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Back to Sewing

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 24, 2008


So….(or should that be “sew”?) I’ve been sewing. In the middle of getting ready to make a Charlie Brown shirt for Val’s little boy for Halloween, I decided to get out some of my fabric and patterns I’ve been meaning to make for her new baby girl. Got a few things done – until I was interrupted with the electricity being out, anyway. 

There’s something about cold Fall days that lends itself well to sewing, I think. I get more motivated to sew when it’s chilly. And it’s a good thing, too, because after all this time of being in this house, I think it’s finally time I make some curtains for the living room and dining room. I need some heavy drapes for those rooms, and since I can never find the heavy drape material that I really want to make curtains out of, I’ve decided that the next best option would be to just get some of the lighter material and just line the damned things. I mean, I can’t just wait for Paul to finish those rooms and paint and insulate and rip walls out and refinish floors, because, let’s face it, this is Paul and shit like that is NEVER going to happen. Not until I just hire someone to do it.

So this weekend I need to go to Joanne’s and get some black felt for the Charlie Brown shirt, and I’m thinking I’ll just get some medium weight fabric and some pellon of some kind and make drapes. It’ll be better than nothing, I suppose.

But, in the meantime, I did finish a few things for the new baby girl Anna.

First off, I made one of the sleeper sacques for her. This one I used the flannelette that says “I love Mommy” and “I Love Daddy” all over it, and pink bias tape and a little white pearl heart button at the neck.


Then I made a little lace and silk bonnet. I really like the bonnet – it came out really cute. I used some of the antique lace that I had inherited in my grandmother’s sewing stuff. I have TONS of the lace, and I like using it. The little bonnet is all lined in silk and the ribbon is a bright white silk.


The next thing I kind of “made up” – the top is made of yellow t-shirt material and has little baby t-shirt capped sleeves. The bottom is like the sleeper sacque with elastic in the bottom. I left enough of a hem around the bottom so there’s a ruffle beneath the elastic. I like the way it turned out.



Then I made an old standby – the bear blanket. I’ve made a million of these things, and they are super simple to make. You just take some fake fur and cut out two head pieces, stuff them, and then take a piece of terry or flannelette or whatever, cut it 20 X 20 and bind it with blanket binding. Sew on the head, put on eyes and nose and you’re done. Takes less than an hour to whip one of these up, and they are really cute.



So, that’s what I’ve been doing – sewing. I’ve got the Charlie Brown shirt to do and a couple of little dresses in the queue and those damned drapes, so I’ll probably sew all weekend. Then back to knitting and finishing up those things I have going. I’ll never finish that damned Devan sweater.



10 Responses to “Back to Sewing”

  1. Susan said

    Damn, that stuff is cute and perfectly executed. I love sewing and designing little projects but I feel like such a putz when I compare myself to the contestants on Project Runway. That Korto whipped up 2 new pieces in less than a day, and sent them down the runway at Bryant Park. It takes me a day to cut out the fabric, forget sewing, fitting, etc. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with those Project Runway contestants? What’s their secret? Pinking shears and a glue gun? BTW, your stuff is way cute. Makes me (almost) wish for some grand kids.

  2. IndyGena said

    Oh Kim… you have GOT to make me one of those bonnets for my new Gran-baby, Kaylei. She would look absolutley adorable in one! It’s beautiful. I’m calling you on Monday!!!

  3. Sprocket said

    All the stuff is WAY TOO CUTE Kim!

  4. Caroline said

    Sew cute! You are so talented, and modest. I would have to spend 1/2 a day on a bear blanket…I think you should apply for Project Runway if it is ever on again. You could clean up.

  5. Mary Beth said

    Everything you made is so sweet and beautiful! I’m glad to see you are back at sewing. I always think it makes a person feel better to have a project going.

    Kim, I have a question about the Devan Sweater. Are you making it for a baby of a blog reader? Is the baby no longer a baby? I’m not criticizing. I’m just wondering? When and if you ever finish the Devan Sweater….post a ton of pictures of it. You never have problems with anything that you have knitted, but this one seems to kicking your butt. I remember you said it’s knitted on very little needles.

    Personally, I have just discovered the beauty of bamboo needles. I love them! Not so slippery (I hope that is a word.) My friend who owns a Yarn and Fiber shop…said to me “Oh I thought you knew that.” How the heck would I know it…I don’t normally switch out needles once I buy them. It usually doesn’t do the project that you are working on much good.

    Just a little comment on your last post: I’m with Zombie Lady now about the grid. That crazy old lady knew more than any of us gave her credit for!!

  6. said

    Kim, what a gorgeous baby boutique collection for Val’s baby girl! You are so super talented! 🙂

    Hey about the ‘damned Devon sweater’, I feel awful about all the trouble you are having getting it done. It is not worth it to me for the stress you seem to be feeling about it. Hell it is not worth the stress for YOU! Do whatever, and let me know. Once you mentioned giving it to Val for her son, if that what you would prefer, it is OK with me. That way you might relax about it and not let it worry you and then take your time finishing it. Whatever you decide, is OK with me. 🙂 That Devon sweater has been ‘damned’ so many times LOL 😉 Let me know tho 🙂

  7. Kim (Canada) said

    Hey Kim –
    Nice work! Man, have you ever got a gift…

    Anyways, I just found out that I’m going to be an Aunt again. Bro and sis-in-law expecting again, so this is number 3! And we know now that it’s going to be a little boy!
    And so…I’m definately interested in getting a few of those little baby sac-thingy’s you make.
    I’ll cover all the costs, including the shipping charges – Just give me a price and an address I can send it to, and I’ll send you the funds up front. I’m good for it, and I really want two or three of those. Baby is due in March, so that gives you some time since I know how busy a woman you really are…
    If for some reason, it’s NOT “do-able”, please let me know, and I’ll try real hard to deal with the disappointment of it all – I ‘ll just go by sleepers, cut out the legs and crazy glue the bottoms together – That would work right? LOL!

    Either way, let me know, and let me know how to go about getting some fundage to you – Like I said, I’ll cover the costs up front so you know I’m good for it! I absolutely think those sleeper sacs are the cutest, most inventive little gizmos, and I’m sure they’ll be a great hit with mom, dad, and baby Alexander. (I’m thinking Aidan and Abigayle will want one too)….LOL!

    Well, have a great day all –
    And I look forward to hearing back from you Kim. My email address is if you’d prefer to contact me there! Thanks again –

    Fonzie :`)

  8. Gail said

    Kim, you have mail! thanks 🙂

  9. That Devon sweater has been ‘damned’ so many times LOL Let me know tho

    Oh – don’t stress over it. It’s almost done adn it’s not as bad when I don’t have high expectations that working an hour on it is going to make a difference.

    It’s kind of my “go to” project, at the moment, when I only have an hour or two to knit, it’s always the thing I pick up, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when it’s done. Anything else if I work an hour or two on it, I’ll end up with a finished arm or a finished back or a finished front panel, and I have to mark things down or measure things – more intensive. With the Devan sweater, I know an hour or two isn’t going to get me along very far adn I won’t have to worry about measurements or patterns or shaping.

    But – it’s all good.


  10. And so…I’m definately interested in getting a few of those little baby sac-thingy’s you make.

    Not a problem – when do you want them? I can make them this weekend or I can wait until after the Thanksgiving sale at Joann’s and get some new fabrics. Let me know what kind of prints you want, and your address.

    These things are simple to make, so I can make you as many as you’d like.

    email me with your address – darwinexception at verizon dot net


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