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NV vs. Simpson – The Verdict

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 4, 2008


Guilty Guilty Guilty.

I was going to write last night after the verdict came in, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it all, so I wanted to sleep on it.

Well, that and we were watching “Iron Man” and I had to pause the damned movie to come and watch the verdict, and I wanted to finishing watching the movie before I sat here and typed out a whole post.

But I guess OJ isn’t Iron Man, is he?? (And the movie was pretty good.)

And sleeping on it didn’t help one bit, either. I’m still conflicted. I think I would have made an excellent juror for this case, because I really did have an open mind, and I really did want to see OJ tried on THIS case and THIS case only. In fact, I watched all the testimony (several times, ugh) and I heard the closing arguments (several times) and I was still sort of “deliberating” in my head, and hadn’t really made a decision when the jury came back. (And thanks to everyone who e-mailed me when it was announced that the jury had reached a verdict – all 133 of you. Good God.)

On the One Hand: OJ killed Ron and Nicole, and who deserves to be in jail more than him? But that’s not what he was on trial for, is it? (Although he kind of was on trial for that, wasn’t he?) And yes, he probably didn’t know that what he was doing was essentially armed robbery, and it kind of was a “dispute among friends”, and I can believe he asked for guns to be there, but I could be convinced he didn’t. And if you look at the law, without taking the rest of the evidence in the case into consideration – just a straight up reading of the statutes, he was surely guilty.


On the Other Hand: Who gets life in prison for an altercation like this? And I’m still pissed that the guys who actually brought the guns didn’t get anything and the guy who set the whole thing up got immunity. And to anyone who says “Yes, but OJ brought GUNS into a HOTEL ROOM and ROBBED people”, well, I still say, “If that’s what this was about – then why aren’t the gunmen in jail?” And yes, DA’s make deals with gunmen all the time to get the “big fish”, but why was OJ the “big fish?” Because he’s OJ or because he was the “mastermind”? Because he really WASN’T the mastermind in this case – one could argue that Tom Riccio was the mastermind.

And I really feel the most sympathy for CJ Stewart – I truly don’t think he was guilty of much in this case, and did get a lot of “spillover” from OJ. But I’m not too worried about him, I’m quite sure his case will get reversed on appeal – even if he only argues the whole “severance” issue. And being tried the next time without OJ and the cameras can only help his cause.

And maybe he won’t get Judge Glass – she of the raging histrionics and over the top judicial editorial commentary. Too bad we couldn’t have had Judge Bonaventure for the trial as well as the preliminary hearing. He was a much better (and much more composed) judge. But I can’t imagine too many judges being *less* composed than Judge Glass…..

I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to continue to deliberate over the weekend. The lawyers had a sort of mini press conference, hopefully we’ll hear something from the jurors. I’d love to know what their thought process was, what they actually deliberated over, if they threw out the tapes as evidence (as I did in my own head – you can’t understand a fucking thing on those tapes.) if they actually read over the jury instructions (I’m thinking they really couldn’t have read and understood them all – there was even a couple that conflicted with each other), and why they thought Stewart was guilty of anything. So I’ll be looking forward to the first juror’s book in the case. I’m thinking it should be called “How I put OJ away for murdering Ron and Nicole, Oops – I mean…..Robbery and Kidnapping.”

Sentencing will be the first week of December. That should be interesting, as well. Some of the charges OJ and Stewart were found guilty of were ones that their former co-defendants got probation for – let’s see if OJ and Stewart get probation for those charges, as well.

But, in the end, I guess this verdict was good for everyone. For those who thought he was guilty in Vegas – he was found guilty and is going to jail. For those who thought he was guilty of killing Ron and Nicole, well, consider this a verdict that just came 13 years too late. Of course, if you think that he wasn’t guilty in either case, well, that just sucks for you. (And why would you think he *didn’t* kill Ron and Nicole?? I never could understand people who thought he was innocent in that case).


16 Responses to “NV vs. Simpson – The Verdict”

  1. boston173 said

    Great post, as usual Kim. I tend to agree with you. It’s the matter of the sentence in this case that bothers me. 15 years to life for thug-on-thug crime? I don’t think so. On the other hand, who’s going to care if OJ is locked up for life? He should have been locked for killing Nicole and Ron, that’s a fact. I wouldn’t give this verdict a second thought if all the all the participants in this crime were going to spend time in jail. But, instead they’re free to go on with their lives and try to squeeze more money out of this ill-conceived crime. And CJ Stewart? He’s the state’s pawn, in all of this. They’re using him to show it’s NOT just about OJ. Of course, it is.

