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Granpda George, A Scarf and the First Square

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 23, 2009


Okay – so what’s up with the Casey Anthony family? Did you hear? Grandpa George was “missing” Thursday afternoon and never showed up for a scheduled family meeting with their lawyer and Grandma Cindy called the cops. Which, in and of itself, is rather odd, because when the 2 year old is missing, they don’t call the cops for a month, but when Grandpa misses an appointment they call to report him missing within a couple of hours. But, anyway, the cops tracked Grandpa George through his cell phone calls and found him in some seedy hotel in Daytona. Apparently, he wanted to “end his life” because of the “stress and pressure”. 

To which I can only ask: Why now? Why now, all of a sudden is the pressure and stress getting to him? I mean, Cheerleader Cindy and Grandpa George haven’t been making the circuit of talk shows and news reports the way they had been, Casey is in jail, and they *know* where Caylee is – so why NOW is the “pressure” just all too much? You’d think if someone was so adverse to stress and pressure that they would have wanted to kill themselves back when they had no details regarding their granddaughter and didn’t know where she was and when they were back doing the press circuit and Casey was being squeezed by the cops. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, the pressure has kind of abated here recently, hasn’t it? 

But, they Baker Acted Grandpa George, which means he’s been involuntarily committed to a psych ward for a 24 hour evaluation. 

But I *really* want to know “Why now?” Did he hear something? Did he know something? Is he sick of his Cheerleader wife being in denial?  What happened to throw him over the edge? 


In other news: Did everyone watch the inauguration? It was wonderful, wasn’t it? I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the scene of the helicopter taking George Bush far, far away. Fly Away, George! Fly Away! 

I watched the parade so I could see the High School Band from Brattleboro, Vermont. They were great. The entire day was great. I sat in front of the TV knitting the entire day, watching every luncheon and prayer service, every arrival, every move the new President made from one ballroom to the next. It was awesome.

And I’ve been knitting away because the NEW YARN CAME!! WooHoo!! I’m so excited. I scanned it and took a picture of it, because the colors seem darker when photographed than what the yarn really is.

It’s not as gray as it looks – it’s much creamier. The best representation of it is still the KnitPicks site. But now, of course, I have another box of yarn to keep track of – the sewing room is overflowing with yarn, and Paul was none to happy to see another box of yarn delivered. I tried explaining to him that this is for the fair, and that I *WILL* be using it up right away, but I’m quite sure he wasn’t convinced. Which really is just more incentive to me to knit these squares rather quickly and get rid of the yarn. 

Which is what I’m trying to do, really – get rid of yarn. That’s how the scarf started out – I’ve had this lace yarn hanging around forever, and I know I’ll never make *anything* with lace yarn – so I decided to try my hand at a scarf, which, while most people who are beginning to knit always start out by knitting scarves, I’ve never made a scarf before. And I love the feather and fan design of this pattern, and the KnitPicks shadow yarn lends itself quite well to it. So, I decided to try a scarf – and it helps that that is actually a category in the fair entries – ladies accessories – scarves. So this scarf shall go in the fair, along with the afghan and anything else I can think of  in my quest to “ENTER EVERYTHING I CAN.” I took a picture with the scarf hanging over the back of my chair – so you can kind of see the “feather and fan” pattern – and the effect effect when knit with lace yarn. It looks delicate and very intricate – and although it is delicate – it’s really not that intricate. The feather and fan pattern is 4 basic and easy rows with only one row of yarn overs and decreases – so it’s a really easy knit.

Which helps when you are sitting on the couch trying to watch TV while knitting. Like I was most of this week – between the inauguration and the THREE HOUR (YEAH) Lost premiere. Did everyone watch Lost? What do you think of the “new direction” of time tripping? I’m not sure yet – but I do know I’m getting out my Season 3 DVD’s and re-watching “Flashes Before Your Eyes” – I’m thinking that will be helpful, since that was where all this shit was introduced. Remember that? When Desmond was time tripping back and forth between his apartment with Penny and he saw Charlie busking on the streets and the man with the red shoe and the crazy lady (who we saw again in the premiere Wednesday night) who told Desmond he couldn’t marry Penny – he had to be on the island and save the world? I have got to see that episode again. 

