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Great American Aran Afghan – Julie Levy Square

Posted by thedarwinexception on March 2, 2009


Square: Julia Levy

Material Used: 1.5 skeins KnitPicks Wool of the Andes – Dove Gray; Size 7 Knitting Needles; Stitch Markers

Time to Completion: 4 Days

Notes: This square used a little more yarn than I had expected, but it was easy. There are 2 basic charts, but since the charts are not done in an even amount (one chart has 28 rows, the other 30), you will need a system for keeping track of which row you are working on which chart. I used the high tech method of writing the rows on a piece of paper and crossing them off. Also, since there are 5 distinct “sections” you are knitting, it’s extremely helpful to use stitch markers to mark off each section,. I don’t see how you could complete the square otherwise. Unless you have a really good eye and a really good memory as to where each section begins and ends. I really like the bobbles and the moss stitch inserts in teh cables. Very striking. 

This square, on the “easy:” scale, is above the Belanger square, but still easy enough for a beginner.



8 Responses to “Great American Aran Afghan – Julie Levy Square”

  1. Tess said

    Wow, you are truly awesome. What is “easy” for some is impossible for others. I can hardly wait to see the blocks as they are done and finally sewn together. This is a definite winner. Great job.

    On another note, I have been faithfully reading sprocket with the spector trial. The defense is not as three stooges as the first, but boy some of their defense witnesses blew up on the stand. If you get a chance read about Pex and Simm. (Sounds like a law firm doesn’t it)


  2. Kim (Canada) said

    Kim – Kim – Kim
    What is the deal here?
    We’ve gone from one large “banana” box,
    To three “small boxes”,
    It’s been three months now!
    Come on, woman!
    Am I just to expect that I’m NOT
    getting any of the stuff?
    If that’s the case, then please
    go ahead and post the pics!
    I’d love to see
    what I covered you for,
    and that which I am NOT going to get!!

    Baby’s being born next week!
    I asked you back in November for this,
    you had it “ready to rock” in December,
    It’s now March, and still

    How is that ok?

  3. Veronique said

    Love the updates on the squares, and no I don’t knit, I stand stand here slack-jawed at your work.


  4. zippy said

    I came from this town a long time ago and came across this article which might be of interest to you because it involves the use of yarn and “art.” Hope this works.

  5. Tess said

    Kim, your Malone guy is still on idol. I got to watch it last night and the was the first time I saw him. My husband said, “no wonder she has so much to write about.” I laughed.

  6. emagineer said

    Sorry Kim that Nate didn’t make it. He can be given applauds for sticking to who he is and how far he got in the process. I’m not keen on the wild cards they selected, a couple of other people were hoped for.

    Are you going to write about Octo mom and Lost. I can’t watch her anymore, she’s in a world I just don’t get. But a few writings from you on the whole thing would be great.

    Lost continues to keep me lost. Three years later, three years earlier? Are we talking six years between or three years jumping? Don’t answer, I do know the answer, it just took me a bit to think it out while watching. And as lost as I am, can’t stay away. How this ends will be more than any of us expected. I did love Sawyer’s face when “Freckles” showed up at the end. His true love spoken of prior? Mixed emotions as how this turns out with Juliette involved.

    What is your take on Lost gal?

  7. A.D.A. said

    Kim, Your knitting is so beautiful. What a lovely talent you have!

  8. Pam said

    A good way to keep your place with knitting charts is to slip the pattern in a clear sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to cross off each line as you complete it. Of course your method works too and its cheaper. However, do you have to look back & forth from the chart to your row-marker sheet? You did a beautiful job btw.

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