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Sights from the Fair, Parking and Kittens

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 8, 2009

So we went to the fair yesterday afternoon. But I still don’t know if I won anything, because the Domestic Arts building was locked up tight. fuck. They did all the judging yesterday, and **usually**, we can go on Friday afternoon and kind of “peek” in the building while judging is happening and see what won. But yesterday I think we were too late. Judging was over, they had locked up the building and everyone had gone home. So I didn’t get to see shit. 

I don’t think I won anything, anyway, because I’ve heard some scuttlebutt about “these people who monopolize the categories” and how that discouragers new people from entering. Which I can kind of understand. I mean, I entered a couple of years ago not knowing the first thing about any of it, and I’ll bet that if I had known that there was some knitter in town who “just won every year, year after year”, I probably wouldn’t have entered anything, either. But this year they actually made you put your name on the entry tickets, the one’s that are attached to the item for judging, and I kind of heard that this was so that the “same people who keep winning” wouldn’t win this year. I don’t know if that’s true, but it kind of does make sense. 

But, no matter, I guess….But I do want to know if I won anything. The fair is free admission after 10pm every night, so I may try to keep Paul awake tonight and have him bring me over to see what’s up. I mean, I don’t want to pay $20 admission just to see if I won, (too cheap), so if I do go again, it’ll be after 10 pm. Of course, how much do you want to bet they lock up the domestic arts building at 8pm?

Bu – we did go to the fair yesterday afternoon (free admission because the fair doesn’t technically tart until today.) And we did see some of the strangest stuff – starting with Paul’s bitch and his other family.

So – this is Paul’s bitch, Paul’s bitch’s other wife, and his two kids.

We met him at the fairgrounds over by the food stands (no surprise there!) Either because Paul’s bitch was at the food stands – or that Paul was. I think if you were going to find either of them – that would be the place to look.

After seeing Paul’s bitch – we walked around the midway – just sort of people watching. And you know, I must be really, really old, because tell me what the fuck kind of pants this kid is wearing.

Is this “the style”? Because damn, I’d be hard pressed to wear those things. I am **SO** glad I’m not stylish.

Then we walked through the barn that holds all the “You can Now Buy This!” Stuff, and wouldn’t you know it, you can buy almost anything with Michael Jackson’s image on it. These have to be knockoff kind of things, right? I mean, I’m sure no one got a license to print these things:

And even though this doesn’t have MJ’s actual face on it, only some kind of freakish cartoon image (appropriate, I guess), but there were lots of t-shirts and hats that did. This particular hat would only set you back $12.

Freaking opportunists, right?


So, then we came back home – and I got to tell ya, I REALLY hate those renters across the street. DO you know why I REALLY hate them? Because of shit like this.


And yes, that is EXACTLY what it looks like. The renters across the street had an overflow of cars, and since (as you can see) Paul’s bike was in OUR driveway, and they couldn’t park there (as they normally do), they just decided to make the middle of the road a parking space. THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD!!! And they were parked there for like 3 FUCKING HOURS. In the MIDDLE OF THE STREET! Who does this? I mean, I know we live on a dead end road, and that I’m the last house (besides zombie lady), but, you know, WHO DOES THIS??

Rude renting assholes – that’s who. 

I hate them. 

And for the last bit of exciting new for the day – Paul, the big, bad tough biker guy, found some kittens that needed a home, and had to bring them home. He’s such a softie, don’t let him kid ya. 

They are really adorable. Even though I am NOT a cat person. 

Two little black angora long haired kittens. I like them because they have that “pushed in” really round face with big eyes. They are sooooo cute. And LOOK! They like yarn – so they can’t be ALL bad, right?

Here are the 2 kittens together:

This is Leroy:


And this is my favorite – Duffy



So – I’m off to obsess some more over whether I not I won anything at the fair. Maybe I’ll make Paul take a nap so he can bring me at 10pm. Damn. This is bugging the shit out of me.





18 Responses to “Sights from the Fair, Parking and Kittens”

  1. Sprocket said

    Great kitties! You’re going to be brushing up a storm when they get bigger or your house will be cat hair city, lol! That’s from personal experience.

    Hope you won something Kim.

  2. Pam said

    Hey! Clara won that pickle contest every year for 11 years! The best pickle wins and the best knitted item wins regardless of how many times the pickler or knitter won in the past. People need to brush up their skills if they cant win.

  3. Sandy in Colorado said

    You don’t like cats? Jeesh Kim, you already named the furry little guys. I love Duffy too….and two kitties always give more to the fun. Didn’t miss your comment about their liking yarn too. How can we not love your for everything in your life.

    So goes the fair stuff. I think you are going to be surprised and still win. If they take the route of not acknowledging yearly winners, that in itself will cause a tiff across the board of fair division entries. Not just yours. If someone is good at what they do, they are good. But you are right, it would intimidate me.

    Doesn’t the city have ordinances against a “car lot” on the front yard? I know we do, but trying to get anything done in this economy beyond car crashes and robberies is a wash. And I know landlords couldn’t care less as long as they get the rent check. Been there and it grates at ones being.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the fair…..

