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Trip to the Fair

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 6, 2008


So I went to pick up my award yesterday at the fair. The SECOND Edna Hill “Most Beautiful Knitted Layette” I’ve won in as many years.  Woo Hoo.

I asked the lady at the fair how many years in a row I could win this thing before they kicked my ass out of the competition altogether – and she said there were no limitations on how many years I could win it. So let the knitting for next year begin!

In addition to the Edna Hill award, the red set also won a blue ribbon, as did the booties and the pink sweater – so there’s some encouragement. Plus I entered another, adult sweater, and that also won a blue ribbon. As soon as I “present” the recipient of the adult sweater with the sweater, I’ll post a picture of it.

But, here’s a picture of the red set on the “Edna Hill Award for 2008” table. Some of the other Edna Hill award winners are visible, as well. Some nice stuff, too.



Here are the booties – surrounded by other fair entries.


Here is the pink sweater:

Oh – and here is my certificate. I have to get it framed and hang it next to LAST year’s certificate!


And while I was at the fair waiting for the ceremonies to begin, I snapped some pictures of the quilts. God, the quilts are GORGEOUS. I don’t know who made the ones I took pictures of, but they are uber-talented people. I can’t believe the level of talent these people have.


Look at this “crazy quilt”. To die for, I swear.

One of my favorites:



LOVE the purple one here



Love the pieced quilt on the left.


I need to get better at quilting. I always get so inspired when I see these quilts at the fair. But as much as I love to quilt, I am nowhere near the level these people are at.

I’ll stick with knitting, for now.


20 Responses to “Trip to the Fair”

  1. Randee said

    Congrats on the win! I love love love the booties, seriously.

    I want to get into quilting, actually, but I’ve been hesitating because you have to get a sewing machine. I know, that’s lame, but that’s what’s held me up. I didn’t want to invest and then learn I hated it….

  2. HT said

    Kim, really enjoyed all the pictures. I was hoping to see one of you though. It’s just too weird to keep writing emails to someone and not know what they look like. I think all of us should post our pics so we have a visual image. I look a lot like Paris Hilton….. Speaking of which, did you see her video response to John McCain……..priceless.


  3. Greg Smith said

    Randee: Why don’t you try handquilting something you could use in the center of a table. Something that’s small — like 18″x18″. You wouldn’t need a sewing machine and it’s a way to see if you really would enjoy the craft.

  4. Sandy said

    Thanks bunches for sharing. Maybe it is difficult to judge by pics, but I just don’t see anything that matches your talent.

    And, Randee, I agree. Try a small quilt, perhaps just one pattern square. Or make a table runner, place mat, ect. Run a search online for quilt patterns and find one that appeals to you. There are many with instructions. Then hand sew it. You wouldn’t even have to buy material, just use some old clothes, men’s ties or ribbons hanging around and not needed.

  5. Gail said

    Congrats, again there Kim! WOW!

    on the

    TA DA

    The ‘Most Beautiful Knitted Layette’!!!!!!

    WOW O WOW! I love the way it was described! We all kmow it is too!

    The Crazy Quilt IS beautiful! Love it! I use to have one, it was made out of neckties, then I lent it to my aunt, and have no idea what ever happened to it. Hmmm…. Lots of other nice items there too!

    Randee, take a ride around town when people are putting out their trash, as my oldest daughter found a sewing machine on the curb, it was almost new and not a thing wrong with it. In fact, she was doing some sewing today for a friend, and her expert sewing friend was there, and she said, the machine was a better one than she had.

    Kudos to you again Kim! You did a magnificient presentation in your items for the fair! 🙂

  6. Kay said

    Congratulations Kim on winning many Awards at the fair. Your work certainly deserved the blue first place ribbons and the Edna Hill Award. Woo woo….you are a celebrity! Thanks for posting the information and the photos. Great rewards for all of your hard work.

  7. Val Dalton said

    So I broke down and went to the fair last night. I got to see your stuff, its great!! I can’t wait to put Anna in it! There were lots of nice things people made, but yours were the best for sure!

  8. So I broke down and went to the fair last night. I got to see your stuff, its great!! I can’t wait to put Anna in it! There were lots of nice things people made, but yours were the best for sure!

