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The Scene of the Crime

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 14, 2008


OK – I went and got some footage of the “Scene of the Crime”.

Let me know what you think – this is the first time I’ve shot video outside.


25 Responses to “The Scene of the Crime”

  1. Val Dalton said

    Oh wow, you need to take out some life insurance on him. Hopefully the insurance people dont watch You Tube, because they’ll find out the does dangerous stuff like that and won’t insure him. Glad he is getting around ok, and that he wasn’t crazy enough to listen to you and get back in there haha.

  2. Gail in NC said

    WOW! Paul’s Guardian Angel is running around with his tongue hanging out and panting as fast as he can! Paul is very lucky!

  3. luvgabe said

    Wow! Seeing the stacks of debris certainly makes very vivid how very very lucky–blessed–Paul is. And there he is, walking around (& smoking?) with nary a thing wrong with him.

    Gail in NC is right. Paul’s guardian angel was working over time 🙂

  4. Chrissycat said

    Did you ever see that movie with Bruce Willis? I think it is called Unbreakable.
    Rent the DVD, pop some popcorn, (or whip up a batch of custard) and watch that one.
    Paul and the main character have a LOT in common.

    I’m so glad he’s doing so well.
    Thanks for the footage!

  5. Veronique said

    Whoa, it’s like the Blair Witch Project, only in Malone, NY instead of Brunswick, MD, and only with Paul instead of dippy college students, and only the camera work isn’t all shaky. And also nobody dies in your video. And nobody says, “FUCK!” a million times. But aside from that, it’s dead-on.


  6. Sprocket said

    Thanks for sharing Kim. Very thankful that Paul is okay.

  7. NJGill said

    Why don’t you scan in the Edna Hill Awards and put them under Awards & Honors?


    The house debris looks scary and makes me kind of sick to my stomach, too.

    Paul’s ucky he doesn’t have a “fat ass” – how does he stsy so skinny if he eats so much? – or else he’d have been wedged under there for good.

  8. AtwoodLady said

    Thank you for the video, Kim.

    It is so good to see Paul on the move and recovering.

  9. Sandy said

    I can’t believe he made it out alive with this. No wonder all are surprised he is, much less nothing broken. He is one lucky guy. Reminds me of Saving Grace, imagining her angel sitting right there watching him do his thing. Then saying “Knew that would happen”. I want Saving Grace’s angel hanging around me too.

    So, you won’t put up a video of you, but Paul is here for all to see. Who in Malone doesn’t recognize Paul and knows he belongs to you? Especially after this last deal. Just a thought.

    Keep him close and hope he is mending, taking care of himself. He looked good, but still concerned about the after affects of all.

  10. Sandy said

    Forgot. Your video is great, you do well. No shaking and great shots telling the story. Ready for more when you are up to it. Paul’s a good guy doing this for all of us to see. Although my guess is he is still on meds and anything goes or he doesn’t even remember doing the video.

  11. Gail said

    O my word, how horrible seeing that roof! Flatten like a pancake! He must have thought he was a goner for sure. Kim, you and Paul have a lot to be grateful for, for sure! I am so happy to see him getting around as well as he is. It is a miracle he wasn’t hurt worse than he was. Paul is one lucky duck! Thanks for sharing, and hey you did great taking the video!

  12. Cathy said

    Talk about charmed! Right now Paul should be playing the lottery or at a casino somewhere, because he truly has some serious luck on his side! He’s moving pretty well for a dude who had a house on him a few days ago!

    (I will confess to my blondness. I’d left another window open that was showing some sort of National Geographic clip, and when the National Geographic theme came on, I thought “how clever of Kim to use the National Geographic theme for her video!”)

  13. luvgabe said

    Spector asks to delay retrial while he challenges case as double jeopardy

    Linda Deutsch, Associated Press
    Friday, August 15, 2008

  14. Tim in L.A. said

    I’m amazed (and glad) that your husband is okay!

  15. Tess said

    Amazing that Paul made it out. Thank god.
    How about pictures of the barn with the interesting residents.
    I am guessing that there is no news about ZL, what is going on with her house?
    I hope that Spector 2 is not delayed further. I think the latest court fiasco is just more of the same and I am hoping Fidler just moves forward with a firm trial date.

    Again, its wonderful that Paul is ok.

    PS. Paul you need to quit smoking…bad for your health and Kims. (sorry, just my 2 cents worth)

  16. HT said

    A miracle, no less, the ole boy is alive and walking………oh no, not smoking too.

    Good job on the video. You have a steady hand and voice.

    Are you going to video Val giving birth?


  17. Caroline said

    Glad to see he’s wearing “Safety Orange”….

  18. Randee said

    Coming into this a little late. Very glad Paul is OK and you’re maintaining your (fabulously twisted) sense of humor over it!

  19. Charlie Pearce said

    I may have my wires crossed, but is that Leslie’s new boyfriend?

  20. Malone Leslie said

    Charlie- Paul is happily married to Kim and I am happily alone. You definitely have your wires crossed. I thought Kim explained what happened pretty thoroughly.

  21. Hank said

    I think you have a nice voice.

  22. Mary Beth said

    I agree with Hank.

  23. Charlie Pearce said

    I feel incredibly stupid now. I only watched the first minute or so – I first assumed the person with the Paul-like beard was Paul, but when he started talking in a strangely high-pitched voice about how “this is where the porch fell on Paul” and “poor Paul” I went back two posts to try and figure out who else it might be. When I read about “…his buddy Junior (the one that wanted to hook up with Leslie and fanned the flames of love when he tried to fix her car)” I jumped to an absurdly wrong conclusion.

    Watching the video again – in full – it was stupidly obvious that the narrator was behind the camera, but in my defence the quality of Paul’s beard is far better than that of the video, and he does flex his muscles perfectly in sync with the “Super Paul!” comment…

  24. Malone Leslie said


  25. Gail said

    Kim, I keep checking in to see how Superman is coming along in his recovery. Is there an update to his follow-up doc appmt? Also how are you doing, has the shock worn off yet? When things happen here, my Sm is always as cool as a cucumber and I am left a nervous wreck LOL! Hope all is well with both of you!

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