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How Much Does a Pound of Yarn Weigh?

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 23, 2008


The three piece layette finally has three pieces!! Yeah!!

The booties took longer than expected, mostly because I was trying to clean up the sewing room in the middle of knitting. My yarn is all over the place and I have no room to store it all, so I was trying to get some semblance of “order” to it all. It’s not working.

But adding to the chaos is the little “find” Paul’s mother had. She went to some rummage sale at some nursing or rehab facility in Michigan and found something for me. She called and said “Oh, I just wanted to tell you – I sent you some stuff…” She had taken it to UPS and they told her the total weight of all the boxes she had brought was 50 pounds. FIFTY POUNDS. So when she called I said “What did you find? What are you sending?” And she said “yarn.”

FIFTY POUNDS OF YARN!!! That’s a LOT of yarn. She decided she couldn’t pay to send it all at once, so she’s sending a few at a time, and I got the first one Monday. Holy shit. So much yarn. When I looked at the weight of this box and the amount of yarn that was in it, I realized “Holy fuck – I better make some room.” There was a LOT of yarn in this box and it only weighed like 9 pounds. If I get 6 boxes with this much yarn, well….Paul’s head is going to fucking explode. But damn, I wish we had rummage sales like that around here. If I ever found 50 pounds of yarn, I’d think I had died and went to heaven. Oh, and Paul’s mom paid $5.00 for the whole lot of yarn. Good God.

Oh – but the booties for the 2 piece layette set are done. How do you like them??

I Love ’em. SO cute. And they look good with the set.

So, I know if you guys were the judges, I’d totally win. Let’s hope the real judges find the set as wonderful as you do. At this point, I really don’t care. I think the layette is so awesome, it’s already a winner. Of course, I could be biased. And mostly biased towards the wonderful Baby Ull yarn. I just cherish this stuff so much, not only because it’s great yarn, but because my special friend gave it to me.

But, now that the layette is done, it’s on to other things – and I’ve started the Devan sweater for Gail! I’m using the DGB confetti yarn as called for in the pattern (unusual, I never use the yarn called for in the pattern). The DGB confetti is a self striping sock yarn, which means when you knit with it, it makes it’s own stripes. I only started the sweater last night, so I only have like 2 inches of the left front done, but this is what it looks like so far.

I like it – I like the self striping thing. The only thing I would do differently next time is I would put a garter stitch border on it rather than the stockingette stitch called for. The stockingette stitch curls, and even  though that’s what the sweater is supposed to do, I’m not sure yet if I like it. Maybe when more of it’s done.

And if Gail hates it, well, I can always keep it. (I hope she doesn’t hate it, though!)

So, now I just have to make the little suede booties sometimes this week, and sew up a sleeper sacque, and I have everything done for the fair! I figure this weekend I’ll work on that stuff, and keep on the Devan during the week. The needles are so small on the Devan and I’m working with fingering yarn, do I’ll enjoy the suede bulky yarn as a break.

Don’t forget – new Project Runway tonight! YEAH!



23 Responses to “How Much Does a Pound of Yarn Weigh?”

  1. Tess said

    All I can say is that if there was any doubt before (I don’t think there was), the booties are the berries…absolutely precious. I simply can’t imagine what anyone else could make that would trump this….I think you have successfully defended.

    Great Job.

    Did you go to the doctor? I don’t need to know the details, but it would be nice to know that you are under some competent care.

    Are you geared up for Spector2? You need stamina….go to the doctor.

    If you hear from ZL…please make that a news flash. I am guessing you don’t know anymore about her.

  2. I think you have successfully defended.

    Well good. It’s hard to judge your own work, and all I ever get out of Paul is a sideways glance and a grunt.

    Did you go to the doctor?

    On the 29th. I finally realized the reason I remembered the date of the appointment was because it’s the same day I have to have my stuff in to the fair. Busy day.

    Are you geared up for Spector2?

    Actually, yes I am. I’m glad I haven’t been watching Court TV (or TRU TV…or whatever the hell it is now), because I *AM* ready to get all wrapped up in a trial and devote scads of time to it. If I had been watching another trial or getting “involved”, I know when Spector II came along I’d be pretty burnt out on it. I needed the break.

    There is a local trial I’ve been keeping half an eye on – in Vermont, Christopher Williams. Not for the trial itself, but just because the guy is a wacko fucking maniac who kept having “outbursts” in the courtroom and shit – that’s always entertaining. He killed like 4 people last year in some kind of rampage.

    But mainly I’ve been staying away from trials and such. I do need a fresh perspective and a clear head for Spector II. I was thinking of devoting August to “recaps” of Spector I – just to refresh all of our memories and hash out some of the issues and controversies – see where we stand and what has to change in II to get a conviction this time. Maybe we can even bait soe of the Spector supporters to weigh in – you know, see why they believe what they believe – tehy are the ones to be convinced – not us.

