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The Angry Spectator

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 20, 2011


Wouldn’t that make a great blog name?? “The Angry Spectator”. Or maybe it’s a better name for a newspaper. Either way….wasn’t that fun??? I think this is a great preview of the drama to follow. Now all we need in the gallery is those people with the picket signs and the lady holding up her infant with the little onesie on that says “How could you kill a little baby like me, Casey??”

And I HOPE you all saw that. You all saw it, right?

There’s this woman in the courtroom, back in the spectator’s gallery, who decided that the potential juror on the stand just wasn’t bloodthirsty enough for her taste, and wasn’t as definitive as the Angry Spectator thought she should be when deciding whether or not she could put Casey Antony to death (“as long as you find all the mitigating and aggravating factors and the law as I give it to you merits this under the blah, blah, blah….”)

Angry Spectator lady decided that she should make up the potential juror’s mind for her, and remind her very loudly that “SHE KILLED SOMEBODY, ANYWAY!!” Yeah, that helped.

The bailiff escorted Angry Spectator out of the courtroom – her flowery tent dress blowing in the breeze of the collected gasps from the other onlookers, her tied together sneakers in one hand (and really, wouldn’t it have made a better statement if she had just thrown the sneakers at Casey?) As she left she kept repeating “I’m sorry” to the bailiff. Who didn’t even acknowledge her apology.

The judge also asked the “not bloodthirsty enough” potential juror to step outside. And she inquired of the judge “ME?” when he asked her to step down – probably thinking she didn’t want to be out in the hall with crazy Angry Spectator – who was still armed with tied together sneakers.

Judge Perry then had the Angry Spectator brought back before him to answer why she shouldn’t be held in contempt of court – and she had a litany of reasons – starting with the tried but true stand-by reason of “I’m nuts, Judge, I can’t be held responsible for anything I do.” She actually couched it in the politically correct version of “I’m mentally challenged”, but we know that really means, “I’m nuts, Judge, and shouldn’t be held responsible for anything I do.”

The judge asked her what medication she’s on, and she said “Thorazine, Seraquil, Adderall” and, of course, Methadone. Because, I guess, she’s also an addict. She volunteered that she visits the methadone clinic everyday. Which, of course, means she’s not totally mentally challenged, I mean, even Paul can’t remember his doctor’s appointments without me reminding him. So, she’s got one up on him.

The judge asked her why she was even in his courtroom, and she told the court that she had actually been in Courtroom R down the hall for an appearance on her incarcerated “fiance’s” court case for domestic violence. She just stopped in here “to see what it looked like”. And if I were the judge I would have told her that she could have been watching from the comfort of her living room, you know, and then you get to shout out anything you’d like without a potential sentence of ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE DAYS IN JAIL for doing so.

Yeah, I almost did a spit take with my diet coke when the judge told her that if she didn’t have a disability he would be inclined to give her 179 days in jail. Holy fucking hell! That $450 fine he gave you is looking pretty fucking sweet right now, isn’t it, Mr. Publix Man? (10-1 he’s running right down to the Clerk of Courts and writing a check – fuck the payment plan.)

But, Angry Spectator lady cried and begged and apologized and talked about her son – and let’s talk about that for a minute, too. How is it that we, as a society, recognize the “mentally challenged” and pay them Social Security to stay home because, of course, we also recognize that they are unable to work with such disabilities, yet these people, who are unable to maintain any reasonable and gainful employment, and are paid by our government with our tax dollars to support themselves, why do we also deem them able to care for and raise children? I mean, if they are so mentally disabled that they are unable to support themselves, why do we deem them mentally able to raise a child? That bugs the shit out of me.

Anyway, Angry Spectator lady cried and apologized and asked the court if it would be possible for her to turn herself in tonight (probably so she could go home and take some more meds – or maybe untie her sneakers.) And the judge said “No You Can Not”. Hope her babysitter was watching, because it looks like she has the kid for 2 days – the sentence the judge finally imposed.

And what was Miss Anfony doing during all of this? Yeah, she was just looking outraged and upset that someone would actually think she really killed someone and had the balls to say so out loud when they weren’t even on the stand being a potential juror. She kept whispering things to her attorneys and angrily scribbling notes on her notepad. I imagine one of the notes was addressed to the judge “Hey, Perry, give me some duct tape and a car trunk and I’ll take care of this crazy bitch for you.”

Damn it, I knew I was going to love this trial. Only in Florida, I swear to God.


11 Responses to “The Angry Spectator”

  1. artdonkey said

    Glad to see you back, Darwin and just in time for the Anthonys in the Big Top. I too have been suffering from withdrawl since “Anticipating a Refund” 2010.

  2. Sprocket said

    Only in Flordia is right Kim. Duct tape and a trunk…almost got me to spit on my screen Kim.

  3. tess said

    I watched much of the rest of the afternoon (after in session went off) on the Orlando Sentinel. Angry Spectator came back into court with her brand new attorney. Judge Perry reiterated “tell my why she should not be held in contempt after she said in open court…..”
    The new attorney said she was under stress and was confused as to whether or not she took her meds this morning and she was worried about her fiance. The judge (whom I am liking more and more) stated that in light of her mental issues the 2 day sentence was fair. He said he would be slapping the 179 day one on her if not for her “challenges” (my word). I heard also, that her fiance’s courtroom was on an entirely different floor. So, she didn’t just happen to wander into the Anthony courtroom.

    • Yeah, I watch all day on the Sentinel Site. I refuse to watch TRU(ly terrible)TV. I have it blocked on my satellite. It’s my own little protest for the ridiculous “Reality Programming” they show in lieu of actual trials. I know it makes absolutely no difference to them one way or another whether or not I block them and refuse to watch – but it makes *me* feel quite superior.

      But the BEST part of Angry Spectator’s return was the fact that she was in jail garb. That tickled my ass to no end.

  4. Kim Rock said

    “Miss Anfony”….you kill me, Kim!

  5. caroline said

    Love it! Miss Anfony – Just perfect.

    I can’t wait until they start putting the screws to this snarky little bitch and the rest of her hoodwinked white trash family. This (Casey) may even eclipse the Specter trial for the pure sleaze factor.

  6. Valerie said

    We called her Methadone Mary!

  7. Poppy said

    It’s kind of spooky — after seeing Angry Spectator today I had the very same thought — if she’s mentally ill to the point of being disabled, how the hell can she be competent enough to care for a child? And if she was so distraught this morning that she forgot to take her meds — did she remember to feed the kid? Wish Judge Perry had sentenced her for a longer time simply because the jail will make sure she’s compliant with her meds. Hopefully Children’s Services was also notified of her arrest.

    Also, LOL at Methadone Mary! And folks at the Hinky Meter are calling Ann Finnell “Sister Mary Mitigation”. 🙂

  8. marissa said

    Good LAWD, I missed you Kim!! Of all the many, many blogs I follow (skim), yours is the only one I READ ALOUD to all my closest friends. You know, just in case they miss a post. My husband thinks you should run for office on the ‘Mentally Disabled Mom’ platform alone!

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