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Yes, It’s Fair Time Again

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 26, 2009

Gail is right – I MUST show you my fair entries. There’s a bunch of them -and it’s been what I’ve been busy, busy, busy with. I haven’t even been posting in AFCA much anymore, since trying to get everything ready. I kind of did the same thing I did last year, I went to he Fair site to see if the categories had changed any, and realized the deadline was like THAT FRIDAY. So I had to scramble, which is what I *DIDN’T* want to do. 

But, I got most everything done. I’m just now sewing together the kid’s sweater.

So, here’s the newest things that I don’t think you’ve seen.

The Kids Mittens: OK – so I haven’t made mittens in like 20 years. But I thought these were cute – although they are big. Really big. If I make them again, they have to be like HALF this size. But I like the cable pattern on the front that makes a snowman. Cute!


Then there’s the Upside Down Flower hat. If you look at the hat from the top, it’s supposed to look like a flower. The “hat” part is like the petals, and the “leaves and stem” are sticking out the top. I don’t know. It’s cute, and I’m putting it in the fair under the “Kids Hat” category.

OK – then we have the “Kids Scarf category – and for this one I made an alligator scarf – and I stole eyes from one of Milo’s stuffed animals to use as the alligator’s eyes. I really like the alligator scarf.


Then we have the sewed stuff, not too much of that – a sleeping sacque, a romper and a shirt and pants. That’s it for the sewed stuff. I should have made a bonnet like the one I made for Val’s little girl, the lace and silk one, but I didn’t. 

And the “biggest” thing is the 3 piece layette. The one that I’ve won for the last 2 years. I’m not sure if this one is going to win. I’m not quite sure if I like it, or like the color, or maybe it’s just that it TOOK SO LONG to make that I’m just sick of it, but here it is.


The bootees:


The Bonnet


The sweater.


Kind of close up detail of the “flower” pattern on the side of the sweater. This flower pattern is on each side and in the middle of the back, with rows of cables along each side of the flower.


So, that’s what I’ve been busy doing. The above stuff is in addition to the afghan, the crocheted baby ABC blanket, the ladies scarf and the kids sweater (which isn’t sewn together yet). Also the stripey sock kids sweater, and the adult’s hat.

Altogether I entered 18 things. We’ll see how many ribbons I get out of that. Let me know what you think – do you like the orange set?






15 Responses to “Yes, It’s Fair Time Again”

  1. mclayton said

    They are beautiful, and look like winners to me!! My favorite is the flower hat. Really nice to know you are okay, knitting, and enjoying life. I still check your site each day, just because I think of you each day. Take care and best of luck at the fair.

  2. Tess said

    I like the layette. It is not the usual color but I really like. I think the workmanship is wonderful. As always. I was wondering about the afghan…did you make any progress with that. I have been checking but maybe I missed it.
    I also like the scarf…very cute and original.

  3. Mindy said

    I love it all and you will win again. I really want that alligator scarf.

  4. PatAZ said

    Love the alligator scarf. And the orange layette is very pretty, even if the color is not the usual baby look.

  5. anygirl said

    Nice work Kim, you always have such fun things to enter into the Fair. I do love the orange layette. Different and traditional all at the same time. Beautiful pattern on the sweater. Hat, scarf and mittens are unique and will garner some attention for sure. Best of luck. In any case, you will always be a winner to us. 🙂

  6. Gail said

    Good Morning Kim, aha what a wonderful surprise to see your entry this morning! You made my day.

    I love everything! The alligator scarf made me chuckle, it is so darling and original, no doubt about that! The layette is gorgeous. Love the color too! The flower pattern and the cables really are what make is so special and different. Orangish colors seem to be the thing this year, especially in golf shirts. Men seem to love that color. Years ago I had an outfit which was about that color along with a rose colored pink, and had so many compliments, especially from MEN!

    The upside down flower hat is adorable, and the gloves are precious.

    I think you will be the big winner again this year. PLEASE let us know, pretty please!

    Good to see you here!


  7. artdonkey said

    The orange layette will kill all those boring pastel sets. Really nice detail stitches. Good job!

  8. Kay said

    Love the orange set….beautiful!

  9. Val said

    I love everything BUT the scarf is my favorite and i saw it in person 🙂

  10. Niner said

    Great work Kim!! I love the orange layette one too! Orange is my favorite color!! You are going to WIN in ALL the categories that you enter – I bet!!! Good Luck!!
    Good to hear from you – was a bit worried you might be ill… I too check in everyday to read your blog!

  11. Sean said

    Kim, if your layette set doesn’t win, then you should rest assured that a truly excellent and fantastic set managed to barely squeak past your own.

  12. Sprocket said

    Everything looks really nice Kim. I think the alligator scarf is cute, along with the three piece set.

  13. Charlie Pearce said

    Upside Down Flower? Looks more like a Christmas pudding to me!

  14. Pam said

    Nice Work! Love the mittens…I shall now scour the internet for a pattern. That aligator scarf is cool, too. Is it crocheted?

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