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Queen of Denial

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 12, 2008


Today I am pissed, angry and sad. Why? Because I’m betting my last spool of thread that the remains found in back of the Anthony home are those of Caylee. And that makes me sad. Not that I didn’t suspect that someday, somehow, somewhere she would be found, and it wouldn’t be “in the arms of some loving family” the way the Anthony’s said it would be on Larry King Live the night before they found the remains, no, I suspected that she would be found just the way she was – in a plastic bag with apparent duct tape on her mouth. 

And although the finding of her body makes me sad, it’s that same Larry King Live Interview that makes me so pissed off and angry I could spit. If anyone is the Queen of Denial, it’s Cindy Anthony. I want to know *SO* badly what the fuck is up with this woman. I mean, I *REALLY* want to know. I mean, sure, her daughter is a psycho whacked out baby killer, and you know, I’d like to ask *her* a few questions, but really, the one character in all of this who I’m really intrigued with is Cindy. 

So, here she is on Larry King Live, and no one, least of all Larry King, is asking her the things *I* want to know. Starting with her first call to the police – you know, the one where she told the dispatcher the car “smelled like death”. Now, some guy calls in and says “Cindy, what the hell were you talking about when you said the car smelled like death?” And she says “Oh, caller, you know, that was just an expression – you know, I open my fridge all the time and say “Gee, it smells like something died in here!”” 

Now, excuse me, but Larry King is one ridiculous interviewer, because instead of following up with Cindy and asking her something like “Um…pardon me, but in the context of calling, you know THE POLICE, to report that your GRANDDAUGHTER IS MISSING, why in the fuck would you bother to convey to them that the car SMELLED LIKE DEATH unless, you know, in YOUR mind, you thought that had something to like, actually DO with the granddaughter’s disappearance?” I mean, what OTHER reason could she have for even mentioning that fact at that time? Was she just like asking the police for tips on how to get bad smells out of car upholstery? She makes no fucking sense. 

Her tireless defense of her daughter makes no sense to me, anyway. I mean, I can understand standing by your kid and supporting them, I really can understand that. And when it’s a close case, hey, go for it, support your kid. But there’s a fine line between “support” and “champion”. And there’s a fine line between support and denial. At some point, this woman is going to have to open her fucking eyes and see her daughter for exactly what she is – the person who killed her granddaughter. She is going to have to stop blaming the police for “railroading” her daughter, and blaming the police for “getting the wrong Zanny Nanny” and making outlandish and unbelievable excuses for her daughter. No one asked her on Larry King (of course) “So, Cindy, who exactly are these people who want to come after you and your family? You know, the ones that Casey had to hide from in every bar in Orlando when she was supposedly out investigating her daughter’s disappearance before you called the police?” And no one asked Cindy “So, Cindy, why would Casey take the police on a wild goose chase through Universal Studio offices looking for an office where she didn’t really work? Why would she divert police resources and manpower AWAY from actually searching for your granddaughter like that?” 

But, the police reportedly “recovered” a lot more items at the Anthony home last night. Things that were “linked” to the contents of the bag. And you know what those things might be, right? The duct tape and the bag itself, I’m betting. Because they can do shit with those things, now. Remember Melanie McGuire? Yeah, they busted her ass with the duct tape. That shit is sticky – and it likes fingerprints. And hair, and fibers. All you need is some fibers to be on that duct tape, some hair, a couple of fingerprints, and the bitch is done. And it’s too bad it’s been six months, because police are actually able to ID plastic bags right down to “it was the fifth bag ripped off this roll”. But, since it’s been six months chances are slim that there are any of *those* bags left around anymore. I mean, a roll of plastic bags don’t last a week in my house. But, maybe the police will get lucky and one of the bags was used as storage for something in the house and they can trace the bag back to that house. But, you know, even if they do, Cindy will be on TV, crowing about how “Casey said she brought a bag of stuff from Zanny the Nanny’s house – that bag came from there!” Because that’s Cindy’s job at the moment, making up shit to defend her daughter. 

I’d also LOVE to ask Cindy something that has been nagging at me. Remember a while back, when Padilla bonded Casey out of jail? Well, a bunch of stories were floating around at that time of what Casey had been chatting about with Padilla and his associate, Tracey McLaughlin. One of those statements that she made to McLaughlin was when she was rebutting everything the police were saying on TV. Casey told McLaughlin that the police didn’t have a clue – that “they haven’t even found the clothes Caylee was wearing.” 

