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In the Mood for DTV

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 10, 2009


OK – tell me. How many of you will be affected by the switchover from analog to digital over the air signals that was scheduled for February 17th? And how many of you know nothing about it? Because frankly, all this bullshit talk about “Oh, Obama, delay it – there’s *so* many people who just aren’t ready!” is ridiculous. You aren’t ready? How can you not be ready? This thing has been planned for 18 months. 18 months and you aren’t ready yet? Procrastinate much? And how can you still have a TV that uses rabbit ears?  Get with the 21st century or shut up. People can’t even use the excuse “Oh, I live in an area that doesn’t *have* cable!” Because I’ve lived there, done that. We had to use a satellite dish in Florida because the place we lived didn’t get cable. That’s not an excuse to not have something other than rabbit ears. And come on, if you are going to be surprised on February 17th when your TV stops working – well, then you don’t watch TV or read newspapers or have friends or use the internet, so, really, you have a lot worse problems than the fact that you won’t be able to watch a fuzzy version of CBS. 

Just change the damned shit, already. Don’t delay it. And yeah, I have ulterior motives. I’m sick of that stupid fucking countdown thing that runs across the top of the local channels during Judge Judy and the People’s Court. I’ve been looking forward to February 17th since that thing was saying “417 More Days!” If I have to live through another year of this crap I’m going to be pissed. 

OK – so I’ve been checking my order status every day on the Afghan Book – it still says it should be here today. Woo Hoo. And speaking of “Stuff in the mail” – guess what I got in the mail from a reader here? You’ll never guess. OK – maybe you will – but I got a MOOD BAG. And not just ANY Mood bag – I got a real live, honest to God FABRIC heavy CANVAS Mood Bag. Oh…….My…….God. I was so excited, you can’t even imagine. I’ve already taken the bag to Price Chopper, and I filled it up with assorted fabric and slung it over my shoulder when I took Milo for a walk, just so everyone could see I had it (what a fucking tool I am, I swear to God). I ALSO got two shopping bags from Mood – which I am going to frame. (I know, lame.) AND my dear reader sent me some baby wale corduroy WOO HOO. You’d think that stuff was like rare or something – I can’t find it here ANYWHERE, and I’ve needed some for quite a while. And it’s the perfect color – deep beautiful blue. I was so happy when I got that Mood bag, I cried. I swear to God, I did. It’s fucking awesome. Just awesome. Unbelievable. I love and adore my bags. 

So, did everyone see Casey Anthony was in court? It was kind of funny, really. She wasn’t planning on being there – she had waived her right to be present, so even her cheerleader Mom wasn’t in court to see her. Too bad. They were having a discovery hearing, and the judge ultimately decided that instead of handing over crime scene photos to the defense (for fear that they would sell them to fund their efforts), that the pictures and a lot of the evidence would be held on secure computer servers, with limited access to the defense’s experts. 

That was all fairly predictable – the interesting part came when Casey Anthony’s attorney argued that Casey shouldn’t have to give depositions in the civil case against her. In case you hadn’t heard, Zanny the Nanny has filed a suit against Casey Anthony for slander and defamation. Seems the real Zanny has been under a lot of intense media and public scrutiny because of the allegations Casey has made against her. Zanny the Nanny even lost her job. Casey has reciprocated with a civil suit against Zanny. Casey says that Zanny has “profited from the case, both financially and via the media” Which, if you think about it, is fucking hilarious, since Casey is the one that turned the spotlight on the nanny, right? I mean, it’s not like this woman came forward and said “Hey! I was the nanny watching the kid!” Casey is the one who made up the name. Pretty ballsy to then turn around and accuse the person you named as a suspect of “gaining attention” from the case via the media, don’t you think? But, then, I’m quite sure no one has accused Casey Anthony lately of not having balls. 

And still no word from her number one cheerleader, Cindy. For someone who couldn’t stay away from the cameras during 2008, she sure has been quiet lately. Not a peep since the body was found. And you’d think she would have even more time now for Larry King and the Today show and Good Morning America, since she doesn’t have to worry about following up on all of those “sightings’. I think Cindy is a more appropriate target of civil cases by Casey saying “they profited through the media.”

