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Anthony Hearing, Hair Cut and Zombie Lady Update

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 10, 2008


So did everyone hear about the Casey Anthony hearings yesterday? I watched them on Court TV (I refuse to call them “Tru TV” or even “InSession”)/ You know, this bitch has some great big brass balls, doesn’t she? Her latest motion is to petition the court to allow her off of house arrest so she can go and “Search for Caylee.” She sounds a whole lot like OJ “I shall spend the rest of my life searching for the real killers” Simpson, doesn’t she?? That, and she wants the state to turn over all their investigative materials to her lawyers so they can conduct their own investigations. Which isn’t going to happen – I realized that the minute the defense outlined the motion. Discovery only kicks in AFTER you’ve been charged. And her attorneys should know that. Otherwise, if you thought the police were investigating you, you could just run down to the station and say “Hey, I think you’re looking into whether or not my house is being used as a distribution center for meth – turn over all your surveillance stuff – oh, and give me all the transcriptions of my surreptitiously taped phone calls, too, just so I can see if you’ve actually got anything on me.” All of us have heard, at one time or another, the police or the DA say in an interview “I can’t comment on that because it’s an ongoing investigation.” That’s why they do that. They don’t want the defense to know what they are investigating, or what leads they are looking into. To turn over everything to the defense in the middle of an investigation, before they have actually charged anyone is silly. I don’t know what her attorneys were thinking. 

But what did pique my interest was when Casey’s Probation Monitor got up on the stand and said that Casey was allowed to be away from Home Supervision for 6 hours a day to “consult with her lawyer”. What the fuck?? SIX HOURS A DAY?? What the hell are they talking about? And who’s paying that fucking lawyer bill? Even at a discounted rate of $100 an hour – times 6 hours a day  – times 5 days a week – that’s 3 Grand a week! Doesn’t this guy have any other clients? How can he be with her for 6 hours a day? That’s ridiculous and such a blatant lie and such a loophole in the system. “I’m meeting with my lawyer” my ass. There is no way in hell Casey is meeting with that guy 6 hours a day. And her monitoring person is a fool if she believes that. 

I was also amused at Casey’s lawyer’s statement of “Casey wants to search for Caylee at local points of interest” and the DA asked him “What places are those?” You know, because she sure as fuck hasn’t shared them with the police. I expected Casey’s attorney to start listing the local bars. What a tool/. Oh, and all those local folks and the media is the reason Casey needs to search in private – because it would be dangerous with all those people following her. Now, personally, I think that since she was so loathe to even report the kid missing because she was so “in fear” from these people who took her daughter, that she would welcome them when she went to actually search the “local points of interest”. You know, safety in numbers and all that. 

But, the court is taking most of Casey’s motions by her attorney’s “under advisement” which really means, “Denied fool, I’m just not going to embarrass you on national TV by telling you how unsupportable they are.” Which is only good for us, you know. That her lawyer is such an inexperienced and inept attorney only bodes well for the trial we’ll hopefully get to watch gavel to gavel. I like obviously guilty people with bad lawyers. 

In other news, I got my hair cut. Finally. And apparently it looks good. At least Malone Leslie thinks so. The girl who cut it had to cut it like 5 times, because she didn’t believe me when I sat in the chair and said “Cut it all off – PLEASE!” She kept taking length off 2 inches at a time saying “Is that short enough?” And I kept saying NO” until she finally got to something slightly below my shoulders. And it’s all layered with long layers, so it looks bouncy and curly on the ends. I like it. It’s much better than that mass of gray straggly nasty coarse crap that went all the way to my waist. The girl cutting it kept saying “Aren’t you going to miss it?” And I told her “No – I mean, does the doctor ask if you are going to miss the tumor he’s taking out of your stomach?” And I don’t miss it – not one bit. 

And in OTHER, other news – guess who came to the house on Wednesday? The cops. Guess why they came to the house? Because zombie lady’s son was worried about his mother – seeing’s how he hadn’t seen her SINCE JANUARY. So there goes my little fantasy world where they are all happy and holed up together in the city, being a family. Nope, not so. 

I told the cops I hadn’t seen her, although she had promised to return in March. I also told them that I had been inside the house and was kind of concerned that there looked like signs of life – but not Zombie lady life. They didn’t even go near the zombie house – they came and pulled in my driveway, asked some questions and then left. I told them that I was going to worry now, because I was happily assuming that she was with her son, and if he hadn’t seen her, that this was kind of disconcerting – and I also told them that they could check the hostel where she had been staying before, that maybe she was still there. The cop says to me “Could you email them and see if they’ve seen her?” Which kind of took me by surprise a little and I said “Are you paying me for this? I mean, what are you going to do, call her son back and say ‘Yeah, she hasn’t been there, but we have one of the neighbors following up on a lead.” The cop didn’t say anything. And I kicked myself for not being able to hold my tongue when talking to the cops. 

