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Defending the Title

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 18, 2008


So in my zeal to finish the fair projects, I completely overlooked the whole “application process”. I knew that items had to be at the fairgrounds ON the 29th of July. I had forgotten that applications had to be handed in TODAY. So guess what I’m doing today? Yup, going to the fairgrounds to turn in my application. Which also means I have to be realistic about what I can finish by the 29th and have entered.

But, one thing that will DEFINITELY be entered is the “3 piece layette”. I’m done the sweater and the bonnet! YEAH! I’m now finishing up the booties. I love and adore this sweater – I really do. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. If this doesn’t win “Most Beautiful Layette” I don’t even care. Because I think it’s stunning. The color is so awesome. I hope Val likes it – because this is going to her new baby girl, for sure. And only adding to the specialness of the sweater is that I used my most beloved Baby ULL yarn on it, that one of my special friends in here bought me for my birthday last year. This is 100% wool yarn, very soft and luxurious. But I would want nothing less for Val’s new baby. No ghetto knitting Red Heart scratchy acrylic for her!

But here is the sweater and the bonnet. What do you think? Is this a winner? Is it “Most Beautiful Knitted Layette?”


So – on the application I am entering “Three Piece Layette – Knitted” – “Infants sleepwear – Sewn” (this will be one of the sleeper sacques) – “Booties – Knitted” – This is going to be a pair of Baby Uggs, made with a suede yarn. And “Sweater – Knitted” – I think this will be the other sweater set I made – the variegated white and pastel one.

I wish I had time to make an Afghan – but I don’t think I do. Maybe I’ll make one, anyway, and just raffle it off in here for a Christmas present. I also wish I had time to make a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls – because I want to make a set of those for Val’s baby, too. I’ll make them for the baby – but it won’t be in time to enter them for the fair.

Next year I should start earlier, right? Remind me, would you?




25 Responses to “Defending the Title”

  1. Kay Dacy said

    ~ Trumpet Roll ~
    This beautiful three piece layette is a world class work of art! You should win the highest award for the craftsmanship. Good luck on getting your other projects ready for the fair.

  2. luvgabe said

    Wow!!! The 3-piece layette is awesomely gorgeous. Especially love the sweater. If you’ll make one in adult woman’s size (same color), I’d be interested in buying one! You’ve outdone yourself, Kim 🙂

  3. Niner said

    Oh Kim – that red sweater is gorgeous!! I love it!! I believe it IS the most Beautiful sweater!!

    Quote from Kim (Canada): Barring any more bizarre twists, PRETRIAL hearing, is set for July 29/08. RETRIAL, set for September 29/08. Hope you’re ready, and good to go… this will definately be an interesting second round! And I am certainly looking forward to your verbatim re-caps, and hilarious opinions and commentaries – You will be covering this, right?

    YEA!! I’m ready to read here to Kim!! Looking foreard to this trial! Also DA has a new witness – ANOTHER woman Spector pulled a gun on!!?? Surprise, Surprise!! LOL!

    Chrissycat – and…. what happened!?? Who was at your door??

    Kim – ANY news about ZL??

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! A sure winner!!!!!

  5. Val Dalton said

    omg Kim its beautiful!!!!!!!! I hope it fits her at Christmas time i think it would be so cute!! I’m getting so excited 10 more weeks till she arrives!

  6. luvgabe said

    Niner: The prosecution’s new witness in the Specter re-trial is Norma Kemper, a former employee of Specter. Go to 5th blog on

  7. ginger said

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Caroline said

    Breathtaking! Heads and shoulders above the typical baby layette. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the colour!! This is going to be one lucky little girl with her Auntie Kim spoiling her with beautiful clothes, afgans and dollies!! I am sure you will win.

  9. Sandy said

    I love this set, the colors and pattern. You are far too talented for anyone to beat you at the fair. Best to you, bring home the prizes.

  10. Chris said

    I don’t post much, but I read every entry and just LOVE your writing style.

    I’m in awe of your knitting talents, and when I saw the layette I decided to unravel the dog sweater I’m making with the Red Heart yarn. 🙂

  11. I saw the layette I decided to unravel the dog sweater I’m making with the Red Heart yarn.

    Oh don’t do that!! Believe me, if I wasn’t for Red Heart, I wouldn’t knit at all! Although actually, I love Bernat the most. Their “Satin” yarns are wonderful.

    But for things that have to be washed a LOT – like dog sweaters, Red Heart is the way to go. There is something about that stuff that makes it softer every time you wash it. I have a crocheted afghan I made I think back when I was in high school – you know the one, the one with the granny squares with the raised roses in the centers? Yeah, I made one of those. And I still have it and even though it’s been through 3 kids, umpteen hundred dogs and many millions of wash cycles, that thing still looks as good as it did the day I made it.

    Acrylics have their place.


  12. kizzzy said

    Absolutely gorgeous Kim! Good Luck but I think it’s a sure winner.
    I too am worried about ZL.Do you have any news at all?

  13. HT said

    You’ll win.


  14. Veronique said

    ZOMG. Kim, that IS the most beautiful sweater and little bonnet I’ve ever seen. Ever. Ev-ah.


