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Archive for July, 2009

The Rains of Summer, Champion Leslie and Abandoned Houses

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 29, 2009

So what’s been happening all summer? Here? It’ rained almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s disgusting. Makes it nice for just staying in the house without looking like you are are a hermit, but I hate the rain. I like to walk with Milo downtown during the summer, but that’s been nearly impossible, since it’s always raining. 

Paul has been getting tattooed all summer. I think he’s addicted. Luckily, it’s because a friend of his has a tattoo gun and fairly good skill at using it, so it hasn’t cost anything, but it’s still annoying, because Paul still has that high school mentality when it comes to tattoo’s and they are all stupid and juvenile. The latest one is a chain around his wrist and upper arm Stupid, right?

And did I tell you Malone Leslie is moving? Yup, leaving the state. That sucks for me, but, unfortunately I can’t hog tie her and make her stay. So now she will be Champion Leslie – something she can’t be in Malone, I guess. 

O, I’m just nervously awaiting bringing my stuff to the fair. I’m second guessing everything now – that’s’ what I do this last week before the fair starts – sit here and reconsider everything and worry that it isn’t right. I did finish the little girl’s sweater, finally. So it’s ready. 

In other news. Have you seen this site? It’s 100 Abandoned Houses – with all the houses being in the Detroit area. I’m thinking I should do a “100 Abandoned Houses” using houses in Malone. We have some nice ones. And I could also use abandoned businesses – and the Flanagan Hotel. And the deaf school. And pretty much every store that’s ever once been here. Good God.

In home news – I still don’t have a bed. Paul hasn’t finished the headboard yet. Well, he used the headboard for the footboard – so we *have* a headboard, it just isn’t on the correct side of the bed. So it looks funky – because the bed looks like it’s facing the wrong way. And the pipes aren’t all strung across the ceiling yet – but I’m thinking that’s a good thing. The sewing room is a complete disaster because last weekend was the First Annual Malone Town Wide garage sale – and I went. I only went to one house, though, because that was the one that advertised that they had yarn, and well, how could I not go to that one first? And they had yarn all right. I got 11 huge garbage bags absolutely stuffed full of yarn – for $10. *AND* the lady threw in all the knitting books I had grabbed for free. She jut said “Oh, you can just take those.” So I have 20 or so garbage bags of yarn sitting in the middle of the sewing room floor. And I have absolutely no place to store them. No place. Every nook, cranny, shelf and horizontal surface in the sewing room is piled high with yarn already. So it’s a disaster area. I need some Martha Stewart type to come in here and organize everything for me. I don’t know how you look that up in the phone book, though. 

Things I’ve been ranting about: 

Televisions. Do you know you can’t buy little 13 inch TV’s anymore? My TV in the computer room finally shit the bed, and I went looking for a small 13 inch TV to replace it. Not happening. Does no one buy these things anymore? 

The Bells of Malone: For some unknown reason this one church in Malone (the one with the loudest speaker system, I guess – so they were elected), plays these religious songs and patriotic songs for hours at a time, non stop and at their loudest level. It’s downright tortuous. I don’t know why, and I don’t know who the hell to complain to – I mean, who do you complain to about a Church? God? 

Demolition Derby Man: The guy whose backyard faces our dead end street has been working all summer on this car he is getting ready for the Demolition Derby. All day and all night he revs the engine, bangs on the body of the car and otherwise makes all kinds of noise. I’m thinking if he wants to just fix up this car only to put it in the demolition derby and have it destroyed, well, he can just give me a hammer and I’ll go over there and do some demolition on the fucking thing. 

OK – so now it’s your turn. What have you been doing so far this summer – and what have you been ranting about – OH!! And that’s the other thing I’ve been ranting about – WordPress changed the Spam filter, I think, and a lot of you are having your comments go straight to SPAM. It started with Val, so I blame her. She emailed me and said “What’s happening to my comments?” And I went and looked in the Spam filter, and there they all were. So if your comments don’t show up, email me and let me know and I’ll go looking for them. And I’ll try to fiddle with the filter some more.


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