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Ready for the Fair!

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 30, 2008


Not much news from the doctor. Went yesterday – he didn’t say much. Told me I had high blood pressure. Put me on yet ANOTHER prescription, which I haven’t even filled yet, and he’s making me an appointment for the cardiology unit at the hospital. “Might involve an overnight stay” is the way he put it. Yeah, might not, too. I’m supposed to call his appointment desk on Friday.

Tomorrow I have to bring all my items to the fair – they have to be tagged and bagged and ready to show. I’m excited about it all. I made some little moccasin booties for the “Baby Booties – Knitted” category. They came out kind of cute!


Then I got so caught up in the whole “gotta have a sweater – just a plain sweater” thing, and I knew for a fact, Jack, there was no WAY I was going to complete Gail’s “Devan” sweater for the fair – that thing is knit with fingering yarn on size 2 needles – it is SLOOOOOWWWW going, so I decided to start another sweater and have it done in 3 days so I could enter it. I actually got it done, too, with one day to spare! I don’t know who this sweater is for – probably Val’s baby, unless someone here has a girl who is about a size 6 months or so. It’s made of Classic Elite Yarns Provence – which is a cotton yarn, so it’s a nice light Spring sweater.

This is really rather cute – nice color, and a very fast knit (obviously, since I finished it in 2 days.) The detailing is very nice on the front, with a lace pattern of leaves.


So, with the red set, the mocs, the lace leafy pattern sweater and the sleeper sacque, that’s what I’m bringing to the fair tomorrow. I wish I had more time to do more things.

Next year.

So? What else is new??

You know what case is sucking me in and getting me involved? That stupid fucking mother out of Florida that you KNOW killed her little girl. That Casey Anthony bitch. OK, raise your hand if you think “the babysitter” has the kid and took off with it. What? No hands? Yeah, I thought so. And I haven’t seen it reported anywhere (which is odd, I thought the news would be all over it), but the Sheriff’s office released a theft report that Casey Anthony’s father made like 2 weeks after the kid went missing (not after the kid was *reported* missing, but after the kid went missing from the fucked up timeline that Casey Anthony gave to the police), that someone BROKE INTO the father’s shed and stole $50 worth of gasoline. Now, call me cynical, but why in the hell would someone break into this particular guy’s shed and steal gasoline right after the kid goes missing? I think it’s curious.

And somebody needs to shut that fucking grandmother up. She puts her damned foot in her mouth every time she fucking runs it. If I was Casey Anthony’s lawyer I’d have her mother on fucking lockdown somewhere. “The car smelled like something died in it!!!” Yeah, thanks for that, lady.

I doubt that this poor little girl’s body will ever be found, and I doubt that this mother will ever confess to anything, so I think poor little Caylee will be forgotten in the long run. Too bad. This is why I wish we had laws against being fucking ignorant – then we could at the very least arrest the mother, the grandmother *and* the grandfather. How this 2 year old was missing for a month without anyone calling the authorities is ignorance worthy of execution. Or, at the very least, evidence that SOMEONE didn’t want anyone to know she was gone.

But, unfortunately there will never be a trial of this mother, so we’ll just have to look forward to Spector in September, and the refresher course we’ll get here on the blog starting August 1. Is everyone up to a refresher course?






19 Responses to “Ready for the Fair!”

  1. Suzanne said

    Nah, the case against Casey will be open and shut once the dna tests on the car ‘stain’ is complete. Casey will be convicted of murdering poor little Caylee, with or without a body. By the way, did you see the newest pictures of Casey partying with her boyfriend at a club on June 20th? Yeah, she was really pursuing leads on her kidnapped daughter that night.

