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Catching Up with Stupidity in the news

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 13, 2008


Sp Paul is doing MUCH better – he actually got up, walked around and we took a walk down the street today to the “scene of the accident”. Which was QUITE scary. The area that Paul had to be contorted into to fit in would seem, to the causal observer, to not even be big enough for Milo to fit in. Un-freaking-real.

I have learned something though, from all of this. The groceries last much longer when Paul can’t get downstairs to get into them.

I was going to take some film footage of the scene of the accident, but it was raining (AGAIN). I still might go back up there tomorrow and take some footage, just so you all can see it. what do you think? Wanna see it? I asked Paul if he would be willing to crawl back in so I can kind of recreate it, but he wasn’t really keen on that idea. I think his exact words were “Fuck you.”

So, I have a bunch of stupidity in the news things piling up here – I haven’t posted any in a while, and in an effort to clear out my inbox somewhat, let’s take a look at some. Just so we know that having a house fall on you isn’t the *stupidest* thing that can happen.

Did Gandhi drink? Did he even eat?


That ought to spice things up!


I guess I’m out. Unless they are only looking for graves of your dead patients.


Well you KNOW that fucking clinches it.


Ok, seriously, who wants to date this fucking nutjob? I don’t know which is more disturbing – that he chases squirrels, that he names them or that he “loves his mommy”.


Way to go ladies!


Want ham? Get the bologna salad.


Now what were the auctions like in the past – that they had to put in this kind of disclaimer?


If you build a moose club, they will come…..


I knew my sheep slaughtering skills would come in handy.


God, I REALLY want to know how many people made it with the cement.


I wonder if you have to actually show them your ass to get the right color?


That’s a deal, that is.


Well thank God he had that fucking ladder!


and my favorite, just because I think it’s fucking funny. Who knew felons were so well versed in logic?




6 Responses to “Catching Up with Stupidity in the news”

  1. Gail said

    Hey Mornin! So relieved to hear Sm is doing OK! He sure was one lucky duck by the sounds of it. A Superman for sure! You mean he doesn’t have you running up and down the stairs for food? Maybe the pain pills have numbed his appetite eh? I think that happens. Watch out when he recovers he will be flying into the fridge.

  2. luvgabe said

    Much relieved that Paul is doing better. Just make sure he doesn’t go back to work too soon. And, yes, we’d love to see your video of the “crime”-site!

    About the personal ad, what disturbs me most is that he says he only “occasionally” enjoys chasing squirrels & giving them cute fuzzy names. So, what does he do on those *other* occasions?

    Thanks for the laughs, Kim. The recipe one made me spit out my coffee. lol 🙂

  3. katbur said

    I was having kind of a cranky morning until I read these, THANKS!!!! I’m particularly interested in grabbing a cocktail at Ghandi’s, maybe I’ll invite the squirrel chaser. 🙂

  4. Niner said

    Thanks for those “in the News” stuff – my husband had a really GOOD laugh with these!!

    Hope you are feeling good, Kim!

    Loved the video back to the “crime-scene”!!!

    Take care!

  5. HT said

    These were some of the best so far. It’s still hard for me to believe this shit gets in print.


  6. Caroline said

    Tell Paul that the way you make money with Alpacas is by developing good breeding stock. Breeding for what -I don’t know. Several years ago I was stuck on a SF to Chicago flight next to some Alpaca person who proceded to tell me more than I EVER wanted to know about these animals. I zoned out over Denver…

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