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Catching Up Before Judgement Day

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 21, 2011

So while we have a break from the antics in the courtroom – and before the “Rapture” happens at 6:00 pm (sharp) this evening – let’s catch up!

I told you all that Paul was in a motorcycle wreck, right? If I didn’t – yeah, he was. Fucked him right up good, too. He’s already had one operation on his knee – he’s probably going to have to have a knee replacement before it’s all said and done – and he messed his back up something horrible – he’s having surgery done on it, as well. They are removing some disks, fusing some disks and then installing a titanium cage around the rest. So, fun times there.

I bought a Kindle for the never ending and boring ass doctor’s appointments. I love it. I never thought I would like a Kindle, but I have to tell ya, if you are traveling long distances to and from doctor’s appointments, sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms and surgical waiting rooms a lot – yeah, a Kindle is the thing to have. So one of my new favorite things to do is download Kindle books. I think I spend more time researching books, finding books, categorizing books and downloading books than actually reading books.


Oh, and we have a new little girl who is a huge part of our lives. We’ve had her about 9 months now. She turned 3 in January. Her name is Candace. She’s fun and sweet and adorable – but she keeps us really busy.

And I still knit all the time. (well, as much of “all the time” as I can…) I made a lot of stuff for Christmas presents, scarves, mittens, hats (I’ve been making TONS of hats…) I’m hoping to have some things ready for the fair this summer – I’m betting the Miss Anfony trial will help with that – I can knit while watching.

We also got Milo a wife – another Cairn Terrier. This one is a wheaten brindle – her name is Sofie. She’s cute as all get out – but she’s about twice the size of Milo. I don’t know if that’s because Milo is exceptionally small – or if Sofie is just a fat ass. But she’s been fun to have around. She keeps Milo busy. We would like to breed them one day – but not for a while Sofie just turned 1 year old in March. I really want to let her be a puppy a while before I saddle her with kids.


Just yesterday we finally had to put Brew down. He was just getting old. He was unable to climb the stairs anymore – and he was getting to the point where he’d just lay down and pee all over himself, just sad. I hated seeing him like that – you could tell he was upset that he was peeing in the house, and that he was ashamed of himself for peeing – but he had no control of his bladder at all. And he always had the severe hip problem, and his back legs were not developed right because of his bad hips, and with his age and the arthritis he had, and his hearing and vision were going – he was just a mess, poor old man. So, we took him to the vet and had him put to sleep. The vet had been telling us for the last few years “It’s time..” But Paul just couldn’t let go, you know? Paul cried all day yesterday before taking him. It was sad. Brew was a good boy – we’ll miss him.

So, work has pretty much ceased on the house since the motorcycle wreck, as you probably wold imagine. Paul is not really in any shape to finish the roof or the living room or the floors, which was really all we had left – mostly the floors. But maybe tomorrow I’ll dig out the pictures of what he *did* get done – including the porch and the special presents he bought and made me for the library. We did finish the computer room, the laundry room  and the bedroom, so that’s a good thing. Of course, by the time the house is actually finished – I’ll want to start all over and remodel the whole thing again because everything will be boring and outdated. Isn’t that how it goes?

But, now everyone has to catch me up on what *you’ve* been doing and all the things going on in your life. And remember – if you want to friend me on Faebook – do so! Just remember to put a comment in saying you are from the blog – or I probably will ignore you.



8 Responses to “Catching Up Before Judgement Day”

  1. Sprocket said

    Rest in peace Brewster. I hope you are giving ol’ Sprockey some fun chasing him around the rainbow bridge.

  2. Kim Rock said

    Damn, Kim…how did I not know about Paul’s motorcycle accident?!? I’m really sorry to hear that and I hope everything goes well with his recovery.

    I thought I was a much better Facebook lurker than that!

    Any updates on Zombie Lady?

  3. virginia said

    what happened to the lady across the way? Welcome back. I’ve missed reading you!

  4. Melinda said

    SoOoOoOo happy to see you back and blogging on the CA trial! No one tells it like Kim!!!

  5. caroline said

    Greetings from rainy Oregon!

    It is soooo good to have you back bloggin! Now there is a reason to get on the cpu in the am.

    As I told you in a recent posting, I have just had a total knee replacment. The last year has been a grim one for me. First I have tried to sell my house for an entire year. It wasn’t overpriced or a is just the horrible state of the economy. Then, I tripped over my dog going from room to room, landed squarely on my kneecap hearing it “crunch” upon impact. That was the last time I ever walked on it. It has taken me almost an entire year to have it diagnosed, locate a surgeon, wait for said surgeon to have his own emergency knee replacement surgery and recover, get it approved by the insurance company, and finally go under the knife. My house finally sold while I was in rehab, so it is now up to me to find a new cheap place to live. I want to make it an all cash sale as I am ready to take an early retirement and pursue hobbies and do volunteer work. That’s what I have been up to.

  6. Kim…I’m sorry to hear about Brewster! Hugs!

    I’ve had a Kindle for 3 1/2 years now…I bought it for all the doctor appointments and love it. This month I finally broke it and will surely be replacing it soon as I can’t live without it. My favorite thing is you can get sample chapters of the books before purchasing them!

    Can’t wait for the trial to begin!

    With friendship,

  7. mclayton said

    I am so glad to know you are reporting on the Anthony trial–I followed both Spector trials on your blog. You are the best!! I am so sorry to hear about Paul’s accident and about the loss of Brew. Please know you were missed by this Arkansas lady, and will be reading here each day, not just for the trail, but also for news regarding your family. I am also a Kindle lover, and am actually reading Gone With the Wind for the fourth time, could not be without my Kindle. Stay safe, Kim, again just want you to know I am glad to read your blog again.

  8. Nay said

    Welcome back, Kim!!!
    I have been wondering about you and Paul as last you wrote he had a head injury last Christmas and was in the hospital and I was thinking things turned worse for him. I agree that his back should be treated before the knee.

    My hubby went to an orthopedic surgeon for info on a knee transplant (he has no cartilege left and it is bone on bone) and the surgeon required him to get a complete physical before the surgery.

    During the physical it was discovered that he had a Klatskin tumor (cancer) which was removed along with 12 lympnodes (cancer), 2 polyps (cancer) and the right side of his liver (cancer). He currently is having chemo treatments.

    He still is wanting that knee replacement done so he can golf better. Doncha just love men’s priorities.

    Thank you for covering this trial. It sure is a doozy.
    Casey makes Scott Peterson look like a boy scout. I learned that her parents, George and Cindy, are originally from Ohio in a town not very far from where I live. Your viewpoint on this trial will be interesting.

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