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A Little Box of Knitting

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 9, 2008


So I finished one of the sweaters for the fair. I just completed the booties and hat on Monday. I’m not sure if this will be entered in the “3 piece layette – knitted” or not – I guess I’ll decide after I get all the choices done. You can only enter one item into each category -and I want to enter the strongest pieces that I have in each of the categories, and I’m not sure if this is it.

It’s cute, and pretty and all that, but I don’t know. I guess I’ll let you all decide.

But here is the sweater, hat and booties. No buttons as of yet – I hate picking out buttons.

And, of course, I started another sweater. Now *this* sweater I LOVE. SOOOOOOO pretty. I am making out of my much loved Dale of Norway Baby Ull. Maybe that’s why I love the sweater so much. The colors are deep and rich and luscious, and the yarn itself is so soft and luxurious. It’s a beautiful deep red color with a hint of purple. I just love it.


So – in other news, Malone got a Redbox! Can you believe it? I was shocked. Redbox is great -and I’m sure they are giving the monopoly that was Movie Gallery a run for their money. Movie Gallery took advantage of the fact that they were pretty much the only game in town – in a town with no movie theater. Their New Releases were like $5.00 a night. Redbox has all new titles – and they are $1.00. And you know, I’ll pay a buck to see new movies! Of course, now I can get rid of HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, and all that other crap on my TV that I never watch. Well, maybe not Showtime – because I love and adore “The Tudors“.

Know what else I have found that I love?? “The Baby Borrowers“. Oh my God – how awesome is this show? Give a bunch of teenagers a bunch of babies and watch the hilarity that ensues! Of course, they could have called the show “Life in Malone” – or they even could have just come here and filmed a bunch of our teenagers with their kids, right? Only the houses wouldn’t have been so nice. And our teenagers wouldn’t have been able to give the babies back at the end of the show.  “It’s not TV – it’s birth control!” is their sort of “tagline” – and I’m guessing that’s about right. I think the high school here should show episodes of “The Baby Borrowers” in like mandatory assemblies. Make it required viewing.

But, I’m sure no one here is watching “The Baby Borrowers”. Too close to home for most, I imagine. And probably everyone is busy renting movies from the new RedBox. (WooHoo – I’m still excited about that – it doesn’t take much, people.)

So, I’m busy knitting – I have about 2.5 weeks to get everything ready for the fair, so I’ll be knitting away. Knitting and watching Redbox movies.




12 Responses to “A Little Box of Knitting”

  1. Caroline said

    Hi there Kim,

    Score two for you! I LOVE Redbox! The new titles are always in. it’s only a buck..and it’s a nice walk over at Safeway. It’s been there a couple of months and the first thing I did was to tell Netflix to stuff it. I had to wait TWO MONTHS for new movies, the rest of the time I just got movies I never watched anyway!

    I also love Baby Borrowers! Didn’t you get a kick out of the little princess who didn’t want to “wear” her pregnant stomach and had a snit fit about it AND made her boyfriend wear it himself? How about those bitchy moms who “lecture’ the teenagers when they treat their bawling babies exactly like real babysitters would. Love it! It’s priceless!

  2. Niner said

    Hey Kim – I’m hoping this will post, as I can’t seem to get it to work!
    Hope your health is better!
    LOVE the stuff you are making, Kim! Absolutely fabulous!!
    Any news on ZL??? Sure would like to know that she is okay…

    Take care!

  3. Kym said


    About the Red Box which I also love…be sure to visit the online thingy- there will be a link in the confirmation email they send- and go ahead and let them send the news letter. That way you know for sure which movies were released that week, but also they frequently send promotion codes for free rentals. McDonald’s (if you have one near by) also gives out a lot of free movie rental codes. For a while they were on every large drink- which is the only think I get from McDonald’s anyway, so it worked out nicely for me.

  4. your bro said

    actually, i’ve watched the baby borrowers. i guess it’s interesting that in times when it’s so common to see a 15 year old pushing her family down the street, you know that around here it is common, does make for interesting tv. i just hope your nieces are tuning in too. hope everything is well with you.

  5. AtwoodLady said

    Your sweater set is beautiful and looking forward to seeing the finished red one.

    The red box arrived in my daughter’s city in Ohio outside a Circle K gas/convenience store. I saw it 1st and told her. She hadn’t seen or heard of it. I did see the selections were current.

    I am a Netflix user. We live in the boonies and the nearest rental is a 26 mile round trip drive. So having movies that come in the mail is such a convenience.

    Have a super day knitting and watching your favorite shows!!!!

  6. AtwoodLady said

    P.S., Kim…..any updates regarding Jeremy?

  7. Randee said

    Hey Kim!

    The giftie arrived, and it’s lovely. I’m sure my knitting friend will enjoy.

    I also adore, adore Baby Borrowers — that AND Supernanny should be required viewing in high schools. I’m only sorry we don’t get to see more ruckus and tears (from the adults).

    As for Showtime, I’m pretty sure there are no more Tudors episodes until 2009, so you could save $ by turning it off and turning it back on again when it’s scheduled to come back on. I did that once This American Life and Tudors both ended (and Confessions of a Call Girl or whatever that show is called turned out to be a disappointment).

  8. I love the finished one – the fading colors is beautiful. The one you are starting is a great color.

  9. Niner said

    You said “no buttons yet” – how about some buttons with a rainbow, or something patel colored – beautiful sweater Kim!! So waiting to ‘see’ this red sweater finished! Please DO post a picture of that one!!

    No news on your neighbor, ZL?? Sure would like an update, Kim!

    Hope you are feeling and doing well – and knitting away for the Fair! Take care!

  10. Niner said

    oops – that should have been “pastel” colored… no edit button… (o:

  11. Sandy said

    I have this image of ZL’s house rotting from the soggy interior. At some point it would begin to smell or have who knows what living inside. Is it a shambles outside Kim? And wonder what will happen to the place. Could you check the tax info on her address and see if they have even been paid? At least we would know what the status is with the home.

    On the other hand, I do wonder what has happened to her. Deeply hoping she is okay after such a long time.

    And Kim, I love the bright color of the new sweater. And the pull over pattern shared. Cute button on the shoulder on that one.

    Weren’t you going to the doc this week? You keep ignoring us about this. But love that you keep posting.

  12. Kim (Canada) said

    Love the colour of the new one, Kim. It’s really “deep”…
    Was wondering some of the same things that Sandy above was questioning you about…
    ZL – ZL – ZL! Where the hell has that woman disappeared to?
    How is the house standing at this point?
    And how is it she told you she’d be back in “spring” aka “March” and it’s now July and she still hasn’t turned up? No word, no warning, no NOTHING!

    And yes, YOU!
    You best be keeping appointments, and best NOT be keeping secrets from us!
    We worry lots where you’re concerned, and so we NEED to be kept abreast of all the goings-on where your health is concerned…Ok! Well maybe not ALL, but the important parts ok? Please and thanx!
    I am hoping all is well…And that you’re hanging in there –

    Good day to all –
    Fonzie :`)

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