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Something Besides OJ in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on September 21, 2008


So, not much going on around here besides my long days watching the Simpson trial and knitting. I’m still working on Gail’s stupid Devan sweater. I hate this thing – it’s like knitting with thread and toothpicks. I work and work and work on it, measure what I’ve done and I’ve gotten a whole nother inch complete.  Frustrating.

Val is due any minute and I’m so excited. I have a bunch of stuff done for her. Hopefully she’ll bring the baby by when it’s born (I’m sure she will at some point.)

My birthday is in less than a month – so start shopping for that, if you haven’t already (I know you have, right??)

And since OJ is in the news, I guess it’s only fair to look at some other Stupidity in the News.

You know, who would have seen that coming?


This is the kind of hard hitting investigations we really need in this country. 


If you see this man, please call your local law enforcement agency immediately. (There’s a reward, too!)


You know, we never did fun shit like that when I was in school. 


Yes, can I have the one with the two pee stains, please?


NO thanks, I get this demonstration most days for free. 


I love to see a boy so close to his mom. 


I wonder if that’s supposed to mean no smiling PETS. Because that would be kind of creepy. 


I though it said in the Constitution we had the right to arm bears. 


I guess towards the end of the year the picking’s get slim.


Yeah, back in WWII – when Japan was owned by Mexico. 


Yeah, people, it’s not Rocket Surgery – or anything else that’s really difficult, like mixing metaphors. 


I like headlines that answer their own questions. 


no thanks on the soup – it’s a little heavy for me. 

I don’t even understand this – I mean, whose genital did Dad reach for? 


Wow – that’s a slick fucking skill, that is. I’d pay money to see that. 

Confirming research done by teenage boys the world over.


….and my favorite, just because it’s so stupid.




11 Responses to “Something Besides OJ in the News”

  1. Bob E. said

    The “Japanese Peso” was the wartime currency that was issued as fiat money in the Philippines by the occupying Japanese regime. Take a look at the bills at:


    They say “The Japanese Government” right on them, so it is understandable that someone would assume they were from Japan. They were also called “Mickey Mouse” money, since the Philippines were experiencing hyper-inflation at the time, and the currency was becoming worth less and less very rapidly. It was becoming like play money.


  2. Gail said

    I lost my post Grrrrrr

    Gee what can I say? I know zip about knitting, but do LOVE homemade knitted sweaters. Kim, I am so sorry you are frustrated with the Devon sweater. For those who missed it- ta Da!

    If you would rather, ya know—-it is up to you. Let me know, it will be OK. I feel bad it is being so time consuming. Once again tho, I am a very patient person.

    I’m anxious to hear about Val’s baby, let us know when the darling is born. It has been five years since we had a baby in our family, and from the looks of it with our youngest daughter, we are going to have to accept a Tea-Cup Maltese as our granddaugter number 3!

    What do you want for your birthday? E-mail me you address, I have a little something for your sewing room. 🙂

  3. Malone Leslie said

    OK- My coworkers think I’m nuts. This was so freakin funny, I had tears in my eyes.

  4. Val Dalton said

    Hey Kim,

    No baby yet, I really hoping she comes soon I’m getting tired of this!! Luke was 6 days early looks like this one wants to be different and make me wait… but of course you’ll be able to see her when she finally makes her appearance!!

    Thanks for the laughs!!

  5. Val Dalton said

    PS… I told a bunch of people you were making Luke’s Halloween costume they can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  6. A.D.A. said

    You just make me laugh so hard! Love you, Kim!

  7. If you would rather, ya know—-it is up to you. Let me know, it will be OK. I feel bad it is being so time consuming. Once again tho, I am a very patient person.

    Oh it’s fine – I’m almost done with it now (thank god). Just think – you’ll have a true one of a kind item – because I’m never making this damned thing again. Not with this yarn.

    What do you want for your birthday?

    Oh – so many things, really. I have a whole long list. Not that I’ll actually get any of them for my birthday – I always have a list of things I want in case I run across them. Sometimes I even forget I want things – that’s why I make a list. Especially books – I always forget books I want.

    My kids have all asked “What do you want” – I always tell them “nothing”. Generally they get me gift certificates to Joann’s or Amazon – so that’s always nice. I still have a credit on my Amazon gift certificate from Mother’s Day. (Because I forgot the books I wanted – that’s why I keep a list now.)

    E-mail me you address, I have a little something for your sewing room.

    Oooohhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Surprises. I love surprises.


  8. Gail said

    WOW alomost done and Oh Boy an ORIGINAL, a true damned one of a kind! 🙂 Wooo Hooooo! Just so you know, I really appreciate it, so much! Thanks Kim!

    Books, oh I love books too! I also have to make a list or I forget, then sometimes I lose the list, lol. I just ordered Philippa Gregory’s new book the ‘The Other Queen’!! Some posters on PG’s web-site are not giving it good reviews, but I have to have it and decide for myself. Another one who had her head cut off! I’ve kinda lost track of how many of the wives of Henry VIII had their heads cut off!!!! <O- )–<

  9. Kim (Canada) said

    Those “stupidity” clippings are definately always good for a laugh or two – Thanks for that!
    Another birthday coming up? WOW! Guess that means I’ve been frequenting this place for two years now… Time sure flies…
    Was thinking, parhaps you could post a pic of Val’s baby when she’s born – If Val doesn’t mind of course! Maybe you could actually pose her in one or two, or ALL of the outfits you’ve created for her – I’m sure that’d be a sweet treat…
    Anyways was wondering if you heard about Dominick Dunne’s medical issues and his collapse of sorts at the courts? Kinda scary shit!I’ve included the link –

    Thanks again for chuckles!

    Fonzie :`)

  10. Gail said

    Kim (Canada) thank you for the link about D Dunne, what a shame. I had no idea he was suffering from cancer. Very Sad. Life sure can dish out the ugly sometimes. I have always had a great admiration for D Dunne and have enjoyed reading all of his books. Recently, I gave a lot of books to the library, but his books are keepers forever. Grrr OJ isn’t worth D Dunne risking his health, so I’m glad to hear he is leaving Vegas.

    I heard a lady was ushered from court, but I missed the reason, ahh a kiss for D Dunne!

    Prayers and well wishes for Dominick Dunne!

    Thanks Kim from Canada 🙂

  11. Anonymous said

    I almost missed the part about the bear being armed because I was focusing on the headline that read: “…cked By A Big Bear” I imagine that WOULD make headlines (unless you live in San Francisco, in which case it’s $20, same as downtown 😉

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