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A Jury Is Seated – Let the Apocolypse Begin!

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 20, 2011

Well, we ended the day today with a full panel of 12 jurors – and the full 5 alternates, as well. So maybe tomorrow really is the end of the world!

Of course, the headlines will be eclipsed by the return of the Angry Spectator – who came back into the courtroom this afternoon with her court appointed attorney. Her Public Defender argued that the woman was confused about taking her meds – and asked the judge to reconsider the sentence. The judge said that if it wasn’t for her mental challenges she surely would have gotten the full sentence – and reaffirmed the 2 days in jail he had previously meted out.

Angry Spectator was really lucky the judge didn’t know (or didn’t bring up) her previous convictions and increase the 2 days. I mean, it’s rather hard for her to argue that she “had never been in a courtroom before” and “just wanted to see what the inside of the courtroom looked like” when she surely must have seen all that at some point in her earlier brushes with the law.


But, we do have a full jury and opening arguments are slated to begin TUESDAY morning at 9:00. Giving the jurors three whole days to get tainted. (Barring tomorrows Rapture, of course. But if there is a Rapture tomorrow – let’s hope the one lady who can’t judge anyone because of her religion gets took.)

Besides non-judgmental lady, there are several interesting points about this jury, the main panel being composed of 7 females and five men. There is only one person on the panel who claims to have never heard about the case. 6 of them have no children and one juror has a young (21 month old) daughter. Three of the women are current or former nurses – and one of the nurses said that she has smelled dead bodies before. Should be interesting if the Prosecution is allowed to give the jurors that “smell test” they spoke of. One of the female jurors has quite a bit of experience with the legal system – she was arrested for DUI in 1998, her son is on probation for bad checks and her grandson was in trouble for drugs.

It’s also interesting how many of them are really equivocal on the death penalty. Over half either had “no opinion” on the death penalty – or outright said they were not for it, or would have reservations recommending it. Generally the prosecution has an advantage in a death penalty case because once a jury is “death qualified”, you pretty much already have a jury that is pro-law and order, and slightly more pro-prosecution. But that’s definitely not the case here – especially when you add “I can’t judge people” lady. One has to wonder; if she is hesitant to judge someone, how is she going to feel about sending them to death row?

The process will certainly be an interesting one.


3 Responses to “A Jury Is Seated – Let the Apocolypse Begin!”

  1. tess said

    Seriously, I am quite surprised at the make-up of the jury. I didn’t get to see the whole day, did the prosecution and the defense use their full compliment of challenges? I thought the last female was all to eager to suck up and get on the jury. Did she make it? I figure if they find her guilty (and in my opinion, they will have a hard time not to) they will give her life. I actually think that is a harder sentence. If you figure her to be 25, and give her 50 years or so, what a miserable life. Not a bad punishment.

  2. Valerie said

    By far my favorite one they interviewed was the lady who said “I pray for her every night, I pray for mercy for her, I pray that Jesus has mercy on her” she sounded genuine about it at least but it was funny!

  3. caroline said

    Well, if the world ends tonight this will all be moot – Casey will (no doubt) be among the first to not be accepted in the line for the pearly gates, thus saving the state of Florida financial solvency!

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