  2. Kim (Canada) said

    And so it is…
    Not sure what else I can comment on about the whole thing…
    It does have a way of rearing its ugly head when what goes around comes around…
    And then some –

    Thanks again Kim! For all the re-caps, the verbatim transcriptions, and the warm-up for what’s to come with good ol’ Spector – You rock, woman!


  3. CamV said

    About Jackie Glass…You have to know that she was involved in many pre-trial motions, etc. You’ve seen Yale Galanter’s ways. I’m sure she had to try to get and keep the upper hand on him or he’d take over (as he surely tried to do many times during the trial.)
    According to the laws of Nevada, the matter of time served is clearly written in the jury instructions. I think the prosecution proved all those points.

  4. Gail in NC said


    O J’s greed, arrogance and, yes, stupidity brought him to this place in time; nothing less! He brought all those thugs with guns into that room to “get his stuff”! He deserves this beyond a reasonable doubt.

    As for Mr. Stewart, I believe his verdict may be overturned. He’s not lily white, though.

  5. katfish said

    Robbery at the Palace Station on the 13th
    +Anniversary of aquittal 13 years
    +Jury deliberates 13 hours
    = 39 years parole in 13?
    IMO That would be karma at it’s best! I think life is too much for this particular circumstance….no one was hurt….now for the crimes 13 years ago….should be facing execution about now!

  6. Niner said

    First – I have to THANK YOU KIM!!! for keeping all of us updated on what happened!! I was a little surprised on the Guilty verdict – I don’t know why… ?? LOL! Just the way that Galanter presented his closing arguments – thought – maybe, the Jury would go for a “Not Guilty” verdict!!

    Last night I was watching Nancy Grace – and noticed the banner on the bottom of the screen that a verdict had been reached! So tuned in to my local news – and of course, they announced it there!

    Thanks again for ALL your updates, Kim!! and now… on to Spector II!!! Hopefully, there WILL be somebody that covers that one!!

    Take care!!

  7. kathy said

    No matter who had the guns, who said what, OJ had a choice. He could have turned around and walked out of the room at amy moment. He had a choice to let small claims court or have his attorney handle getting his belonging’s back. He had a choice. He choose poorly.

  8. HT said

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve been keeping a low profile.

    Your reporting efforts were beyond Herculean. You are amazing. THANKS.

    If you stand back and look at our criminal justice system with OJ in mind, it really dramatizes the oddities or maybe even unfairness of it. However, I’m one of those biased persons that just wanted to see him punished and had to wait a long time to see it so I don’t really care if it’s a twist of justice or not. The guy has had more breaks than 99% of people in this country and he became arrogant, self serving and a felon.

    Yes, Karma, maybe Justice. I’m just glad something finally caught up with the butthole.


  9. Gail said

    GUILTY of all 12 counts, YEA! I do not have a problem with the verdict! I believed he was G of all charges, but was afraid of a hung jury. So I was rather shocked!

    Thanks Kim for your coverage! 🙂 Take a Rest!

  10. JayDee said

    As someone who saw the testimony or read the transcript throughout the 95 trial, I’ve always wondered what happened to the knife.

    When I heard the testimony at this trial about the vehicle no one had seen before, apparently pre-arranged by Simpson without the knowledge of his co-conspirators, that pulled up to take the loot when they got back to the hotel with it, I got the chilling feeling that I’d just gotten my answer.

  11. Katprint said

    I am glad that OJ will be off the streets. Quite frankly I view him as a menace to society, whether he is murdering people, robbing people, threatening and beating his wife/girlfriends (as recently as 7-4-2005), abusing his daughter Sydney (1-18-2003), road-raging against other motorists (12-4-2000), fraudulently hiding assets that rightfully belong to the Goldman family or otherwise misbehaving in ways that we don’t even know about.

    I live in the greater San Francisco Bay area where OJ was born and raised. I will be glad if he never, ever comes back here. Since California’s “Three Strikes” law applies to violent felonies committed in other states, if he does come here and commits another felony then he will be in prison for the rest of his life WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Note that multiple felon (rape, assaults, DUI, drugs) Mike Tyson stays out of California even though his older brother Rodney is a physician’s assistant in the trauma center of the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center, presumably so he won’t be LWOP’ed here after his next impulse-control lapse. I hope they both stay the heck away.

