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Casey Anthony – Jury Selection

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 16, 2011

I wasn’t going to get sucked in. I really wasn’t. I have way too much going on in my life to start being obsessed with another long ass, never ending, emotional, high profile case. I mean, I am on level 65 in Farmville, and those sheep aren’t feeding themselves.

But, I watched the first day of jury selection, and then the next day, then I started posting status updates about the jury on Facebook – and the minute the one juror got cited for contempt of court and fined $450 for talking to a TruTv producer, yeah, I was sucked in…..

The judge had originally wanted opening statements to begin tomorrow – but that won’t be possible. I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday, only because the judge has also said the courtroom will be dark for one day after seating the jury, probably to allow jurors to pack and be moved to Orange county.

But, since I haven’t blogged in a while….let me give you some quick thoughts of my own about this whole case.

#1. Who is going to give victim impact statements? I can’t see George and Cindy Anthony -with their current attitude regarding their daughter’s complete and total innocence, getting up in front of the jury and demanding justice for their granddaughter. Will there be no one to speak for Caylee?

#2. Zanny the Nanny – I think Zanny is short for Xanax. I think that “Zanny the Nanny” is alluding to the practice of mother’s giving their small children Xanax to keep them quiet and controllable. I think that Casey may have overdosed Caylee on Xanax, and that’s how she died. Granted, this doesn’t answer the whole “Duct tape around the head” evidence, but I am going to have to hear that evidence before I decide if the state’s theory is correct, that Casey applied duct tape to Caylee’s mouth.

#3. The state’s case. You do realize they are weak on actual evidence, right? Yeah, they are. This is a completely circumstantial case, and the interesting thing is that Casey herself provided most of the circumstances. I think that’s why jury selection is going so slowly. If he defense can find actual jurors who have really never heard of this case, they have a really good shot at acquittal. A lot of the evidence in this case is intensified by emotion, and hatred of Casey.


6 Responses to “Casey Anthony – Jury Selection”

  1. donchais said

    Nice to see ya back!

  2. caroline said

    Great to have you on the case Kim! I will be watching too – just got a brand new total knee replacement so I have to take it easy, thanks for reminding me of this case. Sure hope this bitch does not get off, but I don’t have much confidence in the state of Florida’s ability to build a case.

  3. Oh Caroline!! You’ll have to tell me ALL about the knee replacement! Paul is having that done in the next few weeks. Right now he is having some crap injected into his knee – it sounds like “Haladon” – but of course I know that’s not what it is. It’s to increase the production of some fluid. I don’t know. He has to have that 3 times, and if it doesn’t increase the fluid, they are talking knee replacement. Hope you are taking it easy and that everything goes really well for you!

  4. caroline said

    Hi Kim!

    Tell Paul not to worry, he will be so happy that he had it done. AND I would recommend that they stop dicking around and just go for the replacement. It has been 3 weeks and I am walking around with the help of a walker. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

    I have been in a wheelchair for the past 7 months ever since I shattered what was left of my poor knee in a fall. The pain was excruciating during that time since the doctors were hesitant to give me pain meds, HAH!

    The surgery is no picnic, it is after all, major surgery. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. My doctor is very experienced in the knee-hip replacement field. He is on his 60’s and trained at the Mayo clinic. Get a doctor with LOTS of experience. Most folks who have it done are in much better shape than I was. The doctor took pictures of my knee, as it was among the worst he had ever seen during his career, no kneecap- just bone chips and a bag of blood!! the picture showed lots of dead black bone that had to be extracted.

    More to come!

    • Wel, that’s encouraging that you are doing so well!! Although it sounds like you were MUCH worse off than Paul is. He already had one operation – to repair all the tears and remove the bone fragments, this will be his second surgery on that knee.

      My main concern is getting his knee repaired before his back surgery in June. I mean, I am NOT a doctor, but it just seems to ME that having surgery on his back and expecting him to recuperate from that while limping around on his bad leg might be counter-productive, you know? *I* would think that the surgeons would want to co-ordinate this stuff so his knee is repaired and healed before they attempt fusing and removing disks and installing a titanium cage around his spine – then telling him “Arise, My Son! And Walketh Upright with no pain!”

      But, no one listens to Kim, you know?

      But I am very glad this surgery is working out for you. It sounds like it’s a hell of a lot better than being in a wheelchair with no pain meds. Geez! That sounds horrible!

  5. caroline said

    I agree with your summation of the problem, knee surgery first sounds like a logical progression. Folks recover from knee surgery rather quickly, back surgery much slower. At any rate Paul sounds like he will not be having such a great summer, which means you will be very busy attending to Paul.

    I was lucky enough to go into Rehab for 20 days following my surgery so meals and physical therapy were right there and assistance was a buzzer away. The unit itself was grim, old and filled with people that were there forever…I was lucky enough to have a private room and the care I received was excellent. There is no substitute for home though.

    Don’t neglect your own health while caring for Paul…he needs a healthy caregiver, so make sure you get enough sleep and good food…Chinese buffet anyone?

    Hang in there!

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