If I was more adventurous and half as lazy, I’d go to my Mom’s for the duration of the Anthony trial and attend it live. I sure would love to just watch Cindy Anthony in the gallery during testimony about her granddaughter. I’d love to get in this woman’s head. Maybe even ask her “What the hell are you thinking??” I mean, I can understand supporting your kids, I truly can. I’d probably support my own kid during a criminal trial.. But there *IS* a line. When my kid kills my granddaughter in such a horrific and unfeeling way, and dumps my grandchild’s body in a swamp and lies, lies, lies. Well, I think that’s when I support them but also insist that they take responsibility. I’d say “Look, you’re my kid, and I love you, but dude, you gotta answer for this. You have to cooperate with the police and quit your fucking lying. ” I still want to know what made Cindy Anthony go from the point of calling the cops to report that her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body had been in it to the point where she’s believing that some mysterious Nanny who lived in an abandoned apartment was threatening her daughter’s life. There had to be *something* that got her to make such a dramatic turnaround. I really want to know what that was. Because whatever Casey said to Cindy to make Cindy effect such a change – well, maybe Casey can tell *us* that and make *us* believe her. 

In other news – it’s fucking COLD here. COLD. Bitter Cold. Antarctica Cold. Our HOT water pipes froze last night. That’s how COLD it is. This morning when I got up it was MINUS TEN DEGREES outside. What the hell ever happened to Global WARMING??? Because we need some of that shit here. I need to go to the store, but I’ll be damned if I’m going out in this shit. Fuck that. I’ll stay in here and go without. Better to starve to death then freeze to death, right?

So, on tap for today is the rest of the Lost DVD’s (which no, I still haven’t watched), more knitting  – and sewing some buttons on a few things I made – pictures to follow.

Stay warm, everyone.


8 Responses to “In the Mood for DTV”

  1. Randee said

    Yer welcome. 😀

  2. Katprint said

    About record coldness: Recently it snowed in Baghdad for the first time in memory. And either snow or soft, flaky hail fell in Sydney as well.

    According to scientists the weather is much colder due to global warming. This makes no sense to me whatsoever since I expect global warming to make the weather hotter, not colder.

    I honestly believe the whole “global warming” thing is just marketing nonsense made up to get us to buy a bunch of products that we would never consider buying, unless it would Save The World.

  3. Katprint said

    “Delju said climate change, blamed mainly on human emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, would bring bigger swings in the weather alongside a warming trend that will mean more heatwaves, droughts, floods and rising seas.

    “The more frequent occurrence of extreme events all over the world — floods in Australia, heavy snowfall in the Middle East — can also be signs of warming,” he said.”

  4. Val Dalton said

    Hey Kim I’ll be out tomorrow night for my other job. If you need something i can pick it up for you let me know!

  5. HT said

    Glad you got the coveted bag.

    I just heard on TV something to the effect they have evidence Casey acted alone in the murder. Any idea what that would be?

    Please consider going to your mother’s for the trial. That would be the most awesome thing in the world of crime and blogs.


  6. Greg Goss said

    1) What’s a “Mood bag”? Does it change colour depending on how excited you are by your purchases? Does it turn red if you got ripped off?

    2) Global warming is complicated. We have the CO2 stuff combined with changes in the sun. The sun runs on an 11 year cycle (22 years if you look at some details) and the last two cycles have been pretty heavy ones. The current one seems to be either very weak or missing entirely. The last time sunspots disappeared for an extended period, we had a “mini ice age”. So the carbon burning raises the temperature and the sun may be lowering it. But if we stop paying attention to carbon during the current cold cycle, we roast when the sun turns active again.

    Sunspots are actually colder than the sun around them. The link between sunspots and warmer weather is more complicated than that.

  7. sandy said

    Did a search and the Orlando TV stations are considering live coverage. But it poses a problem with regular programs, so they may run it on their website. This may be too early since we don’t even know if the courts will allow live coverage. Although they have been getting in for preliminaries. Yes, I’m fascinated with this case too.

  8. Niner said

    aaahhh – I believe that would be ARTIC air – Kim!! Antarctica air is down south!! LOL!

    YES!!!!! Please go visit your Mother – I would LOVE to read about the trial here!!! GO KIM!!!!

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