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Caylee Wasn’t Missing – She Was Dead.

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 24, 2011

[OMG – I have 15 different posts I could write on all the events of today – and I probably will eventually. So much fodder, so little time….but let’s start with the most obvious headline…..]

Holy Hell!!! So, Jose Baez, as promised, answered the questions everyone wanted to know the answer to in the first minute (or so) of his opening statement: “Why didn’t Casey report her daughter missing for 31 days?” His answer: “Because she wasn’t missing – she was dead. Drowned in the family pool – oh, and George was complicit in the whole thing – oh, and George molested Casey from the time she was 8.”

Well, my head just couldn’t stop spinning. The minute I picked my jaw up from the floor from one allegation, yeah, it dropped at the next one.

So, as speculated, Jose admits to the death, kind of, sort of. Not in a way that would make his client culpable – it was all just a tragic accident, certainly not one worthy of any criminal charges. And, just in case anyone might question the fat that “if the kid drowned – how do we know Casey didn’t drown her?” He has George actually be the one who finds the kid and lifts her lifeless body out of the pool. And then kind of, sort of threaten Casey into silence by screaming at her “Look what you’ve done! Your mother will never forgive you – and you are going to jail for child neglect for the rest of your frickin life.” (I’m sure this little veiled threat will come back later as an excuse and reason Casey didn’t call the police.)

Baez also railed against Roy Kronk – the man who found Casey’s remains – painting him as a morally bankrupt liar who thought of Caylee’s remains as nothing more than a lottery ticket. I think this part of the defense’s argument was actually the one that had the most legs – Kronk is a really weird and troubling figure in this case. Maybe not weird and troubling enough for reasonable doubt – although if Baez can plant enough doubt in the jurors minds about exactly when and where Caylee’s remains were found – then a lot of the evidence found with the remains could ultimately be discarded by the jury. This question is (another one) that’s going to come down to the experts – in this instance, it will be the experts who testify about the plant growth and how believable these experts are in determining exactly how long the body laid where it was found.

But the defense certainly threw Casey’s entire family under the bus – even saying of Lee “He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, so he too molested Casey”. Good God.

The defense certainly turned the case upside down – it will be interesting to see the prosecution’s reaction. Are they going to try to prove that Caylee didn’t drown – or are they going to ignore the suggestion and go forth with their case as planned?

One question was answered George Anthony immediately took the stand after the defense’s opening statement. I sat here wondering if the seats that the Anthony’s took behind the defense meant that George was going to get on the stand and confirm everything Baez said , and save his daughter’s life.

But no, It seems that although he and Cindy are supporting Casey through thick and thin – no way was George going to cop to being a molester and a co-conspirator in the cover up of his granddaughter’s death. He denied everything. He seemed nervous and confused on the stand – especially for someone who has seemed nothing short of defiant in some previous court appearances – but I really think this defense theory of the drowning took him by complete surprise. He said on the stand to the prosecutor that this was the first time he had heard this – and I believed him.

But I also believe that Baez is a lot more clever than many people make him out to be. He knows he only needs ONE juror to question whether or not this scenario could be true. And let’s face it, this seems to be a defense tailor made for religious “I can’t judge anyone” lady.

Reasonable Doubt Defined (Florida):

A reasonable doubt is not a mere possible doubt, a speculative, imaginary or forced doubt. Such a doubt must not influence you to return a verdict of not guilty if you have an abiding conviction of guilt. On the other hand, if, after carefully considering, comparing and weighing all the evidence, there is not an abiding conviction of guilt, or, if, having a conviction, it is one which is not stable but one which wavers and vacillates, then the charge is not proved beyond every reasonable doubt and you must find the defendant not guilty because the doubt is reasonable.
It is to the evidence introduced in this trial and to it alone, that you are to look for that proof.
A reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the defendant may arise from the evidence, conflict in the evidence, or the lack of evidence.

So – what do you think of the defense’s scenario? Does it rise to the level of reasonable doubt to you – or is it a ridiculous further lie of Casey’s?

And most importantly of all – does this scenario and the suggestions Baez put forth in his opening statement – mean that Casey will *have* to testify??


13 Responses to “Caylee Wasn’t Missing – She Was Dead.”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Frankly, I think putting George on as the first witness was a very smart move by the prosecution after hearing Baez’s opening statement. The reasonable doubt I now have is whether Baez is as big a liar as Casey or does he really believe her. In which case, he is just dumb.

    • I wondered if putting George on the stand first was something the prosecution had planned all along, or if it was in response to the Defense’s opening statement – address those accusations IMMEDIATELY. I think George said, in response to Baez’s “coaced” questions, that the prosecution said he would be the first witness, but I either didn’t catch or it wasn’t mentioned *when* the prosecution said that.