  2. mclayton said

    Kim, why no trial ever for this one? If test indicate there was a dead body in the trunk of the car, can’t the DA go to trial on the evidence without a body? I have been watching and reading everything availabe on this one. One thing I have not seen anyone mention is that during the bond hearing the GM looked straight at Casey and said very carefully, “My daughther has done nothing wrong, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that she has done anything wrong.” I think she was telling her daughter to keep her mouth shut. I have watched the hearing again and that just really jumps out—I think she knows exactly what happened–please respond as to your thoughts as to why no trial—I am looking forward to your updates on Spector. Any news on Natasha?

  3. Missy said

    Yes, yes…ready for the Spector refresher course! Bring it on, as only you can!

    I’ve been following the Caylee case, too. Bizarre and frustrating on so many levels. Casey knows exactly what happened, and I’m sick of her lies and sick of Grandma trying to make all of us believe them.

    The gas cans have been mentioned the past few days. Doesn’t bode well for little Caylee, does it? I can’t believe the grandparents didn’t tell LE about that immediately. Well, I guess I can. Sadly.

    Hey girl, you be sure to keep that appt for the hospital testing! If they need you to stay overnight, just do it. You’re in far better hands this time and you need to do whatever it takes to get this figured out, once and for all, so you can get proper treatment and feel better!

  4. A.D.A. said

    Good luck at the Fair! I hope your beautiful things win all the prizes!
    I am SO ready for your Spector coverage…YAY!

  5. A.D.A. said

    p.s. Please go to the cardiology appointment, Kim.

  6. your bro said

    i was glad to see you comment on the caylee case. i was thinking the same thing about the granmother. the first time she spoke out on the today show i remember matt lauer saying “speaking out today relunctly because they wouldn’t normally do this”, it seemed like everyday she was on tv. relunctly? what does she, have a camera crew taped to her ass? can’t seem to get emough i guess. did you notice too how when casey’s lawyer would be on with her, as it seemed they would always be on whatever show together, he would always have this look like he wanted to tell this bitch to just shut the f’up? hope there is a court case for this one to follow too. love ya, your bro

  7. Katprint said

    Re what Mclayton said: Hans Reiser was recently convicted of First Degree Murder for killing his ex-wife despite law enforcement not being able to find the body. His explanation for his wife’s disappearance – that she abandoned her kids, her ID, credit cards and thousands in cash, her car (parked 1 mile from Hans’ house), her passport and all other belongings and secretly snuck away to Russia – was approximately as lame as the Casey Anthony’s “Babysitter” story. Also, like Casey Anthony, Hans was the last known person to see her alive. Despite the usual bloggers insisting that he was wrongfully convicted due to his extremely unpleasant personality, he led the police to her body a couple weeks ago as part of a deal to reduce his conviction from First Degree Murder to Second Degree Murder.

    The $50 worth of gas = about 10-15 gallons of gas so maybe 2 or 3 five-gallon gas cans? Who knew GF had those stored in his shed? What normal thief would steal mystery gas stored in some stranger’s shed to use in their car? We are never going to see that little girl again, unless Casey Anthony gives up her body as part of a plea agreement. So sad.

  8. Beth said

    Bring on the refresher course.

    My theory on this whole case is Casey went shopping with mom’s credit cards to the tune of $45,000. Meanwhile, Caylee is left in the car for HOURS, and what do you know, she’s passed away from the heat! This is why the cadaver dogs were attracted to the car. She puts the poor baby in the trunk and tries to figure out what to do!

    Her car ran out of gas,this is why she abandoned it. I would do a $50 worth of gas radius search (from where the car was abandoned) which might be a 50 +/- mile radius and back and start checking out if she used mom’s credit cards getting a soda or something for herself. We know she did not buy gas!

    What about the boyfriend, why won’t they let her talk to him? They may find out ALOT since she cannot keep her mouth shut after being advised by her brother that they are taping their conversations.

    This girl is not right. Poor Caylee.

  9. luvgabe said


    We’re proud of you for keeping your appointment with the doc! From your report, he doesn’t seem to be particularly alarmed by your condition, or he would have insisted you take the cardiac test immediately.
    Despite the excitement with the Fair, I hope you will call cardiology on Friday to schedule an appointment.

