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Stupidity in the News – Like the Duggars

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 19, 2008


Breaking News: The Duggars have brought forth their 18th child. 18th? Yes, 18th. You know what I wonder? I wonder how big their Child Credit is on their tax return. If they get $3,400 per kid, there’s your National Deficit right there – blame that shit on the Duggars and their refund. Little Jordyn-Grace Duggar was “early”. Yeah, ya think? I mean, I’d imagine by now the kids *are* just kind of slipping out of there. 

But, I’d love to know what you all think. I mean, is 18 kids really a good thing? Do you think these kids are getting *any* kind of attention from their parents? I mean, how can Mr. and Mrs. “”We love to fuck” Duggar even remember half these kids names? There weren’t 18 kids in *our* family and I was *still* Patty,Bee,Kimberly…:” And how the hell do you shop for Christmas presents when you have 18 kids? They must like just buy “group” presents – “here’s a dollhouse for *all* the girls!” And you know *that* shit sucks for the kids, right? Who wants a fucking *group* present? And do you think these kids have ever worn something that wasn’t worn by someone else first?

I think they’re stupid. And I know, they’ve got the “religion” and they believe that “every child is a gift from God.” Yeah, maybe. But you know how I look at it? I look at it like “The pill is a gift from God, too.” If you think God is all knowing and all seeing, why the hell would he allow us the technology to create the birth control pill if he didn’t want us to use it?

I just hope I live long enough to see their kids grow up. You know they are upping their odds of having a gay kid, a punk rocker and an atheist with every birth.

In honor of little Jordyn-Grace Duggar, AKA “Hey June,Jinger,Jennifer,Jordyn….” Here’s some more stupidity in the news



“Mommy! Please don’t make me go hunting with Grandpa!!”


First that Governor in Illinois, now this!


Sooner or later journalists are going to have to learn his name.


Only licked once!


My Goodness, you just can’t trust anyone anymore, can you?


Well, that can’t be the snake, can it?


That’s a really bad fucking day.


This is when you know the economy is *really* in the crapper.


You know, take the money they spent on this scientific study and give it to those people who have to live in the dog house.


Do you wonder what the “boy’s gift” was? Because I do.



I’m waiting for the 2 week program that lets you quit smoking in one day.


Who the hell are THESE people having over for Christmas?


For $100 I’ll help them figure this out.


Okay, I REALLY want to know what this guy won. 


Well, there’s a house for the Duggars. 


Tough one. 

Now we know what Cousin It is up to in his old age. 

I ADORE Before & After ads that assume their readers are morons. This is one of the better ones. 


And my favorite, because it’s so fucking funny. I love the soon to be ex husband.



22 Responses to “Stupidity in the News – Like the Duggars”

  1. Kim (Canada) said

    “You know they are upping their odds of having a gay kid, a punk rocker and an atheist with every birth.”
    “THEY” do say that one out of every three children will possibly be gay – That makes this family very likely of having five lesbian and/or gay boy kids. As far as “punk rockers”, man these guys could have their own punk band, including sound and lighting crew, and roadies (sp). As far as Atheists…maybe more of those would be a good thing? No belief in God may mean no further procreation, at least not in the way their parents have done it…

    I’m with you, Kim! The birth control pill was a gift from God! So was abstinence, the IUD, condoms and the skull cap (Sorry the name of that thingy you use with foam escapes me)!
    I have a friend (let me re-phrase that to ‘acquaintance’) who uses religion as a way of excusing herself from using birth control – What I don’t understand, and I have questioned her about it, how does her religion allow, for her to continue to have children, where at this point, she has FOUR and all FOUR are from different fathers. What God allows, and believes in that being ok? She never did answer me, and my understanding is, that after her FIFTH she finally had her tubes tide – Guess God sent her a message that this was the new path she should be following…. (I can only shake my head – Seems I do that alot….LOL!)

    Gotta tell ya – the “I ADORE Before & After ads that assume their readers are morons. This is one of the better ones.”
    Had me on the floor in absolute stitches! Kim, that was totally classic! And so reminded me of Mom always on my back about my “posture” while growing up!
    Seriously! How stupid do people really think we are? I mean, come on – How obvious was that, that that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the bra this chick wasw now sporting…. Oh my goodness!
    Think my cat thought I’d flipped my lid at the total blast of laughter that spewed from me on that one! That was the best! And so I thank you for the all-out chuckle that brought me…

    Anyways, still no sign of the package! Getting worried here!
    Haven’t checked today’s mail yet, but will when I head out shortly – We’re in the throes of an intense snow storm today, but if my postal ticket is there, I don’t care if I have to walk to the P/O to get it, I will – Will let you know either way k!

