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NV. vs. Simpson – Sentencing “I Stand Before you Sorry and Confused”

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 5, 2008


So OJ’s sentencing was today – did you forget? Basically he got 15 years, to serve at least 6 or 7.5 years before he can be considered for parole, depending on how you calculate the consecutives. Yes, Christmas came a little early for Fred Goldman and his long suffering daughter – who were present in the courtroom to remind the judge that even though OJ was convicted of robbery and kidnapping, this sentencing was REALLY about retribution for the murders that took place in another state, long ago. Just in case Judge Glass was confused about that at all. 

Up for grabs was a smorgasbord of charges and minimums and concurrents and consecutives and enhancements that the judge could choose from. In fact, OJ and that other guy were both convicted of 11 felonies and one misdemeanor, the mandatory sentences for which could range anywhere from 6 years to life in prison. And 6 years doesn’t mean 6 years then you pack your prison issued Bible and go home, no 6 years means you serve 6 years then the parole board gets to decide if you’ve rehabilitated yourself. And since, of course, we are talking about OJ Simpson here, rehabilitation isn’t really in the cards. This guy has been getting free passes from the legal system for decades. Six years isn’t going to convince him that he isn’t above the law. I’m quite sure that while he’s in prison he’ll be figuring out ways to get free cable in his cell. 

I have to tell you, though, it was quite satisfying to see OJ being seated at the defendants table in his prison blues. It made such a stark contrast to Yale Galanter’s high dollar suit. I mean, nothing says “Dude, I’m so screwed” like a nice prison uniform. 

So, first up today in court the judge denied all the motions and briefs that were brought by the defense, including bail while the appeals are going through the courts. Yeah, as if that was going to happen. Glass flat out called them “Flight Risks”. She also denied Bryson’s motion to sever his client’s sentencing and trial (yet again), this time on the basis that the Goldman’s were sitting in the gallery, proving once again, since Stewart didn’t kill their relative, that he was getting unfair spillover from OJ. But she did hand them a small victory by throwing out the coercion counts. So now there’s only 10 felonies. 

Finally the state got up and told the judge concerning sentencing “Throw the book at them! Only don’t throw the book so hard at CJ, poor bastard, we don’t know if he even knew what the fuck was going on.” Of course, the judge sentenced him to the exact same sentence as OJ, so she didn’t show any mercy on the poor bastard, in the end. 

Then Grasso got up for OJ and told some story about the Civil War (no, I shit you not, he really did.) Something about Lincoln and Grant and Sherman and Lincoln saying “Let em up easy” and that’s why Southern troops got to keep their horses after the Civil War. Which I guess would be relevant if OJ and Stewart were charged with cattle rustling, but not so much since they were stealing trophies. 

Yale Gallanter then got up and kissed the judge’s ass, telling her what a pleasure it was to practice law in front of her, and that, as always, he’s concerned that this whole thing is about payback, even thought he judge says it isn’t, it is, and that in this case, OJ was stupid. Just stupid. Not criminal, just stupid. Oh, and Fromong and Beardsley aren’t even pissed. And even people that hate OJ say “Right outcome, wrong crime”. And OJ wasn’t stealthful. But he was emotional. And it was his stuff – and how many robberies does the judge get before her where the stolen property has the defendant’s name on it? That’s gotta mean something, right? 

Then OJ testifies. He tells the court he stands before her “Sorry and Confused”. He explains to the court that he *really* thought this was his stuff, that he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong and that he wanted to give his daughter her mother’s wedding ring, but it was stolen and he wanted to give his son the picture in the oval office, but it was stolen. And he went round and round trying to recover this stuff, but he could never find the people who had it, and this was his chance. That he didn’t mean to rob nobody, or hurt nobody, but he told everyone he just wanted to get the stuff back for his kids. He didn’t go to Vegas to recover the stuff, that was just a bonus. He was there for a wedding, not a robbery. Thank you very much judge. 

