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Checking In and Catching Up

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 17, 2008


So, what’s happening?? Geez, take a few days off and everyone goes mental. Yes, I’m OK, yes, Paul’s OK, I’ve been reading and chilling and watching Top Chef and exploring Sims 2 “Freetime” and “Apartment Life”, because I hadn’t installed those until after I got my computer back this last time, so they are like all “new” to me. And I’ve been sewing sleepers and dresses and quilts for everyone and making my list for the big Joann’s “Black Friday” sale. 

Is everyone glad that Barack Obama was elected? I was. But now I’m kind of getting that “let down”, anticlimactic whole thing, because Saturday Night Live will never be funny again without Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. I was kind of secretly hoping McCain would win, just so we could see that train wreck played out on SNL for the next 8 years. 

Is everyone tuning in to the new season of Top Chef? God, I wish I could make food like that. The show is very inspiring, but hell, I can’t even afford to buy hamburger anymore, let alone get into making balsamic reductions and chutney’s. The price of food around here is outrageous. And Paul bitching about the food bill doesn’t make it any easier. I mean, the man hasn’t stepped foot inside a Price Chopper for 10 years, so he hands me $50 at the end of the week and says “Here – go grocery shopping – make sure and get dog food, soda, Gatorade, Little Debbie cakes, coffee, and stock up on anything that’s on sale, okay?” Yeah, I’ll do that. Let me get into my time machine and head back to 1986. 

Every single thing I normally buy has gone up at least 50 cents per item. And when you buy 35 things each week, that’s an extra $15 on top of what I was spending, which by Paul’s standards was already inexplicable. I swear to God he thinks I have like some secret “money I stole from Paul from the grocery money” fund that I’m just hoarding away somewhere. But it’s getting to the point where it’s cheaper for us to go to McDonald’s and eat off the dollar menu every night. I can’t make a hamburger for a dollar. 

In other news – I got some pictures of my baby boy in the Halloween costume I made him – isn’t he adorable? Cutest kid ever. His sister’s okay, too.  




So, I’ve been doing nothing but sewing, knitting and playing Sims2. I have a bunch of little dresses I’m just finishing, and some little sacques for one of the readers here – who sent me a DONATION for the big Joann’s after Thanksgiving Sale. I can’t WAIT for that. I’m already making lists of everything I want to get. They *usually* have this embroidery thread set on sale for half price on that day, and I’ve wanted that damned set for 2 years now, but I always pass it up. I think this year I MIGHT actually get it. It’s like $60, but that’s half price and it comes in a case and it has ALL the embroidery thread colors that I use. I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m still debating. 

Oh – and I got in a fight with the lady down the street. Damned bitch, I’ll choke her ass. She’s “new” around here. Her boyfriend has lived here forever with his fat assed kid, who’s a troublemaker form the get go. One of those kids that you just *know* is going to be a serial killer. He’s sneaky and mean and nasty and has a big smart assed mouth, but you can’t blame the kid – his father treats him like shit. I’ve never heard the guy speak to his kid in anything under a scream. He beats on the kid all the time, too, right in the driveway for all the world to see he’ll pick up the garden hose or a skateboard or whatever and start beating the damned kid with it. 

Now, the father *had* a wife who wasn’t the kid’s mother. She lived here with her own 2 kids when we first moved here. And the little fat kid wasn’t so bad, then. But after about 6 months of screaming and fighting and yelling and arguing between the wife and the guy – she left. And took her two kids with her, leaving the fat little kid behind to deal with the father and take all the arguing and screaming the guy gives out. 

So, in the past few months the guy has a new girlfriend – and already there’s signs of “deja vu”. She’ll come over in the middle of the night and honk her horn for an hour trying to get the guy to respond, and he never does, so then she’ll stand out in the road yelling and screaming until he finally comes out and argues with her. It’s quite a show and quite a running piece of entertainment. Paul and I pop popcorn and pull chairs up to the bedroom window to watch. I mean, anyone with a brain would know “this will not end well.” 