    Do thank you again for the “stupidity” – Nothing like a good, heart-felt, full belly laugh to lighten the day!

    Fonzie :`)

  2. Katprint said

    Is the house with the “fireplace big enough for all the kids” made of gingerbread? Did a child-eating witch used to live there? LOL!

    With regard to having many kids, I grew up in a fanatic Mormon household. My mom only had 6 kids but several of her good friends had more than 10 kids. The interesting thing about these particular women was that they wisely picked rich businessmen to marry and have a huge brood of kids with. I was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood, but I remember wishing that I had been born to one of their families because their houses were so much bigger and nicer, and they had spiffier designer clothes and salon haircuts etc.

    These mothers were crazy about kids. One woman began fostering drug-addicted newborn babies after her own children were grown; she would care for these poor little babies for the first six weeks or so while they recovered from their drug withdrawal symptoms until they were ready for regular foster care and/or adoption placement after termination of parental rights. Another family with 10+ kids began adopting “unadoptable” children (mixed race children, children with physical/mental disabilities and special needs) after their own biological children had all grown up. I don’t even know how many kids that family ended up with; I have moved away years ago and they may still be adopting kids for all I know.

  3. jshu43 said

    The Duggars are a wonderful family. I don’t believe anyone should have children they are not prepared to nurture and prepare for life, so there are many that I think should not have children. But so far the Duggars have a family where they are all happy and prospering. Can’t think why there would be a problem with that.

  4. Kathy said

    I could barely handle two children. But hay, if they can do it and by all accounts on TV and the internet they can. Maybe, just maybe… if only the TOT mom could have had just one ounce the love the Duggars have for their children…

  5. your bro said

    classic, as always sis. hope your christmas is awesome this year. i’d write more but i have to go to my doctors appoinment and get my rabies shot today. having a few friends over for christmas this year and i want to be prepared. love ya!

  6. Sprocket said

    I’ve missed seeing Stupidity in the News!

  7. Caroline said

    As long as there are abandoned, abused, orphaned children in the world that need parents and a home it is criminal that these twisted, publicity-seeking money hungry Duggars are still reproducing.

  8. artdonkey said

    Thanks for the great Christmas present…Stupidity in the News. We all need a good laugh.

  9. Mare* said

    The Duggars should be ashamed of themselves. They are selfish, narcissistic, unconscionable Fools for Jesus.

    There is mental illness behind this madness that is Michelle Duggar’s “joy” in having 18 children and being pregnant continuously for the same amount of years.

    It is a drain on our resources and society. They should NOT be congratulated or celebrated. They should be admonished.

  10. Greg Smith said

    Mare*: What is the correct number of children a couple should have?

  11. Mare* said

    Greg, I get what you are trying to imply…
    And I will supply you with the expected answer:

    “There is no *correct* number of children a couple should have”.

    However! There is such a thing as using good judgment when deciding how many children one should have. What should be considered?
    Oh, how about financial considerations?

    I resent the Duggars being ‘rewarded’, praised and celebrated because they have humped and pumped out 18 children. THEY are not solely supporting those kids, let’s be real here.

    Then there’s the quality of parenting and time and attention one can give to EACH of their children.
    The Duggars score a “0” on that one (in my opinion).
    Handing-off newborns to be raised by your older children is not parenting. It is abusive to the older kids and neglectful to the younger ones. It’s also completely selfish.

    The other thing that probably disgusts me more than anything else- is the underlying *motivation* to having this brood of children; “Creating Christian Soldiers”.
    These “Quiverfull” families are completely irrational in their beliefs and the practical application of their fundementalist beliefs- having children “for Jesus”. Sick.

    I bet if this was a story about a Middle Easter MUSLIM family living here in the U.S. and explaining their 18 kids were going to be the next “Army for Allah” — 99% of the white christian conservatives who are applauding the Duggars would be crappin’ in their pants and all up in arms.

  12. Mare* said


    That should be “Middle Eastern Muslim family….”
    not middle easter. (oops)

  13. Greg Smith said

    not middle easter

    Feels like we’re having a nor’easter here.

  14. Kim (Canada) said

    Val or
    Malone Leslie –
    Any word from Kim – Is everything ok?
    I know that she sometimes takes a break
    here and there, but I’m wondering if this
    is one of those times, or if something
    going on?
    I’ve tried to contact her various times
    and various ways, but no “reply”!
    I’m expecting some stuff from her, but I’m
    more concerned about “HER” at this point and
    that she’s ok!
    You can reply here, or email me (
    Either/or just let me know that she’s ok – k
    Thanks ladies,
    Fonzie :`)
    aka – Kim

  15. AtwoodLady said

    Thank you, Kim, for a very funny collection of newspaper “funnies”. When Ray and I moved to this podunk county, the local paper had a “Local Interests” column that let us know that Madge had lunch at Joan’s,the Church ladies went on a tour of a library (that was 10 miles away)and a marshall was called due to a snowball being thrown at a business window (the window wasn’t broken)!!! etc…etc…etc However, the “news” lady died a few years ago and we are no longer in the loop what the church ladies do, or who is having lunch with whom and NOW when anything criminal happens, they call the Highway Patrol.