So, anyway, as soon as I am through with the scarf, I’ll star on the first square of the afghan. I’m thinking I shall start with the “Julie Levy Square” – and let me explain about the squares. This afghan was originally a contest in “Knitters Magazine”. They asked readers to come up with an original square featuring “Aran Knitting” – which is basically intricate cables and seed stitch patterns. Knitters magazine then judged all the entries and announced winners – 24 squares overall with one “Grand Prize” winner. 

So, all of the squares are named after their creators. There is the “Susan Rainey Square” (she was the Grand Prize winner – it’s the square with the sweater attached to it.), The “Hanna Burns Square”, the “Janet Martin Square”…on and on….

I think I am going to start with the “Julie Levy Square”. It’s deemed on e of the easier ones, which will get me back into cables gently. But it’s still challenging enough and detailed enough to keep my interest.

Here is a picture of the “Julie Levy Square”.

What do you think? Good place to start?


28 Responses to “Granpda George, A Scarf and the First Square”

  1. Florida Fan said

    About George Anthony. My take on it is that before Caylee was found, Cindy and George could be in denial and hope. That’s pretty much been taken away now. Before they could hang out convincing themselves that Caylee was okay somewhere and Casey didn’t have anything to do with it. Now they have to face the FACT that their granddaughter is dead and was almost certainly killed by their daughter. Pretty tough stuff to have to face.

  2. Florida Fan said

    P.S. Yes, the inauguration was awesome!!

  3. Mindy said

    The reason Grandpa George wanted to end it now I think is because of the new documents released yesterday saying the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth had a heart sticker over it, which points to premediated murder. George knows Casey did this and he is facing the facts
    unlike Cindy, Lee and of course Casey and it has pushed him over the edge that these people will not accept it and he has to live with them, hell that alone would push me over the edge.

  4. Mary Beth said


    I love the scarf! The color is so pretty. And, starting the afghan with an easier square is the right idea. I really love that afghan, but I know I would never be able to do it. It’s just too complicated. Can’t wait to see your progress as you do the squares. I’m still working on my “Log Cabin” afghan, and I find that difficult.

    I was just like you on Inauguration Day…glued to the television all day! I couldn’t make it through all the Balls though, but I loved every minute of it. What an emotional day it was.

  5. Val Dalton said

    WOW Kim you are too funny. I loved watching Obama’s inauguration, although i had to watch it online at work. When George W was flying away i was singing to Janice “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye!”

    Love the knitting projects hope all is well.

  6. HT said

    Oh boy, am I more cynical or what…here’s my take on Grandpa. Sometime in the course of these sordid events, Grandpa gained knowledge of what really happened to Caylee but kept his mouth shut. Now that the house of cards are tumbling, the sanest person, Grandpa, not Mom or Goofball daughter, falls apart. His conscience gets to him because of what he knows and suicide looks to be a better option. So, he, like, OJ, runs but he chickens out because suicide takes guts, real guts and he can’t do it. Now I think he will face jailtime because isn’t there something about complicity or knowing/keeping info from an investigation. Kim, you know this legal shit, not me. But that’s my spin.

    The inauguration lived up to the billing….AWESOME. Same for the deal on Sunday, the parade, on and on. I feel like our country now has something at the helm who is deadass serious about getting us back on track. I have been so frustrated at Boy King George and his own Band of Terrorists (Cheney et al) I feared our Country would not even survive until Jan. 20. But it did and I’m grateful.

    I don’t know jack about knitting so will say nothing. LOL

  7. Caroline said

    I agree with Mindy about her as call on George Anthony. I think he hit capacity with the news about the duct tape and sad news it is. Was her (Caylee’s)witch of a mother putting the sticker on the duct tape to calm her daughter down WHILE SHE WAS SUFFOCATING HER? I thought I heard that they can now charge her with 1st degree murder, which is a capitol case in Florida. So fire up that electric chair or however they do the deed in Florida because that woman is never going to set foot in the free world again. Nor should she. Lock her up and throw away the key.

    Your scarf is gorgeous! My late grandma had an afghan that was handmade in Scotland of the same wispy, lacy yarn you’re using, it was Violet. Unfortunatly the moths ate big holes in it while it was in storage. It also was beautiful. Yours looks like a winner to me.

  8. Tess said

    I am knitting prayer shawls. Very very simple. I never tried a cable. That square looks perfect to start with. The whole afghan looks incredibly difficult, but breathtakingly beautiful. Can’t wait to follow this progress.

