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Yarn Ordered, Book Here

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 13, 2009


So the book arrived! Right on time! AND – I have the yarn ordered from Knitpicks. I ended up going with the “Wool Of The Andes”, (thanks again to RedFear – don’t know why I didn’t think of Wool of the Andes – duh – and click on the link in her name and visit her blog – she does *great* work!).in the color “Dove Heather“. I figured that satisfied both of my requirements – it was fairly close to the traditional Aran white – but it has a small amount of color in it, so it isn’t just “boring ass white.” And, of course, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes is cheap. Another big motivation in going with that particular yarn. I ended up spending just under $100 for the yarn – since the order was over $50.00, I got free shipping – so that was a plus, too. And I guess that isn’t *so* bad for a big afghan. You can see the “Wool of the Andes” and check out their color selections – including the one I went with (Dove Heather) here. I hope everyone likes it. 

I’m really excited to get started on the afghan – hopefully the yarn will arrive in the lower end of the promised 5 – 14 days. That’s the only New Years resolution I made – I’m going to try and get a BUNCH of stuff done for fair judging. I hope to finish one thing each month – that way I’ll have 8 things ready for the fair. If I double up on that and finish one sewing thing and one knitting thing each month, I’d be *really* happy. I am finishing the nasty dishrag sweater I started a long time ago, and then put down *because* it felt like a nasty scratchy dishrag. And I am bound and determined to finish the ass kicking Devan sweater. I’ve been working on finishing that LAST sleeve and getting that done. And I started a scarf in Knitpicks (again) Shadow – a lovely lace yarn. I hope that the scarf and the dishrag sweater will go in the fair. Then, with the afghan, probably another 3 piece layette, and a couple of odd items in categories that I’ve never entered before, like the scarf, I’ll be very happy. But the big item will be the afghan. Even if it doesn’t win at the fair, it will be fun and challenging to make. 

But I will chart the progression of the afghan here on the blog. So everyone can follow along with the process. I’m thinking I’ll start with what the book describes as some of the “easier” squares, just to get back in the swing of knitting cables. I haven’t done that in a while. Then work up to some of the more challenging ones. That’s the good thing about this afghan – the squares aren’t horrendously large – so even if a pattern is really tiresome or challenging, you aren’t committed to working on it forever. 100 rows or so, and you’re done. I can do that. Right? Sure I can. 

And I’m still not convinced about the whole “raffle”  thing. I know that if 10 people enter and 9 of them end up with nothing, I’ll feel bad. Maybe I’ll just make a bunch of these lace scarves or something and *everyone* who enters gets a scarf. Then I’ll feel better. I just hate raffles, because I never win those things. 

So American Idol starts tomorrow! Is everyone ready? We watched the “American Idol Auditions” on TV Guide Network, which wasn’t really “Auditions”, it was more “Let’s talk to the people standing in line for the auditions”. But I did get to see the girl from Malone who went to the auditions. She had a big sign that said “I Survived Heart Surgery”, and that blonde Kimberly from one of the past seasons who is a host on the TVGN talked to her for a minute. I was wondering if the girl from Malone made it, since I hadn’t seen her at Price Chopper where she worked. But, Jeff’s wife works at Price Chopper and said “No, she didn’t make it – she’s back in Malone and pregnant”, so I don’t know if the glimpse of her talking in line with Kimberly is the only time I’ll see her or if they will actually show her auditioning. I’m still dying to know if she can really sing, or if she’s just one of those stupid people who believe their friends when their friend’s say they can sing because they have polite friends. 

And then we get ready for the new season of “Lost” with an “enhanced” version of the finale from last season on Wednesday. The TiVo is in full swing for a couple of weeks, since I’m Tivo’ing both Lost and American Idol. And then “Top Chef” and “Law and Order”. I love January when new seasons of everything start. 

So, in 5 -14 days the yarn will come. I’ll post a picture of the first square I’m making, then when I finish it I’ll post a picture of the finished square and let you know how easy or difficult it was was. Then, if anyone gets inspired to do the afghan for themselves, they can refer to it.

Let me know what you think of the color.


11 Responses to “Yarn Ordered, Book Here”

  1. HT said

    Kim, here’s a suggestion about the raffle. Whoever enters gets a knitted xmas ornament. They’re small, hopefully easy to do, and it’d be a nice sentiment of you when we’re decorating our xmas tree.


  2. Caroline said

    Good Morning Kim,

    The color you selected is lovely! You are such a workhorse, if I could accomplish 1/10 of what you have proposed for the fair I would think I was realy working hard. HT’s idea for the Christmas ornament is a great idea. Sounds like you are feeling better.

