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Archive for July, 2008

Ready for the Fair!

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 30, 2008


Not much news from the doctor. Went yesterday – he didn’t say much. Told me I had high blood pressure. Put me on yet ANOTHER prescription, which I haven’t even filled yet, and he’s making me an appointment for the cardiology unit at the hospital. “Might involve an overnight stay” is the way he put it. Yeah, might not, too. I’m supposed to call his appointment desk on Friday.

Tomorrow I have to bring all my items to the fair – they have to be tagged and bagged and ready to show. I’m excited about it all. I made some little moccasin booties for the “Baby Booties – Knitted” category. They came out kind of cute!


Then I got so caught up in the whole “gotta have a sweater – just a plain sweater” thing, and I knew for a fact, Jack, there was no WAY I was going to complete Gail’s “Devan” sweater for the fair – that thing is knit with fingering yarn on size 2 needles – it is SLOOOOOWWWW going, so I decided to start another sweater and have it done in 3 days so I could enter it. I actually got it done, too, with one day to spare! I don’t know who this sweater is for – probably Val’s baby, unless someone here has a girl who is about a size 6 months or so. It’s made of Classic Elite Yarns Provence – which is a cotton yarn, so it’s a nice light Spring sweater.

This is really rather cute – nice color, and a very fast knit (obviously, since I finished it in 2 days.) The detailing is very nice on the front, with a lace pattern of leaves.


So, with the red set, the mocs, the lace leafy pattern sweater and the sleeper sacque, that’s what I’m bringing to the fair tomorrow. I wish I had more time to do more things.

Next year.

So? What else is new??

You know what case is sucking me in and getting me involved? That stupid fucking mother out of Florida that you KNOW killed her little girl. That Casey Anthony bitch. OK, raise your hand if you think “the babysitter” has the kid and took off with it. What? No hands? Yeah, I thought so. And I haven’t seen it reported anywhere (which is odd, I thought the news would be all over it), but the Sheriff’s office released a theft report that Casey Anthony’s father made like 2 weeks after the kid went missing (not after the kid was *reported* missing, but after the kid went missing from the fucked up timeline that Casey Anthony gave to the police), that someone BROKE INTO the father’s shed and stole $50 worth of gasoline. Now, call me cynical, but why in the hell would someone break into this particular guy’s shed and steal gasoline right after the kid goes missing? I think it’s curious.

And somebody needs to shut that fucking grandmother up. She puts her damned foot in her mouth every time she fucking runs it. If I was Casey Anthony’s lawyer I’d have her mother on fucking lockdown somewhere. “The car smelled like something died in it!!!” Yeah, thanks for that, lady.

I doubt that this poor little girl’s body will ever be found, and I doubt that this mother will ever confess to anything, so I think poor little Caylee will be forgotten in the long run. Too bad. This is why I wish we had laws against being fucking ignorant – then we could at the very least arrest the mother, the grandmother *and* the grandfather. How this 2 year old was missing for a month without anyone calling the authorities is ignorance worthy of execution. Or, at the very least, evidence that SOMEONE didn’t want anyone to know she was gone.

But, unfortunately there will never be a trial of this mother, so we’ll just have to look forward to Spector in September, and the refresher course we’ll get here on the blog starting August 1. Is everyone up to a refresher course?






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