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Catching Up Part 2

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 22, 2011

Well, if you are reading this, I am going to assume you weren’t raptured. And well, let’s face it, if you are the type of person who would read *this* blog, you really didn’t have a chance in Hell of being Raptured, anyway. Sorry.

So, I did want to show you what all was being done in the way of remodeling our house before the motorcycle accident put all that shit on the back burner.

First up: Paul re-did the front porch. This porch was the bane of my existence. The floor was rotted clear through in parts, and I had visions of the mailman faling through it. It really was awful. But Paul tore out the old floor, put a new one in, and he even installed a new front door to the house – which made the whole porch look 10,000 times better.

But that wasn’t the best part. After 5 years of me bitching about the porch, well, you had to wonder why all of a sudden Paul got a hair up his ass to fix it, right?? Well, see, that’s the best part – he fixed the porch because he bought me a surprise present – and the porch had to be fixed in order to bring the surprise present in the house – it was THAT heavy. And, of coure, the room that the present was going in had to be ready for it, too, so he bought a bunch of lumber and made me floor to ceiling bookshelves on three walls. And he re-did all the trim and molding in the room to match the new bookshelves. Looks absolutely wonderful – especially with the surprise present – a baby grand piano. Yeah, no shit.

My new library

I love it – and it’s the fulfillment of the promise that Paul made to me when we left Florida and I had to leave my upright piano behind – he promised to buy me another piano. And he did – in style.

Now if I could just get the floors re-finished, I would be a happy camper. That’s really all that’s left downstairs to do – just the floors. We had *just* started sanding them down when we had to stop. Sucks. But, someday…..

We also got the computer room done – even the floors. I bought a futon to put in there, makes it nice if I want to go in there and knit while watching a movie or play on the laptop or something – it’s a little sanctuary for me. I love the two-tone gray colors – oh, and I bought a new computer. It’s a 27 inch all-in-one touchscreen. Not that I have *ever* used the touchscreen feature- but it’s neat.

So, that’s what we *did* get done – besides the bedroom. I love the new bedroom set, too. I’ll show you that tomorrow.

Computer Room Front

Computer Room Back


3 Responses to “Catching Up Part 2”

  1. Kelly Green said

    Damn, girl! I’m so jealous–I want your library and piano. Does Paul have any brothers? Would they be interested in moving to Wisconsin?

  2. caroline said

    I love the “library”, very upscale. The computer room looks cozy also. I am going to go tune in the CA trial right now.

  3. Sprocket said

    It was nice that you shared these photos again Kim. Even though Paul is laid up and the work on the house is temporarily stalled, he did good. Damn good.

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