But what does the guy do? He moves her in. Oh boy. *And* she has a kid of her own, a little girl. I hope she brought her earmuffs. 

And they brought their dog – a Rott. Oh – and see the OTHER part of “neighbors from hell?” The guy and his fat assed kid already had a dog – a German Shepherd that I know I’ve mentioned here before because it barks ALL FUCKING DAY AND NIGHT. I feel almost as bad for the dog as I do the kid, really. Because the dog is tied on a 6 foot chain to a tree every single hour of every single day. Winter or summer. No matter how hot, no matter how cold. That dog is tied to the tree. Barking. It never has food or water unless the old lady next door goes over and gives it food or water. It’s a shame.

But there was hope – the German Shepherd broke free. About the middle of summer, the dog was gone. Just gone. No one knew where. The lady next door kept asking Paul and I “Where’s their dog?” But we didn’t know, and you can’t ask the kid anything, because he’ll either lie to you or tell you to fuck off.  

Finally, about 3 weeks after the dog first went missing, the kid went up and down the street asking everyone “Have you seen my dog?” Kind of late, but I guess it was better than nothing. 

Then this past weekend, the new girlfriend moves in with her little girl and her dog. Her dog has one of those small wire mesh kennel things that it stays in. It’s too small for the dog, and I hope they bring the dog in when it gets really cold, but at least the dog doesn’t bark all day. But the really funny part of it was, when the girlfriend moves in, that same weekend, doesn’t the German Shepherd show back up! Surprise Surprise. The old lady next door asked the fat kid “Where did you find the dog?” And the kid said we were like two towns over and we were driving along the road and there she was by the side of the road, so we stopped and got her.” And if you believe that…………

So, the guy and his new girlfriend decide to just put the two dogs in the same kennel – and then they both leave for the day, and the German Shepherd gets out of the pen and starts terrorizing the neighborhood. This is NOT a friendly dog. This dog has been abused and mistreated and neglected since they GOT the dog, tied to a tree 24/7, and she’s aggressive. You come near her and she’ll bare her teeth and lunge at you. And she likes our yard – so every time she breaks free (which she’s done a few times) – she heads straight to our yard. 

And you know, I have dogs, too. Dogs that need to go out during the day. And they can’t when this fucking dog is in my driveway snarling and growling and barking if I try to come out. So The first day that they left the dog and went to work, the dog got out of the kennel and I’m trapped in my house. Can’t leave because this fucking dog is growling at me and baring it’s teeth. And I’m pissed. 

That afternoon, I see the little fat kid in the street and figure, “well, he’s home, he has to have gotten the dog and put it back in the kennel”, so I go to take Milo out I open the door and the kid yells to me “My dog is in your yard!” So I say “Well, come fucking get it!” And he says “I can’t she won’t come to me.” Yeah, no shit. Figure the odds that the dog that you fucking ignore and don’t feed and keep on a fucking chain tied to a tree isn’t so fucking anxious for you to come and capture her to put her back there. 

So now I’m pissed. I’m STILL trapped in the fucking house, and little fat ass can’t capture his fucking dog. So I yell back “Well, come and try to get your damned dog, fat ass. I can’t be trapped in my house all fucking day.” It’s at this point that the new girlfriend comes outside. I guess to act maternal to the kid or some such shit. She says to the kid “What’s wrong, HONEY?” And the kid says “I’m telling her not to come out.” She looks over at me and I say “Look, you need to get control of your dog – the fucking thing can’t be allowed to just terrorize the entire fucking neighborhood. If I bring my little dog out that dog is likely to fucking attack it.” So she looks at me, and this is the part that REALLY got me going, she looks at me and says “Well, how STUPID do you have to BE? DON’T COME OUT THEN.”

Oh. No. She. Did. Not.

So, you can imagine how all THIS ended. Yeah, pretty much with me marching down the street to tell the slut what I thought of her, her dog, and the fat ass kid, and with her ending up going back into the house because she probably didn’t REALLY think I would take my bathrobe clad ass down the street to confront her in the first place, and me telling her that if that dog wasn’t back under her control by the time my husband got home, that she wouldn’t have to WORRY about the dog, because Paul would kill the fucker.