Later on that night – I got a phone call. From zombie lady’s son. We talked for a while and he said that the cops had JUST given him my phone number that day – even though I had told the cops to give him my number way back when they came the FIRST time. 

He said that he DID see his mother – New Year’s day. She came to the door, knocked, and when he answered Zombie lady didn’t say “Hi, boo, shit” or anything. All she said was “If you call the cops to come to my house one more time I shall put a bullet in your head.” 

With that she turned and left. 

I told him I wasn’t surprised – that she is extremely paranoid and fears anything to do with the “government.” He acknowledged that and said she was SUPPOSED to be on meds for that – that she has been diagnosed as schizophrenic and WAS given drugs – but that she never took them and this was one of the sources of friction between them – that he encouraged her to stay well and stay on her meds, and she had that classic thing going on of when she was on the meds she persuaded herself that she didn’t need them, and when she wasn’t on them, she thought he was trying to poison her or kill her by having her take them. 

We talked for quite a while, he’s a really smart, educated and well spoken young man. He had no clue where to go or what to do next to try and track her down, and I asked if he had checked the hostel that I told the police about. He said the police never told him about the hostel, which pissed me off. He was going to go there this weekend and see if she had been around. Then he said he had her bank statements, which includes her debit card transactions.  DUH!!! I told him “Well, open the last one, fool That will tell you at LEAST if she is still charging things, and if she’s alive – and if it’s even her – for all you know, someone could have mugged her or something and has been running around NYC charging things to her card. And most places will have an address on the statement in their identifying info – or at least a phone number – you can tell what area of the city she is in – or if she’s hopped a plane to the damned old country or not. 

He said that he hated to open her mail – she had already threatened to call police on him the LAST time he did that – and I told him “Look, if you need reassurance, call the police back – tell them you want to open her mail to help track her movements – get permission from them. You know they are going to tell you to do it. If they tell you No, then tell them that you are going to send THEM the statements and let THEM track her movements – you know they won’t want you to do that.”

So he said he would open the last statement and see what he could find out. He’s supposed to call me back this weekend – if he doesn’t, I’ll call him, he gave me his cell and home numbers. 

But, now I’m worried about ZL again. I really had hoped she was all cozy with her son and they were getting along. And now I’m really upset that she didn’t come back this summer. She said she would – and even though I know it can’t be very comfortable living over there with no lights and water – I knew she liked it. 

Hopefully when her son calls back he will have found her at the hostel.


10 Responses to “Anthony Hearing, Hair Cut and Zombie Lady Update”

  1. HT said

    The world finds you, comes right up to your doorstep….

    Damn, I also thought all was well with ZL. Should have known better since I went through what her son is going through with my own Mother, God rest her soul. It’s a nightmare. I’m betting she’s still at the Hostel or back at Bellevue or wherever she was that she was got treatment. Of all the places in the Universe she could have ended up buying a house, you were CHOSEN by some fate to be said neighbor. That has to be the longest shot in recorded history. I find it odd that her son is so adament about not opening her mail….that bell doesn’t ring true.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Glad you like your hair cut.


  2. Gail in NC said

    OMG, Kim! Poor ZL. I pray she is well and safe! Thank you SO much for the update even if it’s not what we are all wanting to hear.

    You take care and enjoy your new look.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  3. your bro said

    now see. your points on the anthony case as to why the state shouldn’t, or wouldn’t have to turn over anything is exactly what i was thinking as i was watching nancy grace and hearing that the judge GRANTED their motion to have all the shit. what the f**k?? you can see what fun this case is going to be to watch. with judges already making bullshit moves like this. Shit, i’m interested in this case, maybe i can go and have some of the states info turned over to me. anyways, was glad to hear some zombie news. just hadn’t heard that name in awhile. glad to see ya returning to your roots. lol! talk soon, love ya!

  4. emagineer said

    I need to go back and read the ZL events when she was with you in Dec. The state was going to help her get medicaid and medical help. Now we don’t even know if she got to the hostel and obviously with what her son said she isn’t taking advantage of the medical care. I am sure her son has had a lifetime of pain dealing with this. But not to figure out the bank statement tracking (if he is concerned) is a bit odd. And it is a bit odd her mail comes to him.

