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Personal Matters Are Not Discussed…

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 19, 2011


Nary a word about why court ended so abruptly yesterday. Bastards. And no, a text message to Beth Karas describing the event as “a personal matter” does NOT satisfy my curiosity. I want to know WHO the personal matter belonged to and WHAT the personal matter was. Just call me nosy like that.

In other, better news, we ended up with 2 new jurors this morning. This brings the total number to lucky 13. The judge informed the attorneys that he would bring the panel up at noon and inquire again about financial hardship. He speculates that the question will at least get one or two of them to raise their hands. He will then send anyone left home, and continue to question potential jurors for alternates. He’s not really sure how any alternates he wants – maybe 5, maybe 6, maybe all 8 he had wanted to have at the beginning of this whole process. The attorneys will have the same number of challenges as potential alternates.

The judge also said he will swear int eh jury tomorrow morning – and of, course, he realizes that if the state or the defense has any peremptory challenges left, they will be able to use them up until that time. There’s still a couple of people on the panel that I think the state will probably get rid of, so I anticipate that they might use a couple of theirs up.

But, hopefully, we really WILL have opening statements on Monday morning, as promised. Which will be nice. Jury selection is a boring ass thing to sit through if you aren’t the one picking the jury or the one on trial, although it really is the most important part of a trial.

Personally, I’m REALLY looking forward to that “first minute” of Jose Baez’s opening statement – you know, that one minute that he has promised is going to “put to rest all of our suspicions and doubts about Casey Anthony and her silence during the 31 days Caylee was missing.” Because that would be fucking awesome, don’t you think? To put to rest all your doubts and suspicions? I mean, his opening statement isn’t evidence or anything, but I still think it would be nice to know. And it might even make me more receptive to the defense’s case and make me less accepting of the state’s evidence, if I had absolutely NO doubts and suspicions about her going into the whole thing.

And I’m here to tell you – it better not be some lame-ass explanation, either. You know like “Oh, Casey was out partying and in all those nightclubs because she was looking for the real killer! And she couldn’t tell anyone – not even her parents – that Caylee was missing because she had been threatened – and the kidnapper threatened her ENTIRE family – and threatened her SOOOOO effectively that even when she was in JAIL she dared not tell anyone.” Because If Baez says some stupid shit like that, I swear, I WILL make the trip to Florida in the middle of fucking summer – just to smack him upside the head.



8 Responses to “Personal Matters Are Not Discussed…”

  1. tess said

    Oh Kim, this just might be an incredible display of our justice system in action. Mr. Baez has already demonstrated some interesting proclivities for rambling BS. I like this judge though. I want to see what happens tomorrow with the “missing” juror. If he can’t come up with a life-threatening excuse, he is toast. It will be #2 for contempt of court. The judge ain’t messin around.
    Good to see you back up and running.
    I wish Paul (and you) very good luck with the upcoming surgery and I hope all goes very smoothly and without any adverse side effects.

  2. everygirl said

    So happy you are back sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. Sending Paul, and you too. positive thoughts for all that he has ahead of him this summer.

    If Bia$ed spews that garbage, you will not be alone on that trip to Florida for the big Smackdown!

  3. Ligita said

    Because If Baez says some stupid shit like that, I swear, I WILL make the trip to Florida in the middle of fucking summer – just to smack him upside the head.

    LOL – you go girl! SOOooo glad to “see” you back on here! Missed you! And I’ll be following everyday!!

  4. Chico said

    Yeah…Darwin is back. I have missed you. Keep us all informed and amused with you commentary.

  5. Starbright said

    OMG!!! After all this time I can’t believe it, YOU’RE BACKKKK. So glad you are and sorry to hear about Paul’s knee. If it’s not one thing…..well, you know. I am also so happy that you are jumping in this mess with the rest of us. This has been the longest 3 years, awaiting this trial. Finally glad today that the jury selection seems to be winding down. Can’t wait for Monday!! Again, so glad you’re back.

  6. Elizabeth said

    I think Baez’ “personal matter” was that he got a text from Arnold Schwarzenegger to request that he get a license to practice in California ASAP as he will be needing a good, experienced, seasoned lawyer to defend him when Maria reams him a new one.

  7. ritanita said

    Welcome back, Kim! I always look forward to you particular sense of humor and commentary.

    Looking forward to reading your posts during the trial.

  8. Kim Rock said

    Kim, you’re nosy like that. So am I.

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