  4. Niner said

    Hey Kim – I have NO doubt that you won something!! As Sandy in Colorado said – “if they take the route of not acknowledging yearly winners, that in itself will cause a tiff across the board of fair division entries. Not just yours. If someone is good at what they do, they are good. But you are right, it would intimidate me.” Anxiously awaiting what you won!!

    Love the kitties – and love their names!!

  5. Tess said

    Oh Kim, of course you won. What on earth could someone make that would be more beautiful than the things you knit? Perhaps they could be on a par with you, but better….nah.
    I am not a cat person, but I love the kitties. I have a dog. She is my delight.

    Are the people across the street moving for sure when the lease is up? If not, then maybe when they park in the middle of the street a call to the police is in order.

    Post as soon as you know what you’ve won. We are all anxiously awaiting the news.

    How far have you gotten with the afghan? I really want to see that one.

    Hfave a good rest of your Sunday. I am quilting at the moment, just taking a break, so its back to work for me. It won’t get done by wishing it were done.

  6. Caroline said

    Hi Kim,

    The kitties are adorable, and a pair of them makes them easy to take care of, however Sprocket is right about the cat hair thing – so – get them used to being brushed now while they are young.

    Boy, it has been decades since I went to the fair so I am also amazed at the folks who crawl out from under their rocks to make an appearance! We have an annual festival every year in my town. the carnival rides are in a section called the “Fun Center” It became so well known as the “Scum Center” that they renamed it the “Pepsi-cola something” I saw a guy walking around in a Speedo swimming suit with a gigantic Python wrapped around his shoulders until the cops made him leave. Those pants and hairdo are a new one on me…maybe it’s an “East Coast” thing. kind of looks like a Mullet gone bad.

    Don’t worry, if you didn’t win it’s because someone bribed a judge since you are the finest creative person in the entire state of New York.

  7. dude said

    where’s your picture kim we want to know you and your man

  8. anygirl said

    Oh, sweet kitties. I am sure you are a winner there in some category. You are with us! Seems like someone got their little knitted britches in a bunch. I would see you winning so often as an inspiration to be a better knitter. Why and When did people quit trying to be better at things…and at being better people too?

    Those pants scare me. At first glance I thought he was wearing two golf bags, one on each leg. What a vision! I changed my mind, he scares me.

    Keep us informed please.

  9. CamV said

    I’ve had cats that left so much hair around that I thought, if I could knit, I could knit a new cat! So, go ahead…do it….with your wonderful skills, I’m sure it would be an easy task! LOL.

  10. Veronique said

    Kitties! My only caveat with kittens and yarn is make sure they don’t swallow it. With their little rough tongues, stuff goes one way and a knotted-up intestine is one expensive vet bill. When I was a student, I came home to find my kitten with about three inches of string hanging out his mouth. I carefully pulled out…two feet of string! If it had gone past his stomach into his intestine, I could have killed him by doing that. So be careful!

    (I love AnyGirl’s comment ’bout the kid wearing two golf bags. Ah, youth.)


    • Jeannie said

      Looks like good twin, bad twin. Sounds like great blog fodder to come!

      I had a string-eating cat, too…but the “gently pulling string” was out the other end, and it was a foot of dental floss. Eek! We were very lucky that it went all the way through.

  11. PatAZ said

    $20 to get into the fair. It’s $5 here and people complain it’s too much.

    The best entry should win. If they choose otherwise, it’s wrong. Good luck. I thought your entries were beautiful.

    Cute kitties.

  12. sue said

    So, did you win at the fair?? Your talent is so great, I can’t imagine you not winning!

  13. Valerie said

    So did you win??? I NEED to know… I have yet to make it over there. I’d rather spend my money on diapers and formula lol Unlike the rest of the Malonians who take out loans to go to the fair .. gotta love this place :)~

  14. Starbright said

    Well, did you or didn’t you win? We are still holding our collective breaths!! If you didn’t win, you should have. I thought your pieces were wonderful. How are the kitties doing? Cute, cute, cute. Keep up updated.

  15. So did you win??? I NEED to know… I have yet to make it over there.

    I DON’T KNOW!! HA!!!

    You know why I don’t know?? Because I REFUSE to pay money just to go in and see if I won any stupid ribbons. I’m so cheap.

    This is what I am going to do – I’m just going to wait. Then, go in on Monday, when I am supposed to pick my stuff up – and I’ll see the prizes then. That’ll show em.

    I won’t get any pictures of my stuff on the shelves – but, oh well. I can keep any ribbons on the shit, and just take pictures HERE of the stuff with the ribbons on them, right?

    And you know the worst part of it all???? I actually kept Paul awake Saturday night until 10 to go to the fair. And he took me. But the building was closed. I knocked on the door of the fair office and said “Ummmm….yeah….why is the domestic arts building closed??” And the lady says “It’s only open from 9 in the morning until 7 at night.”


    Oh well. I’m STILL not paying $20 to go in and see if I got any ribbons.

    That’s like letting THEM win.

  16. Tess said

    LOL love it!! Wouldn’t they at least have the decency to call you? Interesting way to run a fair.

  17. Val said

    haha I think the only day i’m going is sunday i’ll check then and try to remember my camera! I think they let you in on sunday for free starting a like 6 or 7

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