Now, this is a small thing, but it has been nagging at me. It seems to indicate that she knew that if they found the clothes, they wouldn’t be with the body. And since the remains were found, but no clothes were found with the remains, it seems like Casey had a little insight that no one else would have known, unless they knew the clothes weren’t with the body. 

It’s just little crap like this, stuff that adds up, that I’d love to question Cindy about. Just to see what kind of stories she could make up and pull out of her ass to defend her daughter. 

And I’m sorry, but I’d forgive my kids a lot of things, and stand by them during a lot of things, but murdering my grandchild? Yeah, probably not. I don’t care *who* People magazine or Barbara Walters has on their “Most Intriguing of 2008” list. Cindy Anthony should be at the top of the list, because really, who is more intriguing? Some stupid adulteress movie star who is so arrogant she can’t even give birth in the United States – her kids have to be “foreign” to be acceptable – or Cindy Anthony, who is so far into the pit of denial that she believes that her daughter dropped her granddaughter off at an apartment where no one lived, to be babysat by a nanny who no one has ever seen or knows, and that said nanny whisked the child off and threatened an entire family, and her daughter kept quiet about the whole thing for a month to “investigate” on her own? You know, James Patterson’s ghost writer couldn’t make shit up like this and have it seem believable. 

But, damn, Cindy sure is intriguing. Stupid, but intriguing.


16 Responses to “Queen of Denial”

  1. Niner said

    Hey Kim! Glad to see you posting a new thread!

    And watch Cindy say now – the Zanny Nanny killed Caylee… because of course Caylee had been kidnapped!! Just watch!! LOL!

    I’m So glad they found here poor little body… at least now she will have a proper burial.

    It’s going snow here in the Sierra foothills of California tomorrow night!! Yea! We don’t get that much snow down this elevation (1,200 ft)!! Looking forward to it – and HOW DO you make the snow fall on your site here???

    Hope all is well with you and yours!! Take carey!

  2. Lizzie said

    This whole Anthony mess just shows how truly dysfunctional they are. Is there anything worse than a mother murdering her child…and a tiny toddler, no less?!?!? What I find equally despicable now are the high profile attorneys who are now coming out of the woodwork to defend her. I know that everyone is entitled to a defense BUT, at what point, do defense attorneys step back and say that this case is just too despicable to become a part of. Do they have any ethics? They are no more than media whores. If this case had not gotten the media coverage it has, I bet these high profile attorneys would not be bothered. And…who could possibly be paying for their services. Let’s see….Casey has stolen from her parents, her grandfather, her friends….and, oh, let’s not forget her own daughter’s piggybank. This whole thing, just makes me so angry…I am sickened by it. I do hope, however, that they have finally found Caylee so that she can be buried with dignity.

    P.S. I was wondering if anyone has heard if OJ has picked out his next girlfriend yet? I bet it won’t be a pretty white woman. My guess is that he will become someones new bitch any day now.

  3. mclayton said

    Hi Kim, I agree with every word of your post!! Three other things Cindy has said convinces me she is deep into coverup mode. During the bond hearing, she looked straight at Casey and said as strongly as possible, “There is NO EVIDENCE CASEY DID ANYTHING TO CAYLEE”. Way back then the coverup began. During the taped jail conversations Cindy said, “Why didn’t SHE get the car?” And the comment from Casey to Cindy, “Remember Mom, I told you SHE had a key to our house”. Sounds like that was a plan to introduce evidence SHE (FAKE ZANNY NANNY) had access to the car and their house. Solved that case, Zanny did it, yep she was in the house and the car. Can’t believe they have all the old hired guns from Spector 1 on board, too bad Alan Jackson is not in Orlando. Poor little Caylee, and other children born to parents who don’t want them.

  4. Katprint said

    The Unibomber’s family were a class act. If any member of my family ever becomes a psychopathic murderer, I hope I have the personal dignity to act like them. Not like the Anthonys.

  5. Betty said

    Lee and Jackie Peterson

    Clifford and Yvonne Entwistle

    … Déjà vu All Over Again …

  6. Suzi said

    George and Cindy Anthony have a relationship built on lies. They are so enmeshed in their own craziness that they refuse to admit in public to their daughter’s serious problems, which led to Caylee’s demise. The Anthony Family pathology is so malignant that it lead to infanticide. I’ve seen bad parents in my day, but nothing that compares to the creature of Casey, who at best used her baby, Caylee for attention and when she became a toddler and a huge burden on her life, did what she was taught by George and Cindy. Do whatever is necessary, including murder, as long as you can successfully lie and cover up the monsters that live and thrive within the Anthony Family. The entire Anthony klan is responsible for Caylee’s demise and should be held responsible. Unfortunately, under our legal system, only Casey will be held responsible for her daughter’s death. It’s tragic the way, pathology is handed down, generation to generation.