    Good luck at the fair! Although I know you won’t need it 🙂

  10. Missy said

    Okay, I’m bringing this over from a prior comments section. I posted it this morning, but I’m afraid with the new blog entry today, Kim will miss the link — and, Kim, you HAVE to see it! 😀


    Missy Says:
    July 30, 2008 at 8:46 am

    Check out this cake from the link NJGill posted earlier:

    Come on now, fess up…YOU ordered that cake, didn’t you? 😉


    Heck, Kim…you could open a bakery selling only that cake, and you and Paul would be on easy street in no time! But for the sake of variety, maybe offer a couple more:

    “Congrats On Your Maternity Prom!” and “Congrats On Your Beer Gut!” (so that no one feels left out).

    Personally, I think a “Get Out Of My Barn, Fuckers!” cake would be nifty — assuming barn-squatters can read. If not, you could include a small explosive device with lots of nails in the layers.

    I wanna see what everyone else can come up with since I’m not very creative. Get busy, Kim…your fortune awaits you!

  11. anygirl said

    Kim of the magic fingers and hands you will be the big winner…just know it.

    The Anthony Family should be arrested..if I could I would perform a citizen’s arrest…really. I am with Beth, shop till she almost dropped and found the baby dead in the car…after that it was all cover up..evil, evil woman.

    Go to the next appointment and stay the night in the hospital, tell us what you want and we will have it sent to you, flowers, partially nude male dancers..just name it but do go …please!

    Ready for PS2..oh yeah!!

  12. Caroline said

    Those booties are so cute!! They look like UGGS for a baby Jean Harlow.

    I had to pass on this current baby murder media whore extravaganza. My mom had it on one evening..Nancy Grace of course, I had to fight down the wave of nausea that suddenly swept over me. Too many fucked-up, drugged-up, dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers “breeders” (I cannot bring myself to call them mothers) having babies. They will charge her-it’s an election year remember?

    Spector- bring it on!! Fire us up Kim, here is a big (actually very small) piece of shit everyone can agree on!! i wonder if Rachelle is still in the picture? This is reason enough for you to follow your new doctor’s orders!

  13. Tess said

    I am totally ready for the Spector thing. I thought I knew everything about that trial, but due to my age, it will be all brand new again.
    The new booties are great. I will be waiting to hear what the judges at this fair think.
    If you need cardiac work-up, just do it. It will give the doc’s the ability to treat you so you can feel better than you do now.
    You need all your energy for knitting, and spector, it will be a busy time.
    Good Luck!!

  14. Cathy said

    Sprocket’s blog says Spector II probably won’t start until November; “opening day” got moved back and apparently they are screening the jury pool like last time. So ya got time to get health!

    (P.S. An LA Times blogger noted that Harvey was wearing an “Obama rocks” button at his most recent court appearance.)

    Go to the damned cardiologist’s appointment and don’t let ’em tell you it’s acid reflux disease!

    This whole Caylee things sounds like Trenton Duckett 2.0, except Nancy Grace has not yet made “poor” Casey cry and then go blow her brains out like Melinda Duckett did.

    The booties are adorable, and the sweater took only two days? Good Lord girl what’s in your wrists and fingers? Good luck, I know you will come home with ribbons!

  15. Kim (Canaada) said

    I say “most definately” to the re-fresher… Looking forward to it actually!

    As far as your “Fair entries”… Well – Where I’m concerned, you’ve won 1st place ribbons for each and every one of them already!

    And now, I must go – Got some serious catching up to do on the “Casey Anthony Bitch” case!

    Fonzie :`)

  16. JayDee said

    Okay, here’s the deal:

    I promise to read the refresher if you promise to fill the damn prescription and start sucking them down. Deal?