    Spector trial prosecution rested its case. Defense starts Monday afternoon.

  9. Niner said

    Hi Kim – I LOVE the color on the scarf!! And Yes I too was glued to the TV set watching the inaugration – glad to see Bush leave on that helicopter!!

    I got a ‘news alert’ regarding the Anthony case – and there is a 15 year old girl that SAW Casey driving on Suburban Str (where they found Caylee’s body) – so they have an EYE Witness!!!!!!

    I feel sorry for George – yes, I agree with Mindy too – so sad….

  10. Veronique said

    OOoh, the Inauguration was lovely, and I actually woke up in time to hear the Brattleboro marching band. They were excellent!

    And the scarf is gorgeous. And I’m so interested in seeing the whole afghan project start to finish!


  11. Munch said

    Hmmm–If I were George……I would be replaying my granddaughter’s final horrifying moments in my head—at the hands of my daughter no less. Picturing her poor little body rotting away. Beating myself to death because I can’t help loving my daughter but wishing I could get my hands on her. Thinking of all I could have, should have done or said that might have made a vital difference, while face to face with the fact that to be home is to be with Cindy. I would be facing agony, notoriety, financial ruin, betrayal at an age that should be cruising peacefully into retirement security. No laughter, no hope no way, to just be a regular guy ever again. No way to live without a second of pain upon pain, humiliation upon humiliation, betrayal upon betrayal. I would probably opt for an end to it all too. I think that its time for George to take the reins away from Cindy. NOW.

  12. Sprocket said

    The fan scarf is beautiful Kim, and very delicate looking. Also looking forward to seeing the various squares of the afghan come together. Great memory Kim, on having to go back and watch the LOST episode of Desmond time tripping. The Lost Diary finally has an entry up on the new season episode!

  13. mclayton said

    Hi Kim, good to know you are happy, knitting, and watching Lost. Life is good. Re: George, I doubt the “attempt to end it all” was very serious, never heard of anyone buying pizza, a 6 pack, and checking out on blood pressure meds. I think he went on a job interview, knew he had no chance of getting hired, stopped for fast food and beer, checked into seedy motel to watch some hot flicks and got loopy—started making o pity me calls. That idiot Cindy and her equally idiot lawyer saw an opportunity to go for public sympathy to take the interest off the latest released information concerning the duct tape and sticker. I was also glued to the awesome happening in Washington—so glad I am retired. Scarf is beautiful!!!!

  14. lisa said

    Hi Kim. Here’s my take on George. I think he decided that he didn’t want to testify against Casey. I’m sure that neither prosecution or defense would call someone to the stand that’s been Baker Acted. Way to go George !!

  15. HT said

    Good point, Lisa.

  16. redfear said

    Your feather and fan scarf looks ethereal yet cozy!

  17. anygirl said

    Kim, beautiful scarf, so wispy yet warm looking…

    The yarn looks interesting…hmmm…can not wait for you to get a square for us to see…

    Grandpa George knew exactly what he was doing. He has all along and now he is beginning to look very transparent not just silent or slow. I truly wish I could feel for these people but I can not and I have no pity for them in what
    is sure to be a horrible remainder to their life on this earth.

  18. Roobeedoo said

    Have you seen that Aslan Trends is running a knitting design competition with part of the proceeds towards the IMF? (Why not all of the proceeds I wonder?) Anyway – thought you might be interested!

  19. njm said

    The lace scarf looks beautiful, Kim. The aran stuff looks horribly hard, but then again, even Stephanie Pearl-McPhee couldn’t teach me to knit…

  20. Tazzie said

    I really like reading your blog but have to disagree with you on Bush. He kept us safe for 7 years after 9/11 with the help of many good people and was generous with the Obamas. I will miss him. I hope now we can become just Americans – no more black, Mexican, Asian, etc. God bless American!

  21. Heya, I love the yarn, and the lacy scarf. I was wondering where you were, glad to see you’re still busy as ever.

  22. gloria19 said

    Hey Kim,
    Love reading your blog. Miss you lots
    on Rav.

    The scarf is beautiful and will make
    a great fair entry. The afghan squares
    will be interesting.

    You are sooooo good to plan ahead. I
    never think of making stuff for fair
    or other things until it is too late
    and I give most of my knitted things
    away. There’s a juried fiber show
    here with the deadline Feb. 15. ooops
    I forgot!