  7. Kim (Canada) said

    I was as shocked to see the “big gun” defense team that suddenly appeared, as per my comment on Kim’s previous post –
    And the more I watch this Grandmother rattle off her big mouth, the more I think she’s either completely “stupid”, and/or is in complete denial that her daughter could have possibly had anything to do with this…
    As far as Grandpa – Well, I think he’s starting to really see that his daughter HAS definately got to have something to do with this….
    He had such difficulty when Larry King (Who couldn’t ask questions we’d of asked) asked any sort of hard-core questions, and simply let the ol’ huff bag respond to what he couldn’t. Thinking he had difficulty answering things that would sound so stupid, make absolutely no sense, and can only further incriminate his daughter… Just assume the hot-air mouthpiece do the work…
    Think their little world is starting to cave in on them, especially in light of the discovery of the body remains just down the street from where they live…
    Sorry, but the whole thing is dispicable…
    And now with the addition of the high-profile defense lawyers, like everyone else I wonder, how is this affordable to this family?

    The unfolding of what’s to come is sure going to be of intense interest….

    Happy Saturday All!!
    Fonzie :`)

  8. Caroline said

    Hello Kim and fellow bloggers,

    I agree with every word you have said regarding this crazy attention-whore dysfunctional family. Any ninny can see the daughter lying in her jailhouse confabs with her mother.

    Poor little Caylee, why, oh why didn’t she give her up for adoption? This is what happens when crazy people breed and their fucked-up, in-denial parents pretend everything is fine. This mother did not wake up one day and suddenly decide her baby was a “nuisance”. Dollars to donuts she (Casey) had been acting wacky all along and had been neglectful and abusive many times before. That’s why Cindy Anthony is so defensive. Put both bitches on trial.

  9. Monica said

    I despise the whole Anthony family and think they deserve every bit of misery they’ve brought on themselves– but can you imagine what it must be like to make funeral arrangements? How do you pick out a casket for the few bones you allowed (by your stupidity and failure as parents) to decompose in a swamp for 6 months. I bet that undertaker makes a FORTUNE on burial arrangments in a pitiful attempt to makes things nice and neat again.

  10. Sprocket said

    So Kim,

    What do you think of Linda Kenny Baden jumping onto the defense band wagon and throwing out forensic expert names from the Spector case at the last hearing?

  11. Veronique said

    The body of a completely different unknown child of approximately the right age/size, found in the backyard of the home of a child who’s been missing for months? What are the odds, I tell you? Helluva coincidence…almost as big a coincidence as Lana decided to kill herself by shooting herself in the mouth even as Phil “I like to threaten women with guns in their face” Spector desperately tried to wrest the gun from her hand.

    Just don’t put me on the jury, all I’m sayin’.


  12. Sandy said

    Hey Sprocket…did you see the whole entourage together last night? I had to keep lookig at “Linda”. Either Baden has lost a lot of weight or the Linda was someone else. Can’t believe this group is acting like vulchers. They mentioned it was pro-bono, but in reality they are taking advantage of a small, innocent child to get their frigging faces in front of the tube again. Was it Spitz that bumbled all over on the stand? He was there too. Another circus and I thought I’d gotten over this group of clowns.

  13. Pam B said

    Cindy’s biggest problem is that she denies that she’s in denial. How sick is that?

  14. your bro said

    i’m glad you finally commented on this case. your points are all good ones. thats why i’d asked you 5 months ago to give your views of this whole thing since then. i too was saddened by the news of a body being found. i’m probablly the only one who thinks theres a chance it’s not her. i just really don’t want to except it. it would be too good for it to end the way her crazy grandmother thinks it is, she’s somewhere with a “better” mother and family. playing on a beach somewhere nice.
    in a perfect world this would be true.

  15. artdonkey said

    The players in this new “Dream Team” of for Casey is made up of people who are all damaged goods. Spector#1 showed their true colors and now they are trying to mend their ruined careers on this trial. Only Larry Kobelinski has yet to sell his sole on the stand, only on Nancy Grace. They must think that no one here on the East coast has any way of knowing what happens on the West coast! After they went to the Anthony’s house over the weekend I think the Sheriff should have frisked them all and looked in Dr. Lee’s pockets.

  16. Lizzie said

    You’re right, Artdonkey, if they looked in Dr. Lee’s pocket they may have found the missing portion of the fingernail from the Spector trial.

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