And the dog was loose for 4 days. Before the old lady next door finally caught it.

And no it does no use to call animal control, because unless the dog is deemed worthy of being sold for big bucks out of the shelter, they don’t want the dog, they don’t want anything to do with the dog, and they don’t give a flying fuck if a pack of wild dingos are stalking the streets. Unless they think they can SELL the dingos, then they’ll come and get them. And calling the cops will get you nowhere, either. They don’t do “dogs at large”. Unless the dog bites you. 

So now I guess I am feuding with the new girlfriend. Luckily, I know she won’t be around long. Good thing, too, because I’ll choke that “How dumb do you have to BE???” Bitch.


24 Responses to “Checking In and Catching Up”

  1. mclayton said

    Kim, really glad to know you are okay, sorry for going mental on you. I promise not to do that again–I respect your right to live your life and enjoy your hobbies–your writings are always entertaining, I will continue to visit, read, laugh, and say a prayer each day for your continued good health.

  2. Katprint said

    “But it’s getting to the point where it’s cheaper for us to go to McDonald’s and eat off the dollar menu every night.”

    Taco Bell sells a side of pinto beans (with a topping of cheese and green onions) for 89 cents, and for an additional 25 cents they will put a scoop of rice in, too. So, I will frequently stop and pick up two beans ‘n rice for my two sons for lunch or a snack or whatever. Much tastier that what I make at home (I am not a good cook) and probably cheaper than what I would spend for the ingredients plus heating up the stove.

    “And calling the cops will get you nowhere, either. They don’t do “dogs at large”. Unless the dog bites you.”

    We had a vicious dog living nextdoor to us when I was growing up. When my older sister got married and we had her reception in the backyard, my mother bought animal tranquilizer pills and put them inside hamburger (kind of like a meatball with a pill in the middle) and fed them to the dog so it would not bark its head off at the guests. You might consider keeping some animal tranquilizers handy if this happens again. I bet the your neighbors’ starving dog would eat them if you put them in dog food. Then if you want to, you could call animal control or maybe disease vector control and report a sick animal. They should be more willing to come get it if they think there might be a public health issue at stake.

  3. Val Dalton said

    OMG I’ve seen that asshole yell at his son. I thought one day he was going to kill the kid. I didn’t realize it happened all the time. You should report him to social services.

    I took pictures of Anna in that outfit you won prizes with at the fair. I’ll send it to you soon.

  4. Caroline said

    So glad to hear that you, Paul and your dogs are all fine. The pictures of the children are so sweet!

    I have lived by two sets of thouroughly shitty neighbors myself. Call Social Services on the asshole that beats his son, that is horrendous. No wonder the kid is massively screwed up, maybe they can remove him from the home before he turns into the next Jeffrey Dahmer. My neighbor and I discovered that we were two, among seven others in the neighborhood that called about this family. There were 6 children, by an assortment of different men. They were always hungry and would go from house to house asking for cookies and chips. I started buying yogurt and fruit to give to them. In the winter one time when it was freezing rain they were out roaming the streets in flip-flops. SS finally removed them from the home for about six months. When they came home you could hardly recognize them! They were clean, clothed and well fed. No child no matter how obnoxious, deserves to live with a cruel sadistic father.

    I am floored by food prices too! I’d like to hear from other readers out there how they are coping. I have started going to the local Grocery Outlet store. They had cake mixes for 50 cents last week. I don’t make many cakes, but with the holidays coming and the rising cost of flour I figure I bake something festive out of them. Better yet..they had all of their wine (always a good buy) 20% off.

  5. anygirl said

    Kim, I am glad that you are well, sort of at least…LOL

    Food prices are out of sight, meatless meals once or twice a week will not kill Paul, eggplant parmesan was an easy and yummy one for the whole family…tell him to sell something from that bike shed and give you the money for food to stock up on when things go on sale. Bread outlets, Aldi, we have a good assortment of places to make a dollar stretch.