      And I agree with you – if Baez believes Casey, he’s as big an idiot as Cindy is to put faith in *anything* she says. But I gotta tell ya, the whole “molestation” charges are slightly more believable after learning that George was in the delivery room with Casey when she had Caylee. I mean, is it just me, or is that slightly fucking weird? WOuld you have your father *in* the delivery room with you? Creeeeeeee-ppppppyyyy

  2. Chico said

    “What a tangled web we weave, when first we pratice to deceive” George and Cindy are to be pitied, but not forgiven for their coverup of Casey. “How sharper thana serpent’s tooth, it is to have a thankless child. Shakesperian isn’t it?

  3. Kim Rock said

    I wouldn’t want my Dad to see that but it seems that half the guys (and probably half the girls) in Florida have seen Casey’s ‘what-what’ anyway, so what difference would it make to her.

    I found it really strange that George said he didn’t know she was pregnant at the time that wedding photo was taken. And that he didn’t ask who the father was up until the time she delivered Caylee. However, after hearing his testimony about Cindy’s reaction, her anger towards him, when he told her that he had found out that Casey didn’t work at Sports Authority, I get a much clearer picture. I think he pretty much just kept his yap shut and didn’t ask too many questions about anything having to do with Casey.

    What a weird family. The whole thing today was just totally bizarre. Gawd, please let those jurors not be stupid…I hope she fries.

    • I have to tell you – I was pregnant when I was 17 – and I hid that shit *really* well. I think that the hiding of the pregnancy was more Casey’s fear than her parent’s shame. There’s no unmarried teenage girl who lives with her parents who is going to gleefully announce to her parents that she’s knocked up the minute she finds it out. So I discount a lot of that “hidden flower in the attic” bullshit. (And I love the whole “Flower in the Attic” allusion – that was about a brother and sister knocking boots, you know…)

      But I do wonder about the “Oh…we never asked who the father was….” Because let me tell ya, when my mother DID find out I was pregnant – that the was the FIRST thing she asked me. My mother wanted child support and medical insurance and room and board money – she wasn’t going to support me *and* a baby without *Someone* pitching in.

      And dude – don’t these people wonder like where the money is? I mean, you’ve got everyone in the house with phony fucking jobs – but there’s ike *real* fucking bills coming in. Didn’t George and Cindy wonder – even once – in the entire two years – where the hell Casey’s money was going?

      Weird family, indeed.

  4. tess said

    I thought George was believable on the stand. Why didn’t Baez nail him with the molestation charges? If you are going to throw spaghetti on the wall, at least follow it up. What happened after he supposedly carried the body out of the pool? Who disposed of the body? Where was the body stored? How did kronk find the body and then place it where he “discovered” it? Lots of questions…..will be interesting.

    • I know – I still have *millions* of questions – and I gotta tell you – I think I have even more questions AFTER opening statements than I had before. Like what was Baez hinting at with the whole “George had a phony job” thing – what, did *everyone* in that family have a phony fucking job?? Was ANYONE working? Jesus.

  5. everygirl said

    Jose sure can tell a tale. He threw out so much stuff today, hoping that some or all of it will stick to the jury like Velcro. His theory has a lot of holes in it and the only way he might mend some of them is to put Crazy on the stand. That is not going to happen. Which of her many personalities would show up that day when the prosecution starts asking the hard questions? He can not take that chance.

    George’s girlfriend gave him money so he could pretend he had a job to support his family? That is so far out there. Somehow I believe it though, seems to fit the whole “Carney Folk” theme going in this family.

    I just want to know, who is going to portray this looney family on the Lifetime Movie of the Week? I think LeLo is too busy serving her own sentence to portray Crazy.

    It seems the beat goes on, and on and on in this case. It will be a long summer and I have to remember to stock the freezer with easy, comfort foods that will ease some of the head spinning at the end of each day.

  6. Skweekie said

    I’m so glad you are blogging again about legal trials. I was with you through the first Spector trial. Missed you alot.

  7. Katprint said

    Re: “He knows he only needs ONE juror to question whether or not this scenario could be true.”

    11 guilty + 1 not-guilty = hung jury
    hung jury ≠ acquittal
    hung jury = mistrial = retrial

    GREAT if you are out of custody like Phil Spector, free as a bird awaiting retrial. The longer the inevitable is put off, the better.

    NOT GREAT if you are in pretrial custody / no-bail jail year after year serving life on the installment plan awaiting retrial *plus* now the prosecution knows your “surprise” strategy.

    • True – But I’m sure the defense would rather a mistrial than the death penalty. And bail applications are *much* easier to have granted once you have a mistrial under your belt, especially when the defense can argue that it was an accidental death – with at least one juror believing that.

      But yeah, the element of surprise would be out the window. But don’t count Casey out if she gets a mistrial – I think it’s been shown that once she realizes someone doesn’t believe one of her lies, she just makes up a bigger one. Hell, next time she may say that Caylee crawled out on the roof and fell off, with George then running over her body in the driveway as he went to work.

      I wouldn’t put anything past that loony girl.

  8. terri said

    Casey has lied from day one about everything surrounding this case. Why would anyone believe her now. It’s just one more big lie to save her sorry ass. Also, Baez never explained where Kronk got the body from.

  9. QueBarbara said

    Thanks for blogging about this, Kim. You do a *much* better job than the news reporters.

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