially a female child, alone with her abuser.

2. Where’s the money? How stupid are George and Cindy that they believed for 2 years their daughter was working. Where was Casey getting her money? I mean, she had to be buying clothes, gasoline, insurance….was her car even insured? George said he assumed that Casey was spending her money on car insurance – if Casey didn’t have a job – how was the insurance being paid? Was she stealing that much money? Insurance is expensive for a young driver who is a high school dropout. I can’t believe that Casey had no job for two years, but 2 grown ass people really thought she did. Where was she getting her money from? How was she able to fool her parents into thinking she was solvent on payday’s, yet she had no income.

3. The Delivery Room: I still want to know why no one but me seems to think that it’s plain out icky for George to have been in the delivery room with his daughter. Does this scream “incest” to no one but me? Ummmm…ewwwww…

4. Kronk & The Body: How did Roy Kronk end up with Caylee’s body in August, the way the defense seems to be implying he did? And what did he do with it? Did he stash it in Casey’s car? And who put the heart sticker on the duct tape? Was that George or Kronk? Doesn’t the whole sticker thing seem like something a woman would do? I can’t see a guy messing around with stickers. Or is that just me, too?

5. What Happened to the Pool? OK – I think that if you *really* want to know absolutely for sure if George was complicit in the cover up of Caylee’s death, you have to find out one thing. Is that pool still there? And when was it taken down if it’s gone? Because let me tell you something – if George lifted his dead granddaughter out of that pool – there’s no way in hell that pool stayed up for even one or two days after Caylee died. He would have torn that thing down with his bare hands. That’s a small ass yard. There’s no way he would have looked at that pool day after day if he knew his granddaughter died in it. Find the pool – find out when (and if) it was taken down. You’ll have your answer to if he knew about the death or not.

OK – leave your “Questions That Must Be Answered” in the comments. We’ll make a list and see how many are actually answered – and how well they are answered – by the end of the trial.


11 Responses to “Five Questions”

  1. offthecuff said

    Tour problem is that you are thinking way too much. If you simply accept everything Casey and George are claiming, then you will be better able to relax.

    1-Casey is so abused, manipulated, and fearful of her father that her life-skills-coping mechanisms and sense of reasoning are so abnormal. Just as the abused will return to their abuser, so Casey will allow Caylee to be with Jojo. This was Casey’s only escape from George herself.

    2-How stupid are George and Cindy to believe Casey had a job and money? It’s easier to be stupid than confrontative with a monster! When George asked questions about the Sports Authority job, Cindy blasted him for being nosey.

    3-Delivery rooms are set up so that one may attend but not see EVERYTHING. However, his presence is bizarre to me also. WHy wasn’t Lee there if it was a full family event?

    4-What sticker?

    5-If George axed the pool, everyone would get suspicious and just maybe, the money would slow its flow. Keep the pool. Act like nothing has happened. Insist that Caylee is alive. Pocket the change.

    • I’m not really sure I want to trip into whatever la-la-land Jose and Casey are living in – the one where you go to fake jobs and pay fake nanny’s fake $400 salaries. I don’t know – maybe life is better there. Maybe in this fake land I can have a fake pony!!

      And that’s a good question – why *wasn’t* Lee present at the delivery??

      And the sticker I was talking about is the little heart sticker that was placed on the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth. Kind of like a “kiss”, almost. I jsut think that’s a weird thing for a man to do – seems like a female thing – but maybe that’s inherent sexism and bias.

      Yeah, destroying the pool probably would be suspicious.

      • offthecuff said

        The sticker residue is sure to be considered hearsay or science-fiction. So, what sticker?

  2. offthecuff said

    Why is it so important to George to remember at length the details the day of the 16th?

  3. Cas in Wilmington said

    Is there anyway to prove how little Caylee actually died? Maybe they’ve come up with the pool idea to keep out the drugging with ether to keep her asleep while Casey partied. It would make people less likely to blame her.

    I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t have called 911 if they found her in the pool.

    • I do’t get that part either. You would think that a former LE officer would do just that. I think that’s the most unbelievable part of the defense scenario. (Well, that and the Roy Kronk thing.)

      • anygirl said

        If we are to believe Jose’s story then George has to stay silent because he is guilty of the big taboo…incest! Stay quiet about the death of Caylee, maybe he did that too by leaving the sliding door open so Caylee could get out to the pool, because there is an even bigger secret he hides. I guarantee he would be blamed for more too if they had more time.

        WE are all thinking like logical and caring people! We would do the right thing, call for help.

        This whole bunch is not that at all. Crazy and her family live in Lieville, smack dab in the middle of
        SecretCircle in a house called ManipulateManor. Reality does not play into their life…ever! Until Caylee dies then it becomes a big cover up either by her or George whichever story we believe.

        Lies and innuendo, smoke and mirrors…hoping to find Casey innocent or at least keep her from the death penalty!

  4. tess said

    I agree with Casey leaving Caylee with George. If you,as a victim, were too scared to confront your abuser, for damn sure you will protect your own child. Also, it seems to me that your first reaction to finding your 2 yr. old child/grandchild floating in the pool, would be 911, cpr, panic, etc. George is a former detective, trained to spring into action with an emergency. Doesn’t make sense to yell at casey and then do what with the body? If the child was dead, why the duct tape wrapped around her head? If he disposed of the body, where? The defense is claiming the body was placed where it was found perhaps by Kronk, where the hell did he find the body and store it until it was found months later? Anyway, too many questions.

    • I think the defense allegation is that George wrapped the duct tape around her head, for some unstated reason. I mean, I *think* that’s why they were trying to show that he had custody and control of this particular roll of duct tape. Or maybe they are going to allege that he gave it to Roy Kronk…..

      • offthecuff said

        Roy Kronk was a creeper. Hope Spring Dr was on his route. He looked in everyone’s window and from the first day on his route, he spied that Henkel tape in the house, he did. He also spied the Winnie-the-Pooh blanket, which he’d always wanted when he was a small child. Is it too much of a stretch for Kronk to break into that home for those items?

  5. offthecuff said

    How do you dump the small body of someone you love? Even if Casey was scared of George, who then is George scared of that he must dump the body? He knows about accidents. He knew he and Casey would be cleared of this.

    If Caylee is so precious to be present at her birth, why is she not precious enough to bury?

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