Then Bryson gets up and tells the judge that his client was just helping a friend. He’s a good guy. Has 4 sons. Be gentle, judge. And since the prosecution even said Stewart was less culpable, then surely he is. 

Then CJ Stewart gets up and gives what can only be characterized as an Oscar acceptance speech. He thanks his attorneys, the other attorneys, the judge, the media (?) and his family. He event tried to pick up the table mic, perhaps thinking it was this year’s award for “Most Unfortunate Co-Defendant”. 

Then Glass confers her sentence, prefacing the pronouncement with some comments addressed to OJ. She tells him “At the beginning of this trial, at the bail hearing, I said that I didn’t know if you were arrogant, ignorant, or both. Now, after going through this trial, I realize it’s both.” She says that the way she sees it, OJ came to Vegas to do what he couldn’t do anywhere else – recover his property. She also notes that although both OJ and Galanter *says* the stuff was OJ’s, that this is still in dispute, and that although OJ claims the property as his, he is heard to say on the tapes that he wants to keep the stuff away from “The Gold Diggers”, which is his pet name for the Goldman’s. The judge says that this was done with violence and force. Not something that can be tolerated in Vegas, that the guns could have gone off, injuring not only the people in that tiny room, but some poor innocent tourist wandering the halls. 

Glass also tells OJ that unlike the vast majority of cases she hears, this one was completely caught on tape, and that it was OJ’s own words on those tapes that brought him to her court room. His own words not of walking into the room and saying “Hey, guys give me my stuff back”, but his words of “Don’t let no one leave” and “:Bag that shit up”. And his words after the crime of trying to convince people that there were no guns involved, once the cold realization hit that “Shit, I might be in trouble here!” And the laughing and joking at the Little Buddha – saying crap like “Did you see his face? HAHHAHAHAHA”

She also comments on his statement, expressing surprise that he spoke, and how he is still not taking any responsibility – saying “I didn’t intend to do anything wrong, therefore I must not have done anything wrong, and therefore there must be no criminality.” Glass says this doesn’t matter. He went into the room, he took guns with him, guns were drawn, you used force, you took property and in Nevada that amounts to robbery with use of a deadly weapon. 

She then reassures everyone that no, she isn’t going to impose sentence on the stuff that happened in California, just a sentence for this case. NO, really, it’s only for this case. 

Then she sentences CJ to a minimum of 15 years for the Kidnapping with a gun, with an enhancement to run consecutively of 12- 72 months and all the rest of the charges are something under that running concurrently. 

Then OJ gets the same. With credit for 64 days time served. 

Then there are the inevitable press conferences – from the Goldman’s (“We’re happy”) the attorneys for Stewart (“We’re Surprised”), a statement from the Brown’s “(We’re torn, we hate him but love his kids”) and the inevitable promises from OJ’s attorney’s that there will be an appeal. 

And another story from Grasso about the Civil War. Because really, that’s relevant.


20 Responses to “NV. vs. Simpson – Sentencing “I Stand Before you Sorry and Confused””

  1. tess said

    WHOOO HOOO!!!Its about time! I watched about 15 minutes of it at lunch today. I did see the quivering, quavering OJ say he was confused. I just thought, you have got to be kidding. There was a talking head attorney on CNN who thought that his statement was incredibly good and so genuine. I thought it was genuine in that he got caught, so now he can cry. I am very glad he is getting his due and the Goldman’s can have a measure of justice. Even though it was not about the “other” crime.
    How many of us get to pick from multiple crimes? What a guy.

  2. HT said

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the recap. I was out Christmas shopping and missed the drama. I love how the judge handled the whole case including the sentencing. And, perhaps, the Goldman family can now move on to a certain extent knowing asshole will be behind bars even if it wasn’t for what it should have been. Simpson is a classic character/personality disorder, totally incapable of admitting any wrongdoing, culpability, etc. These are the people that really need to be in jail because they just keep on violating laws.

    Stay warm in your Flannel Fabric World.