    The Casey case has me nuts. I can’t keep up with the crazy going on. And for it going on so long. Your reference to OJ on the golf course brought all to perspective. I can’t wait to read your take on this one.

    Great about the hair cut and that it turned out so well. You probably feel like a new women. How is the heart doctor relationship going?

    Project Runway ends this week. Not a great season and too bad the “mouth” was kept on. Be ready for anything on the runway.

  5. Caroline said

    Well isn’t the ZL news timely since we are in HALLOWEENIE month! This sounds like one sad, sorry story of a terribly dysfunctional family. I feel sorry for her son, She seems to have painted a completely dilusional life for herself. I wonder if she has a complete network of worried, concerned individuals such as yourself and all of us bloggers? I feel sorry and have empathy for her, but her poor son!

    Glad you went of the haircut! Nothing like a new do to make you feel refreshed, and I am sure you look and feel renewed!

    That Caysee Anthony story has me flabbergasted! Why is this woman still walking around? There is a special anteroom in Hell for bitches like this mother.

    It is great to have you blogging on a regular basis, makes my day!

  6. Kim (Canada) said

    I just knew something wasn’t right with ZL! She’d of been back in “spring” (March) Just like she said if things were ok!
    I’m so upset!

    Good stuff on the hair cut! Just got mine buzzed off yesterday and that always makes me feel all better all over…

    Can’t believe any of this Casey Anthony stuff! I keep checking in on Nancy Grace’s show late at night, and can’t believe half the shit I see and hear there – Something really wrong with this woman, something even wrong-er that they can’t just nail her!

    Anyways, I will keep checking for ZL updates. It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, and so this has just made that feel so lousy for me…

    Fingers crossed, prayers amass
    Fonzie :`(

  7. emagineer said

    I just watched a news show with Casey’s lawyer. The release of documents to them was approved. He was dull and wouldn’t answer many questions. They did ask him why he would represent someone like her, given the amount of lies and why wasn’t more being done for the child. He came back with the same ole’ lawyer speak.

    They are also taking this to a Grand Jury for, hopefully, an indictment. Do they always go before a grand jury or is it a requested procedure and by which side?

  8. Gail said

    Morning Kim, nothing like a new haircut, especially when one is happy with it! 🙂

    Poor ZL, where can she be? Obviously the son hasn’t cared a twit about her, since he has no idea about her whereabouts! Cripe he has her bank statements to top it off. If he was concerned, well HELLO-open the mail, like a long time ago! I think the police need to check her house out, even the upstairs, especially since you saw some signs of life in there at one time. Lord only knows what she might have contrived up in there. Kim keep us posted if you hear from her son, especially if he gets the balls to open her mail. Hopefully she is safe somewhere, possilby in the hostel.

    Gee, I didn’t know cttv was covering anything about Casey on Friday. I have kind of become numb about that one! I sure don’t think poor little Caylee is anywhere to be found alive. Just when you think you have heard about them all, nope there is always something more dreadful and off the wall out there.

    Kim thanks for the updates! Enjoy your new Look!

  9. Gail said

    Kim, I Rec’d this e-mail from the LegalEdge


    I once covered the “fight of the century”. It was 1986 at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. Thomas “Hitman” Hearns vs. “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler. The fight lasted only 2 1/2 rounds before the “Hitman” went down, and while celebufight fans like Bo Derek and Sly Stallone called it the best fight ever, the boxers were plotting to set up the rematch. As the glassy eyed Hearns told me after the fight, “We did it once…let’s do it again.”

    What the heck does this have to to with The Legal Edge? Nothing really, except that after an outpouring of Phil Spector fan e-mails I’ve decided to try one last time to get a read on how many folks would really subscribe to a monthly service that allowed us to cover costs to stream the Spector trial. Here’s the deal: I’ve opened a new e-mail address just to receive commitments from PS2 fans. If the number is sufficient (and based on my calculations and production costs that number needs to be at least 1000 viewers at $35.00 per month. The cost would go down if we get more subscribers) we would go ahead with setting up the actual payment structure to assure these commitments. The last thing we want to do is start the process and end up going under because a large number of folks flaked. [/END QUOTE]

    $35 a month!!!!! Not for me!

  10. Kim (Canada) said

    Seems a little steep to be watching some twit in a nasty, nasty hair do slumped over, there shaking and slumbering away…
    Sorry, as much as I’m so into watching this trial, I ain’t about paying that kind of money to do so…

    Fonzie :`>

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