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Crash Bang Boom – Kim is Blogging???

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 14, 2010


OH MY GOD!!! Kim is blogging!!

Yes, I know it’s been FOR-E-VER, but so much has been happening, you’ll understand why. 

So, first off, let me thank poor Sprocket. She has been my unofficial secretary in my absence, taking messages from people and assuring them that yes, I’m fine. I’m sure I’ll drop dead when I get the bill for her services, though. 

So, let’s start back at the beginning….

On the last day of September, Paul got in a motorcycle wreck. Some IDIOT was parked in front of the school, dropping off his kids, and Paul, minding his own business, was tooling down the road on his bike. He slowed down because it was a school zone, but the guy who was parked, unaware of his surroundings, I guess, pulled right out form his parking space, and Paul t-boned his car. The front tire of the bike got impaled in the space between the front fender of the guy’s car and the front quarter panel. The bike never hit the ground. But Paul, from the impact, went saillllllling over the guy’s car. 

Paul was taken by the ambulance to the ER, where they found he had shattered his leg, broken his kneecap, had broken ribs and a torn rotator cuff. 


So – we called our insurance company and the *other* guy’s insurance company. Luckily the IDIOT had good insurance. They totaled the bike and gave us the value of it in a check, and we bought the bike back because even though it was considered totaled by the insurance company, Paul got it fixed for like $600. One of the tabs that holds the highway bars was bent, which, to the insurance company meant “bent frame”. Even though it’s not *really* a bent frame. 

So all is good on the property damage side of the claim. The physical claim, yeah, not so much. 

Paul went to the orthopedic surgeon and he has to save surgery on his knee. But, they can’t do surgery until he gets cleared from his primary physician. And I don’t know what the fuck THEIR game is, but they haven’t cleared him YET. First it was “Oh, we can’t clear you – you have a bad thyroid!” Yeah, we know that. But, Paul has to be on upped meds and downed meds and sideways meds and he’s been having bloodwork every two weeks to see if his “levels” are good enough to have surgery. Which they haven’t been, yet. Then the doctor said “Oh! You can’t have surgery – there’s a flutter in your heart!” So then Paul had to have an echocardiogram. Which showed there was nothing wrong with his heart. 

It seems like the only person who’s been nice and helpful in all this is the OTHER guy’s insurance lady. No, we didn’t get a lawyer because the insurance company is admitting liability and recognizing Paul has severe injuries and they are offering us the maximum of the guy’s liability insurance. I haven’t formally accepted the offer as of yet, mostly because I want to see how the surgery goes, but they are offering it. I figure a lawyer can’t get me more than what they are on the hook for as far as liability limits – so why bother to pay a lawyer.

So – that’s where we are at. Paul is laid up with a leg injury, he can’t drive too far without pain, so we don’t go far. He can’t work, so he’s here aggravating me all day (and don’t think I didn’t put in my OWN claim for “Pain and suffering” on THOSE grounds, and he’s hopped up on pain pills most of the time. Just waiting to be cleared for surgery. And THAT seems to be a never ending wait.

And I’m OK – I have my own normal issues, but those are all normal issues. I’ve been trying to knit, but that’s not easy when Paul is in the living room hogging the TV all day. I can’t knit in the office because my chair SUCKS, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch Speed Vision and “Let’s watch Suzy paint her kitchen” all day – so I’ve been spending a lot of time arguing with doctors, insurance people and surgeons.

So – that’s what’s been happening. I’ll write again tomorrow and talk about Christmas. You’ll LOVE this story.


11 Responses to “Crash Bang Boom – Kim is Blogging???”

  1. marissa said

    Oh My God, it’s the best day ever!!!! News from Kim’sWorld! On a serious note, so sorry to hear about your Other Half. Better times ahead!

  2. Me said

    Good to know you are okay. Hope hubby recovers soon. Did you know InSessions has an entire forum dedicated to wondering where you are?

  3. sandy in CO said

    Welcome back Kim. I tried not to go into the “where are you” theme.

    Somewhere I saw the photos of Paul after the accident. No clue how I found them, but it was through a search to see if you were okay. Don’t you love stalkers? I did find you were as well as possible, so left you alone until things sorted out.

    Hope Paul get through all well and you too. Obviously a long haul for both.

    Of course it goes without words to tell you how good it is to read something from your end.

    Sandy in CO

  4. CT said

    Hey Woman, so glad to hear you are all OK. So tell us, are you going to come join us all for another live trial? Or was spector the exception to the rule hehe?


  5. Sally said

    Kim, I’m so sorry about hubby’s injury, hope he gets relief soon & I’m so happy to hear that you are ok, I was worried and many thanks to Betsy, she was kind enough to act as secretary, she is a gem!
    Looking forward to hearing about Christmas!!


  6. Niner said

    Oh Kim!! Soooo sorry to hear about Paul!! I too was wondering WHERE you were… is that stalking??!!! LOL!!
    Hope to hear soon about your Christmas!
    Take care – both of you!!

  7. Caroline said

    Hello Kim!

    SO glad to hear you are still with us, I am so sorry to hear of Paul’s horrible accident, I was prepared for the worst regarding your health, Paul WILL get better with time, YOU need to take extra good care of yourself, so that you can provide him with the care he needs.

    Make the insurance company pony up enough extra $$ to outfit the sewing room with a really comfy chair and a new flat screen TV, you can get both for under $1,000 and it will complete your little “retreat”. You are going to need it because unfortunatly Paul is going to be on the mend for quite a while. Why not speak to the insurance adjuster about it? She will agree to ANYTHING you request because they can’t believe you are not suing and saving them at least a million dollars, (which you could easily get by the way, retire to a gated community in Florida without hillbilly neighbors and animal sacrificers and attend the Casey Anthony trial daily and report on it for us on the Darwin blog and let Paul mend in the sun on your private terrace overlooking the ocean that you bought for a bargain at a foreclosure auction).

    I am serious about making yourself a comfy retreat. Caregiving is a draining experience and you need a place to escape. Without a “retreat” I would have gone insane and I know of what I speak, I cared for my beloved mom for 7 years. Regretably she passed away in late October. I am only now crawling out from under the fog that slowly and thoroughly descends when you are taking care of a sick person month after month after month, 24/7.

    I will tell you this, although by now you know it: you will get lots of advice and practically no help. Particularly from family members and people who call consider themselves “holier than thou christians”. Both of which I have lots of personal experience.

    Caregiving is thankless and priceless gift. You and Paul will be closer than ever after this.

    I am so glad to see you are back! Don’t ever do this to your loyal fans again!

  8. Jackie Provost said

    I had just about given up and was about to kick you out of my favorites tab, But had to check on you one more time. Yeah, Kim is back. I can’t tell you how much I missed reading about you. I have so many questions……I will patiently wait for you to catch your breath and update us when you can. So glad that you are well relatively speaking.

  9. Starbright said

    So glad you’re back!! Have really missed you these months. Checked almost every day. Sorry about Paul, talk about bad luck. Please keep us updated on his recovery.

  10. Gail said

    Kim, WOW so happy to see you are OK and also so sad to hear about Paul’s accident. I wish him well and hopefully a speedy recovery. You be sure to take care of ‘you’ too! I guess maybe I was a stalker also, as I had routinely checked in most everyday to see if you were about or not. Then I gave up and then was so fortunate this morning to read a post at IS and woooo hooo, here you are girl! Things will get better, I was kinda in your position two years ago, it takes time and a lot of perserveranace, but hang in there. My prayers for you and Paul!

  11. Pam said

    I was wondering what happened to you. Glad Paul is going to be ok and you are ok.

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