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A New Year to Skype

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 2, 2009


So, how was your new year?? Paul and I ended up going to the same old party we go to every year. But I didn’t stay long. There wasn’t too many people there, maybe 15 (and most of those live at the house), but there was a baby there, and I got uncomfortable with the amount of drunk people in the same vicinity as the baby, and before I said something I would regret, or that Paul would get pissed off at me for saying, I left. Paul stayed for a little bit after I left, then he came home about 11:30 so that we could at least be together when the ball dropped. But, it didn’t matter, we were both so freaked out watching Dick Clark that we spent the first five minutes of the New Year looking at each other going “Oh my God! Did you see that?” 

But I did take some pictures at the party! This is the baby I was talking about – he is so adorable. This is Katie’s baby. I really like Katie and hope that someday she rises above her present level and gets an education and betters herself – for herself and her baby. She deserves more. And she’s smart, and needs an education. She could do good things. Now, if you have your flow charts handy – this baby is a cousin of the preemie baby (who thankfully *wasn’t* there on New Year’s eve, his mom got a babysitter.) Katie said she tried to get a babysitter, but couldn’t find one and I told her the next time that happened, if she needed a break or wanted to go out or party at the house or whatever,  to call me, because I would watch the baby. I could probably handle it for a couple of hours. Not a lot more, but a couple of hours. But Katie does deserve a break every once in a while. She’s doing really well with the baby. He’s clean, fed, healthy and utterly adorable. 


Here is the baby with his dad. Thankfully, the baby looks like Katie. 





Here are the parents of the preemie baby. They got a babysitter for the evening, so I didn’t get to see preemie baby. Preemie baby looks *just* like his Dad. And I can see why the Dad has like umpteen kids – he is kind of cute, and I can imagine the girls around here really are attracted to him. 






Oh – and Paul got to try out a new Harley. It’s one of those power wheel things. Preemie baby’s big brother got it for Christmas. Paul loved it. 





In other news, do you have a microphone and a pair of headphones for your computer? I got one with one of my gift cards – for the sole purpose of Skyping. If you have a microphone and a set of speakers, or, more conveniently, if you have one of these headsets, like I bought, you can download the Skype software and talk to me for free!! And I can talk to you! So, go ahead and do that. I am Kiminmalone on Skype. Add me, or search for me on Skype and then give me a call. Not that I’d have a lot to say, but I’ve been enjoying playing with it. I bought a subscription for 3 months so that I can even call landline phones using the Skype service. It was $8.00 for three months. Which means, if I wanted to, I could ditch my Verizon long distance package and just use Skype. Cheaper. By far. And, in a perfect world, I could also get a SkypeIn account for like $20 for the year, buy a USB adaptor for my phone for $17 and then ditch Verizon altogether. $45 for a year’s worth of phone service is not bad. I pay more than that a month for Verizon. 

So, there’s my ringing endorsement for the year. Download Skype and play with that for a bit. 


4 Responses to “A New Year to Skype”

  1. Suzi said

    I had Skype for a while, it’s GREAT. Paul looks so cute on his “bike”. Big Wheels for Big Boys. Men, they’re all just little, little boys. One of the reasons, we love ’em so much.

  2. Caroline said

    I am so confused by these Malone baby-dramas! Was the Katy-Baby born to the prom dress (that you made for her) girl? And the premmie baby? Give me some more hints….

    That is one beautiful baby. I hope that his lucky mom appreciates her wonderful gift and stops taking him to parties where dumbshits are drinking AND smoking around this little angel. If I lived nearby I would liberate him from a white trash destiny.

    Happy 2009 to you and Paul!

  3. I haven’t tried Skype yet, but my son was recently living with me for a while and he used it. He was in the military in Japan. He got married just before he left Japan (had to — his mission had ended and he was going to get out of the service at the end of November). IN the meantime, he took a class here in San Jose, CA, and when the class was over, he returned to Japan (his wife came over around Thanksgiving for them to get married in a lovely ceremony for family and friends in Pacific Grove (next to Monterey). In the meantime, he and his wife (still in Japan) would talk for free using Skype. I believe she was using a webcam, too, so he could see her at the same time.

    As for long distance using a landline, I’ve used for YEARS. It’s 2.5 cents a minute (23 cents a min to call Japan) using their local access number or 2.9 cents a minute using their 800/866 numbers. You deposit $10 increments into your Onesuite account and it’s good for 6 months. The 2.5 cents a minute comes out of the balance in your account. Otherwise, there are NO fees, other than a charge if you call from a payphone. Once the 6 months is up, you have to recharge with at least another $10, but you don’t lose whatever balance is in it. If you DON’T recharge within a certain amount of time, you DO lose the balance.

    They did have a major glitch a year or two ago, which they didn’t handle well as far as customer service goes, but I think they’ve learned their lesson on that front, and for 2.5 cents a minute, that’s hard to beat. I DO have to dial *82 when I access it, though, to remove the Caller ID block I normally have set in place. All things considered, I highly recommend it.

    I make very few long-distance and/or zone calls, and I got sick and fucking tired of the phone company charging me up to $7-$8 in fees a month for NOTHING — that’s not including ANY calls made. I found out about them by reading the misc.consumers.frugal-living newsgroup on USENT.

  4. P.S. My daughter-in-law is a wastewater engineer and travels all over the world helping mostly impoverished locations set up/maintain water management issues, so she finds Skype VERY handy (when she actually has internet access). She’s the most well-traveled person I’ve ever MET!

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