  15. Kim (Canaada) said

    The color looks even “deeper” now that it’s complete!
    Nice work, Kim! Actually breath-taking!
    For sure a DEFINATE winner at the fair!
    As well, I’m sure Val’s daughter will look gorgeous in it!!

    Fonzie :`)

  16. Malone Leslie said

    My favorite color and just in time for Christmas, Val!

  17. Gail in NC said

    That’s the most beautiful layette I’ve ever seen! You go girl! I do believe you have a winner.

  18. Sandy said


    Are you watching project runway? Hoping for some reviews from you.

    And when is the darn doctor’s appt?

  19. Are you watching project runway? Hoping for some reviews from you.

    Oh God yes I’m watching it – wouldn’t miss it.

    Loved that they did the whole “grocery store as materials” thing again – and loved seeing Austin!!

    But didn’t these people watch the first season? Didn’t they know that the judges slammed the whole “garabage bag as clothes” idea the first time around? Ugh. That girl that made the garbage bag “dress” should have gone home. I hated her “outfit” even more than the raincoat thing – although that was fucking hideous, too.

    I loved the girl that won – the coffee filter and vaccuum cleaner bags dress was definitely awesome. And I loved that she dyed it all by hand and made it so elegant looking. I definitely can’t wait to see more from her.

    And I loved the blue cup guy. Ingenious to use the flat iron to mold the cups to the form.

    Lots of “blah” designers, though. LOTS. I loved Tim telling them they were a bunch of slackers. Because I thought so too. You have a whole grocery store full of crap and all you come out with is a vinyl tablecloth?? That’s WAYYYYY too easy and WAYYYYYY too predictable.

    If I was ever to go on that show, I would buy a copy of every single season and do each one of the challenges myself at home before I went to audition. Restrict myself to the same time limits and the same materials and the same budgets and see what I could do.

    And if the best thing I could come up with for the very first challenge of season one was a vinyl tablecloth dress, well, I wouldn’t even bother auditioning.

    But – I’m watching. And I hope they do the “garden party” challenge again – the one with the flowers as materials. And the dog challenge – dress the dog and the owner – and someday I hope they bring in a bunch of women with their kids and the contestants have to design for the kids.

    But I only hope for that one because I mostly sew kids stuff.


  20. Sandy said

    You are so good….a challenge with kids. That would be great. Remember the moms and the prom girls? The whole interaction was worth more than an hour. Preview for tonight shows their families showing up. So maybe your thoughts will be executed.

    I actually thought the blue cup dress would win. And the garbage bag gal is most likely on for “interest”. I think they mentioned she designs S&M as well as other metal/leather clothing. If she gets beyond that it will be a miracle.

    Isn’t the one that won the designer that said she was quiet and would continue to surprise all?

    My son (42) had a fit that I wanted to watch this while he was visiting. Silly boy, he got into it like butter and was hilarious listening to his comments.

  21. Gail said

    Kim, the layette is GORGEOUS!

    A Real Show Stopper!

    I don’t know what categories they have at the fair, but your layette has to be Drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Rollllllllllllllllllllll


    I love the color, what did the manufacturer call the color? On my pc it appears a beautiful rose magenta. Beauteous!

    Kim, KUDOS to your talent, you are amazing!

    ps GOOD LUCK GIRL! 🙂

    pss remember the blue sweater, no hurry just whenever.

  22. I love the color, what did the manufacturer call the color? On my pc it appears a beautiful rose magenta. Beauteous!

    Well, the manufacturer calls it “Red”, which means aboslutely nothing because they call everything in their line of Red’s “Red”. But if you go here:

    It’s color number 4227. All of thier colors are absolutely stunning – and to me, this is the best yarn EVER. 100% wool, with body, life and a spring to it that’s unmatched. Love this yarn.

    pss remember the blue sweater, no hurry just whenever.

    Yup. I’ll send you an email (or maybe post here) with some of the choices of yarn to pick from. I have a bunch of DGB Confetti yarn, which is what the pattern calls for. There aren’t really HUGE differences in the colorways that I have, but there are some. I have gray or green as a contrast color. I’ll post them both – they are a subtle gray or a rich green. I don’t know which I like better, because I like them both. But I’ll let you pick.

    As soon as I get the boities done for this set, then make some Baby Uggs and a Hat for the fair, your sweater is next. If I could I’d like to get THAT done for the fair, as well, but that may be wishful thinking.


  23. Adriane said

    I don’t post but I read your blog all the time. I love the layette.

  24. anygirl said

    Kim, You truly are a knitter extrordinaire..add to that sewer and whatever else you do too!

    That color is most beautiful..Hannah a little girl I know with blonde hair and big blue eyes wore that color almost her whole toddler years due to anygirl who loved her in it…

    Lucky little baby and Mom for having you in the family.

    You should win, you will least in our book you always do..LOL

  25. Anonymous said

    Hey Kim, Come ride with me. If I could write like you, there would be a blog. I’m on the road with my youngest son who is an OTR truck driver. It is an experience beyond the norm for this old lady. And he is putting up with me quite well. You would be writing the most hilarious stories. Although at times exhausting and I have a new respect for these big trucks. But son’s humor has me going constantly. Greatfully he has all the high tech gadgets available, I’m reading your blog while riding. Can’t cut you out of my life.

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