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Court is In Recess

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 18, 2011

“Mr. Mason, have you had an opportunity to discuss the matter with Ms. Anthony?” Perry asked.

 “I have, Your Honor,” Mason said.

 “Anything you need to add?” Perry asked. “OK, this court will be in recess until 8:30 tomorrow morning.”

And wth that exchange, despite the “hurry up” attitude Judge Perry has been exhibiting for the last 9 days, court was adjourned.

But WHY???

1. Interlocutory Appeal? – This looks like a possibility, given the motion and denial of that motion that took place earlier in the day. Baez does have a legitimate bitch when it comes to the “hurry up” attitude from the judge, but you would think that most of his concerns would have been quelled by the extension of time Pinellas has granted to the visiting court. Baez’s absence from the courtroom this afternoon also leads to speculation that perhaps he was busy drafting motions and filing them – but why would the judge have said that court would be back in session tomorrow at 8:30? Surely the 5th Circuit wouldn’t have ruled by then…..

2. Baez sick? -He didn’t look sick – but he has been sitting next to that one sick lady – the one who is death qualifying the jurors. (My theory is that she gets up and starts questioning them precisely because after having to listen to her for 1/2 an hour in that unGodly monotone she utilizes, hell, ANYONE would be wishing for the death penalty…)

3. Plea Deal? – If this bitch pleas out it had BETTER include a complete allocution in open court. After three years and 9 excruciating days of jury selection (including listening to that sick Ann lady) I DESERVE to know what she did and why she did it. But, this could well be the cause of the delay. Perhaps the judge was giving Baez a chance to talk to her. I don’t see why the defense would agree to a plea at this point, they are doing OK with the jurors, I think. But perhaps Casey herself wants out at this point.

4. Something Else? – Maybe she fired Baez? Maybe someone in his family is sick? Maybe….anything. I guess no one will really know until 8:30.

But I’m going to be pissed if she pleas out.


3 Responses to “Court is In Recess”

  1. Poppy said

    Hey Kim! Glad to see you back — is your husband still dealing with the injuries from when the porch fell on him? If he does have more surgery I hope it goes well.

    Anyway,if you are interested in the Casey Anthony case, there’s a blog here with a huge amount of timeline and discovery info… you may curse me later, because there’s so much info it’ll take hours and hours to read… Although you may know of it already because it’s linked from Sprocket’s website, which is how I found it.

    Loved your coverage of the Spector case and looking forward to your hopefully snarky comments about the Casey Anthony case!

  2. katfish said

    Hey Kim, Welcome back! The cast of characters in this case ought to be great fodder for your funny but always on point “kimisms”. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this bitch Casey Anthony and her family as the evidence unfolds. While the evidence is all pretty much all circumstancial in this case, this dumbass sunk her own ship, IMO, by thinking she could
    “handle these police boys” like she has handled everyone else in her life.

  3. katfish said

    I read your posts backwards so neglected to say best wishes for Paul’s upcoming surgeries. Mr Katfish spent a good part of the first 3 months of this year in the hospital. Hospital WIFI saved my sanity!

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