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Some Things are Finished – Some Aren’t

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 25, 2009


Woo Hoo!!

I found a camera! It is chosen and ordered. Thank God. I am *so* sick of researching cameras. That shit gets really, really boring after a while. And I’m so OCD that I have to check every single vendor, every single review, every single local store (which took all of 10 minutes) and every single comparison chart. 

One thing that I did find helpful, though is Flickr. IF you are ever in the market to buy a new camera, check out flickr for pictures that you think are really impressive. Then, you can go down in the right hand corner and see what kind of camera that person took that picture with! You can also search by camera model. If you are looking to buy a XVG 500, you can go to flickr’s camera finder and see all pictures on the site taken with that model camera. There are even categories – for “night pictures”, “landscape pictures”, “portraits”. How cool is that? Really nice feature to the site. 

But, I ended up getting the Kodak EasyShare M1033. For several reasons. 

  • PRICE: I got this camera for less than a hundred dollars. Now how can you get better than that?? And I even got free shipping!
  • MEGAPIXELS: It’s a 10 mp camera. Not that I’ll ever need 10 mp’s on my camera. I hardly ever print out pictures. 
  • LCD: This camera has a 3 inch LCD. Which is really nice, because I can’t see for shit anymore. 
  • HOUSING: The housing is metal, not plastic. I HATE plastic cameras. 
  • ISO: This camera has a really high ISO, which helps it to take better pictures in low light, which is my number one problem.
  • VIDEO: Takes video in HD. Which is a nice feature, but one that I’ll probably never use, since I really like my DVD camcorder. 

Oh – and the one I got is pink. How awesome is that???

So, the camera shopping is done and over with, thank God. 

You know what else is done and over with? The crocheted ABC blanket. Another big sigh of relief! I remember now why I gave up crocheting – it is mindless and boring. And it makes my hands hurt. But the blanket is done. I just have to wash and block it. Val was over the other day and she said she really likes the blanket, so after the fair it will probably go to Val’s girl baby. I’ll say one thing about crocheting, though. This is one heavy ass blanket. Even Val commented on how heavy it is. 

Do you know what’s NOT over with? The bedroom. Paul has STILL not finished with the bed. So there is STILL a futon mattress in the living room, a pile of blankets and pillows in the sewing room, and a half finished bed in the bedroom. And I’d tell you what Paul’s “vision” is for the bedroom, if I knew what the hell it was. Paul fancies himself a Carson Kressley of sorts, when he is really more of a Carson Daley. I don’t know exactly what he’s “going for” in the bedroom, only I know that everything he’s done so far is “metal”. He’s fashioning some sort of metal headboard that’s going to be draped with fabric – actually, “woven” with fabric – the headboard is some kind of grate looking thing that Paul wants to “weave” fabric through. Then he has a platform built for the bed and that’s also metal, and oh – the best part? No, really, the BEST part?? He took these long metal water pipes and fastened them to the walls where the walls meet the ceiling. Yeah, water pipes. He said “It gives the room a more industrial look”. It has to be seen to be appreciated – ask Val. She saw it. Then he went out to scour through the Harley Barn because he said he had some sprinkler heads in there. I’m guessing the water pipes will eventually have sprinkler heads on them. See? This is what happens when you mix Paul with HGTV.

I think the first pictures I will take with my new camera are the water pipes on the walls in the bedroom.



14 Responses to “Some Things are Finished – Some Aren’t”

  1. […] Perfect Stranger put an intriguing blog post on Some Things are Finished – Some Aren’tHere’s a quick excerpt…hand corner and see what kind of camera that person took that picture with! You can also search by camera model. If you are looking to buy a XVG… […]

  2. Tess said

    The blanket is awesome. You do have considerable talent you know.
    I just love the description of your bedroom. I am glad you decided on a camera, looks like the perfect one that you need. We, will of course, need pictures of the designer room. Maybe it will surprise you when its all done and be a sanctuary of sorts.

    I know that you gave the directions for AFCA, I hate to say that I am just to dense to be able to find that site. When I go to the site and it has a search for groups, do I just put in AFCA?

    I am feeling like my brains are leaking slowly out of the tip of my big toe the older I get.