    I wanted to wish you and Paul (let us know if he loves his chain saw) a Merry Christmas and an interesting New Year.

    Ray and I are heading 40 miles for Christmas with daughter and family. I usually have it here BUT they bought a Wii for granddaughters and, of course, themselves BUT our big screen screen TV doesn’t have plug-in ports for the game (dang)…thus the change of venue.

    When Ray saw how much had to be transported, he said why the hell don’t we buy the house that is for sale 3 doors away from daughter. The gifts were the most insignificant part of loading up BUT the food, pots and pans I need as I enjoy the cooking part of Christmas. We will be staying 3-4 days…..then when granddaughters have tired of the Wii, they will come here to spend a few days with us. We live near the local resort Lodge and we swim, hot tub and sauna there and granddaughters love that we have a winter swim pass there.

    Again…..a safe and blessed season for you and Paul,


  16. Mary Beth said


    “We will be staying 3-4 days…..then when granddaughters have tired of the Wii, they will come here to spend a few days with us. We live near the local resort Lodge and we swim, hot tub and sauna there and granddaughters love that we have a winter swim pass there.”

    Could we come with you?? Just to the resort Lodge…it sounds wonderful?

    We are stuck here in way crappy Michigan! And, I do mean Crappy!! I want a hot tub, real bad!

    Merry Christmas & Thank Holy Mother of God When it’s Over…

  17. Randee said

    I saw this one linked on Boing Boing today and thought of you, Kim:

    burrito baby

    How could I know how perfectly it would fit with today’s blog entry?

    Thanks so much for assembling these; they’re a highlight of my Web surfing.

    Also, I’d love to send you some fabric from NYC. Email me and let me know what you’re dying to have and I’ll see if I can scrounge it up. Consider it a late Christmas present.

    Have a good holiday! Thanks for all the laughs!

  18. Also, I’d love to send you some fabric from NYC. Email me and let me know what you’re dying to have and I’ll see if I can scrounge it up. Consider it a late Christmas present.

    Fabric from NYC??? I don’t know, the only thing I’m in the market for right now is baby wale corduroy. I can’t find it here at Joann’s. (of course…)

    But you know what I REALLY want from NYC?? I want a bag from “Mood”. Not a “bag” bag – I mean one of their “you bought something from us, here, we put it in a bag for you” bags. I don’t care if you buy a spool of thread (which will probably cost ya $40.00 [it’s MOOD). I just want them to put it in a bag that says “Mood” on it. I’d frame that sucker.

    No, I would, I’d frame it.

    God I love Mood. Have you *SEEN* when they go shopping there on Project Runway? That place is AWESOME. They have a whole SECTION like as big as my Joann’s just for BUTTONS. Can you imagine???? And the bolts of fabric are all like on 6 foot long bolts all piled high on shelves. What I wouldn’t give to swim in those bolts of fabric. And row after row after row of cotton prints.

    It’s absolutely orgasmic, I swear to God.

    But when the Project Runway contestants leave they always have these brown bags that say Mood on them. I want one of those. I just want to like walk around town with it. Like I’ve been to Mood. Maybe take it to Aldi’s and load groceries in it – or bring it to Joann’s and when they try to stuff my fabric in a white plastic bag that says “Joann’s” on it, I’d say “Oh, can I just stuff that shit in this here bag that I got at MOOD?” Or when I take my stuff to the fair for judging, I’d carry it there in my Mood bag. And make sure the judges saw it.

    Hey, who needs a Coach bag when you have a Mood bag?


  19. Any word from Kim – Is everything ok?

    Hey you!

    I’m fine. I did take a break, but only because I’m busy with some last minute Christmas crap I’m making. Haven’t been on the computer much in recent days.

    I have right now (checking……..) 576 unread email messages. HA!!!!!

    I’ll look for yours and respond.


  20. pam said

    When people have that many kids I have 2 thoughts: Andrea Yeats (and her stupid husband) and animal hording…only in the Duggars case they have a compulsion to have babies. And I always felt bad for Andrea having more babies than she could cope with.

  21. Randee said

    Kim, I’m on the case. Will look it up. How much baby wale corduroy do you need, in case I find it?

    Also, the Mood thing should not be an issue.

    I’ll let you know when I return with goodness.

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