    Have fun doing all that you so so well, and the pics of the babes are beautiful….stay safe…and the pill in the dog food is a good idea…social services needs to be called.
    Call them instead of the police when the boy kills his father for beating him all his life. How horribley sad the whole place sounds….pack it all in and move for goodness sake…you deserve a peaceful life. bless you..

  6. Anonymous said

    It eludes me how some people can live as they do and treat animals/children like this. Plus women who “have” to be part of this. How the heck does this guy get women to want him? The whole scene grates, along with gov. services that pick and choose.

    Are you saying the guy has 3 dogs now?

    On the grocery front, yup, McDonalds or Burger King for a buck out weighs having to pay for hamburger alone. I try to keep up with the sales, but they have stopped sending flyers in the mail. Now I have to go to their web sites. Most of what I buy now is canned soup or frozen packaged dinners and veg. on sale. Pile on the veggies. Cooking a dinner from scratch costs almost as much as the $50 bucks Paul gives you. Healthy eating just isn’t possible.

    One cheap meal is potatoe soup and cornbread. My older kids have always loved it and when visiting during the winter, tis their request. Cheap meat in a pressure cooker works.

    I have always had a hard time using coupons. Those gals that have this figured out must be blessed or it is a full time job. They always show them with 2 carts of food and handing over a couple of twenties for the entire buy. I rarely find coupons for what is really used or makes something cheaper than what is my norm.

    Signing up with favorite food companies on the net will get you some good coupons. I have been doing this for a couple of months. Guess the savings is worth something, but not my favorite net visits.

    Yes, on Obama. But we are in such a mess, will be an interesting ride to see how he gets us out of all. And I’ll miss Tina Fey too. All the comedians are complaining about the lack of sources for jokes.

    We love hearing from you. Not to be pestering though, always a bit of concern you are doing well.

    Enjoy JoAnns….

  7. Lisa Ann said

    Food prices? Oh, don’t get me started! The smartest thing Scott and I have done was to get the Reynolds vacuum sealer from Target and to use their bags. We don’t buy any meat that isn’t on sale, and when we do, we buy in bulk and vacuum seal them. My Christmas present is going to be a 5 cubic ft freezer so I can stock up even more. Now if Daddy would just get a deer or two, we’d be good for red meat for quite awhile. I can also still get store-brand canned tomatoes for $.50/can…so I end up making a lot of tomato based soups, casseroles, etc. Basically, I don’t buy it unless it’s on sale. I also don’t buy “packaged” food – I can’t say I cook from scratch (the chili I made Sunday was mostly canned beans and canned tomatoes), but I at least assemble most of it! Although when Costco does their Kraft Mac & Cheese thing (15 boxes, $8), I get those…Scott can’t seem to go more than a few days without hunter-orange Mac & Cheese.

  8. zxvasdf said

    One way to legally get rid of the dog is to have it bite you and hope it has rabies… or, you could go for a mercy killing and surprise Paul with a nice big dinner. “A bit chewy, but tasty! I knew you were joking about that fifty bucks not being enough,” or “I see you’ve been dipping in that Grocery Money You Stole From Me Fund.”

  9. Missy said

    First of all, Val…your children are SO beautiful and precious! You are so blessed! 🙂

    Next, I’m very worried about that child, Kim. He may be obnoxious, but like you said…you can see how he evolved to that. Please call social services or the police and report that the idiot is beating his child. When I see someone mistreat a kid in public, I wonder what the hell their lives must be like in private. And I hope you didn’t really call him a fat-ass…he probably has enough of a complex as it is, being a teen and overweight and shitty home life.

    The dog — we have one across the street, then over a creek and up in someone’s back yard. That dog NEVER shuts up! I can’t crack the window on that side of the house without hearing it 24/7, and I hate repetitive annoying noises. It drives me freaking crazy.

    I want to call the police about the noise, but I’m afraid someone who would leave their dog just yapping away like that 24/7 would likely further mistreat the dog if I complain. I don’t know what to do :/ It’s not the dog’s fault, but damn…I’d love to enjoy some fresh air from my office and my bedroom, each of which are on the dog side of the house.

