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Nate, OctoMom and February Afghan

Posted by thedarwinexception on March 2, 2009


Yes, I know, it’s been a while. But I’ve had some “health struggles”, which I won’t bore you with, and some computer issues which are even less interesting, and, of course, I’ve been busy with other things. HA! No, of course that isn’t true – there are no “other things” I’ve been busy with, unless you count re-arranging the sewing room (again), watching “Lost” and knitting. I *have* been doing all those things, though. 

And, first off, *DON’T* forget to vote for Nate Marshall tomorrow night. He’s from Malone, and he lives around the corner from me, and Paul knows him, Oh – and Nate’s mom Pam was one of the first people at the scene when the house fell on Paul this past summer. She is the one who called 911. And she came over the next day to see how Paul was doing. So even if you don’t watch Idol, vote for him anyway. Or download Dialidol and let it vote for you all night long. That’s what I did. And I have to tell you, I’m now shopping exclusively at our local Walgreen’s, because I was so proud and so surprised with them. They took their neon sign and changed it to say “Vote For Nate on American Idol March 3rd!” That was very nice of them! I like that they are supporting the hometown kid. Very cool. 

Nate hasn’t been represented very well in the editing room, but he really can sing. I hope he gets over the nerves and the drama and kind of “settles down” a bit, I think if he does that, he should be OK. And even if he doesn’t make it past the top 36, well, good for him for trying to live his dream and do more than just hang around here being unemployed and on disability. GO NATE!!!

So, I’ve also been keeping up with the “OctoMom”, as it seems you all have been, too. I love OctoMom – she’s a hoot. I want to live in her world. You know, the one where the bluebirds sing around her head all day and life is a Disney ride. Oh – and did you hear? Denny’s has a new breakfast named for Octo Mom – it’s eight eggs, no sausage and everyone else pays the bill. HA! But really, OctoMom is “out of touch with reality”. And it’s going to be fun to watch her crash and burn. Because you *know* she’s going to crash and burn, right? 

But (big sigh), I have been trying to rearrange the sewing room yet again. I got rid of the one desk I had in there and gave that to Malone Leslie, because she needed a desk, and Paul painted and brought up a bigger desk for me that has more storage, in a feeble attempt to incorporate some more shelving and cupboard space for fabric and yarn. Yeah, that didn’t help much. There is still too much crap in there to have any semblance of order or organization. Not happening.

But, I did finish 2.5 squares of the Great American Aran Afghan – those squares will follow this entry. (I hope) And I also started and finished another baby afghan. It was the one from the cover of the last Creative Knitting magazine. Only because I had the yarn, and I liked the afghan, and it was a quick knit. And that’s my “Finished Object” for February for the fair. So, I have the scarf for January, the baby knit afghan for February, and I’m still plugging along on the Aran Afghan as the “Major Project”. So far, so good.

So here’s the “February Afghan” – it will go in the fair as “Baby Afghan – Knitted”. The first picture had better light, so it’s truer to the actual colors of the afghan. I just have to bind it off and it’s done, done, done. I really like it, it was a quick knit and very easy – and the pattern is really nice. I love the little “gathered ruffles” in it. Very different looking and interesting. 


For March, I am going to start a *crochet* afghan. And since I haven’t crocheted in *years*, this should be interesting. But I am going to make the “puff stitch” ABC baby afghan. It’s a really easy single crochet and puff stitch pattern, so it will be a good re-introduction to crocheting.

Oh – and Wednesday is Paul’s birthday! Since all my shows are on TV Wednesday night, I won’t want to go anywhere or do anything, he’s going to have to wait until Friday if he wants a birthday cake or a dinner out or anything like that. Sorry, but have your birthday on any day besides Wednesday.


3 Responses to “Nate, OctoMom and February Afghan”

  1. mclayton said

    Really glad to see a posting today, and happy to hear that you have been doing the things you love. You were missed. There are many here who pray for your health each day. Have you been reading Sprocket’s updates on PS2, any thoughts about this round? I have been rereading your posts on PS1 and comparing testimonies of the witnesses. I would like to see Lisa Bloom called in rebuttal by AJ to tell the truth concening Sims and his new and improved memory. Take care, I hope you continue to do the things you love, and remember you have many, many friends out here who care deeply about you and your family.

  2. Kim in So. Cal. said

    That’s it?? That’s all you have to say about OctoMom?? Bummer!! Common, Kim…she gives you SO much to work with!

  3. Lynda in Albany said

    I thought Nate did very well last night. Too bad the judges trashed him.

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