  3. Susan said

    I thought the entire trial was a load of crap and totally over-charged. Judge Ito and his love for all things Hollywood, and the jurors) contaminated by the horror that is Mark Furhman, let OJ walk. This trial shouldn’t be a “do-over” because law enforcement couldn’t get him the first time. However, OJ belongs behind bars because even the dumbest person in the world knows he killed Ron and Nicole. Just sentencing, right verdict – but wrong trial. When will we, as citizens of the US, get it right, the first time. Need I mention, Mr. Phil “I love guns, women and violence” Spector and his Re-Trial 2.0?

    Kim, you give me lots of strength as I’m dealing with a difficult medical condition and just lost my medical insurance. If things go well, I can be back at work Jan 2009. Of course, by then my house will be in foreclosure and well. . . things could be worse. On a bright note, I’m knitting all my Hanukkah and Christmas gifts this year, but refer to them as Winter solstice offerings, which kinda ticks off the Catholic/Jewish factions in my family. Too bad. It’s all about feeling good and making the most of our days.

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Tim from California said

    My favorite moment of OJ Speech was when he said that he was good friends with all the victims and that he had, among other things, sung to their mothers when they were sick.

    That’s an image that will be with me for a long time.


  5. Lizzie said


    I thought it was great to see Judge Glass sipping her slurpee or some other drink as OJ was being “OMG, I’m remorseful because I got caught” speech. She even seemed to smirk a few times at the butt kissing that was going on by the lawyers. Thanks for the informative and entertaining recap.

  6. Mary Beth said

    Once again, I never thought I would live long enough to see this S.O.B. go down. And, once again I’m doing the happy dance here in downtrodden Michigan. You know it doesn’t get much better than this: watching this lying, murdering, throat slashing, stabbing, and arrogant Bastard beg for his fucking life. I loved every minute of it. And, now I hope to live long enough to see this bastard DIE in jail. He murdered two decent people…one who was the *Mother* of his children. And, Ron Goldman who didn’t really have a darn thing to do with any of this. Now he has ruined so many more life’s with this last crime. If there was anyone who should spend the rest of his arrogant, worthless, life in Prison…it is O.J. Simpson. In my opinion he should have been on *Death Row* 13 years ago.

    Okay off the soap box. Thank you Kim for your great overview of the Sentencing Hearing. I knew you would be right on it. And, my goodness you were faster than even I thought you could have been. You captured all of it. And, I totally agree: WTF does the Civil War have do with any of it? I almost fall off my chair when Grasso went into that comparison & kept going & going! That man’s passion is the Civil War…not, O.J. Simpson. Which, possibly will save his soul.(Grasso)

    And, so now I sit here in pitiful Michigan which used to be the heart and soul of the Automobile World…wishing Michael Moore could save us. But, I know he can’t. No one will listen to him. They just laugh at him…and, they shouldn’t. He has some great ideas. Sorry about rambling on about our problems here in Michigan.

    Thanks again Kim…sorry to go about Michigan. But, we are in deep shit here.

  7. Niner said

    Hey Kim – great recap of the sentencing!! I knew it was Friday – LOL!! Actually, I believe OJ got a MINIMUM of 9 years – maximum is 33 years… so he DOES have to spend at least 9 years in prison! At least that is what I saw on the news this morning! Don’t know WHAT the minimum for CJ Stewart is – they (news media) don’t seem to care about him!!

    Again – Thanks for the recap! Stay warm!

  8. Chris said

    I’m thinking that OJ going to jail is one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received. How ironic is our judicial system, when a man walks free after committing a double murder, and then gets nailed for some Keystone Cops attempt at recovering his “stuff”? I guess in this case justice delayed isn’t justice denied, because most of us have been waiting 15 years for this arrogant, murdering prick to get what he deserves. He is truly one of the most despicable men on earth.
    Thanks for the excellent update, Kim. I am still knitting dog sweaters and exploring all these wonderful yarns. You got me hooked on those darn “striped” yarns a few months ago, and I can’t stop. Just…can’t….stop.