    If you hear from ZL…please make that a news flash.

    I’m guessing she’s either dead, locked up in a mental facility or her son has divorced his wife and she’s living with him. I can’t imagine she’s still at the hostel. Although I saw the movie – so she could be dead.


  3. Kay said

    The booties are so cute and should impress the judges. Your two piece layout in the “Red” yard is the most beautiful set I have ever seen. My mom used to make layout sets for babies and they were very nice, but this red one is unique! Good Work Kim.

    I am looking forward to the next Spector trial….and even more….looking forward to your comments. You have a gift of bringing everything together. Thank you for sharing.

  4. luvgabe said


    The booties are just the cutest! I’m making a (safe) prediction that you’ll win the award at the fair. Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone even remotely approximating your excellence.

    So, ZL is gone. What about her house? Doesn’t Malone have city codes about abandoned houses?

    Good luck on your appointment with the doc on the 29th!

  5. The booties are just the cutest! I’m making a (safe) prediction that you’ll win the award at the fair.

    Thanks! We’ll see how it goes. I’m at the point now where I really don’t care if I win – I’m so happy with the set that it doesn’t even matter.

    Doesn’t Malone have city codes about abandoned houses?

    BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Well THAT would keep them busy, now wouldn’t it???

    No, you have to understand Malone. If you go down Main Street, and count off the buildings – here’s what you would say

    “abandoned, boarded up, abandoned, business, abandoned, abandoned, boarded up, for sale, business, abandoned, abandoned, abandoned….”

    And pretty much the same is true of any residential street, in most parts of town.

    Malone Leslie was even telling me about one building that the town is trying to take the guy to court because there are literally pieces of the building falling off and causing a hazard to passers by. And they have to like take him to COURT to make him make the building safe.

    I’m sure they aren’t worried in the least about an abandoned house on a dead end road in a quiet part of town that isn’t posing a health and safety hazard to anyone.

    There’s a BEAUTIFUL house (well, once it was beautiful) right next to Malone Leslie’s house that is literally falling in on itself. And it’s a shame because the houses on Leslie’s side of the street are GORGEOUS. Really old and well kept and “stately” looking. The abandoned and dilapitated one looks like a little gingerbread house with wonderful curlicue architecture and detailing. I wish I had been able to buy it 20 years ago when it was in its glory.

    But, no, Malone doesn’t give a rat’s ass if your building catches on fire and you leave the smoking shell of a house there. It just kind of fits in with the rest of the town.


  6. Veronique said

    Isn’t it a four-piece set? ‘Coz there are two booties…

    (It’s gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Whether three or four pieces.)


  7. A.D.A. said

    I’ve never seen booties that cute in my whole life! Little shoes and socks!

  8. Gail in NC said

    Those are the cutest booties I’ve ever seen! Your layette has to win!

  9. anygirl said

    Oh, those booties are the cat’s meow…:)

    When you win, and you will, show us your ribbons or trophys or an Orphan Annie Button(or a chest to pin it on..remember that old saying?)or whatever they give as an award for The Very Best entry. But you already have won with us like you said and the lucky owner of the fabulous set…good on the doctor appointment..wishing you luck.

    Good ideas for August as a Spector refresher upper..lots happened and we can only guess what lies ahead..

  10. Gail said

    I didn’t read all the post to you Kim, because I am so excited, I love love love it! You are terrific, and have such great taste in desiging, choosing yarn and the whole ball of wax! Love the sweater choice, it is also the Berries! 🙂

    I did read part of the first post, about the ‘Booties are the Berries’! The booties are adorable, I just love them! When I read the Booties are the Berries, it reminded me of something my father use to write in his letters to my Mom in 1943, during WWII. He frequently used the term ‘berries’, and it was new to me. I loved reading his using the term and I loved reading it again, kinda dejevu or something.

    He was aboard the Liscome Bay in the Pacific. The ship was torpedoed by the Japanese. The ship went down in 23 seconds, 600 of the 800 crew lost their lives, including my father. It was just recently I came to have his letters to my Mom, and the letters my Mom had written to him, which came back, undelivered. It is a very sad story. It was also very sad and heart wrenching to read all the letters. A book was written a few years ago about the Liscomb bay, “Twenty Three Seconds to Eternity”.

    The booties are the Berries, and so wonderful they will go to a new life soon to be born. Now I am all teary. WOW what a Layette Kim, the bootie clinch it for sure for a Blue Ribbon, Best of Show! TOPS!

    Kim Thanks for showing me the sweater yarn, sure looks fantastic!!!!! The little guy sweater, will be the ‘berries’ too! 🙂

  11. HT said

    Booties are the berries or did someone already write that?

    Did anyone ever find out what Diane Ogden died of? Was that her name? My memory is fuzzy. She was so damn cute.