  17. your bro said

    latest update on the casey anthony case. captions to go along with pictures now in circulation of casey partying with friends.
    “hey bartendar! give me another captain and coke. and if you see this little girl, grab her cause she’s paying for all these drinks. no, no no i’m just kidding. if you see her send her over to me cause i’m REALLY worried. Do these jeans make my ass look worried about my kid missing?”

  18. Niner said

    Soooo… what’s the GOOD news on the Fair?? Show us your ribbons!! I KNOW that you HAD to win…!!!

    Love ALL the stuff that you entered, Kim!! Beautiful!!

    and YES!! on the Spector refresher!!

    I too am starting to read up on the Caylee Anthony case…

    Check in soon, Kim!! We want to see your blue ribbons!!

  19. Cathy said

    I am a Grandma also & it really kills me to say this,
    I’ve fought with it for awhile but its caylee that’s the most important to me and now I realize nobody on this earth can be that dumb,let alone a retired homicide detective and an RN,But we’ve listened from day 1 as the Anthony’s 1×1 botched this entire investigation,spoke in code,didn’t speak at all,lied about evidence,washed evidence, mad at the police because they learned of it 31 days after the fact,which they’re still doing all they can but with a pack of liars & family botching it from day one,I can see how they probably didn’t know she was missing,hell,if they paid as much attention to Caylee as they are now.good grief.They’re fading her memory because they only want Casey,!!!
    Disputing everything,my lord they’re not magicians & heck we as ordinary people have done more than that little selfish brat they raised but she could offer all the answers and help they need but Cindy ,lee and George believes every thing she says when they’re the ones who told us she is a liar. We didn’t know that!! Which that bugs me too about the day the story broke,its all over the TV that a 2 yr.old is missing but family & friends say the mom is a habitual liar?? And here they are now mad because we don’t believe casey!!!!!!!!!! They hid the fact gas was stolen and forgot to mention it was recovered,and forgot to mention Caylee was missing when they reported it stolen,I really do think now that they are crazy and its an insult to Caylee for them to expect us to believe it to,if Casey says now they helped in any way or knew of it how the heck can we believe otherwise? And this girl cares for no one & everyday I look for that to happen,id bet then they’d have no trouble taking a lie detector test.
    Now here is my theory and I pray I’m wrong but I won’t be,they have been collecting donations to help with t-shirts flyers and that’s fine,I don’t blame them but also to get “Casey? Out of jail,I hear they only like 50k and probably less today to get her out while the lost child org. Is offering a 250.000.oo reward for Caylee,ok but instead of adding that to the reward for caylee’s return which would help Caylee……. They want Casey out?? Nobody is that dumb,if you notice every time the news has new info about the DNA & all,they immediately start saying,shes out there,I know she is,we are watching them?? WHY?? Because people if they admit Caylee’s not with us anymore the money will stop because no one cares frankly to help casey,and they’ve caught on,otherwise what other excuse IS THERE???They’re playing with this child’s murder for M-O-N-E-Y! But yet somewhere there are loving moms and grandparents who really want the truth of where their child is but cindy and george are sucking it for all they can,they should be in jail for obstruction,im sure everybody is as sick of it as i am,the pity party needs to stop,at 1st i had a little for them,now hell no they dont deserve it!!!!!!!!
    And if you look at their public files from oh & fl you’ll see what they’ve had & lost and Cindy filed bankruptcy in May..not long before Caylee was gone!! Something’s not right here people and you can’t tell me they don’t know shes not with us,THEY DO KNOW IT!
    But it would be hard to suck money if they admit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Theres no other excuse whatsoever,look at them now,they look away when they talk to ya!! Because they know its a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!! But they’ve got to have Casey out so she can help!
    You tell me who they’re looking for the most??A Bigger reward for Caylee or bond for casey ALL THE WHILE,KEEP IN MIND THAT if caylee shows up why do they need bond money??
    Cindy and George both give grandparents a bad name!! That’s my opinion!! And ill always have it!!

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