  9. JayDee said

    Actually, CJ got a slightly lighter sentence. It’s the same on the front end, then back there near the end, his sentences on the last few counts run concurrent with each other, Simpson’s run consecutive. At least that’s the way I heard it. It was interesting following the reporting, where there were at least a dozen different versions of the sentence. And we went from reporters announcing that Glass giving them the exact same sentence meant something to reporters equally pompously intoning that Glass giving them different sentences meant something. And we’re counting on these guys to give us the facts on the economy, right? We’re in deep poo-poo.

  10. Katprint said

    The world is a safer place with OJ in prison. It is pure karma that the crimes that put OJ in prison consisted of OJ’s personal army getting “his” stuff back (and also taking a lot of valuable stuff that never belonged to OJ) without resorting to legal channels because OJ was trying to evade the Goldman family’s civil judgment. I hope the Goldmans can track down the memorabilia that went “missing” in an SUV between the time of the robbery and the time that the police arrived at the hotel.

  11. Kim (Canada) said

    Everything for a reason…
    Everything in its own time…

    You can’t evade, masquerade…
    You can only be afraid…
    When it comes to KARMA!

    What you put out, comes back ten-fold and somewhere down the road, if you’ve done harm, it will come back to bite you in the ass…

    Serves him right!
    Now if the “other twit” would get what’s coming to him…

    “What a wonderful world it would be”…

    Fonzie :`)

  12. Randee said

    I may have missed this before, but: How did you get it to snow on your page?!

  13. AtwoodLady said

    I may have missed this before, but: How did you get it to snow on your page?!

    Randee….thanks for asking this…..I thought it was my eyes or computer malfunctioning!!!


  14. your bro said

    its nice to see that we can always count on an intelligent view of legal cases from you. i didn’t see any of the trial, but after reading this i feel like i did. good job sis!

  15. AtwoodLady said

    It will be interesting how OJ will continue his “business” behind bars and produce income for his kids.

    IMO, OJ will not have a tough time behind bars. He will be polite, the guards will love him, the inmates will love him and he will be able to share $$$’s treats with his hommies.


  16. Kim (Canada) said

    Hi AtwoodLady –
    The snow fall appears through the system by itself –
    Usually does it around this time, before Christmas and then trickles through the winter!
    We all thought Kim had set it to do that last year, but soon discovered it wasn’t her doing!!
    Sort of like the little faces that appear next to our names – Those aren’t Kim’s doing!
    It just appears that way…

    That’s my understanding anyway –

    Fonzie :`)

  17. Gail said

    On Monday OJ was tranferred to High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, NV. It has 3000 beds and serves as the intake center for all new southern Nevada prison inmates. It is an all male medium security prison.

    😉 no mention of a golf course there!

    I loved watching the Goldman interviews. They feel they pushed OJ into his being behind bars…… finally!

  18. Kay said

    The snow on your site is great! Would you please tell us about how you added it to your site? What a fun feature!
    Thank you for the O.J. information and insights. Justice!

  19. maria said

    Simpson got what the scumbag, butcher deserves he should have been on death row 13 years ago. What a poor excuse of a man he is. I hope Sidney and Justin hates him for killing their wonderful, loving mother. I hope the lowlife murderer rats in prison. KARMA!! KARMA!! KARMA!!!!

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    Hey Kim –

    Couldn’t believe when I read this article from CNN.

    Brings a name from the past, and obviously confirms “it’s a small world”!!

    Linda Kenney Baden sound familiar?

    Apparently she’s on the defense side of this whole ‘Casey Anthony’ fiasco!
    They’re tentatively saying that the found remains are that of the little girl’s, and they want to be present for the autopsy…

    Thought you’d be interested if you’re not already ahead of me on this one…

    No sign of “the stuff” yet?
    Tell me you sent it! And that you’re not still sitting there sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc any more….LOL!
    I’m so excited, and the wait is killing me – Seriously!!

    Anyways, wishing a good weekend to all….
    Fonzie :`)

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