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Casey Anthony – Jury Selection Some More

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 18, 2011

So we finally found out why Judge Perry has been rushing things along with the attorneys – he was under the impression that Pinellas County was going to make the little Casey Anthony circus leave town at the end of business tomorrow. He finally informed everyone of this fact in response to a motion made by Jose Baez in open court challenging the judge’s rushed and hurried attitude. The Judge summarily denied the motion, but later, after the questioning of another juror had already commenced, he revisited the topic and asked Baez what the hell Baez wanted to do with the remaining 15 jurors, the fact that they don’t even have a complete jury panel, and they still need alternates. Given that the attorneys have taken approximately one hour to question each juror, and with the threat of losing the facility hanging over everyone’s head, the judge asked for input in how to proceed.

Baez made an intelligent and impassioned plea on behalf of his client and her right to a fair and impartial jury, regardless of how long that process takes – actually some of he best speaking I’ve heard him engage in to date.

But, it all became a moot point when Pinellas County informed the judge that yeah, they could extend the availability of the courtroom a couple of days. So, they will be there until at least Saturday – giving everyone a few more hours to play with, and perhaps enabling the questioning of the remaining 15 jurors available in the pool.


I think I liked it better when they all had to be out of there by end of business tomorrow. Three more days of jury selection.

And now the Judge has said that opening statements WILL begin on Monday morning, 9:00 am in Orange County. With the qualifier of *if* they have a jury. I’m not sure if that qualifier is a snap aimed at the defense, or if the judge is now couching the whole jury selection process in less “hurried” phrases after reflecting on the merits of the defense’s earlier motion.


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