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Archive for October, 2008

A Halloween Bromance

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!!

I finished Val’s little boys Halloween costume – the Charlie Brown shirt – came out kind of cute. Val promised to send over a picture or two, I’ll post it when she does. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a little fashion show of the 2 Halloween costumes I expect to see tonight. Milo’s and Val’s little boys. We don’t get a lot of kids here. I think between the 3 Halloween’s I’ve had at this house I’ve seen a total of 10 kids. Sucks, too. In Florida we used to run out of candy by 7 o’clock. Now, if I get a bag of candy, I’m eating Halloween candy up through Christmas. 

I also finished the curtains for the dining room – and started on a couple little dresses for Val’s new baby girl. And, as promised, Val sent over some pictures of the baby in the stuff I made in the last batch – how cute. 

So I guess it is officially winter – there is about 12 inches of snow on the ground and the Harley is back in the barn, hibernating until next year when we get 2 more weeks of good hot weather. I hate winter, not just because it gets freezing ass cold, but because that means that Paul and his entourage have to come in the house to do their partying. I’m thinking we need to get a monitor heater or something for the Harley barn. 

Oh – and Paul has a new bitch, did I tell you? Yeah, he has a new bitch. One that actually is literate enough to at least know how to use a computer, because he reads the blog. But, just to prove that he’s not all fucking brains, he actually said to me “How come you don’t talk about ME on the blog?” And I’m like “Dude, when I talk about someone on the blog, and especially one of PAUL’S friends on the blog, do you think that’s like a fucking GOOD thing?” But, he was rather disappointed I never mentioned him. So, to answer all those questions about “How do people feel when you talk about them and how fucking stupid they are?” Well, there’s your answer – they make requests to be talked about. 

So, Paul and the new bitch are in this heated bro-mance where they can’t go for 2 hours without calling each other up and saying “How was your day? What are you doing? When are you coming over?” Ahhhhhhhh…..young love. Although the new bitch takes it a littttttttle bit over the top, when he calls and Paul isn’t home from work yet, and then the new bitch comes driving over and sits in the driveway and waits for Paul to come home. Are you fucking kidding me? Whatever, dude. 


IN OTHER NEWS: I heard from Zombie Lady’s son!! Zombie lady is apparently alive, although not so well. He took my advice and opened up her bank statements and was able to track her movements up through February – when she became flat broke and had no further income. Using the ATM locations she favored, he and his wife Google’d to find all the shelters near those particular ATM’s. They were able to find a shelter that claimed they “knew her name”, although they couldn’t give out any further information. Her son had the police call the shelter and the shelter told the police exactly where she was – which happened to be at a hospital awaiting surgery. The son was able to talk to Zombie Lady and she said that since the summer she has been ill and unable to walk – she is now hospitalized and hopes to get well enough where she can come back here. I hope she does. And I hope she gets better soon. I sure do miss having her around – she was interesting. More interesting than Paul’s new bitch – and Zombie Lady didn’t sit in my driveway and wait for me if I wasn’t home.






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