    I have several easy, inexpensive recipes that are delicious. I’ll mail them to you soon.

    I’m really worried about that neighbor boy. I can’t believe no one in the neighborhood who has witnessed the abuse hasn’t called anyone about it (or maybe they have?). I know what a pain it is to get involved in something like that, but it could make the difference for the rest of his life. Please report it.

    And I just DARE that stupid trashy girlfriend to ever try to go up against you again. If she does, I’d like a picture of the little grease spot in the road that used to be her! 😉

  10. Elaine said


  11. Elaine said

    sorry about the caps…….and what about the dog….did you help the animal? give it food and animal control??

  12. Val Dalton said

    I hear you about the food prices FYI this week price chopper has turkey’s for 49 cents a pound.. if you like it get a few extra and keep them in the freezer they should feed paul for a few days lol

  13. Monica said

    Try contacting:
    If they have someone in your area they’ll end someone to talk to the creeps about the chaining (it’s soo dangerous)and offer them a free doghouse and/or fencing.

  14. AtwoodLady said

    Kinda think you are pulling your posters’ leg that Paul only gives you $50 a week for groceries?

    That being said, I grew up in a home where my father (an alcoholic industrial engineer) would either get fired or quit and pretend to go to work for weeks till my mother found out!!!….she was naive!! As a result, my mother made soups out of what was cheap and made homemade bread to serve with it.

    Now in my 60’s, Walmart is my store of choice to shop (other than meats) and my pantry is complete with staples which I learned from my mother to put together for a good meal.


  15. Mary Beth said

    I’m just glad you are not in the hospital.

    PS…Get butt if you can 🙂

  16. Mary Beth said

    I should have said; Kick Butt if You Can 🙂

    Come to think of it; get butt if you can, too!!

  17. Val Dalton said

    Joann’s Black Friday Ad 🙂

  18. Kim (Canada) said

    Marybeth, that was good – Made me laugh out loud!
    Seems I haven’t done that in a while cause I really noticed that sound resonate thru the house – Thx! I needed that!

    All I can say to everyone is “hang in there”!
    I know, sounds lame and we’ve all heard it before, but what else is one to do…It’s just as bad up here in Canada. At least the price of fuel has gone down…If only for a short while…LOL!

    Well, sure seems to be alot of crap always going on on your street Kim. As many times as I’ve wanted to move to Malone, I’m thinking I’d be sitting in the local police station cells from taking care of all the bull shit people with my big stick…LOL! No kidding! I couldn’t tolerate that kind of crap going on…And yes. I’d probably be on the phone calling every agency that I could possibly find that’s available to deal with each and every issue – Enough’s enough sometimes, eh?

    Anyways, I will wish here my american friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrate ours in October and so that’s long gone for me…Will definately be thinking of ya’s (I’d love a turkey sandwich right about now) especially Kim running around Joann’s on what you guys call Black Friday…Hope you’re successful in your sale-ing!
    Keep us posted on how that works out for you k!

    And so, until next time – “Cheers” to you all!

    Fonzie :`)

  19. Niner said

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING KIM and everyone!!

    Hope you all had a GREAT day!!

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    Fonzie :`)

  21. AtwoodLady said

    Do you have updates with the mom and baby with jaundice that some of us sent baby gifts?

    Is the baby doing well today or not?


  22. Kim (Canada) said

    And so….
    How was your Thanksgiving?
    Did you survive the Black Friday Madness at Joanns the following day?
    Did you get all you wanted?
    Did you save as mcuh as you wanted?
    Did you get the embroidery thread set for yourself? I know you’ve put it off a few times, but you seemed rather determined to grab it this time…
    Do let us know – Anxious for an update!
    Until then, “regards” to all!
    Fonzie :`)

  23. Caroline said

    Hello Kim!

    Hope you are well and that you had a grand Thanksgiving. Please give us an Update on how things are going for you…

    Best wishes….

  24. your bro said

    hey sis, where ya been? hope your turkey day was a good as can be expected. all the kids say hi. hope to see something new here soon! love ya, your brother

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