  12. Donna said

    Now that OJ is going away, what will Ron Goldman’s father and sister do with their lives? They’ve spent so much energy chasing down OJ these last years, seemingly at the expense of actually LIVING their own lives. I’ve often wondered, if OJ were sent to prison and they got all the money in restitution that the court ordered, (even if OJ confessed to everything) — what would become of them? Will they ever truly move on and be able to live a productive life, as one could only guess that Ron would want them to? Even the Brown sisters have made their way through these years and haven’t written books and done the parade of weepfest talk shows about the injustice, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong. What happened to those families was horrific and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. But I would hope that in the face of such tragedy, I would realize that peace in my life would not come from revenge, but from working through the sorrow and moving on to a better life. You have to wonder if the price they’ll pay by not really living these past 14 years is the inability to live going forward.

  13. mclayton said

    Thanks Kim for all your work!! I watched it each day, read several articles, but still eagerly awaited your daily reports. I don’t have any mixed feelings about this verdict. I truly believe there was plenty of evidence in this case. I don’t think the jury referred back to the LA case out of revenge or feelings of justice delayed. True, without Riccio this would not have happened on Sept. 13, but OJ has been so determined for 13 years to keep his “shit” from the Goldmans that it was bound to happen sooner or later. I agree 100% regarding the gunmen, they should serve time also, and Riccio was not totally innocent—not sure what charge would cover what he did. I doubt OJ will get the max on any of the charges, and I don’t really care. I just feel like our justice system worked in the case regarding OJ. I agree Stewart deserves a separate trial.

  14. mclayton said

    Question for anyone reading this—WHO WAS DRIVING THE WHITE SUV?????

  15. Scott said

    Thanks for all your great reporting. Glad I held off on alerting you of the pending verdict seeing as you were bombarded with emails.

    I for one was very disappointed by the verdict. Despite how anyone feels about the murder acquittals, I would never want to sacrifice the integrity of the judicial system for some kind of karmic justice. The fact that Stewart was found guilty on all charges after such limited deliberations just makes this smell bad. I suspect there was pressure in the jury room to reach a verdict before the weekend, and and how could they really think straight after thirteen hours? Could they possibly have digested all those jury instructions? And now they are claiming they didn’t put much weight on witness testimony, and instead relied on those tapes. OK, well if you just rely on the tapes, if you can possibly make out anything, that’s quite scary to me. Strangely key incriminating conversations and alleged statements are somehow missing from all these recordings. Plus you do have the police on those same tapes making ridiculous comments.

    Further, is there any doubt that Riccio was the mastermind behind all this? Why is he totally off the hook and $200K wealthier to boot? Then you have the two gunmen who not only have no credibility, but clearly had there own agenda. Even if you don’t believe Scotto’s shakedown story, Alexander’s voicemail and hist testimony at the prelim were pretty damaging to his cred. I found Galanter’s remarks interesting regarding the notion that they would want to video tape the event knowing that they were bringing guns. That does seem a bit odd.

    The whole Scotto shakedown and hitman comments had me puzzled. If the backyard shakedown conversation was true, then I imagine that OJ’s team is quite disappointed that Scotto didn’t mention this to police early on. Frankly, as much as I sort of believed elements of his story, some of his excuses for having the second conversation and for not ever reporting it to police seemed a bit contrived. Why didn’t the defense call the BBQ-meister or other attendees of that party who could have testified about seeing the three men secret themselves to the backyard a couple of times, and how Scotto appeared upon return?

    As far as the hiring a hitman comment, my guess is that he did make a comment similar to what was alleged, but it was probably made as a cynical joke and now he either forgot since it was off the cuff, or doesn’t want to admit it since it makes him look bad (more likely). In fact, if he would have been honest about this, it would have lent credibility to his whole shakedown story. How can the State on the one hand expect us to believe that Scotto told Stewart that he should give the $50K to a hitman, and then on the other hand claim there was never a demand by McClinton or Alexander for the $50K to begin with? The State wants it both ways, and the Defense could have used this to bolster Scotto’s claims since at least the hitman comments were documented by police and corroborated by Stewart.

    If there’s any justice then McClinton and Alexander should get the same sentences as whatever OJ and Stewart get for similar charges. I highly doubt that will happen.

    Kim, do you know if the Judge has the authority to toss out some of the convictions prior to sentencing? I could see OJ getting a couple of years for his stupidity and inviting menacing street thugs to the party, but an effective life sentence is a joke. People get acquitted of manslaughter and other seriously violent crimes and serve way less time than what he’s going to get. I think they both have several grounds for appeal, however if OJ could get the more serious convictions tossed and then get fair concurrent sentences for the remaining ones, then if he’s ever a free man again maybe he’ll better appreciate the bullet he dodged thirteen years ago. They better hope the jurors keep talking.

    BTW, do we know what happened to the family photos he was planning to recover?

  16. Scott said

    I meant to say “People get convicted of manslaugter” etc. and get less time, not those who are acquitted of course. Guess i should proof read before submitting, not after…

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