    ZL – dead. I hope not. I so hoped I would meet her someday. Really, I did.


  12. QueBarbara said

    Re: the darling booties; gasp. Nay – double gasp. Dorothy Gale, eat your heart out.

  13. Anonymous said

    Ican’t imagine anyone in Malone could compete with your “Baby Berry” outfit. Actually, anyone from any place. You come up with the most adorable, creative and skilled projects. Don’t forget to show us that winning ribbon.

    Gail, wonderful memory story you shared. I am sure there is much more within your heart than a paragraph can tell.

    My options for watching Project Runway are limited to website photots. Am missing the interaction, sure cuts the fun out not hearing the whines and barbs. Keep us posted on your take.

    Gads, I don’t want to even consider ZL dead. And she became such a large part of so many caring about her. Really sad we don’t know anything for allowing reaching out to her.

    Thought of you yesterday. Driving through Oregon there was a rusty old truck with a long sign on the bed “Redneck Cafe Ahead”. The truck looked better than the cafe.

    Thanks for letting us know when your doc appt. is schedueled. We are a nosey bunch….in a good way.

  14. Sandy in Colorado said

    If this posts twice, apologies. Had one of those submit to cyberspace moments…maybe it will shorten my rambling.

    Your “Baby Berry” outfit is so good. There is no way anyone in Malone can compete with your skill, designs and creativity. Actually nowhere else. We’ll be seeing your ribbon posted here soon.

    Gail, your story was wonderful. I’m sure there is more from your heart than a paragraph shares.

    No Project Runway on the road. Trying to keep up on websites, but sure miss the whining and barbs. Keep us up on your take when time allows.

    ZL dead…don’t want to even think about it. There are so many here hoping to reach out to her. Sad we do not know what has happened.

    Thanks for letting us know about your doc appt….nosey bunch here, in a good way.

  15. Niner said

    Hey Kim! Hope all is going well with you! I just LOVE those red/white booties! Absolutely – you are going to win first prize!! I too want to see a pix of that blue ribbon!!

    Oh – don’t say ZL is dead, Kim… can’t you somehow find out for us??!!

    Good to hear you have your doctor’s appointment set up!!

    Oh – I wanted to mention if you get BRAVO – they have “Runway” 24 hours a day…

    Take Care!

  16. NJGill said

    these are kind of bizarre for entering in a fair, but if you have any of the red left-over (or got any from your mother-in-law), they sure are cute:

    No babies were harmed in production of this pattern.

  17. NJGill said

    for your “stupid” files:
    there’s a blog called Cake Wrecks – this was their first one:

  18. gaia said

    Hi, Sprockey turned me on to your site and I’m so glad she did. I start my day with your blog (when they’re a new post) and what a way to get me off on the right foot – laughing my ass off.

    Anyway, I used to knit when I was a child (God was THAT a long time ago!), so I love your stuff and am frankly jealous.

    I show all your unbelieveable stuff to my husband and he’s not the kind of guy to care much about that sort of thing, but he finds the things you design and make to be really amazing and beautiful.

    Those booties took the entire outfit OVER THE TOP, gal. I can’t believe you thought those up! Wish my silly daughter-in-law would hurry up and get pregnant, so I can be a grandma and at least try to knit something for the baby – LOL! She can’t try until after my son graduates from college in nine months. Sounds like HE’S the one having a baby! If you ever get low on yarn (HA!), I’ll send you tons, I promise. I’m rambling, but I JUST LOVE THOSE BOOTIES! Can’t get over them! Sure made my Sunday morning!


  19. your bro said

    thats is a shit load of yarn, and for 5 bucks at that? damn good deal. In other stuff. I thought of you the other day when i was watching the news. i’m pretty sure it was you that said once how you can’t stand those on the street interviews that the local news does all the time. you would have died laughing if you saw, actually maybe you did. They were talking about how much rain there’s been lately. Underneath each person they talked to they would have their name and some stupid quote like “prefers sun to rain”, or 1 guy they said “hopes it stops raining soon”. These are quality vermont breaking stories. right up there with what the cows did today in a field in vermont. you should do a page on how stupid this shit is. love ya, your bro

  20. NJGill said

    still looking for a use for all those zippers? check out this art shoe – the sculpture on teh right is made of zippers:

  21. AtwoodLady said

    Tim Gunn (Project Runway) was on Regis and Kelly this morning. He was so enjoyable to see. He is very witty!!!

  22. Kim (Canaada) said

    And so “IT” begins…

    Bring it on!

    Fonzie :`)

  23. Missy said

    Kim, you’ve outdone yourself — again! The set is just amazing, all the way around. Those have to be the cutest little booties I’ve ever seen. Is the heart a button or a charm? It’s the perfect finishing touch!

    Check out this cake from the link NJGill posted earlier:

    Come on now, fess up…YOU ordered that cake, didn’t you? 😉

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