  3. PatAZ said

    The color is just right. Love it

    I have won several raffles, so I would be willing to take a chance.

  4. redfear said

    Wow, thanks for the mention : ) Glad I could help. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!!! My last KP order came in about 7 days… long long days hehe.

  5. sandy said

    Wow, you sound really good and am hoping this means your health is doing well. I don’t have a clue how you get so much stuff done.

    Glad you went with the afghan color, it will be a keeper. You may not want to let it go. I started a cable afghan last winter, never thought about trying a square or two to get back into knitting. So, that is exactly what I will do. My problem is cats who love the yarn and they can’t ignore all going on while I’m knitting, then start losing track of counting stitches. They have to go into a closed room to get anything done with yarn. Oh, and the pattern I am using says it is an afghan in a week. Right! Like someone is spending 24/7 knitting and even then I don’t see it happening.

    Am ready for the shows too. Lost better not have me “Lost” again. Last season was a great degree of starts without answers. TIVO ON Kim! American Idol is sort of a second thought for me, but admit to watching when it doesn’t interfere with other shows. I want Bones back, House, Madmen, Closer and Breaking Bad too.

  6. CatToy said

    Holy Moly another knitter! Geez Kimr I didnt know ya had it in ya 😀 LTNS, from Cat Toy (IS message board) still sucks over there btw. Have to really venture outside the box to find real true crime authors and writers.
    Whats on your needles? I am a everything stitch beanie hat on my needles, lots of stokinette, ribbing and seed stitches. TOo many to even count. The counting is actually driving me insane but the hat looks very nice so far.
    NOW if only Steph could get my SQUARES from WEMDY in TN from the IS board, she seemed to confiscate 15 squares knitted with tears, just for Steph when she was ran over like I was. Everyone Lets give Wendy RN the need to get those squares to Steph. (ya think) It’s only been a year. (gulp) maybe she cant stand me as im a ATHEIST! OH NO!’Who knows, I only know that Steph never received my afghan squares. They even had my tears in them. Looks like I will have to take a put up to TN and beat her one silly.

  7. Chrissycat said

    I’m begging you…no LOST spoilers, okay? We watch Lost a whole season behind everyone else, so no giving important bits away. Even you people who post here and submit comments, SHAAADDDUUUPPP about LOST! (Please?)

    Kim, $5.00 to enter a raffle is really not such a big deal. The scarf idea is just way too kind. If I didn’t win, and I enter all raffles KNOWING that I probably WON’T win, I would just be happy that I was involved. It would be worth the $5.00 dreaming about what that BEEEAAAUTTIFUL afgan would look like draped across my recliner. (With me under it, watching an unspoiled and wholly-unexpected season of LOST!)

    AH, It’s the little things…ya know?

  8. bahamamama said

    Kim…I don’t think you have any idea how many people would be interested in entering a raffle for a chance to win one of your gorgeous creations. I, for one, have just moved back to the States from the Bahamas and in this record-breaking freeze we’re experiencing, would just LOVE to have that afghan right now!! Happy knitting.

  9. Niner said

    Yes Kim – I too am interested in getting in on this raffle or name pulling – whichever one you chose!! {I posted this in an earlier thread just in case you didn’t see that!} I too don’t win in raffles – and I LOVE your idea of a scarf as a consilation prize!! I LOVE the color you picked – and it would look great on me sitting in my recliner!!

    Hope you’re feeling better!! Can’t wait to see the pics of the afghan!!

  10. IndyGena said

    The color is great. I’m all for the raffle… can’t wait!!!

  11. I like your yarn choice better than the one the pattern calls for, which is Plymouth Encore (75% acrylic, 25% wool). I like Wool of the Andes a lot (I bought a bag of it to make something for Boron, which is number four on my list of “must do” projects) and it has really good stitch definition, which you want for Aran work.

    The yarn pack from the Stitches Market, the publishers of the book and Knitters Magazine (where the pattern first appeared), is $105.60 plus some postage, which is definitely list price and not what anyone with sense would pay. Not when you can get Peruvian wool from KnitPicks for less, at least in my opinion.

    Did you get enough yarn to make the other four squares into pillows? If you’re set on a scarf, I’ve got a really nice reversible cable scarf pattern that I picked up free somewhere on the Web.

    Over thirty years ago I knitted an Aran crib cover from cream wool, with the hope it would turn into an afghan when the little girl was too big for a crib. It was knitted in one piece, with cables with varying repeat lengths, and took a lot of markers and counting. I like the idea of squares a lot better.

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