  23. ADA said

    Your scarf is beautiful.

  24. mclayton said

    Hi Kim and faithful readers–we are in the middle of a horrible ice storm here in Northeast Arkansas–finally have power thanks to a generator–one of the things I really missed was reading your blog. My home has become the neighbood “bath house”. The days and nights before the generator made me think of your neighbor Zombie Lady and the ice that formed inside her home. Have you heard anything about her lately? I grew up very poor, had many cold nights in my younger days, but boy it is tough on old bones. I know for sure I could not live in Malone and endure the cold winters you have written about. Take care, stay warm, and keep writing!!!

  25. Seeka said

    Kim…enjoy your blog, and visit often. I have yet to leave a comment but, given my thoughts on George’s alleged suicide attempt, I had to throw in my couple pennies worth. For starters, I will never negate the fact, Caylee was the sunlight that gave George his life’s purpose. (Clearly, living with Cindy and Casey would result in nothing but pure…Hell)!

    That said, while I believe the document dump showed ‘the writing on the wall’..permanently, for Casey’s future, George knew the truth, in his mind “long before this point”. He knew he had lost Caylee, and he was going to lose Casey (although I certainly fail to see it as a loss), but that is me.

    Fast forward to the “alleged suicide attempt”. Hmmmm…couple things concern me. Let’s start with the 5 or 6 page note found in the vehicle. It has been reported the handwriting became more sloppy, which could indicate medications had taken over (in a real attempt), however, when found in his room, the Sheriff stated George was lucid, despondent…but not in medical danger that required treatment…other than observation. We can see by the video of him being escorted to the police car, to be transferred to the hospital, George was walking very well on his own. There were no EMT’s trying to determine if this man was truly trying to kicking the bucket…food for thought! I know here, if there is even a suspicion that a person has ingested “anything”, they are transported to the not pass Go…do not collect $200.00!!

    Another interesting tidbit, two pill bottles were found in the garbage can, in the hotel…but, they had their labels removed. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone who was “seriously going to kill themselves”, gives a rats ass what was written on the bottles! Nor did they text, or call to anyone to say…I’m just calling to say good-bye…or, that he wanted to be with Caylee… People who want to kill themselves Do! Without the little features left behind.

    All of those signs indicate to me, George (and, perhaps other in that dysfunctional family) saw it as a two fold opportunity…. 1) Take the attention off the document dump, which goes with out saying, was VERY INCRIMINATING…to the point ‘poor Cindy’ can no longer even hide under Denial any more. All she can do is “just hide”!!

    Personally, I agree with Lisa’s statement, “what a great way to keep George, (who I believes KNOWS way more than he wants to know), OFF the witness stand, where he would be asked direct questions, and his only out would be taking the 5th…which…speaks for itself! Bottom line… supposed suicide = staged for deflection/sympathy purposes. The only thing is….Cindy is really pissed off the sympathy isn’t for Her, instead of George…but, she was desperate!

    To change to a “Happier Subject” I must add….the Inaugaration…”I live in Canada”…and, I sat and watched from, prior to daylight here…..until well after all the Balls, and the Obama’s had returned to the White House with their special guests. I then watched a program on the journey of his youth to becoming your Mr. President. “I loved every minute”! I even had a voice mail on my phone, “I was unavailable for calls until the next day…leave a message, I’ll return your call”

    Now….if we could just get someone like that up here in Canada….”and the Dream starts again…”” 😉

    Love your Blog…

  26. HT said

    Kim, there’s a highway alert sign in TX that says “caution, zombies ahead”. Did your neighbor move to TX or do you think the sign referred to GWB?

  27. AtwoodLady said

    Kim, Your 1st knitting square is an intricate pattern of stitches AND you said this was the easiest one….wow!!!! As you share your progress of squares, could you also add the time it takes to do a square? I know on “good” knitting day the fingers can accomplish much and “bad” days the fingers seem like frozen in time.

    As far as Grandpa George, I know my hubby has a soft spot in his heart with our daughter but once the evidence became stronger that our daughter was involved, he would be a man in action and not attempting “suicide”. In the end our daughter, if found guilty, she would be hoping for a long prison sentence.

    P.S. Grandpa George WAS a homicide detective……I would think he saw the writing on the wall months ago.


  28. Jerry said

    Hi, Kim!

    How do you pronounce “granpda”?


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