  3. When I go to the site and it has a search for groups, do I just put in AFCA?

    Although I really don’t recommend Google for reading the group, you can get to it from there.

    If you use Outlook Express or Netscape or Agent for mail, it can also serve as a newsreader. But I won’t even try to walk you through setting it up – there’s lots of places on the web to get a complete step by step tutorial on doing that.

    Glad you like the blanket – and no, there is no way the bedroom can be saved. I’m looking forward to posting the pics.


  4. Florida Fan said

    “Industrial Look”. Just what I always dreamed of in a bedroom 😛

    I am stunned that you got that versatile of a camera for under $100.00. I’d heard the recession was bringing camera prices down, but that’s amazing.

    Your knitting and crocheting skills are so beyond me I can’t even comment.

    BTW, my Mom was an AVID quilter and she is now in hospice. She has stacks of supplies for quilting, including a lot of fabric. Any ideas out there of how to get it to people who would like/appreciate it??

    • Mom was an AVID quilter and she is now in hospice. She has stacks of supplies for quilting, including a lot of fabric. Any ideas out there of how to get it to people who would like/appreciate it??

      Sure! Send it all to me!!!

      J/K. Although I would love it, I think a more practical solution is to check the retirement homes in your area. Most of them have some sort of “crafting center” for the residents who would appreciate the supplies a lot. Our local retirement home had dedicated projects for the local community, like kimonos and preemie hats for the NICU and teddy bears and blankets for the Red Cross.

      I bring my remnants of both yarn and fabric to our local retirement home about once every 6 months or so. They always love the donation.


  5. anygirl said

    The blanket is beautiful and you are talented. I do hope that you already knew that.

    Please keep Paul away from designing anything else. I am picturing him out there in the barn trying to fashion a chain link nightie for you to wear in that dungeon…I mean bedroom. You have a good sense of humor and for that you probably thank the sky above each and every day. Take care and tell us where you got the camera please. Thank you Kim for all you do.

  6. Kim (Canada) said

    Kimmy! Kimmy! Kimmy!

    Have you forgotten about me, again?
    Can you please get in touch with me!
    Email, or call me – I’ll email you my phone number,
    and at this point, I don’t care if you call me collect!

    Glad to hear and see that you’re back up, and running….

    As usual – very nice work!

    Kimmy (Too) aka Fonzie!

  7. Caroline said

    I was going to reply with Kodak Easyshare sidetracked.

    I have one and ABSOLUTLY love it! it takes fabu pics and the next best thing I did was also purchase a Kodak Easyshare 5500 All-In-One Printer. It has a Fax Machine, copier, Scaner and photo printer (2 sizes!) built into it and a little slot in the front for the photo card to slip into. There is also a small screen on the front with large photo preview and step-by-step instructions for operating all of the functions. I have used them all and it is very easy to operate. The quality of the photo printer is excellent! you cannot tell that they were printed at home, they look as though they were commercially developed. You can purchase paper and inks on-line at Kodak, and for photo paper and especially inks, they are very reasonable. Since I am pretty much housebound taking care of mom, I bought mine from QVC online and it was delivered right to my door. Great camera, you won’t be sorry.

    The alphabet blanket is gorgeous, of course! Paul’s interior decoratinng concepts remind me of an old Monty Python episode where they made a bed of nails…..

  8. Freflenry said

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog in my rss reader
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  9. Val Dalton said

    Oh I went to Plattsburgh on Sunday. Ritz Camera was going out of business everything in the store was 50% off!! Go figure….

  10. Val Dalton said

    Oh yes the water pipes is true too. OMG tell him it would look even better if he made a maze with them! haha

    YES that blanket is heavy and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Kim is way to talented to be living in Malone lol.

    She’s even helping me make growth charts for the kids… and by helping I mean the only helping i did was pick out and buy the fabric lol

  11. Tess said

    I love the maze idea. Kind of like the old screen saver on the computer. does anyone remember that?

  12. Sprocket said

    I’ll trade your water pipes in the bedroom walls photos for our hole in the kitchen floor photos. It never ends, does it Kim?

    The blanket is beautiful, as expected.

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