    Did you bring the baby? Did you take pictures – make sure and send me them – I LOVE your pictures!

    Glad you saw my things. Is the red sweater set still on that table with the “Edna Hill” winners? I didn’t know if they just put that table out for the ceremony, or if they kept everything there.

    Is the color just as pretty in person as it is in my pictures? I didn’t know if I “captured” the color well. I think it’s more vibrant and “deep” in person.

    Did you see all the gorgeous quilts? I know you probably aren’t into that as much as I am, but I swear, I could spend all day in that building just looking at the quilts. So beautiful.


  9. Val Dalton said

    Yes we brought Luke and I pointed to the outfit and said “look thats what Anna will be wearing soon”, I’m not sure he understood what i was talking about.

    They did still have the Edna Hill table, thats how i found it so quickly. It’s even prettier in person than in the pics. Scott loved it too!

    YES I LOVED THE QUILTS!! Every year we go to waddington and lisbon’s homecoming and I always make it a point to go to the quilt shows. Some of them are even for sale, and I’m always tempted to buy one but then i figure they are too pretty to use, so what am i going to do with a quilt that i’m not going to use? lol

  10. HT said

    DEar Kim,

    I thought of you today. I sewed a button on a pair of shorts. I don’t know if it was the actual button that came off the shorts but it worked.


  11. Cathy said

    Kim did you check out the knitted afghans so you can go for the Edna Hill Award in that category? What did the judges like so you can start collecting the yarns?

    It is so sad that county fairs are going by the wayside … the one in my hometown used to be such a big deal, but I haven’t attended in over 15 years. With gang problems and there being not much there, why bother? I stopped entering cross stitch because I kept being beat by small kits of 14 count aida cloth that were framed & matted all fancy once they were stitched up. The judges failed to see the dropped stitches … I worked nearly exclusively on linen. Always a challenge!

    The fair is something Malone (& the county you all are in) does right! Congrats again!

  12. AtwoodLady said

    Congratulations, again, Kim!!!!!

    It was nice to see your work and blue ribbons on top of them.

    Your layette is so beautiful and the Baby “Uggs” are absolutely adorable…..they had to bring a smile to those who saw them. I mean who would have ever thought to knit Baby “Uggs” but you!!

  13. Chris said

    Congratulations, Kim! It must feel great to have your work appreciated and recognized like that.

    Of course, your faithful readers have appreciated since we found your blog.

  14. anygirl said

    Applause….wow…nice stuff there for sure…Ohio has a great fair and the homemade stuff is really inspiring.

    so, when you win this best in show award for what……ten years in a row …will they name it the KIM…award?

    seems only right…LOL

  15. luvgabe said

    Congratulations, Kim!! That the judges recognized your humongous talent is most encouraging. There’s some hope for us wretched humanity! 🙂

  16. your bro said

    great job sis. you’ve always been very creative anyways. i’ve had the pleasure of growing up with you and seeing your many talents. my favorite, your sense of humor. it’s all in the timing right? anyways, all your items were very beautiful. congrats and keep up the great work. love ya!

  17. Kim (Canada) said

    Congats Kim!
    I figured you for the “ribbons” way back when you first gave us a glimpse of the booties!
    Again, nice work – You deserve the praise and recognition!

    Fonzie :`)

  18. tess said

    clap clap clap clap, whistle, foot stomp….Its so hard to impart congratulations with just chat….Anyway..kudos, my dear. There was never a doubt among your many, knowing fans.
    You deserve it!

  19. A.D.A. said

    yay! YAY!!!!!!

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    Paris Hilton, HT?
    Too much!
    I so, for sure, had you pegged for a “brunette” somehow…?
    So anyways, you go first – post your pic, and we’ll try to get a few “mugs” up here.
    I’m sure I can dig up one of mine in the meantime, and if we’re really lucky maybe we can get Kim to share a pic with us also.
    I think we tried something similar way back when she was all video happy with her new digital. Got lots of shots of ZL and Paul, but all we got of Kim was her voice –
    Maybe this is the way to actually finally get a “visual”…LOL!

    Fonzie :`)

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